Ms Patricia Louise Thom +£800,000 net worth, Sheriff Peter Paterson -£28million, Care Homes, Citizens Advice Scams, Dr fingland, John Lamont MSP COMPLICITY -Arms to Iraq LOTHIAN ROAD ROTHSCHILD scandals Coercing my Savings in the AMICABLE DEAL

Within FOUR DAYS of my wifes divorce solicitor Ms Thom IMPOSING THE TRANSFER OF ALL OUR JOINT SAVINGS INTO HER  ACCOUNT the sectioning team made their 4th UNINVITED VISIT TO MY HOME (where I now live alone but talk to the whole world on fraud, economic grand larceny and war crimes).  The first video was the visit that Dr Fingland (TRAINED AS A COP before he became a doctor) made last week with Psychiatry CONSULTANT BASIL SWITZER from the BGH who visited my home AGAIN with another thugish looking PSYCHIATRIC SPECIALIST just ten minutes ago (4th univited sectioning threat since I got to the massive global economic/political & religious frauds).  My family, with the exception of my sons, have desserted me and are prepared to sign affidavits that is Mrs Caroline Cook/see interlocks of local people including one John Cook to  SIR FRED GOODWIN (that includes cinema owners Pinder, Kelso Chronicle Ed Dawson & John Robertson Wright the Borders College/HSBC Banking trillionaire registered in EDNAM and IRELAND) . The YouTube video below is the visit Fingland and Switzer imposed last week. On Friday 11th September (Ms Thom & Sherif Paterson insisted that all my SAVINGS were transfered FORCIBLY out of my accounts and into Ms Thom's....the only alternative I was given was let that decision be made BY SHERIFF PATERSON who just 2 weeks before refused to let me ask over 2/3rds of my questions to my wife under oath  (Paterson is also refered to in the title) My son GRANT declared that he was proud of my stance on the SECTIONING visit video but he is now safely removed from the district and cast into the STUDENT DEBT pool that I have been fighting single handedly for 4 unremunerated years. VIDEO 1 depicts THE SAD BATARDS Fingland and Switzer (and Switzers second univited visit was made on Monday 14th Sept at 1pm). The savings transfer signature was given on FRIDAY the 11th under extreme pressure BUT THIS TIME THEY let me talk briefly about their COMPLICITY in all the CRIMINAL WAR CRIMES/BOARDROOM issues in the images & videos below & the TITLE ABOVE.   My wifes' team get their orders from Whitney & Chipping Norton where the FREUDS drink with Cameron Lizzie Murdoch and the treasonous leadership team who DEFRAUD THE WHOLE OF OUR DEMOCRACY (using vicious tactics like this on top of the perpetual surveillance) call the shots. The court team is run by the illegit monarchy that is the CROWN OFFICE.  Fingland gets 40% of his doctors salary for overprescribing by VOLUME from PHARMA & St Andrews House Profiteers/Drugs commissioners including PROFESSOR BILL SCOTT the CHIEF PHARMACIST for Scotland (who has interviewed me twice as a fellow of the pharmaceutical society). The impoverished BRITISH families HAVE TO THEN PAY to put GRANNY in a care home (Run by Finglands' Coleagues and by Ms Thom as she played her part AS COUNCIL LAWYER in Assett stripping everything all the sad bastards got for free THAT IS Streets ahead/Citizens advice & their SHAreholding scams...THAT includes all their education as ORDINARY LOCAL STUDENTS (all sold if in one greedy generation). An honours degree in England now costs £60,000 free in 1995.

This is NHS Scotland formerly run by Deirdre Hutton wife Fingland's neighbour Councillor Alisdair Hutton who is the Legion & the Walter Scott Club, SRU Burns club with #80million at the bank and Las Vegas millitary tatoo profiteer who give the sermon on remembrance sunday (where ISLAM gets demonised)

