Speculative Society of Edinburgh & launch of GLOBALISM

SEE MASSIVE LINKS TO GLOBAL FREEMASONRY HERE http://www.lodgestpatrick.co.nz/famous.php#A  AND HERE http://www.lodgestpatrick.co.nz/famous2.php
This information was all openly published on the internet and frequently refered to in the SKYE BRIDGE scam to make the citizens of the isle pay dearly for their trips to the mainland.
Sadly when you look up the speculative society now there is no list of members and the references to founders named John Bonar and a notorious family called Bruce who are actually De Brus of Normandy. NEW GENERATIONS PICTURED BELOW

Speculative Society (SS) Edinburgh: the template for globalism

I got my first University Degree in Edinburgh but from Heriot-Watt University.  Visitors to the City are scared witless by tales of body snatching, throat cutting in the barbers chair and tours of ancient underground vaults.  As can be seen from the pages adjacent to this one, the malice and criminal history is not accidental.  It is perpetrated by secret societies that have ancient connections to other secret societies, Auld Alliances, and people who tell you they will teach you about the creator of the Universe.  Only very special members profit by it but all participate in the destruction of a potentially great city and the creation of a chaotic, corrupted and wealth-divided Society. 
 Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling
Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling
Financial Enterprise Scotland Prof Sir Ewan Brown, Michael Polson, Stephanie Bruce, Kenneth Barker, Ken Barclay, Jamie Matheson, Scottish Widows.JPG 
This Director in Banking, Professor Ewan Brown C.B.E., M.A., LL.B., C.A., FCIBS, Ch. H-Watt Univ., Dir. Noble Grossart, Lloyds TSB (his business directorships modestly under-declared) scared the shit out of me! Look down the alphabetical list of Speculative Society Members below, to Ewan Brown.  My mate (co-author) GORDON BOWDEN told me that he was in league with over 500 fraudulent virtual OIL & GAS companies which have no product and rip the public off.  The worrying thing is that this guy Lord Peter Lovett Fraser is involved in this scam and the judge on my forthcoming trial for threatening drinkers, who didnt want to listen in the pub where the beer is 4X more expensive than Lord Sainsbury's, is a Fraser and he trained under the now notorious Ailish Angiolini. Angiolini was the top law enforcer in Scotland who was born in Govan but is interested in Opera/Desert Island Disks/and medical /dental directorships (and the Oxford-Russia fund that Lord Patten runs out of her new workplace).  Her reputation was made in the sheltering of political paedophiles in the Hollie Greig case but I want you to understand THE MAGNITUDE OF THEIR FINANCIAL CRIMES......If you dont need to understand the history of the syndicate (and the hypocrisy of the civic/academic and political leaders who run it) then go straight to Ewan Brown on the list of SS members below.  .  NOTICE he is involved with all the banks which you bailed out beyond 2008 or thereabouts (but that his links were dissolved at exactly that time).  The Oil and Gas scam is that banks lend from a pool of toxic banking debt, release AIM registered shares to the board  of fraudulent companies, who have no product, but create director-only cash shells which are crashed a few years down the line (after the massive IPO which relies on the release of glossy brochure reporting the lies in the JORK which says the scam is actually a "fabulously rich find" adjacent to the worthless hole in the ground. The customers, globally, loose their life savings and pensions. Gordon BOWDEN gets cut off by INTEL on SKYPE for revealing to me that all this started in 1975 when George Herbert Poppy Bush launched the fraud at Barrick Gold.    Please dont infer from this that my judge will be biased.....he just has the same name (spelt differently) as one of the cabal profiled here and Im hoping he will be an innocent, objective listener. THESE ARE  EWAN BROWNS list of achievements in this sector and he was just the first money trail I followed.  Look closely at the Banking sector "accidents" around 2008.
Company NameCompany StatusPositionAppointedResignedDissolved
NOBLE GROSSART HOLDINGS LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector03/04/1989--BUY NOW
CEC RECOVERY LIMITEDNon tradingDirector03/05/200215/06/2006-BUY NOW
NOBLE GROSSART LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector30/03/1989--BUY NOW
HARRISON LOVEGROVE & CO. LIMITEDNon tradingDirector12/12/200203/12/2007-BUY NOW
CREATIVE SCOTLAND 2009 LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector23/12/200830/06/201003/2012BUY NOW
CREATIVE SCOTLAND 2009 LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedCompany Secretary23/12/2008-03/2012BUY NOW
STAGECOACH GROUP PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector31/12/1988--BUY NOW
LOTHIAN FIFTY (916) PLCCompany is dissolvedDirector08/01/200214/10/200201/2005BUY NOW
LOVEGROVE & ASSOCIATES LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector07/02/199211/07/199605/2006BUY NOW
DUNEDIN INCOME GROWTH INVESTMENT TRUST PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector23/05/199526/04/2001-BUY NOW
NOBLE GROSSART INVESTMENTS LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector31/07/198919/12/2003-BUY NOW
CABER OIL LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector30/12/198827/02/199501/2005BUY NOW
MORAY PETROLEUM HOLDINGS AND DEVELOPMENT LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector15/12/198831/03/199706/2004BUY NOW
SCOTTISH DEVELOPMENT FINANCE LIMITEDNon tradingDirector16/12/198831/12/1992-BUY NOW
HOWE LEASING LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector30/03/1989-05/2007BUY NOW
NOBLE GROSSART LEASING LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector30/03/1989-05/2007BUY NOW
HOWE SECURITIES LIMITEDNon tradingDirector30/03/198919/12/2003-BUY NOW
BRITANNIC SMALLER COMPANIES TRUST PLCIn LiquidationDirector30/12/199131/03/1998-BUY NOW
SCOTTISH WIDOWS BANK PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector14/12/199401/12/1997-BUY NOW
N.G.I. SECURITIES LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector30/03/1991-04/2007BUY NOW
LOVEGROVE & ASSOCIATES LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedCompany Secretary07/02/199207/02/199205/2006BUY NOW
EDINBURGH FESTIVAL CENTRE LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector14/06/2004--BUY NOW
JAMES WALKER (LEITH) LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector31/12/1988--BUY NOW
JOHN WOOD GROUP P.L.C.Active - Accounts FiledDirector03/08/198917/05/2006-BUY NOW
PREMIER OIL UK LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector04/01/198913/02/1995-BUY NOW
SCOTTISH FINANCIAL ENTERPRISEActive - Accounts FiledDirector01/08/2012--BUY NOW
TSB BANK PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector17/12/199708/05/2008-BUY NOW
BANK OF SCOTLAND PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector16/01/200905/06/2009-BUY NOW
HBOS PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector16/01/200905/06/2009-BUY NOW
LLOYDS BANK PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector30/06/199905/06/2009-BUY NOW
LLOYDS BANKING GROUP PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector01/04/199905/06/2009-BUY NOW
COVE PARKActive - Accounts FiledDirector12/04/200701/09/2008-BUY NOW
LLOYDS BANK TRUSTEE SERVICES LIMITEDCompany not tradingDirector14/04/199931/07/2000-BUY NOW
LLOYDS BANK PENSION TRUST (NO. 2) LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector21/05/200427/06/2008-BUY NOW
LLOYDS BANK PENSION TRUST (NO. 1) LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector21/05/200427/06/2008-

There are several authors who have exposed the speculative society and its elite, educated and conspiratorial goals.  As on most websites one can just follow the money but the effects on Britain's Sovereignty and its children's safety are particularly worrying in the this case. This is the work of http://thessoe.blogspot.co.uk/ it is dated (2002).  One hopes that the members are now seeing the malign effects of their "Debating Society" on Global Society but the article above on paedophilia (and the coercible politicians, academics, judiciary, civic leaders selected carefully for their capacity to sin, steal and sometimes commit Britain to genocidal campaigns justified only by debate in a den of thieves) takes us right into the highest echelons of government throughout the noughties (2000-2014).  The media cover up the unmarked graves and everybody in the debate think they are ever so clever.  One must add that most of the names will be familiar in towns all over Scotland and the British Commonwealth....this does not imply guilt but it is ever so difficult to tell when we still permit the secret Society to threaten open democracy and freedom.



1947- 2002

N.B. Since the first publication of this list several years ago, absolutely no-one has attempted to deny membership or challenge their identification as false.

