My wife (and youngest middle sons) left me on the 4th of June 2014 with no paperwork to show that she was entitled to the chatels that she removed from the house as I watched.  I am not allowed to know where my children live and I have no access to legal representation because of my insight into fraud in this sector.  My wifes solicitor kindly offered her advice on the timelines at the last pre-hearing and that now threatens to strip me of my home before XMAS. The hearing has been brought forward from 13 February 2015 to 16 December and I have to submit my rebuttals (see next page by 14th December....but I cannot send XMAS cards to my kids)!  The right to defend costs £141and this has risen from£136 since they sent the 1st writ in Jan 2014 (when my wife was employed by my brother in law FROM MY HOME using my ENCRYPTED to cover up her income tax status and all the evidence on her actual salary and her employment/tax status).  The third writ claims that the grounds for divorce are that we have been separated  since October 2011!!!!!! One cannot believe how low they will stoop.  My wife's divorce solicitor only became aware that I had been desserted in the bedroom when I asked her on the 4th of June 2014 whether this was legal (and she is now using my wife's betrayal to backdate her claims)  and whether I could date or hold hands with other women without losing my innocence as a loyal partner.  I have copies of the Emails which she sent from Canada that declared that it was OK to dessert your husbands bedroom as soon as his salary drops below yours after years of living as a highly paid professor's wife. (and that this was no longer grounds for me to be able to divorce her for dessertion and sexual bartering as the Matrimonial Act for Scotland used to declare). 

I do not know what pro formas are applicable to rebut the absolute lies in writ number three (writ number one is still in the hands of Melrose and Porteous in Duns who declared they would defend me for £250/hour but that my wife would win....because she had accused me of bad behaviour and being work shy).   

Writ number three obligates me to defend myself on the 14th of December (brought forward from Mid February to increase the stress load on me and to alleviate the stress imposed on her by my refusal to cave in on her groundless actions and dislloyalty to me and financial suicide for my boys). The claims that are made in the third opportunistic writ are downright lies and I will rebut them online so I can forward the evidence to the Justice Ministers who are now aware of the motives behind my persecution by law enforcement Scotland. AND the massive conflict of interest that is the gagging order imposed by sheriff Drummond (still on my case and would give no guidance to advisors on how to defend myself or which documents were applicable) on my upfront and legitimate queries on why Sherif John Halley was taken off my case quick (and the links to selling Scotland's freedom in the referendum: see page above.  My Freedom of information request on Halley is reproduced here which has led to my approach to the justice minister in Scotland on the page above.....I write this on the 9th December (and I re-emphasise that Drummond completely ignored my declaration that I rejected the legitmacy of both the Crown Office/the court and the Christianity fraud.  Every time I appear in court I reveal massive war crimes and frauds against the people WHICH ARE ENTIRELY IGNORED by the press and the staff at the court who have had their pay frozen for seven years back to back and are threatened with closure for insolvency.

The reasons why Halley was withdrawn are obvious and I have PDFs on the failure of Sir Stephen House's team to show up on the day of the pre-hearing and the capacity to record proceedings for a Portugese Defendant (the legitimate claimant to the throne in Greg Hallett's highly public exposures is Portugese) in the dental sector who was unable to speak English.  My requests to record proceedings on my own KIT are declined every time.....and the interlocking fraud that is the Sir John Anthony Chilcott (arms to Iraq inquest chair)  and Malcolm Rifkind (with previous at G4S & Aberdeen Assett management) is totally irrelevant allthough it is documented in Miss Thoms list of bad behaviours as the grounds for my divorce. My Son attended this hearing and heard my statement on the war crimes and profiteering (which was declared as proof of the behaviours and insight which my wife does not approve of)....PT& Co reference PT/EL/LEESV01-01 On the header Ms Thom states I enclose for your informationa copy of the second inventory of productions which I have lodged with the Jedburgh Sheriff Court containg some Emails which you have sent to my client. I trust that this is in order?  On my next visit the Jedburgh sheriff court were unable to trace this document.....presumably because they recognise the veracity and gravity of my exposures which has become a cross border legal sector and political cover up.  THE DETAILED REBUTTALS are on the next Page.  

