Rebutting the Writ: Encrypting the Computer, shielding your income, and Running your Brothers Asset Stripping Business From the Privately Owned Home You "left" 3 years ago and entered as a pauper/lodger

BULLET POINT DEFENCE TO THE DIVORCE HEARING INITIALLY SCHEDULED FOR 13th February 2015 but brought forward to 16th December to enhance my stress and to silence me by impoverishment to shield the exposure of  the CROWN OFFICE, the MONARCHY and the Christian Oath all of which are illegitimate .  My refusal to accept the legitimacy of the Court was ignored in both pre-hearings and was formalised in my intention to defend document.  Response to Ms Patricia Thoms modified writ PT/EL/LEESVO1 
  • No advice has been given from any of these institutions on process or procedure but I have been gagged by the current Sheriff which has been rationalised in my letters to the Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Mathieson MSP (and his deputy Paul Wheelhouse).  I request the right to read these out and have them formally minuted on the 16th December 2014 and I will be seeking redress for my persecution and the ruthless attacks on my integrity, for as long as it takes.  I also demand the right to read my response from the Freedom of Information request on Sheriff John Halley (the original judge on this case), Arnot-Manderson and law enforcement Scotland's vicious jokes on child murders and its allegiance to the Crown in England (through comedians in the UK PM's Chipping Norton set).  The two Ronnies /stephen House jokes about the child murder of Moira Anderson are vicious.  Effectively law enforcement Scotland's cabal and cost Scotland its freedom in favour of the Constitutional Monarchy and the enslavement of all UK citizens by wealth divide....treasonously enforced by Jedburgh Sheriff Court, and the corrupted Scottish Law Society. 
  • My last letter to Ms Thom, Sheriff Halley/the Jedburgh Sheriff Court has precipitated resignations from Alex Salmond, and Justice secretary Kenneth your/their awareness of THE TRIDENT scandal 