They describe themselves as a ‘Debating Society’ based in Edinburgh University.
Edinburgh University has never heard of them, and their own Debating Society has never debated with them, nor have the Debating Societies of the Universities of Dublin, Oxford, Cambridge or London. So why call yourself a Debating Society?
As a splinter group from the Operative Masonry of the Canongate Kilwinning Lodge No. 2 in 1764, they formed in the same year and in the same city as Speculative Masonry, but thought of themselves as highly elite, well-educated and enlightened, and thus early ‘Illuminati’. The interplay between Universities and the Legal/Auditor sectors is known as PEER PRESSURE 


Abbey, David Yool 1617 (BA. Oxford, LL.B.; Advocate; Sheriff-Substitute at Airdrie)
Adams, S. L.
Anderson, J. P.
Angus, R. J. (Q.C. Commissioner, Social Security & Child Support Agency)
Appleton, Edward Victor 1622 [Principal University of Edin. (Honorary Member)]
Arbuthnott, Hugh Sinclair 1644 (The Hon. Hugh of Cairnhill, Foreside, by Forfar. Resigned) Armstrong, Iain G. (Q.C. Advocate Depute, 2000-present; Clerk of Faculty 1995-1999)


Balfour, G. A. J. - See Taprain, Viscount
Barne, Jonathan Michael (Solicitor, Shepherd & Wedderburn, Saltire Court, Edinburgh)
Barnes, E.W.
Barr, Kenneth Glen 1757 (Resigned, Sheriff of South Strathclyde, Dumfries & Galloway)
Bell, John Robin Sinclair 1683 (MBE in 1999 for services to Scottish charities)
Bell, Stewart Edward 1599 (Resigned on departing to Malaya; Sheriff-Substitute at Glasgow) Berry, William 1758 (K.T, Ch.M.B.M. W.S; Dir. Scot. Life, Scot. Amer. Inv., Inchcape)
Bertram, Robert David Darney 1765 (Ptnr, Shep. & Wedd., Monopoly & Mergers Committee)  http://companycheck.co.uk/director/903449906/MR-ROBERT-DAVID-DARNEY-BERTRAM
Bisset, Norman Shirsinger (Solicitor, C.M.S. Cameron McKenna, Aberdeen) Not detectable on any of the 7 offices  of Cameron McKenna in the Uk. Their are no entries under this name...for secrecy reasons.
Black, Duncan Ian 1672 (Architect to the Scottish Development Dept.)
Black, Robert (Q.C., Professor of Law and Head of the Faculty, the University of Edinburgh)[LOCK]
Blackie, J. W. (B.A. LL.B., Prof of Law, University of Strathclyde)
Blackledge, P. V. P. (B.Mus.)
Blair, John Woodman 1733 (Snr. Ptnr. Anderson Strathearn; Dir. Edinburgh Fund Managers Group)
Blair, Robin Orr 1785 (M.A .St Andrews, LL.B. Edinburgh, W.S; Lord Lyon King of Arms) 
http://companycheck.co.uk/director/900000801/MR-ROBIN-ORR-BLAIR/directors-secretaries TURCAN CONNELL >5 NOMINEES PONZI shelves openly declared and TC secs.  Ogilvies Strang Steel Interlocks, Drummonds, Sir Charles Annand Fraser. Burness Burness Solicitors  Mr David Cameron Ogilvy  GEOGHEGANS Irish Rugby Cover
Alexander Rentoul Montgomery, Simpsons, Robertsons TC NOMINEES (NO. 3) LIMITED Appointment: Resigned since 01/04/2000
THE SCOTTISH GOLDSMITHS TRUST Appointment: Resigned since 14/12/2004
Current Secretary Name Appointed Current/Dissolved Resigned Total TURCAN CONNELL COMPANY SECRETARIES LIMITED 
MORTON FRASER DunWillco ponzis through this dodgy dir/sec http://companycheck.co.uk/director/914798098   AND ON & ON & ON!
Bogie, David W. (Sheriff d.)
Boisseau, C. D.
Borden, Frank Harris 1634 (M.A. University of Pennsylvania; A.B. Trinity College, Connecticut)
Bowie, Simon D. R. (Advocate, Edinburgh)
Boyd, Kenneth MacKenzie 1753 (M.A. Edin., Theologian, and Author)
Brand, David William Robert 1610 (Resigned, M.A. LL.B. Q.C.; Solicitor General 1970)
Brodie, Jonathan P. (Advocate, Standing Jr. Counsel to Dept. of Soc Sec. & The Bible Board)
Brown, Ewan (C.B.E., M.A., LL.B., C.A., FCIBS, Prof., Ch. H-Watt Univ., Dir. Noble Grossart, Lloyds TSB)    http://companycheck.co.uk/company/SC050986/NOBLE-GROSSART-OIL-SUPPORT-LIMITED-791308/directors-shareholders
Prof Brown and I are alumni of Heriot -Watt but his directorships stack up like
A Massive Banking CABAL  URL at the bottom ....who steal your money and sack your mates behind the counter. When I first tried to show the list of directorships which connect all of the crashed  banks in 2008 (all dissolved under his watch) my computer shut down and my subsequent chat with Gordon Bowden on SKYPE was perpetually blocked when I spoke). Gordon was able to tell me that Ewan Brown is linked to 500 virtual oil and gas companiesLike Premier Oil UK Ltd, Alkane Energy PLC, Gulf sands Petroleum PLC, Eni Mog  Ltd (some registered at 1 America Square).  Gordon was excited because they interlock with Andrea Davidson's fraudulent cheap shot activities in the false passport issuing industry which is useful to pan-continental criminals who work on a global scale (Andreas forgeries were largely focussed on Venezuela where Reporting Scotland have recently covered a drug running scam by two innocent looking Scottish actors which is a cover for British INTEL led fraud, Andrea started as a marijuana trader herself but THERE IS NO ESCAPE FROM GORDON BOWDEN unless you have close contacts in the English & Welsh police who have empathy with theft from the neighbours, both in the parish and in distant lands like Latin America, where Narcotics draw in the mafia with easy access to gun licences. The links to Andrea Davidson are through 13 Menai View, Bangor  where she worked with financial criminals who owned between 4-6 guns under licences approved by the "law enforcers" (see parallels with Dunblane) in that region.  Andrea had her secrets shredded by the Derby police because she knew everything about the arms to Iraq secrets.....which allowed her to flee from the UK to latin America so Tony Blair could be envoy to the Middle East, make his fortune a secret,  and let the names in this ruthless secret circle spawn the British Kazak Society (who covertly liase with Iran/The Shah and make Bliar an oil exec to launder out the product they Brutalized Iraq for).  Gordon Bowden also mentioned more recent British Fraud (one of the many scams involving boss at the DTI Vince Cable) who with former Aussie PM Bob Hawk is director of UI Energy.  They , like all the others have no product.  They make their money by taking loans (AKA gifts) from bankers like Brown then they issue AIM registered,director-only, publicly-listed share holdings (for £ tens of billions for every one of the >500 scams) .  Based on JORK estimates of the worth of their "find".  The brochure for the IPO makes it look like a win/win situation but it is just a worthless hole in the ground in which the hopes and savings of investors are buried when they crash the system in a few years time and start a new IPO.  When I asked Gordon how the F... it has never been detected if they keep repeating the crime:........he replied "George, it has been going on since 1975 when George Bush snr launched BARRICK GOLD and in the oil sector it goes back to Bush Overby when George W Bush's granpa was in partnership with Bill Gammells dad"!  You cannot go higher these are Presidents who lead the country, and at some point, lead the CIA too.   Gordon finished me off with the declaration that the launch of Bush-Overby was the launch of the CIA money laundering Globalised-web of crime that sparked the IRAN-CONTRA crisis and it makes a really good film for Holywood. Like "All the Presidents Men" (and the Watergate cover up for Nixon/LBJs brutalisation of the Golden Triangle and Latin America for narcotics EMPIRES).
These are the names he wanted me to pursue for the association with Ewan Brown.  The secret teams crash the banks in 2008 and randomly lend to fraudulent directors in 500 oil and gas scams which merrily trickle down without a break or regulatory intervention since we bailed the banks out.  John Alexander Van Der Weill; Joseph Derby, JOHN MICHAEL BOTTOMLY and his missus /Dame Bottomley; Lord Peter Lovett-Fraser, Sir David Harry White . The links to andrea Davidson (and her law enforcement sponsored retirement to Latin America ) were Antony Craven Walker and Gail Craven Walker.   and when I tried to post the URLat the bottom: GOOGLE CRASHED MY WEBSITE (declaring AW SNAP because the PM's former advisors work for them now). In the ensuing SKYPE discussion only Gordon could be heard when we were discussing this.  BECAUSE INTEL/the police in the masons (who loose their pension because of the impact of the frauds were monitoring/censoring our free speech).  Look closely at the Busted Banks near the bottom, below Sir John Wood a BP profiteer who owns Salmond's Aberdeen but keeps his tax free cash in trust (like the BBC). Brown is an nterlocked Director in all the crashed banks just at the time when Allan Greenspan, Mervyn King and Ben Bernanke tell them to in 2008......over the fiscal cliff they go.......and everybody except the secret society criminals are in austerity...Andrea Davidson is in Venezuala and the Arms inquests are buried with the documents from Andrea's homes for 70-100 years   http://companycheck.co.uk/director/906339475