Let me show the letters to Law firms between Perth and Newcastle that have failed to get me a solicitor or a cross border barrister with the pluck to defend the innocent [FOOTNOTE 1].  Almost all of these firms have multiple subsiduaries/ponzi shelves and laundering shelves/links to the havens from Bermuda to the Channel Islands (but the solicitors do not understand the fraud implications of this as it is OUTWITH their narrow speciality).  See this page on the conflicts of interest for Melrose and Porteous which emerged after they had taken me on and declared that the fee was £250/hour......the conflicts are links to JP Morgan, George Soros and former prime ministerial families as well as my disgraced MP Michael Moore.  The LEGAL FIRM, The Local Mafia/Freemasonic Cabal and the Links to PMs, Lords, MPs Soros, JP Morgan and The Westminster Foundation for Democracy PONZI Empire.  The Law cabal have persecuted me perpetually so no more shielding the IDs (the company with the conflicts was Melrose and Porteous in Duns) gave me my fee back but they still have the original writs and declaration that my wife was going to enter into a unilateral divorce for undefined grounds.  
Ms Thom's team did accuse me of spending ALL my time on my website (see rebuttals, job ads, casual work agricultural labour, beating, fishing guiding and my wifes correspondence on my work commitments in the rebuttal page) and accusing my wife of behaving like a prostitute (when she removed her sexual favours over three and a half strategic profiteering and deceitful years).  My wife has been a kept woman for 11-13 years of our marriage (with my full support). My home was mine before we met. 6/7ths of my pension was paid up when we married see ruthless bartering communications from Ms Thom on their concession that I could have all of this pension if I just played the patsy role and pretended that the break up of our marriage was anything to do with my behaviours.  I refused and I have reproduced the threatening letter that this was a once in a lifetime offer and that to qualify I need to concede my guilt [NEXT PAGE: Take what is rightly yours but you loose half your home and CONCEDE GUILT on the groundless divorce].  I have published the copyright threat too just to demonstrate how ruthless Ms Thom can be. I WILL NOT BE COERCED BY THESE IMMORAL PEOPLE who are prepared to commit financial suicide (I will publish the letter I sent to Ms Thom on sharing my pensions with my wife IF SHE WERE PREPARED TO HOUNOUR HER LIFELONG OATH.   

FOOTNOTE 1  Failure to find an honest solicitor with the courage to reveal my truths on the massive crimes against the people (my behaviours which are the grounds for divorce).  This went to these adressees mostly sourced from the Law Society Website in Scotland and all marital solicitors in the borders from Hawick-Peebles-Gala Duns refused to engage or even reply to my telphone/voicemail requests (Bannerman Burke in both Gala and Hawick) 
Franceschi, Marika
Jedburgh Sheriff & JP Court
The Barristers in Newcastle/Cumbria/Northumberland & the other border solicitors  were chatted to on the telphone DETAILS ON REQUEST.

George Lees <>

11 Aug

Dear Family solicitor in Edinburgh or nearby,

(please ring me if you have the courage and morality to defend me in my divorce proceedings 0157 322 9084)
I am a human rights activist and serious fraud grand-larceny researcher (who started life in PHARMA and as a professor of neuroscience).  I am accused of bad behaviours by my wife and the force majeure behind my intention to defend is outlined below.  
  I feel very uneasy already, that my intention to defend must be lodged by 18th August but I want you to take a look at the research we are doing so my "bad" behaviours can be understood . I just want the intention to defend to be lodged ASAPand get the threats to fleece me of my own home and my capacity to have access to my kids back.  Not allowed to have their contact addresses because my wife pretends I am a danger to her (I can tell you about attempts to have me sectioned when/if we meet). I am being divorced for "bad behaviour" but I have dedicated my last three-four years to understanding the global economic crash (we returned from NZ in Dec 2009 and i worked in pharmacy till Dec of 2010 then I saw the light on the economy and I became "a BAD person")  We now understand it, the crash, entirely and why every country is in debt to private lenders (all public services and salaries are frozen or cut down and the treasury in all countries leads to austerity for all citizens...except the designers of the system). What happened in 2008 now happens on a daily basis and the virtual oil and gas scams out of the city of Edinburgh alone have recently led to Sir Bill Gammel stepping down (although his Cairn CEO is still  on the court of the bank of England with Dave Prentis the highly paid UNISON BOSS: my namesake Sir David Lees is stepping down too) and the resignation of PM Singh in India and William Hague in the UKentirely reflect our insight and exposure in plain English. Michael Moore MP refuses to meet ,for reasons declared in the videos (he was a director at the Parliamentary Foundation for democracy Ltd with 3000 ponzi shells and links top JP Morgan and Soros).  Please do not read my website at £200-250/hour but if you listen to this one video for 20 minutes (and are prepared to defend me) then you will get the gist of my behaviours and the impact on society of the frauds and war crimes profiteering   we HAVE ALL THE CORPORATE DOCUMENTS and our interviews are published on all continents.
I WILL PAY YOUR FEE IN FULL TO LISTEN to the FIRST 20 minutes (if you agree to take me on and defend me objectively) of this so you can understand my behavious

 I just want the marital law basics quickly and efficiently (as a lay person the form filling intimidates slightly) and only the clerks and administrators seem prepared to help since I started dredging around in your sector where the fraud is relatively minor but spooks people when it is revealed.  I have been told that none of my local borders solicitors will take me on because I am too well informed.