  • Grounds for Divorce: at no point in time have any of my "BAD" behaviours been profiled which are grounds for divorce in Scotland (what my wife has done to tear my prosperous family apart, refuse to share my pensions, savings with her and to dispossess my boys of their heritable assets is economic suicide but see her heritable assets from her employer/family which make her dessertion even more vindictive.....HER actions fulfil almost all grounds for divorce in Scotland).  Miss Thom now appreciates that her document (PT/EL/LEESV01-01: lodged with Jedburgh Sheriff Court but since has been disapeared)  is a force majeur which proves  my innocent motives and exposes asset stripping in all sectors that LAW  ENFORCEMENT SCOTLAND JUST IGNORE (in favour of corruption).   Miss Thom now understands that profiling my behaviours is actually the exposure of massive crimes against the people at a local (pay freezes, fuel bills, student debt burdens which have led to spates of resignations SEE LETTER SHARED with 500 other recipients as proof). and International (war crimes and inquests involving the Scottish Judiciary and massive frauds) level.  THE CONFLICTS OF INTEREST ARE MASSIVE and I will not be gagged. Receipt of my disclosures on all my exposures including TRIDENT and the FOI requst  on Sheriff Halley (see bottom of page)  has been confirmed  by Ms Thom, Police Scotland, Justice Secretary, Scottish Government These make you complicit in shielding the crimes (and suppressing my truths) that if exposed would have freed the country . See letter to MacKaskill/salmond. ( on my web site) or hard copy if requested
  • The NEW WRIT falsifies the grounds in a desperate attempt to argue that the separation was effected at a time that I refused to work (which will be rebutted with documents consultancy/locum  cheques Payslips, bank statements, webpage ads for my services) and letters from my wife on my fatigue, job profiles and her lone HOLIDAYS as I worked for an agricultural wage/locum academic/fishing guide and bartender).  From June 2010 for the first time in 19 years her income marginally exceeded mine.  The incursions into our joint savings and the shopping binges were entirely engaged in by wife and my advice on student loans has been entirely ignored until my son was bounced out of University thousands of pounds in debt when I defined the policy that lets him now take holidays overseas.    
  • 1. Non Cohabitation for over two years. My neighbours will testify that this is a lie AND is an absolute reversal of the cohabitation/jount accounts/access to six figure sums portrayed in writ 1.  The accusation I have missbehaved in any way and refused to work can be defended based on her correspondence and my P60s, income statistics.  The initial writ was issued in Jan 2014 and miss Thom became aware of my wife's groundless bedroom dessertion only when I declared/queried it on June 4th when she was on vacation and Canada (HENCE THE RADICAL CHANGE of Separation date). I queried the bedroom and home dessertion and Ms Thom advised my wife to just leave me and  let him run himself into debt. (This is financial neglect by my accuser which is grounds for divorce in Scotland but I do not qualify for legal aid....because my family was funded by me and all of the savings: see letters on Co-op accounts).  I will bring letters to the hearing way after the new separation date on my work efforts, fatigue and her contentment with what looks like a HOME for life (until I became a fraud researcher but even then I did everything I could to work, earn and advise my own children on morality, justice and how everything I got for free was being taken from them).  Letters to Ms Thom on pension sharing to remove any financial stress will be presented in subsequent hearings and appeals. (should it be necessary)   
  • 2. Valerie has refused to insure the house despite her intent to sell it. She obtained the survey to purchase it from Crawford Higgins (no pension data) and I have PDFs on the fraud they were involved in when she worked for them and her correspondence in family newsletters on the guilt that created in the workforce (copies available as proof).  I have conceded that she can have the XMAS chatels (as religion is a fraud like the Crown) the request for this came after the only meeting she has condoned since she left and within 24 hours all my pension would have been mine.....only IF I DECLARE I AM GUILTY and  do not defend myself.  She asked me to stop writing my newsletters back to her relatives at their business addresses/ponzi shelves.  I have PDF's on every issue I raise.
  • 3 Cough up £135,000 for the half share of "our"house.....that I totally owned before I met my wife.  See videos on redundancy payments, hire purchase and fees for real estate legal advisors who took 40% of my fund as fees for the advice and would not condone widows pensions (which is why i took out life cover so she could be safe if I was not in a position to "Keep her" on my perpetually way above average salary) which can be available on request or should I need to appeal. For 13-14 of the 22 years in England and New Zealand she was a kept woman.  Only she knows the pledge she gave to me on her paying back everything I gave her as a full partner (in the home and the joint account...see falsified income/expenses issues below....and will have to account for herself when she meets her maker on her greed and disloyalty to me and in terms of the immoral lead to OUR BOYS). 
  • 4 My pension was 6/7ths in place when we married (and Ms Thom has conceded that I could keep all my Aegon pension BUT ONLY IF I CONCEDE GUILT WHICH I WILL NEVER DO). Since I paid to defend myself Ms Thom has ruthlessly reverted to her 50% pension sharing stance and backdated interest.  See Letter to Kenny McAsckill, Salmond and over 1000 global witnesses which I will bring to the hearing. Team Valerie's stance has transformed back to taking half of my Aegon pension from me despite the declaration by all solicitors I have talked to about 50-50% pension sharing being applicable only beyond the wedding day.  All of the my pension funds have been determined by Ms Thom's teams without my permission and I will not be declaring the validity of them drawing this down for my disloyal wife with a signature....I am prepared to go to jail to expose the fraud and these petty criminals now know I mean it
  • The value of the Aegon fund had dropped markedly (by over £5000 because of the frauds I am reporting) and one assumes this is another substantive motive for backdating the separation date and the 8% interest throughout the extended separation claims. AND THE COSTS for something that has been imposed on me with NO GROUNDS or falsified grounds like the new separation date It is totally immoral to claim half of a backdated valuation PLUS INTEREST but nothing surprises me about fraud in every sector.  