Patricia Louise Thom Law Society Valerie Jane Lees Scotland Streets Ahead Borders John Robertson Wright Ednam Better of Together Fingland and Switzer Fred Goodwin RBS Sectioning Team.JPG 
The images above reveal local borderers who INTERLOCK with Fred Goodwin and magnates like John Robertson Wright.  Some are my relatives who have been prepared to sign affidavits to give evidence against me and in support of my disloyal wife who BAILED out of my bedroom as SOON AS I PAID THE MORTGAGE (she was four grand in debt when we met and she became the lodger in my HOME.  She ran her asset stripping DENTAL business out of my house and ENCRYPTED the computer I lent her cos she knows I have insight into her capitalist frauds that use the same laundering vents that we have now denounced in almost 500 global videos.  The whole of this website was presented as my bad behaviours THE ONLY GROUNDS.
This video EXPLAINS ALL THE POLITICAL, PROFESSIONAL Profiteering and the persecution of the informed innocents by the JUDICIARY & THE POLIS.  They are quaking in their boots because they sold our country again in the referendum  THAT IS THE WHOLE OF THE UK.


If you do not understand my persecution and the links of my wife to CHIPPING NORTON, Witney (the English PMs constituency) then watch the video above STEPHEN HOUSE was forced to resign 2 weeks ago and all of it is a SICK fudge There is no law enforcement anywhere in the UK it is a mafia op.
RE THE THIRD/FOURTH OF THE FINAL DIVORCE HEARINGS WHICH WILL BECOME REALLY EMBARRASSING FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT Scotland, GOVERMENT Westminster Hollyrood  & THE CROWN OFFICE.  AS you may be aware I am the most informed FRAUD & WAR CRIMESRESEARCHER on this earth.......MY QUEST to EXPOSE/PUBLISH  THE SCAMS/WAR CRIMES/POLITICAL CORPORATE FRAUDS  WERE the initial grounds for divorce (my "bad behaviors" are all the PUBLISHED DATA on this website) The subsequent sectioning threats (from profiteering Doctors who get 40% of their 6 figure salary from OVER-PRESCRIBING FOR PHARMA), Freezing of Assetts & Warrants to Shut down my N POWER ENERGY SUPPLY  BOTH IMPOSED BY JEDBURGH SHERIFF court on me  (but not on my wife, who UNTIL she gets the remains of my SAVINGS CANNOT PAY HER SOLICITOR Ms Patricia louise Thom OR HONOUR/CASH the BOUNCED cheques she LEFT ME WITH see images of the POSTERS I wear everytime I go to COURT (Below).  THE LATEST ACTIONS ARE IN PANIC.....if I refuse to give my signature to accessing all my accounts THEN THE COURT MAKE ALL THE DECISIONS ON EVERYTHING "I OWN" with back dated INTEREST.  SO I JUST KEEP TELLING THE TRUTH IN AN AMICABLE WAY & I NOW HAVE A GLOBAL AUDIENCE.   Ms Thom This may not be her but if it is please look carefully at how her net worth has risen substantially since she left the council WHO Gifted her a care home called STREETS AHEAD BORDERS. The Ms Thom that ran that has confirmed that she is now a DIVORCE PURSUER par excellence and that she Is a director at the Citizens Advice where all the STAFF are unpaid volunteers AND THE SHAREHOLDERS have £700,000 in equity see photos below and Sheriff Paterson were ever so Friendly and Smily yesterday. This is her NON-LIMITED profile over the same 4 years that have made Ms Patricia Louise Thom of the Rig MELROSE almost a millionaire  THE ATTEMPTS to prove me guilty of anything  ARE A MASSIVE SERIES OF HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES to cover my innocent role in exposing the ECONOMIC FRAUDS that blight the world (& which SCOTLAND resorts to all the time as a CONSTITUTIONAL SLAVE TO THE CROWN OFFICE & THE CORRUPTED POLITICIANS & CORPORATIONS in the globalised fraud networks BUT I HAVE THEIR DIRECTOR NUMBERS & THEY KNOW IT).   JUST TAKE A LOOK AT ALL THE HUGE ISSUES I HAVE REPORTED BUT NONE HAVE BEEN TAKEN INTO any criminal or war crimes action. It is totally SHAMELESS & I for 4 years am the defender faced with the loss of my home and my savings.