Bruce, Hon Adam R. (Solicitor/Lobbyist, Dir. McGrigor Donald Public Policy; Tory candidate) Relatively innocent family members retailing in Wales 
Basic Info Mini Icon 906869490
Address Mini Icon SA31 3LN , SA33 5QF
Bruce, Michael Stewart Rae 1732 (Lord Marnoch, Law Lord)[Skye Bridge] This is SPECULATIVE in the munitions sales sector it may not be the secretive conspirator.
Bruce-Gardyne, Charles Evan 1623 (LL.B., Royal Company of Archers; 14th Laird of Middleton) RIP the 17th century bloke 15 entries on the business register
Bruford, Alan James 1769 (Author of Gaelic Folk Tales, Archivist, School of Scottish Studies Edin. Univ.)
Buchanan, Nigel Walter 1715 (B.A. Oxford; LL.B. W.S.)
Buist, Robert Cochran 1666 (Investment Trust Manager) Massive Interlocks to Alisdair Hutton, Gattonside and the Borders Ogilvie CABALS Ogilvie Melrose
Bullick, Peter Maurice 1759 (Resigned, LL.B. Edin., W.S. Solicitor)
de Burgh, H. W. (Prof. Media & Communications, Goldsmiths College, Uni. of London)
Search for de Burgh 2014: 135 directors and 35 listed companies now: the directors at this one have done a runner.
Burns, David S. (QC, Advocate Depute 1991-93, Deputy Com. of Soc. Sec., 1998-now, Lockerbie defence lawyer for Megrahi) [LOCK] NOW LORD BURNS and let Megraghi go free after treatment on NHS Scotland THE DEAD MEN ON THE PLANE Include the only decent man at the UN Brent Carlsson and the motive was the de Beers diamond stache (see Jacqui O's 3rd partner Templesman).  Gadaffi was a business partner of Tony Blair UK Envoy to the Middle east who had him killed for keeping his Central Bank in his country's hands (so the petrol price to fill you offroad SUV was only $5).  Same deal for Hussein. Mrs Assad likes to shop in London. Levy & Macrae who have removed the right to ROAM on Sctlands mountains/Anne Gloags estate got compensation for the families on the Lockerbie plane. Nobody knows about Carlsson becaus of the free press.  SALMOND NOMINATED him for hishttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Burns,_Lord_Burns Lordship http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Senator_of_the_College_of_Justice and wee  timorous beast called Ms Salmond works for Levy and Macrae with DR WATSON (the SHERLOCK HOLMES JOKE about law enforcement).
Burns, Richard R.J. (B.A. Oxon., LL.B., Dir. Scottish Lifehttp://companycheck.co.uk/company/SA000151/SCOTTISH-LIFE-ASSURANCE-COMPANY-LIMITED, Baillie Gifford & Co., Mid Wynd Inter DIRECTORS AWOL. Inv. plc., etc)
Butler, L. (B.A. M.A. P.h.D.)
Butter, Peter Herbert 1615 (BA. Oxon; Prof., Lecturer at Edinburgh & Belfast Universities; Author)
Butters, John Anthony Howard 1735 (B.A. Camb; LL.B. Edin., Scot. Valtn. Advisory Council)
Byatt, Andrew Lorne Campbell (Solicitor with Morton Fraser, Edinburgh)Scan down and look at the secretarieal services they use to launder cash elsewhere: they work for only one day (THIS GUY TRADES IN RENEWABLE ENERGY as we shut down the power plants: 3Bn Budget to knock Dounreay over as the green bank in energy gets to invest in innovation NO POWER IN BETWEEN except that we sold to IBERDROLA CENTRICA and the BIG SIX (they sell what the Scottish electricity board created in the early 60s). Major is a director at CENTRICA and the Iberdrola boss gets 9million EUROS/yr basic. We get 20% rise year on year in what was a Nationalised asset.


Callendar, Alexander Dougal 1614 (B.A. Oxford, LL.B. Edin, W.S.; Captain Q.O.C.H.)
Cameron, Ewan Kennedy 1674 (M.A., LL.B. Edin., W.S.)
Cameron, John Alastair 1776 (Lord Abernethy, Law Lord)THIS IS MASSIVE MAY BE THE PM? 
Dresden Kleinwurt 
Sir john mainwaring Robertson,http://companycheck.co.uk/director/911257084/MR-JOHN-ALASTAIR-NIGEL-CAMERON/directors-secretaries CATOs and THOUSANDS of laundering shelves.......the joke about the PMs brother and the legal aid for his clients?  
RBEF LIMITED Appointment: 
THE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON (INTERNATIONAL) LIMITED Appointment: Resigned since 15/11/2000 Number of Employees Year 946 2013 113 2012 1,244 2011 1,291 2010 1,337 2009COMMERZBANK INVESTMENTS (UK) LIMITED 

Read more at: http://companycheck.co.uk/director/911257084/MR-JOHN-ALASTAIR-NIGEL-CAMERON/directors-secretaries
Cameron, J T 1689 (Lord Coulsfield, Law Lord) [LOCK][SBT]  
Cameron, Kenneth John 1681 (of Lochbroom, Law Lord) Chaired and refused Inner House Appeal of Robbie the Pict’s (RtP) interdict of Miller Civil Engineering collecting tolls illegally.[SBT] Interlocked to Lord Cullen of Dunblane inquest infamy but bailed out for reputational reasons
Cameron, N. M.
Campbell, Colin John
 1764 (A.R.I.C.S., Q.A.L.A.S., Chartered Surveyor)
Campbell, Hugh H. (QC, F.C.I. Arbitrators, B.A. Oxon., LL.B. Edin.,)
Campbell, Niall Gordon 1756 (Civil Servant, Head of Justice Dept., Ex-Development Dept., Scot. Off. Charged with delivering UK’s first PFI model the Skye tolls.) [SBT]
Campbell, R. M. M.
Campbell, William David 1741 (Architect, A.R.I.B.A.;)
Campling, James Robert 1713 (Works Director)
Cavaye, David B. M. (Investment Mgr. Securities Trust Scotland Ifyou click on DW Directors or DWSecretaries limited it will get you into PONZI schemes, Wind frarms and the links to Trumps business empire in Scotland (trump may not be villainous he looks like a genial chap & the same goes for Salmond but they need to watch they dont step on the people too hard)/Martin Currie, Saltire Court) If you follow the money from securities trust Scotland you find RENEWABLES GOLF CLUBS, PONZI SCHEMES and hundreds of shells but also DONALD TRUMP 
DUNWILCO (1292) LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector21/10/200516/01/200607/2007BUY NOW
DUNWILCO (1293) LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector21/10/200516/01/200606/2007BUY NOW
DUNWILCO (1294) LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector21/10/200516/01/200606/2007BUY NOW
BQL BRIGHTON LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector10/11/200519/01/2006-BUY NOW
GLEN GRANT LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector21/10/200523/01/2006-BUY NOW
HYDRAFACT LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector28/12/200523/01/2006-BUY NOW
TRUMP INTERNATIONAL GOLF CLUB SCOTLAND LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector21/10/200524/01/2006-BUY NOW
CLS SURFACES (HOLDINGS) LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector06/12/200427/01/2006-BUY NOW
GLENS OF FOUDLAND WIND FARM COMMUNITY TRUSTActive - Accounts FiledDirector15/09/200501/02/2006-
Chapman Cambell, R. H.
Clarke, John Gwynne 1663 (Resigned, Lecturer in French)
Clarke, Matthew Gerald (Law Lord, Lord Clarke, as QC said Skye toll paperwork was flawless) [SBT]
Clyde, James John 1688 (Law Lord, Ex-Lord Advocate, son of 1403 & grandson of 1131)
Cohen, Laurence Jonathan 1603 (Lecturer & Fellow, Oxon, Edin., Dundee, St. Ands., Princeton & Harvard)
Considine, Hugh McKay 1601 (Resigned, Edinburgh Academy 1932-37; B.A. Camb. LL.B.)
Cosser, A. J. (LL.B.)
Cowan, Charles David Symington 1602 (Paper Trade; Manufacturing; Stockbroking)
Cowan, John Michael (LL.B., Solicitor, Condies, Perth)
Cowie, William Lorn Kerr 1631 (Law Lord, Lord Cowie) Sat with Lord Maclean (Spec) and Lord Sutherland (Mason) to refuse an RtP appeal claiming Skye tolling licence was not signed, dated, published, or financially true. [SBT]
Craddock, I D
Craig, Maxwell Davidson
 1729 (Non-resident, Minister Ch of Scot; Asst. Prin. Min. of Labour)
Craig, T. M. (B.Sc., A.R.C.S.I., G.M.I., Mech.E.)
Crawford, George Douglas 1790 (Journalist, Editor of 'Scotland', Economist, Scot. Coun. Dev. & Ind.)
Crerar, James Drummond 1717 (Solicitor, Dickson McNiven & Dunn, W.S.)
Croker, Patrick Thomas Crofton 1719 (B.A.Oxford, Schoolmaster, Fettes College, 1959-65)
Crole, Robert Lake 1695 (Schoolmaster at Fettes and Geelong G.S.)