  • The University Pension fund will penalise me for drawing it down prematurely which I had no intention of doing (but Scottish law seems capable of OVERULING even the countries most insightful Fraud researcher....see Melrose and Porteous (Conflicts of interest) and TAITs Kelso checking US out for laundering potential which is rampant throughout the LEGAL companies and their PONZI subsiduaries across Law Society Scotland (this all comes out after the case unless you issue a death sentence!) I believe sheriff Drummond may have "previous" experience at Taits
  • All the funds in our savings accounts earn NO INTEREST AT ALL.  in contrast the groundless divorce team change its terms and conditions to optimise the profit and dismember Scotlands' most determined crime fighter. 
  • My query to my wife on whether I get my share of my pension back if she dies young or I discover that she has pensions from Marks and Spencers, Egger (undeclared on most of her CVs) or any of the businss deals I have enquired about see videos listed at the bottom;  (>>£1million) heritable assets: registered businesses in the South, complicity in the Hancocks Business (Asset Stripping Laundering) Empire remains to be answered.  But my wife was quite happy to revert to the situation where my 50% pension would be impossible for me to live on....and that she would concede it all if I admit MY guilt! They underestimate me at their own risk.
Part Two of the New Writ Below
  • REVISED Timelines & Condescendence:
  • 1. This,unlikely as it seems, is accurate.  We married on Friday 13th !!!!!!!! and I have the vicars director numbers.
  • 2. The pursuers address is unknown to me. I cannot send XMAS cards  or presents to my own children and I am stressed perpetually by your threats to evict me and potentially effect a forced sale (since I refused the civilised TAKE OR LEAVE IT package that ms Thom offered in return for my declaration of guilt).  Ms Thom conceded on the phone that this was unlikely to happen before XMAS (when I declared the intense stress imposed by the neat ploy of bringing the case forward from mid-February to within a fortnight of the celebration of the religious fraud) 
  • 3. the new writ claims the separation was effected in October 2011 which  is a downright lie for strategic reasons.  Brazenly this is within a month of the transfer of 1of2 endowment mortgage bonus FuNDs from Standard Life  on the Leighton Buzzard /Tring homes  I gifted Valerie a half share of being paid into our joint account (that is £16,000 for a monthly payment  by me for ALL  thirty years ). My wife left my bedroom around the middle/summer of that year (when her income marginally exceeded mine: graphs and bank statements available)  but has used our home as her workplace for almost  a whole year up to June 2014. See string of videos at the bottom about her deceit and fraudulent declaration of her earnings partitioning our accounts and spending the holiday funds on her trips to the south. None of us get insight into allowances/ expenses claimed back, the documents that were shredded, who she now cites  (as nearest and dearest) on the passport that was renewed by Plexus in case she had to flee the country. All of my correspondence, earnings and jobseeking websites are available for scrutiny to the present day.  My computer,gifted to her brothers business has BEEN encrypted (video evidence available), her earnings, paid into our joint account, have been falsified  (dropped from £1700 to £1100/month) in the last year at Plexus.  No income was placed in the joint account from a detectable source: just a numbered account.The declared income for her Brother's /self employed job is only £1300.  The joint account does not receive expenses or tax rebates or any outgoing tax payments.  This is dessertion and deceit (not separation) and her sexual favours are no longer shared with me for all of the period beyond the endowment bonuses being claimable and my last few four figure consultancy cheques coming in. 
  • 4 Three and a half years of sacrificing your husband for his assetts , You should see the locations for the shopping sprees on the joint account from the partitioned income declarations! Even the £300 left in the account was a lie and her garden rubbish was left in the Garage.  I will grant the divorce BUT NOT THE asset stripping of my home without AIRING ALL THE FACTS AND THE MOTIVES/CONFLICTS.  I will bring the letter from my wife declaring she is hard up for cash (and seeking the liberation of an account we own jointly for the 2014 XMAS binge) even after she is free of me as a "financial burden". 
  • 5 The purchasing of the Leighton Buzzard home was funded by me entirely and was mine till my wife fell in love with it and the statistics in the joint account/her life cover cos my pension had no widows provision ...The mortgage on the Tring home was paid from savings, redundancy payments and MY capacity to get a mortgage on the top up.  My wife was work free and made no mortgage payments beyond yr 1.  CLAUSE 5 has been inserted opportunistically since writ 1 and I assume it is about justifying rights to my pension even before we married.  
  • 6. To grant orders as the Court thinks fit...see massive conflicts of interest outlined in my letters to Kenny McCaskill and to the new justice minister Michael Mathieson MSP. Hard copy to be read in court next week.
  • AS SOON AS I received Ms Thoms correspondence I offered to draw my pensions and share them with my wife/boys.  This offer has never been withdrawn but my wife wants to tear my life apart for personal gain.  Her story on her brother being her employer (and the FUNDER OF ALL THE DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS/legal costs) has changed but none of this is in the revised writ. So as a pre-emptive gesture I asked a fraud researcher to help me investigate the companies run by her brother, the corporate directorships launched which were co-incident with her trips to the South and it turns out that her heritable assetts are well over a million pounds with the parental home and the Dr Stephen Hancocks assetts lumped in.....  (her brother is a homosexual and an OBE recipient who lives in the Prime Minister in England's constituency......and used to live nr chipping norton where Ronnie Barker used to make jokes about the murdered child Moira Anderson). His mentor was a man called RONALD  The greed without grounds targetted at Scotlands most informed geo-political researcher will come back to haunt you AND I WILL RELENTLESSLY SEEK LEGAL Redress even if I have to take my case to the European courts.    
  • As I said to Ms Thom, I would much rather work with you to restore society  to prosperity and decency than to tear innocent families apart and to asset strip ordinary citizens of their homes by declaration.  The politicians who resigned understand the threat of complicity by awareness of the plot so just in case you do not see the risks.  


