TEAM VALERIE Global Junkets, Share Flotations, £1.4million Heritable Homes Stephen Hancocks Ltd OBE ENCRYPTION World Dental Press & DIRECTOR SHAREHOLDER DETAILS

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That is my wifes brother who ran his companies using my wife as an employee in my house with my IT which they later had encrypted CRYPTOWALL Software RSA) . Mr Philip Wiliam Georgi is his partner (this is just one of their companies registered in SUFFOLK when I initiated my investigations). Neither is capable of practicing dentistry but they sell the right to work in the Continuing Professional Development sector (CPD). My ex-wife wife helps with the typing and keeps databases on their clients/victims. The business is run from a massive £650,000 multi-bedroomed Thatched Long House in Little Stein (where the childless civil partners live alone & my ex-wife commits to poverty in a £550/month rental deal TOTALLY pre-planned to strip me of half my humble home when I met my wife when she Stella Rimington & Miss Manningham Buller were just getting up the MI5 Marks & Spencers  intel ladder). That is in David Camerons Witney constituency & the same sex partners had another home in CHIPPING NORTON which is just recreational & not listed as a business assettSo optimising your income stream for Dr Stephen andrew Hancocks OBE involves the issuance of shares to yourself. My pension (which will allow me to stay alive will bring in £500-£800 a monthIy for life with no index inflation linked scheme) contrast markedly with my wifes brothers SHARE RELEASE SCAMS. 100 shares each at £1 becomes £270,000. Significantly higher RATE OF RETURN than all the corrupted pension /commission/financial advisor Honey traps that are now used to steal from pensioners. This is just one transaction but it typifies how all our students & lifelong professionals are being undermined by financial services frauds daily. 

Hancocks OBE was my wifes employer/brother office in my house EXPENSES out of joint account my Computer used then ENCRYPTED

My Brother in Law Runs a Cottage industry out of the PMs Constituency and for decades had his second or third home right next to CHIPPING NORTON where Cameron drinks with Brooks Coulsons Murdochs Freuds Clarksons and ONE RONNIE BARKER (the Moira and Ken Joker That is the MOIRA ANDERSON child murder that has now become the cover for Stephen House FETTES London Met Police jokes) Dr Stephen Andrew Hancocks OBE may not be in the PMs circle of friends but he issues shares in his cottage industry & GLOBAL DENTAL PRESS EMPIRES.

Jedburgh Sheriff court who froze my tens of thousands of pounds savings released a warrant (at my expense : >£600 on my bill to stop me making these videos) I need to work fast this is the full texte for the video above CENSORED BY WORD LIMIT ON YOU TUBE. I still cannot believe my ex-wife is evil enough to understand the dirty tricks business...but please watch the video below on my relatives CALLED COOK and the "other"? COOKS that INTERLOCK with Fred Goodwin at RBS. My family have opted to side with my wife for reasons that remain circumstantial Michael Pinder ran our local cinema, John dawson edited the local paper, & James Robertson Wright has many massive income streams registered in Ireland and in Ednam (2 miles from my wifes £550/month TOXIC debt pool & legal fees ALL OF THEM STILL TO BE PAID when she transiently gets her half of her joint savings LOCKED UP BY THE SAME COURT who issued the warrant to cut of my ENERGY SUPPLY). My brother in law (who is married to my sister who issued an affidivit that I was a bad husband) is also called John Cook & he can be a really nice man.