Melrose and Porteous pulled out because I asked them if there was a conflict with one of their partners and this article (written so the director was encoded).  They ackowledge the conflict and left me in the lurch after formally taking on my  intention to defend (their fees are higher than yours).  THEY STILL HAVE MY DOCUMENTS despite their written pledges and request for return by registered post.

They opted out and the word is out that I can make the country solvent again (which we are determined to do but this insight and determination is my "bad behaviour" to my wife. Stuart Fair and John Naismith are JUSTICE advisors to the Scottish Government (with my MSP john Lamont) and one cannot help but notice that they use the same boiler rooms that Mrs Thatcher did.  

But the fraud is tiny compared to the premeditated crash of the global economy which we now entirely understand and simply explain.

So I am not vindictive, I simply want justice and prosperity back for a once great nation then I can get back to my day job in molecular neuroscience and the six figure salary (that my wife has missed so much).  My wife, loyal in prosperity, has become very nervous about my interest in fraud: she kicked me out of the bedroom 2 full years before the writ was issued (and the separation is backdated by more than a year...during which time she has worked for her brother who uses the some of the same boiler rooms that cause the concerns above)....but everybody thinks that their own little fraud is relatively little and is good for business. Her brother /employer is paying her solicitor's fees (I can send the correspondence). So I hope you can see that I just want to confront the facts on who deserted who and the financial elements are terrifying after 19 years of earning the six figure salary and the house (£65K purchase price in v early 1990) and my partner entered the mortgage partnership for free (I took life cover throughout her 7 year career break to raise the kids). She "kept me", for two years but not with any sexual favours or the capacity to touch and as I said I have worked like a slave for £35-65 pounds per day throughout the entire period with constant online ads for my services and multiple job applications (including that which miss Thom's old boss at the SBC got and doubled her salary in one step according to the audited accounts).  I also have a cheque for £50 on overpaid tax just so I can stay on the moral higher ground.  So please let me know that you are not intimidated by getting into the intention to defend huddle with just three-four days to spare.  I keep asking the people I speak to if they can get me a speaking slot with the law society so everyone can grasp the bigger picture of why Britain is busted for public cash....and since the SNP started to poll <40% in the opinion polls more and more people want to talk about it.

The Sheriff court have been informed of my intention to defend and that I need to find a solicitor to help with this .....several times the deadline has been extended but with all the new information they now have the writ has never been modified.  So I just want help with financial assett stripping (6/7ths of my Uni pension fund was in place before we married) paperwork and I can draft the whole story so all you need to do is pick out and present the salient facts in the way that "Scottish Law" demands of all its fee paying innocents.  I will not sign a form saying that I will dessert and tear apart my family (none of whom are dependents now) simply for a cash take.  THE JEDBURGH SHERIFF court has not formally confirmed receipt but the clarks and administrators have been ever so helpful 
On 18th July I sent the letter below to Jedburgh Sherif Court.  I have been referred by an Anglo Scottish Barrister to students who are in the post graduate training sector.....but I would prefer a mature professional who understands the importance of my behaviours for the welfare of our potentiall prosperous and innocent country.....I am very friendly and would love to chat on the phone if you require further details.

I am live in a radio interview with America 4-6pm this evening (11th Aug 2014)

YOURS SINCERELY (please do not say you will take this on without watching 20 minutes of the video: it is not just a BOX TICKING job)
George BSc PhD FRPharmS 
University chair in Neuropharmacology Both Hemispheres

Tel 0044 (0)157 3229084
mob: 07538587343
Websites: World Affairs: Economics, Politics, Corruption

Subject: Intention to Defend Your reference PT/EL/LEESV01-01

Dear Valerie and the Family Court,

Dear Team Valerie
I intend to defend on the grounds detailed in the appended letter.  Ms Thom thank you for the fortnight to get this in place during which 5 different solicitors have failed to call me back or declined to take up my case....for reasons outlined in the appended letter.
I have cut the hedge and insured "our" home with no fee
Jobs & Services: Angling Coach, Ghillie, Odd Jobs, Public Speaking, Scientific Consultant   OR  

Yours Sincerely (and innocently)
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