Murdochs Prince Charles and CANTORS at GEELONG

AND MORE on the Christian, Muslim, Islamic, Jewish links to the COMMONS "WEALTH" JOKE 

Schooling to RULE STEAL & KILL the yellow brick Road into GEELONG Oz

Crowther, A. V.
Cullen, William Douglas 1702 (Law Lord, Lord Justice General), refused any Petition to the Nobile Officium to re-examine Sutherland Opinion which avoided examination of the duff Skye tolling licence. Cf Lockerbie cover-up. Cf. Dunblane cover-up (Corrupted the Inquiry by hiding 26 shelf feet of evidence unlawfully for 100 years). Cf Piper Alpha cover-up. Cf Paddington cover-up. Safe pair of government hands.(seen by many as an utterly corrupt Government fixer!) [LOCK] [SBT] [DUN]
Currie, James David Peterkin 1738 (Ship-owner, J.P., Chairman of Jas. Currie & Co., son of 1468)
Curtis, R. S. 

Davidson, Charles Kemp 1636 (Law Lord, Lord Davidson)
Davidson, D. (Advocate Donald Davidson?)
Davidson Kelly, C. N.
Dawson, W. A. C.
Derby, Peter Jared 1784 (B.Sc. Queens Univ., Belfast; Master of Worshipful Co. of Actuaries)
Dessain, S. J. F.
Dickson, A. W. M.
Dickson, Robert Hamish 1792 (Sheriff at Airdrie, son of 1483 Sheriff at Hamilton)
Dorman, N. R. V.
Douglas, Hugh Scott 1656 (B.A. Oxon. LL.B. W.S.)
Douglas-Hamilton, Lord James Alexander 1772 MSP (QC; Ex-Minister of State, Scot. Office. together with fellow-Speccers Noble, Grossart and Campbell conspired to create the Skye tolls scam, run with full government approval and netting a secret 100 million pounds over the official tolling total announced publicly. This was allowed to create the false model for PFI ideology in the UK). [SBT]
Douglas-Home, Rt. Hon. Sir Alec 1755 (Ex-P.M. of the U.K., Ex-Chair Bilderberg 
Group) See Links to HAROLD WILSON through Bilderberg and the Bombing of Egyptian revolutionaries in THE GARDEN OF ADEN TO PROTECT THE BP Plant.  Bad habits endersed by Conservative then LABOUR SOCIALIST PMs
Draper, O. A. T.
Drummond Young, James Edward ( Law Lord, Lord Drummond Young)
Duff, Donald Campbell MacRae 1679 (Resigned 1958)
Duff, Ronald Roxburgh 1728 (B.A. Oxford, LL.B; W.S.)
Duncan, D. M. G. (LL.B.)
Duthie, C. E. (M.A., Spec. Soc. Librarian 2002/3, public apologist)
Dymock, Ian William 1772 (Physician, author of 'Clinical Pharmacology') 


Elliot, J.C.
Elliot, Gerald Henry 1640 (Sir Gerald, Royal Co. Archers; Chmn. Christian Salvesen, Forth Ports, etc.)
Elliot, P. R.
Elliott, Walter Archibald 1613 (Q.C. Barrister; Staff Captain Scots Guards)
Elston, David Aitken (Solicitor, Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh)
Errington, Humphrey John 1780 (Shipping, then, Cheesemaker, Lanark Blue)
Erskine, Donald Seymour 1652 (Fellow of the Chartered Land Agents Society, estate agent.) 

Ferguson, James G.D. (Ex-Chair. St. Ivory, Ch. Val. & Inc. Trust, Dir. Monks Inv. Trust, Comm. Fund Managers Assoc.)http://companycheck.co.uk/company/00236964/MONKS-INVESTMENT-TRUST-PUBLIC-LIMITED-COMPANYTHE/directors-secretaries  

http://companycheck.co.uk/director/900071071/EDINBURGH-FUND-MANAGERS-PLC Registered ABERDEEN CARVED UP IN DUNEDIN
Fitch, R. E. I. (M.A.)
Ford, P. J. (Dr. Lecturer and Professor at Edin. University)
Forfar, David O. (Sen. Lect. Dep. of Actuarial Maths & Stats. Heriot-Watt Uni., author)
Forman, P M
Foster, A. J. E.
Foulis, Alexander Douglas 1635 (Bookbinder)  TSB Crash and Sell OFF explained, OGILVIES, ARBUTHNOTS of Peebles INTERLOCKING THIEFS
Frain-Bell, William J. (Advocate, Tory cand., Mem.Young Int. Arb. Pract. Gp., Ed.Firm Magazine) 

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    • DUNEDIN ENERGY LIMITED CRASHED: they were talking up the wind power scam (see Trump/Salmond  above) when I left.  There is a Bell in Financial services in the DARDANELLES Joke in KELSO: he leases the premises from the Douglas-Holmes listed above as the PM from John Lamonts Constituency and CHAIR OF THE BILDERBERG MOVEMENT.  Please DO NOT TALK ABOUT CARPET BOMBING THE GARDEN OF ADEN BEFORE HAROLD WILSON (BILDERERG SOCIALIST) DID.  STRICTLY SECRET.
Francis, Derick R.
 Le B (Advocate, member of the English Bar; Registered Insurance Broker)
Fraser, I. A. (M.A., Dir. School of Celtic & Scottish Studies, Univ. of Edin.)
Fraser, Sir John 1590, Bart. (Honorary Member, Principal of the University of Edinburgh)
Fraser, Peter Lovat (Q.C., Sol. Gen. 1982, Lord Fraser of Carmyllie, Lord Advocate 1989) [LOCK] 
Fyfe, Norman Alexander (Solicitor Miller Beckett & Jackson, Glasgow) 

Galbraith, Norman Dunlop Galloway 1611 (Ship-owner, Sub-Lieutenant, Home Fleet)
Galbraith, William Campbell 1696 (Q.C.; Chair, Tribunal DHSS, 1997; Chair, Tribunal MAFF, 1994)
Gieben, Abraham Herman Cornelius Sinclair 1685 (non-resident Member, M.D. Amsterdam)
Gillies, William (M.A. Edin., B.A. Oxon., Prof. Hd. of Dept. Celtic Studies, Gov. H. & I. Ent.Trust, author)
Godfrey, A. M.
Gotelee, Jonathan
Graham, J. A.G. (M.A., M.Phil.)
Grant, D M K
Grant, Douglas
 1591 (F.R.S.E.; T.D. Publisher, Brother of 1538; Cousin of 1587)
Grant, Ian Robertson 1587 (B.A. Camb. Antiquarian Bookseller and Editor of the 1968 History)
Grant, Robert William 1740 (C.A. son of 1496 Lord Grant MP, Lord Advocate)
Grant Scott, W. (A Dr W. Grant Scott made submission to City of Edin. Council Dev. Sub- Comm. 23/8/00. Same man?)
Grieve, Christopher Murray 1762 (Hugh MacDairmid – Poet, Honorary Member)
Griffiths, John Robert (Solicitor, W.S., Partner Shep. & Wedd., Chair. Emp. Law Soc. of Scot.) 
Grossart, Sir Angus McFarlane McLeod 1744 (Ch. Brit. Assts. Trust/ISIS, Noble Grossart, Royal Bank of Scot., Scot. Inv. Trust, Director of Trinity Mirror etc.) [SBT]
Grossart, Hamish McLeod (Hamish, Dir. Martin Currie, I&G, Royal Doulton, Cairn Energy, Indigo Vision, Scottish Radio Holdings, etc.)
Guest, Simon Edward Graham (Solicitor with Bell & Scott, Edinburgh)
Guild, Ivor Reginald 1588 (Ex-Snr. Prtnr. Shepherd & Wedderburn; Chair Dunedin WWI Trust; etc) 