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Treasonous Divorce 3 Luxury millionaire options, junkets, Cooks, encrypt & shredding husband for GOV (£££ $$$$ EUROS)

14August 2015

So I am divorced but the only grounds are the period of UNJUSTIFIED separation.  They have dropped all the original claims of bad behaviour, financial neglect.  My wife has confirmed she left my bedroom as soon as the mortgage was paid off ban on touching and even a new years kiss.  In the final hearing they would not let me put any of my prepared queries or the images as proof to my wife on the grounds that they were submitted too late but my sister was allowed to loose an affidavit on behalf of my wifes case within 2 days of the deadline for data and witness submission was the 28th MAY  (still below the 2 year separation period so they could change tactics , if need be, AGAIN).  The separation date for the "FINAL" hearing in March was Oct 2011 and they are just petty thifs But my wife now works for her brother WHO lived within 4 miles of chipping Norton & Now is in the PMs constituency of Witney.  In the end we settled amicably because the Sheriff refused point bland that he had any conflicts of interest (see interlocks with Peter Watson and the now dead cletchie head of THE BETTER OFF TOGETHER MOVEMENT. It is overtly political see videos 1& 2 on the final hearing).  The have shut down my energy supply on a #25 allowance withNO CARD to feed the meter.....Warrant issued by Jed Sheriff Court ....Same jurisdiction that in the marital sector has frozen our joint account and cast both of us into debt pools for the still unjustified proceedings. My ENERGY comes from Npower (one of hundreds of ponzis of the pan European fraud of IBERDROLA (run by salmonds mate Prof GALAN, hon chair at Edinburgh Uni & earns 9M Euros a year).  I am to pay for the warrant expenses (5 staff and a LOCKSMITH visited my home to shut down my videos with 4 days of our AMICABLE MARITAL SETTLEMENT that would unfreeze our assetts by the end of the month of AUGUST. But they will not release the procurator fiscals name THE FEE is over £600 cos I get both my elec and gas from the same corrupted Spanis run company.  So I remind you of watsons scams at Levy & Macrae the fatal accident fudgers and remuneration firm that run the scandalous inquests at Lockerbie Mull Of kintyre and removed the right to roam on Scotland land owned by Scotland's richest woman Anne Gloag.  i show the income graphs and the energy bills in 2002-2004  & eventually I get to gordon Bowdens professional fraud researcher data on the heritable corporate assetts of the HANCOCKS run companies (my wifes brother runs his business registered companies out of a six seven bedroom longhouse called " Little Stein" right up close to Witney in the PMs constituency & his other houses/flats cottages are within 5 miles of CHIPPING NORTON the hub for Cameron's  SS drinking club for Clarrkson, Freuds Murdochs, Vodaphone magnates, Coulson, Brooks Ronnie Barker  et al & Ronald was my Bro in laws mentor.  That is the ANGLO AMERICAN CABAL that rigs the elections, issues democracies funding to themselves & have the whole world in choas (AND COVER UP ALL MY EXPOSURES EVEN on the Nuclear extinction threat the TRIDENT 3 & 4 SCANDAL that forced many resignations and sold Scotland to remain in the corrupted constitutional monarchy that runs the Empire and CHANGED the laws of succession in 2012 BECAUSE OF GREG HALLETT and I dobbing on their illegitimacy for 163 years now.   So the childless family business assetts are worth £645,000 in Witney/Duns Tew (reg there and in IPSWICH Michael Grades massive fraud hub) £267,500 in Canary Warf  & the mums house in HEMEL next to the ROTHSCHILD Harris, Philippe Edmonds RSA/Rhodesian scams cabals. Then Grannies property in Hemel circa £300-400K. Only 3 residents and an empty house in Lower Swell Too next to chipping Norton.  Mrs Valerie Jane Lees my wife worked in this filthy rich business world out of MY HOUSE for a whole year  which is half of the proclaimed separation period....SHE left in June 4th (DOC 4 that was not admissable)  Can you see why they deferred the final hearing from Mar 2015-August 6 (Just beyond the 2 yr separation period with no grounds for the ban on sex other than my growing insight into the frauds.  