  • Here are some videos verifying that I will not relent in exposing the truth on the Crown, the Religious Fraud and my lifelong innocence/loyalty to family and country.  Ms Thom might do me a favour and relay to my wife that I hope she has a HAPPY XMAS and that I am now talking to publishers both sides of the Atlantic.  You may become world Pontius Pilot, Sheriffs Brandeis and Untermeyer, and Monica Lewinsky.  

Newton, David <>

28 Oct
to me


Dear Sir


Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002


Thank you for your request for information received by this office on 27 October 2014  Regarding your request as to how Sheriff Halley gets remunerated in respect of his duties as a part time Sheriff and the question you raise about  Scottish “law enforcement”.


It has not been possible to process your request for the following reason:-



The information sought is not held by the Scottish Court Service. It may be held by the Scottish Government and you may wish to contact them.

I hope you find this information of assistance to you. However should you feel dissatisfied with this decision or the manner in which your request has been handled, the Act provides for a review process to be conducted. Should you wish to take advantage of this process you may apply in writing for a review. Your request should provide details of why you wish a review to be carried out and should be made within 40 working days of receipt of this letter to:-


Ms Pam McFarlane

Sheriffdom Business Manager

Sheriff Clerk’s Office

27 Chambers Street



Following that review should you still feel dissatisfied, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Scottish InformationCommissioner at the following address:-


Office of the Scottish Information Commissioner

Kinburn Castle

Doubledykes Road

St. Andrews


KY16 9DS


Yours faithfully



Mr. D. Newton

Sheriff Clerk



This e-mail, and any files transmitted with it, are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have received this e-mail in error please Please note that any views or opinions presented in this e-mail are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Scottish Court Service (SCS). Finally, the recipients should check this e-mail and any attachments for the presence of viruses. The SCS accepts no liability for any damage caused by any virus transmitted by this e-mail.

  • Reputationally the defender is already on the higher ground and every move you make to steal from my family will be live on air.....I have all the evidence and director numbers for your relatively petty crimes in Law, real estate but I would much rather work with you on remedying the financial , legal frauds so all citizens can have a stress free and prosperous life.
  • I will start in England with a Barrister and you all will regret for the rest of your days what you are covering up and the impact of your cabal on society is already outed with a body of people already cheated out of their homes ...victims all of your corporate law and real estate empires. AND FANS OF COMMON LAW.
  • My next step is to follow up on the LEGAL CABAL frauds through the Justice ministries both sides of the BORDER as suggested on the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION request on Sheriff John Halley, Arnot-Manderson, Scotland's Freedom being sold.  THEN the Lord Advocate for the UK (Lord Wallace of Tankerville who has 50 + freelance staffers who are not identified on his website).

Below are Bullet Point OBJECTIVE REPLIES to Ms Thoms' "cravings" and Condescences in a series of twisted WRITS that any of my neighboursmy diaries/bank account details can quash but as Ms Thom knows the threshold for divorce in Scotland is now just the appointment of a ruthless, highly paid box ticking profiteer.  She is charming to talk to as you reveal your next defence ploy and she erodes the time you are allowed to prepare your evidence that, as the defender,you hsve almost all the grounds to pursue a divorce BUT WILL NOT BECAUSE As the MORALLY UPSTANDING PARENT APPRECIATES THE IMMENSE HARM IT DOES TO THE INNOCENT CHILDREN IN ALL SUCH CASES )and removes them from moral guidance from their biological loyal and sage parent and lifelong sdvisor.  Anyway best not take things to seriously which is why I randomly post published facts about key characters on my facebook pages which gets me a global audience.  The intertwining of the  Thoms, the Windrams and thereporters at the Sheriff Court with links to registered companies in Michael Moore's constituency is just an arbitrary example.....but there is no time to talk about such subtle issues in the law courts or in thr run of thr mill brsking up of family homes on a whim...I get no reward or different outcome if I opt to defend my innocence BUT I WILL SEEK REDRESS FROM ALL INDIVIDUALS & INSTITUTIONS INVOLVED INCLUDING THE CROWN AND ITS LAW ENFORCERS WHEN THE IMPORTSNCE OF MY FSCTS FOR A PROSPEROUS DECENT SOCIETY COME OU.  I would love to contemplate a career in journalism but Ms Susan Windram refuses to meet me or accept my correspondence....but she reports my crimes after Sheriff Kevin Drummond has imposed a guilty plea against my better judgement and legal advice from a real constructive solicitor from Wardlaws. Anyway first the Condescendences which are BIZARRE and TOTALLY FALSE.  I will not sign off on the release of any of my pensions or leave my home until the bad behaviours I am accused of have been defined and proven.