Halblander, C. J. M.
Haldane, James Martin
 1754 (KT., Chair. Audit Comm. Univ. Stirling, Dir. Scot. Life, Inv.Cap. Trust/ISIS, C.A. Cheine & Tait)
Hamilton, Arthur Campbell 1793 (Law Lord, Lord Hamilton, now Lord Justice General and Lord President) [SBT] Sitting with Osborne (Spec) and Gill, killed off public interest appeal of Smith & Others at Nobile Officium level by refusing it any hearing as ‘incompetent’. Chaired second appeal by Mr Megrahi, meaning that at all times there was a Spec majority or a Spec chairman at all Lockerbie hearings. Cf. Skull and Bones Society [LOCK]
Hammond Chambers, R. A. (Alex, Chair Ivory & Sime, (now ISIS), Dir. Dobbies Gdn. Cntrs., etc.)
Hamnett, Thomas Galloway Ian 1668 (Advocate and lecturer at Edinburgh & Bristol Univs.)
Hardman, J. D.
Harris , P. A.
Harrison, Patrick Kennard 1694 (Principal, Scottish Development Dept.)
Hart, Thomas David Mure 1775 (C.A. in Brewing)
Hayes, James Almand 1768 (Extruded, Graduate of Georgia Military Acad; Theatre Director)
Heath, Peter Laughlan 1659 (B.A. Oxford; Prof. of Philosophy, Univ. of Edin. & Virginia, Author)
Heggie, C. A. (LL.B. Solicitor, Bell & Scott, Edinburgh)
Henderson, William Gebbie 1690 (M.A. Edin., Publisher)
Hennigan, Brian (Writer, Vice-Chair of Mediabase)
Henry, A. C. (Sheriff at Glasgow?)
Hepburn-Scott, Henry Alexander 1585 (Lord Polwarth, Resigned 1947; Governor BOS; Dir. various)
Hodge, Robin M. (Publisher of the List, events guide for Edinburgh & Glasgow)
Hogg, M. A. (Faculty of Law Univ. Edin, co-author Prof. Hector McQueen)
Hollis, Edward C.R. (Architect, Lecturer, Media Arts, Napier Univ., Spec. Soc. Secretary 2002/3)
Holmes, H. M. (of H. H. Holmes, Accountants, specialists in Tax planning, Edinburgh?)
Holroyd, Nicholas W. (Advocate, Ex-tutor Univ. Edin., ‘Delict & Civil Court Pt’)
Hook, William Thomson 1608 (M.A. LL.B. Edinburgh, Sheriff at Greenock)
Hope, George Archibald 1742 (C.A. apprentice)
Hope, James Arthur David 1750 (Lord Hope of Craighead, Ex-Lord Justice General, son of 1399) Hope, Hon. J. D. L. (Solicitor, son of Lord Hope of Craighead 1750, grandson of 1399)
Horden, M. J. W.
Huggins, Martin 1777 (Dir. Edinburgh School of English; Business Consultant)
Hunter Gordon, H. (B.Sc.; Governor Moray House Institute of Education) 

Inglis, James Crawford Roger 1625 (Ptnr. Shep. & Wedd., Dir Royal B.of Scot
One of the Ponzi Shells in the Georgian sector of the Royal EdinBURGH , 


Registered Address: 24/25 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, EH2 1AF   

THE SECURITY GUARDS ON THE DOOR Are from G4S (like the Social Security Office, the LAWCOURTS The Private Security firm CONFISCATED my Swiss Army Knife!, and the JETHART sevensG4S & Halliburton: A Capitalist, Mafia, JUNTA, Cartel, Fascist, Totalitarian Dream come True? Jednurgh is IN/adjacent to  MICHAEL ANCRAMS constituency (the BEER is much Cheaper at the TORY CLUB as a consequence) 


Registered Address: 24 Old Queen Street, London, SW1H 9HP
SEE DirectorsANCRAM, JOHN MAJOR, Ian Duncan Smith, the DG of the BBC John Birt and Michael PITTILLO (the "rehabilitated" war criminal, Panorama 7/7 we will blow up the commuters in 1 years time declaration & BAE Systems Ltd Director, anti-semitic loudmouth and train spotter to hide his shame)  here: http://companycheck.co.uk/company/00457188/ASSOCIATION-OF-CONSERVATIVE-CLUBS-LIMITEDTHE/directors-shareholders   THE G4S staff at JEDBURGH SEVENS (from GLESGAEwhere the have one the Commonwealth Games Contract, despite the 2012 Olympic fiasco) were just doing their job which any young local could have done for half the price. The staff at G4S who came from Dumfries to Jedburgh had never heard of BLIND KING GEORGE OF CUMBRIA The iIlegitimate British Monarchy: a constitutional Global Nightmare or LORD CONDON who is their boss but found Princess Dianna's killing to be an accident.
  I find the First Director at the RBS rather amusing: Mr Salmond may be forced to use the Isle of Man model for his currency., Chair. Brit. Ass. Trust Directors gone AWOL with the free french on Jersey?; associate of George Bush Snr) [LOCK?] "TELL ME about it" !See Bush-Overby, CAIRN (Bank of England/Vedanta/PM Cameron PM Singh criminal virtual products "OIL & GAS" scams all over this web site and the co-incidence that is the police training unit near FETTES school (where Gammel trained in Fraud and Blair befriended George W Bush in genocide).  Bush jr attended  Gammel's wedding in GLESGAE: his first wife "raped and pillaged" as head of the Princes Trust before she was thrown out of the family like that Wuman Kay in the GODFATHER movie.  This is what he does to make a living wage.  The RBS is ever so difficult to tie DOwn RBS in IRELAND HQs and with TRUST status, AND Inglis (who I can no longer find on the UK business directory) was Chair. Brit. Ass. Trust; 

Ingram, Paul Alexander 1616 (Chartered Surveyor; Captain Royal Artillery)
Ingram, Thomas Theodore Scott 1693 (Senior lecturer in Paediatric Neurology and Author)
Ireland, Ronald David 1632 (Q.C., Sheriff Principal, Hon. Prof. of Law Univ. of Aberdeen; Author)
Irvine, R G
Ivory, Brian G. (CBE, Non-Exec. Dir. Halifax/Bank of Scotland, Dir. Scot/Amer. Inv., ex-CEO Highland Distillers) . Possible channel to George Bush via Brewlands (holiday) Lodge in Perthshire where the Bush’s came on ‘vacation’. [LOCK?]
Ivory, J. (B. Comm., C.A., Trustee, Advocates for Animals)

Jauncey, Charles Eliot 1621 (Law Lord, Lord Jauncey of Tullichettle.)
Jenkins, D.H.R. (M.B. Ch.B.)
Johnson, R. E. C. (B.Sc.)
Johnson, Robert Smith 1592 (B.A. Cambridge, LL.B. Glasgow; Advocate Depute)
Johnston, A B M
Johnston, Alan Charles Macpherson
 1760 (Law Lord, Lord Johnston) Dismissed interdict appeal at Inner House with false legal justification. Refused Nob-Off + petition to HM QEII as per 1689 Claim [SBT]
Johnston, Alastair Graham 1654 (Resigned, M.A.)
Johnstone, John Raymond 1633 (C.A. in Investment Trusts)

Keith, The Hon Henry Shanks 1605 (Law Lord, Lord Keith of Kinkel, d. 2002)
Kelsall, John Ainsworth 1726 (B.A. Oxford, LL.B. Edin, Solicitor)
Kenyon-Slaney, Robert Ivan 1653 (Tobacconist & Snuff dealer, ceased to be a member, d.1984)
Kermack, Stuart Ogilvy (Sheriff at Tayside and Aberdeen)
Kerr, Andrew Mark 1771 (B.A. Camb., LL.B. Edin., W.S. Solicitor., Ctte. Memb., Clerk, W.S. Library)
Kerr, Bruce A. (Sheriff at Glasgow, member of Judicial Appointments Board)
Killick, David Henry Rothwell 1749 (Non-Resident, Barrister, Merchant)
Kincade, James 1687 (B.A. Trinity, M.A., B.Litt. Oxford, Teacher)
King Murray – See Murray R J K 


