Sheriff Paterson McCletchie 2 Hemel Butlins Intel Otago Poly Chipping Norton MI5 M&S my EX

THAT IS SHERIFF PETER PATERSON & David McCletchie BETTER OFF TOGETHER BOSS WHO INTERLOCK WITH PETER WATSON the fatal accident litigant at Levy & Macrae & hon Prof at Strathclyde (LOOK HIM UP IN THE INDEX Box above).

The GREED AND TREASONOUS acts of the politicians, INTEL & potentially the Judiciary.

This is the second of 3-5 videos on my attempts to expose massive governmental INTEL LAW ENFORCEMENT crimes both sides of the border & Globally.  I expose my wifes links to Russell Grant through our shared Email address which she closed without consultation. Russel Grant is a false news vent for the GOVT and the PMs drinking club in Oxford (immune from bombing)......SO INTO CHIPPING NORTOn (where the Murdochs,Freuds, Brookses Coulsons Vodaphone hacking magnates plot, in-secret, the future of all the English speaking world) .  My bro in law Dr Stephen Andrew Hancocks (my wifes employer for ALL OF LAST YEAR in my house ) has now £1.4M heritable assets/properties alone (I was not allowed to talk about in the proof hearing at all, see NEXT VIDEO) They refused to let me ask 2/3rds of questions I had received receipts for (my wife under oath & crying all the time cos she now realises LAW ENFORCEMENT Scotlands FEES and her rental option to silence and dessert me has cast her into debt).    The lawyers earn £250/hour & since they sent my website as evidence of my "bad behaviours" to JED COURT they have become complicit in ALL THE Crimes, War Crimes profiteering/inquests AND HAVE NOW DISAPEARED THE DOCUMENT & totally gagged me from open disclosures or queries (under oath) .    So We came home in 2009 and soon as we hit the tarmac at Heathrow we had massive snowstorms for 3 weeks. My wife appeared loyal all through until we got THE MORTGAGE PAID OFF and I BECAME A FRAUD RESEARCHER in the office in my home right next to her.  The video speaks for itself our country is run by posh traitors and the higher up the peerrage or the judiciary you get you are rewarded for your sins against the people.  Which brings me back to Sheriff Peter Paterson & his track record.  Initially I thought he was just a cover for John Paterson (one t like PATERCULUS & related familes in the Roman court who wrote the bible fraud.  This video shows the new sheriff and his directorial interlocks in PICTURES.  Paterson has taken over in the Jed court but still Drummond makes independent decison on my persecution. Paterson the sheriff intelocks with McCletchie the now dead Better off together boss & Peter Watson is legendary in fatal accident profiteering in fatal accident enquiries.  All my images/thumbnails on the search engines all pop up now because of my unremunerated fraud research. Stormonth Darling comes up with Sheriff Lothian the rapist cover for the Rothschild Gammell Cairn frauds in Lothian Rd and all round the world.  SO the LAW ENFORCEMENT WAR CRIMES FRADSTERS ARE BECOMING LEGENDS AS TREASONOUS PROFITEERS....who all work for the CROWN (the Constutional monarchy)....All the News is False including Donald Trump Sir Stephen House and Saints Ogilvy and Ogilvie  as covers for the RBS.  So you break the law or shield honest disclosures at your peril.  ROTHSCHILD funds the villains and own all the central banks.  We briefly profile the W W Warner bros departure from Treblinka before the first massacre in the holocaust occurred there so the ALLIED propagandists would not be recognised in Hollywood/Burbank.  so it is a masive pan continetal cabal living their lives to cast the world into chaos by guilt then co-ercion.  All of our friends in HERTs are in the financial frauds we illustrate the role of the Pritchards (in our birthing chamber) and all the Scottish "LOYALISTS" attend McCletchie's funeral.  RIFKIND the war criminal with Sir John Anthony Chilcot (the inquest chair under University of Warwick rules.  The whole world has been brutalised and defrauded since we left in 2004 when Blair and Bush swept into IRAQ to demonise Bin Laden their FRIEND AT CAMBRIDGE.  Salmond used to confirm receipt of my Emails which is why he william Hague and Kenny McCaskill were forced into resignation FOR COMPLICITY in everything I exposed between 2010-14 when SCOTLAND AND THE WORLD was sheriff Patersons mates.  So the trough is desserted for a whole day till McCletchie is in the hole!  GOD's jokes are perfectly timed!   I now present the INTEL evidence on how both hemispheres are being defrauded by INTEL who have a new role in life and innocent deaths.  So Rothschilds HETS BUCKS OXBRIDGE is their hub.  So Keywords for the videos BUTLINS HARRIS FAMILY, Boure Leisure MI5 , MI6, Baker St, Sutton Coldfield Stoke-on-Trent, Lady Patten,  Manpower, Cahill of Manpower,, quantitative Easing, Trevor Jones Forbes rich list, Wellcome Foundation, Prof John Hood auckland Oxford and boss at Rhodes Trust, Manningham Buller, Royal wooton Bassett DEAD,& NATO airbases,  Healthcare  frauds , Attempts to section me for disclosing them, Drones from McDonald Detweiller, Lord chris Patten, Ashridge College (founded by Canadian Bonal Law who became PM here and the Buchans Tweedsmuirs went in 39 stepps to be GGs in CANADA where CLEESE and Baroness Haden GUEST went to to launder out of BASEL. All laughed at by the Pythons & the fish Called Wanda (Klein is the Cluny Abbey joke).  Colin Montgomery lived nr us in Rothschilds Tring & my wife worked at Woburn in the Duke of Beds Empire & she got hit by a goldf ball when I took her to the european open.  Ms Thom continues in the anglo-Canadian cabal.  And she looks like CILLA BLACK which has been in the papers this week. They have had fires in HEMEL (oil Depot) and in Hexham right next to the building she worked in WHO surveyed our house....NOW I understand all they have on their business records BUT as declared to the queen my TARGET for reform is first the MASSIVE CENTRAL BANKING FRAUDS that now are in private hands (shielded by these methods) ALL AROUND the WORLD.  Phoenix Film Partners are massive PONZI schemes that give 6 figure salaries to the jokers like HUGH FERNLEY WHITTINSTALL, Footballers, Media celebs,  Mark Carter was head of HR  and used to work for BHP Billington, ERNST & YOUNG (on the Board up to 2005 like the Kullen Killshaw people that have now come into Kelso).  So the batteries run out as I show the image of John from MI6, his second partner and at that time I was busy as a neuroscientist but have been dogged by INTEL since I began to challenge the Healthcare and Obesity profiteering run by Lord Sainsbury BRITAINS RICHEST FORMER OLITICIAN AND AT THAT TIME SCIENCE MINISTER (so my inaugural lecture at OTAGO is the only one never to be recorder on Ipod (a joke about the treasure trove in the EPHOD in the BIBLE FRAUDS.  The day after I maade this video they tried to shut down all my energu supply.  WARRANT issued by JED SHERIFF COURT!