The Straightjacket Psychiatric Sectioning Tactic

THE HONEST MAN FACES LOADS OF BARRIERS.  But truth will prevail   Listen to the Video below and see how low they are prepared to stoop to cheat and steal from our kids and even their patients. 
The whole TECHNICAL & MEDICAL SIDE of the sad SAGA is told on the series of pages below this one NHS FRAUD & 40% of British Doctors Salary.  The Asset stripping of the NHS is ocurring in all healthcare professions.
The right to works is now paid for in a process called CPD which was imposed on all healthcare professionals with the killing of Shipman's patients.....TIM SHIPMAN was the war correspondent for Iraq and all the false news is launched to keep the atention of the financial frauds and the asset stripping privatization sector.  The interests in Public Care Homes takes is into the transition of Public Council owned facilities.....which is directly relevant to Drs and Solicitors who work for the council....see image below.  Ms Thom (which just happens to be my wife's solicitor)  left the Council Law team when I touched down at Heathrow and it was a very harsh winter but heartwarming to be back amongst "friends" and PEER's pressure (see image on the care home and Ms Thom's directorial status & at the citizens advice bureau RUN BY VOLUNTEERS FOR NO FEE).   I am stronger and better informed than all of them but my every step is for PEACE not War (or strife/fraud)  for a profit stream.  The NHS fraud is national and our boys were schooled at the Otago Boys Asylum in Dunedin that became the Boys School that Richie McCaw the all black captain of the rugby world champions attended.  One of the locals in this styory is a school governor, a medic and trained first as a policeman.  Funny thing society and I will continue to laugh at it till they get onside.  The Freuds (married to Lizzie Murdoch) are legendary psychiatric family like the Camerons in the ECT sector at McGill University.....funded by the CIA like Rupert Murdoch to lead the world back into fascism for chaos and relentless strife. THAT IS THE PM's CHIPPING NORTON CABAL AGAIN.  The Wittgensteins in Bloomsbury committed suicide cos GOD gives theme a conscience for profiteering from and Dismembering people's health.  "Dr Moon" retired at forty something but is a neighbour of mine and has the capacity for greatness by open communication. The original letters on "my problems" and concerns are here NHS FRAUD: the costs to the taxpayers and THE PATIENTS,   Referal to Psychiatric Services for my interests in local healthcare    Hypocratic Oath PHARMA, my old Boss on the FORBES listings and Sir David Steal (STEEL) at the Wellcome Trust

Society Tries to Section the Innocent Activist and Breaks up his home