Laird, David Logan 1772 (Solicitor with Thorntons W.S. Forfar; Board of Inver Dist. Salmon Fisheries)
Laird, Michael Donald 1636a (Resigned, Michael Laird Partnership, Architects, Edinburgh)
Laird Craig, Adrian J. (MD, TM Robertson Wine Cellars Edinburgh, Pres. Inst. Wine & Spirits Scot., Old Stoic)
Lall, Vikram (C.A., Dir. Malcolm Group, Ex-Grampian Holds, Noble Grossart, Dir. Brewin Dolphin, Mem. SIDAB)
Law, James 1628 (Q.C., Member of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board 1994)
Law, Ralph Hamilton 1680 (Under-Secretary, Dept. of Fisheries, Scotland)
Lawson, K.
Learmonth, Alastair M. (Advocate, Tutor in Evidence, University of Edinburgh)
Learmonth, Ian Robertson 1783 (Stockbroker)
Leckie, P. Ross (Dir. Martin Currie, author of ‘Bluff your way in the Classics’, journalist ‘Scotland on Sunday’, Tory candidate, Spec apologist)
Leeming, D. B. B.
Leslie, R. K.
Leslie, William 1658 (B.A. Camb. LL.B. T.D. W.S.)
Liddell, Hamish George MacDuff 1604 (B.A. Oxon., LL.B. Edin; Ptnr. J&H Mitchell, Perth; cousin of 1594)
Liddell, Andrew Colin MacDuff (Solicitor, J & H Mitchell, Pitlochry)
Lindgren, David I. (Solicitor & Partner, Fyfe Ireland W.S.)
Lockhart, H.
Lorimer, D.
Lorimer, Robert Lewis Campbell 1638 (Author & Publisher, d.1996)

Lothian, Andrew (M A; Sheriff, Lothians & Borders, Edinburgh) Now resigned after various sex scandals, including a gang-bang of his wife Harriet using Rohypnol.[DUN]

Lowe, Ian Douglas
 1761 (M.A. Camb., Dip Agric. Camb., M.B.A. Harvard; Company Director) 


McAllister, Richard A. (Lecturer in Politics at the University of Edinburgh)
MacAskill, Jamie (Deputy News Editor, Sunday Mail, Scotland?)
McCall Smith, R. Alexander {Sandy} (Prof. of Medical Law University of Edinburgh)
MacColl, Gavin L. (Advocate, Edinburgh)
McCosh, W. G.
McCulloch, Andrew Jameson 1766 (of Ardwall, Solicitor, and author of ‘Galloway, a land apart’)
Macdonald, Alistair Archibald 1660 (Sheriff substitute at Caithness, Orkney, & Zetland)
McDougall, Douglas C.P. (Ex-Prtnr. Baillie/Gifford, Chair. IMRO, Dir. Scot. Inv. Trust, Monks Inv. Trust, etc.)
McEachran, Colin Neil 1789 (QC, Advocate Depute 1974-77; Pres. Pensions Appeal Trib. 1994-present)
McFadden, John Alexander Crawford 1751 (M.A. LL.B. Aberdeen, Solicitor)
MacFarlane, C. W. (Q.C. LL.B., Sheriff of Glasgow & Strathkelvin, at Glasgow)
Macfie, John W.S. (Solicitor, Hon. Sec. Scot. Tartan Soc., Edinburgh)
McGhie, James Marshall (Law Lord, Lord McGhie, Chair. Scottish Land Court, President Lands Tribunal for Scotland)
McInnes, John Colin 1731 (B.A.Ox, LL.B. Edin; Q.C., Sheriff, Mem.Invest. Powers Tribunal)
McIntyre, Robert Gordon 1691 (Executive with Morgan Crucible Co., (US-convicts), son of Lord Sorn)
SHOTTS LANARKSHIRE LINKAGE No directors on vintage cars company but 
Seeking the Ayrshire links to sorn in the "ENERGY" sector blew the windmills away




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McIver, Calum Alexander (Solicitor, D. L. A. Scotland, Edinburgh)
Mackay, James Peter Hymers 1676 (Lord Mackay of Clashfearn, Ex- UK Lord Chancellor.) 
Mackay, Peter 1791 (Sen. Civil Servt. Retd., Dir. Scottish Council Foundation, Dir. several companies)
Mackenzie, J.G. (M.A., LL.B. Cantab., Advocate)
MacKenzie, L. D. M. (M.A. Edinburgh, Director DG XXIII, European Commission (Info Tech)
Mackie, C.A.
Mackie, E. J. (LL.B.)
Mackie, Thorold (Investment Analyst, ING Barings Charterhouse Securities)
Mackness, Robin Frederick Stewart 1743 (B.A. Camb., Importer & Manufacturer)
MacLaren, I F
Maclean of Dochgarroch, Alan
MacLean, Colin P. B. (Dir. British Assets Management Trust, ISIS, MD Scot. Val. Man. Trust, Scottish Provident etc.)
MacLean, Ranald Norman Munro 1736 (Law Lord, Lord MacLean was Senior Legal rep. of Judicial Appts. Board. Sat with Coulsfield and Sutherland to convict Mr Megrahi.)[LOCK]
McLean, Robert Younger 1657 (B.A. Camb., A.M.I.E.E. Electrical Engineer)
MacLehose, David (Board of Queen Victoria School in Dunblane for Children of Servicemen, scene of sex scandal involving pimping of pupils by Thomas Hamilton, the Dunblane primary School shooter, to senior legal and political figures.) [DUN]
McLeod, Hugh Roderick 1675 (B.A. Cambridge; Ship-owner)
McLeod, J. M. N.
McLeod, Norman Donald 1678 (Sheriff-Substitute at Glasgow)
McLure, P.L.H (B.A. Oxon. LL.B. W.S.)
MacNaught, R. H. A. (B.A. Oxon., LL.B. Edin., Solicitor)
MacNeill, Calum H S (Q.C., Advocate Depute1998-2001, Edin. Acted v. protesters) [SBT]
McNeill, James W. (Q.C. Advocates Library, Parliament House)
Macphail, Iain Duncan 1745 (Sher. Prin., Loth. & Bord, Law Lord, Lord Macphail as of 16 Dec. 2004)
MacPhee, N. W. M. R.
Macpherson, Robin Ian (Solicitor & Partner, Brodies W.S., Edinburgh)
McVicar, Euan Forbes (Solicitor, Associate, McGrigor Donald, advised Bank of Scot. on PFI)[SBT]
McVicar, Neil 1589 (M.A., Oxon., LL.B. Edin., Q.C., Chancellor to the Bishop of Edinburgh)
Mair, Hamish J. G. (Dir. Martin Currie Inv. Man. Ltd., Mgr. Martin Currie Return Trust)
Marquis Edward Graham 1607 (M.A. LL.B. Cambridge, practiced as English Solicitor)
Martin, R. M.
Maxtone Graham, Robert Mungo 1669 (Advocate, author of the Society’s literature)
Maxwell, Peter 1618 (Resigned, BA. Oxford, LL.B. Q.C.; grandson of 1027)
Menzies, Duncan Adam Young (Law Lord, Lord Menzies, as QC acted v. protesters) [SBT]
Mercer, Walter M.D. (Advocate, Visit. Lect., Univ. Aber., Mem. Privacy Law Comm., Law Soc.)
Mercer-Wood, S. Z. K.
Michael, P. A.
Millar, Angus George 1641 (Investment Trust Manager)
Milligan, James George QC (Law Lord) [SBT]
Mitchell, James Lachlan Martin 1643 (Sheriff)
Mitchell, Geoffery D. M. (Advocate, Edinburgh)
Moncreiffe of That Ilk, Sir David Gerald 1606 (Bart. & 23rd Laird of Moncreiffe; cousin of 1594)
Moncreiffe, Rupert Iain Kay 1594 (Sir Iain Moncreiffe, MA, LLB. PhD; Brit. Emb. Moscow 1946)
Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Walter William (of Buccleuch & Queensberry)     This information leads us to:

(1) The son of Thrasea Paetus/Gaius Calpurnius Piso (who is unnamed in history). And then to…
(2) Flavius Josephus, and to…
(3) Montanus, as another alias name of Arrius Piso.


Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling

Scott, Sir Walter – 1st Baronet (1771-1832) – Sir Walter Scott was born in Edinburgh and, among many novels, he was the creator of ‘Ivanhoe’ (1819) and ‘Rob Roy’ (1817). The fascinating journal of this celebrated writer is an important record of the times in which he lived. As a writer of historical fiction, a playwright, and a poet, Scott was the first English language author to have a truly international career in his own lifetime, with many contemporary readers in Europe, Australia, and North America. Saint David Lodge No. 36 in Edinburgh was Sir Walter Scott’s lodge.

Sir Walter Scott, Bart.
Sir Henry Raeburn - Portrait of Sir Walter Scott.jpg
Raeburn's portrait of Sir Walter Scott in 1822

Moran, Joseph Michael
 1612 (Resigned; Draftsman Lord Advocate’s Department)
MORAY Sir Robert (1608-1673) THIS ONE didnt make it onto the EDINBURGH SS but see the equally dangerous Royal Society & List of Global Freemasons including Logue & the Stammering/ABDICATED German Kings who were Called ALBERT (bertie) His entry is below  SOURCE http://www.lodgestpatrick.co.nz/famous2.php
Moray, Sir Robert (1608-1673) – A linguist, soldier, diplomat, statesman and spy, Scotsman Robert Moray was initiated into the Lodge of Edinburgh on the 20 May 1641. (This is possibly the earliest written record of a Masonic initiation. See Elias Ashmole on the famous mason list) He was knighted by King Charles I on the 10th January 1643 for diplomatic services, but also to give him higher status during his machinations with the French. Robert Moray was well known to Charles I, Charles II and the devious French cardinals Richelieu and Mazarin. During the reign of King Charles II (see above), Moray became a founder member of The Royal Society of London, begun on the 28 November 1660, with a nucleus of members of the “Invisible College”.So involved in the Society’s creation was Freemason Moray, that he was the man responsible for the Society obtaining its Royal Charter, and formulating its statues and regulations based on Masonic principles. Sir Robert Moray’s Masonic symbol was the 5-pointed star.
Morison, Alastair Malcolm
 1665 (Law Lord, Lord Morison; son of 1417 Sir Ronald Morison) [SBT]
Morrison, Stephen Andrew Simpson (American Solicitor, regd. w/Law Society of Scotland) Mowat, Ian Alastair McIvor (Solicitor, Haig-Scott, Edinburgh)
Muir, Andrew Gray 1692 (B.A. Oxford, LL.B. Edin., Solicitor; Son of 1442)
Murray, John 1718 (Q.C., F.C.I. Arb; & Professor, Formerly Lord Dervaird, resigned prior to ‘Magic Circle’, despite cover offered in Smith-Friel Report by fellow-Speccer Nimmo-Smith)
Murray, J. A. S.
Murray, Ronald James King
 1670 (Q.C. MP; Law Lord, Lord Murray; Lord Advocate 1974)
Murray Threapland, A. (M.Sc.) 


Nelson, Douglas 1661 (Resigned, M.A., LL.B.)
Nicolson, Harold Alexander 1645 (LL.B. W.S.)
Nimmo-Smith, William Austin (Law Lord, Lord Nimmo-Smith, Co-author Smith-Friel ‘magic circle’ report, covering up rent-boys for Judges and Fiscals scandal in Edinburgh. Hatchet-man against any Skye bridge appeals. Sat on Lockerbie appeal bench.) [SBT][LOCK]
Noble, Ian Andrew 1782 (Ex-Chair Skye Bridge Co; Ex-Chair Noble Group; Noble Grossart, etc . Born in Berlin but seeks to portray himself as desperately Gaelic. Bought the foreshore at Skye Crossing and had to be compensated handsomely with public money so that the arch could ‘pass over’ his foreshore.)[ SBT]
Noble, Iain William 1650 (M.A. LL.B. WS) 


Oberlander, Jon R. (Dr., Reader in Cog. Science, Div. of Informatics, University of Edin.)
Oddy, Revel 1722 (Assistant Keeper, Royal Scottish Museum)
Ogilvy, F. G. A. (B.Sc.)
O'Neill, Francis 1737 (Life Insurance Manager, Electrical Engineer)
Osborne, Kenneth Hilton 1721 (Law Lord, Lord Osborne). Closed Skye public test case at Nobile Officium, claiming incompetency. First judge to be outed as a Speccer to his face by RtP in live Court proceedings. This caused the so-called Gill Inquiry into the Spec as a secret sodality and thus standing human Rights violation. Lord Gill covered for them, but as a Glasgow catholic was ill-rewarded for his loyalty. Lord Hamilton of the Spec was promoted over Gill’s head to Lord Justice General. [SBT][LOCK] 


Packe, T. G. Packe (T.G.Packe, Chartered Surveyors, Linlithgow)
Paterson, John Veitch 1648 (Resigned, Sheriff at Selkirk)
Pearson, Francis Salmon Gillespie 1727 (Resigned, Advocate & Schoolmaster at Harrow)
Pearson, Nigel William 1779 (Solicitor, Rabobank International)
Peck, Julian Forbes Arbuthnott 1626 (Accountant & Co Director, Flemings Merchant Bank)
Penney, Michael Alexander Campbell 1646 (Son of 1394, Auditor to C of S; Nephew of 1454 Planter)
Perfect, Alan Peter George (Resigned)
Perring, C. J.
Peterson, John Murray 1647 (Sheriff)
Phemister, John Clark 1651 (Physician, Resigned)
Prince Philip, 1662 HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, K.G. (Honorary Member). This gentleman’s presence gives a big clue to the political hue of the Spec, as does their ‘Toast to the Duke of Cumberland’.[DUN]
Pierrepont, John 1600 (Resigned, D.F.C; Merchant Taylor and Freeman of the City of London)
Picton-Philips, P. J. C. (M.A.)
Pinkerton, John Macpherson 1767 (B.A.Oxon. LL.B .Edin. Advocate; Auth. Minutebook of the Fac. of Ads)
Pollock, Alexander (Sheriff, Grampian H&I, Aberdeen) Tried to kill a civil action against Miller collecting tolls by elevating a Small Claim to Ordinary Cause and thus a deep-pocket contest. Outed publicly as Spec by RtP. [SBT]
von Poser und Gross Naedlitz, M.
Prenter, Patrick Robert 1752 (B.A., CBE, Hydr.Eng., Ch. Midl. Chamb. Com., P.P.Scot.Eng., Dir.LothH.A)
Prosser, William David (Law Lord, Lord Prosser, Ret’d) Only Judge to have the decency to recuse himself when listed to sit on a SBT appeal, knowing of course that four Spec Members had set up the racket at the outset. 

Rackowe, Robin 1712 (B.A .Camb., Pres. International Marine Fisheries Company; Adviser Vietnam Govt.)
Ramsay, Alan Douglas Monro 1723 (of Bowland, B.A. Oxford)
Reid, Ainslie Macdonald (Solicitor Dundas & Wilson, CS, Saltire Court, 20 Castle Terrace, Edin.)
Reid, Richard R. (Advocate)
Rennie, Archibald Louden 1682 (Priv. Secy. to Secy. of State 1962-63; Ass. Secy. to S.H. & H. Dept.)
Rice, P A
Richardson, M. H.

Riddiough, Ralph Leigh (Solicitor, Fyfe Ireland W.S., Edinburgh)
Risk, M. J. R. (Could he be related to Sheriff Douglas Risk?)
de Roeck, R. S.
Robertson, I.M.
Robertson, R. B.
Robertson, William Brian (Solicitor, of Lindsays W.S., Edinburgh)
Robinson, D.B.
Rose, Morris James Alexander 1624 (Sheriff)
Ross, Donald MacArthur 1642 (Ex-Lord Justice Clerk, V-Pres. RSE; Resgd., Architect of Judicial Appointments Board)[SBT]
Ross, D.M.

Ross, Sinclair Alexander 1763 (Solicitor, Russell & Aitken, Falkirk)
Rowe, J.E.R. (B.L.) 