So we scan towards gordons   VJLHancocksCahillSAS video on their business Real estate worth, and the other house where they took me to meet the drunken PROF at ARAGORN TOWER.  Then I show our families lifestyle for 22 yrs on my six figure earning (Val worked for only 7-8 years of that period and her salary).  The duns Tew house has space for up to ten inhabitants but my wife opts to stay in my home town till she assett strips everything I owned before I met her (today it was confirmed that the rental cost for where she is now is (>500/month) My ENDOWMENT mortgage  costs never exceeded (£120/month & as soon as it was mines ENTIRELY she desserted me. She was in tears for much of the time SHERIF PETER PATERSON gagged me  & he insisted I stop asking questions with my wife under oath <1/3rd of the way through my list of questions.  THEY REFUSED to let me discuss or query their SECTIONING ATTEMPTS, I have all the joint account documents since HEXHAM & my wife engages in massive binges and beyond 2012 only she gets holidays, trips to the South, Trade Fares, dental Congresses trips to Hemel, Harogate & all over. Petrol from the joint account no expenses returned there. The Plexus salary reached £1700 & when she left the monthly income  as her "self employed" year was SECTORED into several new accounts without any insight for me.  The ENCRYPTION of my computer in her new home and the RSA 2048 CRYPTOWALL CRYPTOSYSTEMS that is the Wiki Jimmy Wales team out of the PMs admin.The software that was used resulted in a strong encryption and the EARLIER YOU PAY to have it unencrypted the cheaper it is.  SHE LEFT THE SHREDDER in HER SINGLE BEDROOM.  Our lifestyle has been fab and almost our friends are launderers and I have even the bvicars director numbers in TRING THE Baron ROTHSCHILD Zebra cart HUB.  That is the DONKEY WILD ASS.  Before we left England Tring/Hexham my wife worked for only 3 years.  Her HEMEL schoolchums include Vinny Jones, Lord Paul Boateng of Aegis defence systems and WATFORD is interesting right next door.  I got the jesuit Prof from Dunedin a days fishing free on the worlds most elite salmon beat.....WE HAD A MASSIVE BANK BUSTING FLOOD that very night.  an expat Brit since he was 2 years old & used to fish with me almost every weekend in NZ.  The THATCHED ROOF house in Little Stein is massive and my wifes unhingement only became manifest when I became A LOUD FRAUD RESEARCHER.  I have images of John from MI6 and his sickly wife from Bristol but not of his children who had psychiatric problems like the PEARSONS (my PhD student & not necesserily same as the massive PEARSON financial empire THEY & BOATENG were registered as directeors at TRIDENT & Aegis defence systems respectively ....registered both in Ecclestone Square with Kate Aidey then in TOWER BRIDGE near where the RAVENS still have their wings clipped.  The trade fares and the CPD junkets all around the globe make me less despondent about my ex wifes' tears in her new debt pool.   THEY ARE DOING OK the junkets we portray here are in San Francisco & Dubai but the SKI all round the world but no longer practice their professions.....originally my wife's only grounds were that I had accused her of being in the OLDEST profession (in the first of the 4 years of sexual/emotional dessertion....GROUNDS for divorce in Scotland had I been the pursuer.  Once I get through the whole scam I will become more and more active in pursuit of JUSTICE & PROSPERITY for all the worlds people.  The declared assetts/net worth is under    £100k but if you listen to the Bowden video VJLHancocksCahillSAS video you will learn they interlock with the Italian mafias (gelardi disappeared now) and they use TEMPLE the biggest laundering tool on the Globe......can you imagine why Mrs Lees in the single bed used the F word on Bowden.  Dr Stephen Andrew Hancocks has an OBE & I would not be at all surprised if he becomes a KNIGHT soon....THE QUEEN HAS NOT REPLIED to my letter written the day Jed Sheriff court (who froze my assetts) signed the warrant to shut my power down using FORCED ENTRY should it be required.  