  • Valerie Jane Lees Sheriff Halley Arnot Manderson NHS Frauds PC Dr Ian Fingland Kelso High School Governor Signed Witnessed war crimes Sectioning Governor Stephen Andrew Hancocks.JPG
  • I was told by Sherif Peter Paterson CLICK on this Sheriff Paterson who has bailed out of 2 leading law firms and medical charities that are now £28 million pounds in Debt & He INTERLOCKED as director with the now Dead David McCletchie of the BETTER OF TOGETHER Movement & Professor Peter watson of Levy & Macrae and FATAL accident inquests that include Mull of Kintyre & Lockerbie see motives and innocent servicement who took the blame on my websitethat I MUST agree to divorce amicably but he let me reel of all the HEADLINES ONLY. I reminded the court that all of that happened after Sheriff Paterson refused me the right to ask 66% of the questions of my wife under oath in the last "Final Hearing". He stunningly alowed me to profile the headlines I have exposed & REPORTED on the TRIDENT3/4 London based extinction threat, Arnot Manderson (moira Anderson Killing) Stephen House, The Arms to Iraq Profiteers Chilcot & Rifkind (better off together activist like Sheriff Patersons interlocks in LAW FIRMS), Crown Office REFERENDUM scams and the DEBT POOL of over £28 million that is now associated with Peter Patersons former corporate?LAW FIRM employers. The Email went to the court and several law enforcement POLITICAL FIGURES (Paterson quietly ACKNOWLEDGED RECEIPT OF the letter below on friday 11th Sept UNDERSTOOD BASED ON MY LETTER SENT to JED SHERIFF COURT 24 hours before). Those are the GEOPOLITICAL CRIMES & FRAUDS topics that for approaching four years were CITED as GROUNDS FOR MY UNJUSTIFIED DIVORCE. The only TACTICAL grounds for divorce in the end were the 2 year separation period (but their new action in SEPTEMBER 2015 was designed to co-erce my savings from me). We are now approaching the deadline where the desserting party (in this case "THE ACCUSER" my disloyal wife) no longer, in law, has any right to the joint savings which my wife decided to walk out on (they explained this at the END once I have agreed to SETTLE under threat). SO I WAS FORCED TO SIGN THE DOCUMENTS THAT GIVE UP HALF OF MY SAVINGS OTHERWISE ALL THE DECISIONS WERE TO BE MADE BY THE COURT....that means backdated to their last DECLARED SEPARATION DATE where I then have to cough up ALLTHE SAVINGS: EVEN THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN SPENT ALREADY COS I AM THE DEFENDER & THEY HAVE DECLARED THAT THIS IS HOW INNOCENT HUSBANDS OR WIVES are rendered insolvent and homeless. Miss Thom my wifes divorce solicitor is a director at the Citizens Advice bureau where I sought advice by interview....THE CAB sent me to HOMELESSNESS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE who repeatedly wrote to me Ms Kyrie Hislop. . My wife's fees will NOW come from our joint savings despite her written pledges and Miss Patricia Louise Thom of THE RIG MELROSE has £800,000 at the bank but has dropped out of the care home DIRECTORS privatisation scam that was "Streets Ahead" (that also engages local Doctors who retire earlier give the speeches at civic week). Ms Thom of GALA formerly Kelso till she got my wifes contract runs a non limited company and used to be the LAWYER for Alisdair Huttons Scottish Borders Council. That local doctor Dir for the formerly public care/disabled homes is not Dr Fingland (FORMER COP gets 40% of his salary for overprescribing/polypharmacy which plants the elderly in the care home) who 3 times has tried to have me sectioned. In the first 48 hours that video of sectioning attempt got 450 hits but INTEL have reduced the number of views. My wife has for many years been an expert in human resources LIKE TRACY LOGAN at the SBC who doubled her salary to £130K when she got the nod from the local councillors. They help to prevent bullying and staff being burdened with threatening behaviours & would never condone making interviews that were not recorded or allowed to have a representative present who would FREELY TRANSCRIBE THE WHOLE PROCEEDINGS....Mis Sinclair the solicitor in Jed who does DEFENCE for the poor on LEGAL AID confirmed that she received my request for her expert services BUT DECLINED TO ENGAGE ME cos these teams are really busy breaking up innocent homes for cash. Thank you to my son GL for the supportive comments on how I dealt with the third SECTIONING VISIT by Dr Ian Fingland THE DOCTOR WHO TRAINED FIRST AS A Cop, before he became a DOCTOR & a SCHOOL GOVERNOR. (I offered to teach the sad guy how to fish when I was just a teenager) and to INVITE HIM & HIS FAMILY TO DINNERReferal to Psychiatric Services for my interests in local healthcare AFTER the first SECTIONING THREAT FROM HIM and his profiteering colleagues. THANKS ALSO TO ALL THE PEOPLE ON THE COURT ROOM BALCONY at Jedburgh & all over the Border towns who are ever so interested in all of the HEADLINES ON MY POSTERS THAT WILL BECOME REALLY EMBARASSING FOR THE WHOLE POLITICAL & LAW ENFORCEMENT TEAM. John Lamont is an advisor to the Scottish Govt on LAW (see posts below) Calum Kerr is our MP and both of them have failed to respond to my letter on Sheriff Peter Patersons DEBT POOL that Sheriff Paterson ACKNOWLEDGED HE HAD RECEIVED AND UNDERSTOOD. Sheriff Paterson & the administrators have repeatedly REFUSED to release the ID of the PROCURATOR FISCAL who has CUT OFF/Metered my energy £1400 onto my account for a 4 hour visit and John Lamont says until the law case is over he cannot comment or intervene. The n POWER meter team were on the balcony with the police WHO PHYSICALLY threw me out of the cop shop in KELSO for reporting for THE THIRD TIME the TRIDENT & IRAQ SCANDALS TO POLICE SCOTTLAND (all the signed witnessed posters were around my neck YESTERDAY THROUGHOUT with Justice Secs Mathisens Response. I will be seeking redress & the politicians will come tumbling down....Dean Henderson & Keith Fingland have left my friends list THIS IS MY LETTER ON SHERIFF PATERSONS Directorial interests.....blessedly he acknowledged complicity in every one of these issues and allowed me to sit down as I addressec these issues as MY OWN DEFENDER. & I forgot to curtsy first time around & I think I have been forgiven??????????