Sadler, David Gerald 1746 (B.A. Oxford, W.S.)
Salveson, Andrew E. H. (Board of Grampian Enterprise, 1995-98)
Sambrook, Harold Keith 1673 (M.A. Camb. Publisher)
Scott, Malcolm C. N. (Q.C., Director, Mid Wynd Int. Inv. Trust/Baillie Gifford)
Scott Moncrieff, John Kenneth (Solicitor, Murray Beath Murray W.S. Edinburgh)
Shearer, I. G. (We think not to be confused with Sheriff Ian H Shearer, later Lord Avonside)
Shewan, A. 
Simpson, David Macdonald 1794 (B.A. Oxon., F.F.I., Actuary, Memb. Disc. Comm. Fac. of Ads.)
Simpson, Philip J. D. (Advocate, ‘Chapters in a History of Private Law in Scotland’, etc.)
Simpson, Patrick William (C.A; D.Ch.ENTCT; son of 1285, brother of 1581, nephew of 1302 & 1381)
Smelt, J. C.
Smith, Alastair Melville John (Solicitor to the Advocate General)
Smith, G. T. E.
Smith, Ralph A. (QC. Advocate Depute 1994-95{ad-hoc}, Jun. Counsel to Lord Pres. 1998-99)
Smith, Ronald Elsworth 1786 (B.A. De Pavio, M.A. Edin., Dip. Ed., Philosopher)
Smith, Thomas Brown 1595 (Broun Smith, Prof. of Law at Aberdeen & Edin; author of law books)
Speirs, John Garret 1749 (Non-Resident, Oxford M.B.A., Industrial Engineer)
Spence, M. A.
Staniforth, John Broke Duncan 1781 (Marketing)
St Clair, D. M.
St Clair, J. B.
 (Advocate, Co-author ‘Law of Corporate Insolvency-Scotland’ w/Lord Drummond Young)
St John, Edmund Oliver 1649 (B.L. W.S.; Member of Rent Assessment Panel for Scotland 1994-95)
Steel, William Macpherson 1596 (B.L. Edin. W.S.)
Stein, Colin Norman Ralph (BA (Hons), LL.B., Sheriff of Tayside Central & Fife at Arbroath) Stevenson, P. D. (Director of British Energy)
Stevenson-Hamilton, A. J.
Stewart, David Logan (B.A. Cantab. LL.B. W.S. Solicitor Morton Fraser)
Stewart, Keith D. (Advocate, Edinburgh)
Stewart, Quintin Kennedy 1734 (B.L Edin. Solicitor; Secy., Scotch Whisky Association1997.)
Stewart, William Ian 1629 (Sir William, Pres. R.S.E.; Q.C., Solicitor General 1972)
Stirling, John Boyd (Solicitor with Bennet & Robertson, Edinburgh)
Strachan, Michael Francis 1586 (B.A.Camb. MBE. Ship-owner, Salmonier Shipping Company)
Strachan, Timothy Warren 1639 (Clerk of the Faculty of Advocates, 1958-67)
Strang Steel, Malcolm Graham (Solicitor with Turcan Connell W.S. Princes Exchange)
Stuart, Alexander John Mackenzie 1620 (BA. Camb. LL.B. Edin.Advocate; Captain Royal Engineers)
Stuart, Michael Albert (B.A. LL.B. Solicitor, Maclay Murray Spens)
Sutherland, Alister Macdonald 1716 (Solicitor, Burness W.S. & Sec. Leven Dist. Salm. Fish. Board)
Swan, G. N. I.
Swann, Michael 1778 (Professor, Principal University of Edinburgh. Honorary) 


Taggart, C. A. 
Tait, Ivan Ballantyne 1720 (Surgeon F.R.C.S.E., F.R.C.S. Eng.)
Tart, A. K.
Taylor, J. S.
Thin, Douglas Ainslie 1714 (Bookseller & Publisher)
Thompson, J. B. S. (LL.B.)
Thomson, B. J. P.
Thomson, Gordon Graham Turner (BA. Camb.; Printer, schoolmaster, & television producer)
Thomson, Nigel Earnest Drummond 1684 (Advocate & Author, Sheriff-Substitute at Hamilton)
Thomson, William Ronald Erskine 1770 (Ch. British Assets Trust, Charlotte Sq., Dir. ISIS Trust etc)
Tindall, B. H. Tindall (Lecturer in Architecture University of Edinburgh)
Tindley, P. J.
Todd, D. W. S.

Topping, Michael Robert 1739 (M.A., LL.B. lecturer in law Edinburgh University; Prof. Addis Ababa)
Traprain, Viscount 1724 (4th Earl of Balfour, Gerald Arthur James Balfour, JP {of Whittinghame}.)
Tyndall, Mark R.J. (Founder of Artemis Unit Trust Managers)
Tytherleigh-Strong, G. M. (Physician, granted non-residing privileges 

Upton, Michael G. J. (Advocate) [SBT] – Took money for an interdict petition against ‘Miller Civil Engineering’ collecting Skye tolls without lawful paperwork, then seemed to take a dive. [SBT]

Urquhart, Ronald MacDuff 1664 (B.A. Oxford, LL.B. Edin., T.D. W.S)
Usher, Harry Graham 1730 (B.A.Camb., Merchant) 

Vink, Peter Hendrik Johan de 1787 (Peter de Vink, Financier; Mem. S.I.A.B; M.D. of E.F.G.H; etc)
Voelcker, Richard Paul 1689 (Resigned, M.A. Agriculturist)
Wailes-Fairbairn, N W
Walker, Michael James 1725 (Ch. J.Walker Timber, Aberforth S L plc, Dir. Lothian Health board.)
Walker, Nigel David 1671 (M.A. Oxon, Ph.D. Edin., Ass. Sec. Scottish Home & Health Dept.; Author)
Walker, William MacLelland 1667 (Q.C., Social Security & Child Support Commissioner)
Ward, Max C.B. (Ex-Scottish Mortgage, Manager Baillie Gifford, Scot. Investment Trust, etc.)
Warner, Graeme C. (Sheriff, Grampian H&I, Aberdeen)
Waterlow, Simon Gordon 1747 (Non-Resident, B.A. Camb., Printer)
Watson, John Donald Mackenzie 1627 (C.A.)
Watt, Edward Bruce (Solicitor, Henderson Boyd Jackson W.S., Edinburgh)
Watt, B. T.
Watt, Robert James Gordon 1655 (B.A. Camb.LL.B. WS.)
Wedderburn, Thomas MacLaglan 1598 (B.A. Camb., C.A., W.S., brother of 1517)
Weir, David Bruce (Law Lord, Lord Weir)
Weir, Evan Hugh 1637 (B.A. Cambridge, LL.B, W.S.)
West, David Alexander 1686 (B.A. Camb., Lecturer in Humanity Edin., Author)
Wheatley, M. R. P. H. D.
Whiteman, R. D. (M.Phil., Minister of the Scottish Episcopalian Church)
Wilberforce, R. W.
Wilkins, R. M. (B.A., MSc)
Willey, G. J.
Wilson, Calum S. (Advocate, Advocates Library, Parliament House)
Wilson, Ian William Scott (Master Printer, President, Junior Chamber Scotland, 1952-53)
Wood, Malcolm James (Solicitor with Standard Life Assurance Co.)
Wood, Thomas Andrew Urquhart 1609 (B.A. Oxon. Advocate; Sheriff-Substitute at Glasgow)
Wright, J. G. L. (member, Friends of Dundee City Archives)
Wright, John N. (QC, Dep. Commnr., Soc. Sec. Child Supp; Mem. Lands Tribunal for Scot.)


Young, Sir Stephen Stewart Templeton Bt. QC (Sheriff Principal, North Strathclyde, Trinity Coll., Ox.) Twice interfered with Skye tolls cases as Sheriff Principal of Highlands and Islands. [SBT]
Younger, Robert Edward Gilmour 1788 (The Hon. Sheriff of Tayside Central & Fife)

Dated List of Members who have been admitted to

12 October 1954 Duke of Edinburgh, HRH Prince Philip The * [DUN]

2 July 1975 Guild, Ivor [LOCK?]

2 July 1975 Watson, Professor Alan *

15 October 1980 Burnett, Sir John *^

16 December 1987 Smith, Sir David *^

23 June 1989 Mackay, The Rt Hon Lord of Clashfern [Privy Council]

9 February 1994 Barrow, Professor Geoffrey *

29 November 1995 Sutherland, Professor Sir Stewart *^

13 January 1999 Massie, Allan * - Right wing journalist - Scotsman

10 January 2001 Rt Hon Lord Hope of Craighead [Privy Council]

13 March 2002 MacMillan, The Very Rev Gilleasbuig *

* Not previously Members of the Society
^ Principals of Edinburgh University

[LOCK] – Lockerbie cover-up connections
[DUN] –Dunblane cover-up connections
[SBT] – Skye Bridge Tolls cover-up connections

This list now needs updating, being some 5 years old. Please help if you can. About 50-100 new Members may have been initiated in this time.

George Lees
George Lees