I am getting used to it now & thanks to ALL who give me the ever so constructive feedback.....JUST KEEP CHATTERING ABOUT WHAT THE GOVTS & THE CENTRAL BANKS DO....these little scams impact to a much lesser extent but it persecutes dental students and the CPD concept just covers the govts sins.....that is the SHIPMAN (actually war correspondent IRAQ) NHS mudrders, EBLOA charity (my sons trip to Malawi) London Olympics (Mr Bean war correspondent for Galipoli & on & on It rolls.  They move up the earning food chain get a JAGUAR and when I left for NZ I gifted Philip the Gay civil partner (we did not get an invite or to the OBE for reasons that you are now aware of if you have ever seen my website).  The Rolls Royce stats are Helen Alexanders massive boardroom sins.  The GONKS & GONKULATORS are actually the war bonds comedies then the postwar jokes about the treason THAT become comedies like HOGAN's  Peter Hancocks was in the Oxfordshire/Warwick rules regions and he laughed at the proposed name for my son as he got the invitationHARRY THE ARRIAN MASTER RACE that I now understand entirely So then I profile the trade fairs all around the world ELITE SKI resorts Italy France Canada our home in NZ out of Bali.  I bore you with trivia on the sectoring of the accounts and my families legacies in their will handled by my wife.  THEN I TAKE YOU INTO THE BACK ROOM and you see the Rifkind, Chilcot War Crimes scandal that all the politicians sheriffs court officials and SHERIFFs  are now COMPLICIT IN.   I still have a gagging order on the ARNOT MANDERSON law firm that employed John Halley and that was imposed by Kevin Drummond.  So I am given a deadline of 2.2 months to get my info in or details of any witnesses BUT my sister issues an AFFIDAVIT within 2 days of the final hearing.  So my sister sides with my wife with only two days notice JOHN COOK is my sisters husband and there is a John Cook who interlocks with sir Fred Goodwin, like John Dawson Southern Reporter/chronicle editor, Michael Pinder kelso Cinema owner, John Robertson Wright registered in IRELAND & in EDNAM....a massive billionaire in the Banking Chambers of Commerce Arabic links HE lives in EDNAM within two miles of my wife right under the THOMSon monument AN ICON FOR RULE BRITANNIA (adjacent to Ms Thoms old Boss Alisdair Hutton and Dr Fingland Head of the Kelso High School Governors WHO WITH MY WIFE & Disloyal Relatives like John Grey tried to have me sectioned for my insight into the frauds & the massive NHS polypharmacy issues that gets my auntie ina into the care homes when she cannot stand up off the couch. Then we do some more minor quibling REMEMBER THE SHERIFF STOPPED ME less than 1/3rd of the way through.  In the matrimonial schedule all the spent accounts were to be my share of the joint savings AND IT IS JUST SO SICK.  So they have traumatised me and imposed fees on me for >4years  & 3 days after the AMICABLE settlement they CUT OFF MY ENERGY.  THE ENERGY BILL HIKES . IN THE SAME PERIOD are 20%year on year....I introduce you to my charming family and parents who may not interlock with FRED GOODWIN but their kids were dating Gloria Hunnyford's neice and live right next door to Rory Bremner who interviewed me in Edinburgh.  MUCH TO THE DELIGHT OF MY WIFE he is married to a hawick woman in Teviotdale where Blind Prince George of Cumbria & teviotdale came from to Sire the first of Queen Victorias's children.  i profile the now cabinet Ms Stowell see Woolwich beheading false news VIDEO that introduces ABEDOWALI the murderer  (is just a scam to shield the ROTHSCHILD HSBC interlocks for the Rigby victim).   The new VC who replaced Chris Higgins at Durham where I have an unremunerated hon chair.....the new VC since i Made HIGGINS ,who interviewed me, step down  THE NEW VC is Professor Stuart Corbridge out of the LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS where the directors run thousands of PONZIS in numbered shelves called SCATSOUTH.  Professor Stuart Corbridge is though one of the most innocent on the old LSE board and I will be corresponding with him soon on the massive student loans scam.