    DEBT POOLS & BAIL OUTS for the Creme de La Creme who INTERLOCK with the Late David McCletchie & Peter Watson of the fatal accident fudges.

    George Lees
    10 Sep (2 days ago)

    to John.Lamont.MSP, Jedburgh,, Patricia, nicola.sturgeo., Mhairi, John, enquiries, Liz, Ross, gordonbalfour
    Inline images 1
    DEAR JOHN LAMONT MSP, one shares your concerns about the RBS at Ayton and the Debt Pool run by Sir Ewan Brown, HBOS and leading law firms & charities that used to employ some highly stressed members of the LOCAL judiciary called Peter Paterson ( who is a charming man and makes very timely bale out decisions even in the LEGAL FIRMS that you ADVISE on to the Scottish Government. (FIG 1 below).

    Sheriff Peter Paterson £28M Debt Pool Salmond Rifkind McCletchie Funeral McCaskill Better off Together INC Kaaching Todds Murray Prestwick Aviation Nicola Sturgeon £1.JPG
    Mr Peter Paterson & Better off together Interlock David McCletchie (coffin) above
    INACTIVEReg Address448 Lanark Road, Edinburgh, EH14 2DH

    Mr Peter Paterson's Director Report
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    Total Cash
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    As you know I have more data and it will all be released in due course applying due diligence & PICTURES! One wonders if you got to meet HRH yesterday as loyal servants to the crown office? PLEASE DO NOT TALK about this man......I have been awarded a gagging order (which may be lifelong on communicating with the judiciary courtesy of wee Kev Drummond of PEEL hospital/Clovenfords region).

    Employees Summary TODS MURRAY LLP Appointment: Resigned since 31/03/2012 Number of Employees Year 150 2013 143 2012 143 2011 150 2010 170 2009 TODS MURRAY NOMINEES LIMITED Appointment: Resigned since 01/11/2004 This business has not provided employee information. PRESTWICK AVIATION HOLDINGS LIMITED Appointment: Resigned since 10/01/1992 Number of Employees Year 311 2014 314 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 REYNARD NOMINEES LIMITED Appointment: Resigned since 01/11/2004 This business has not provided employee information. TM COMPANY SERVICES LIMITED Appointment: Resigned since 01/11/2004 This business has not provided employee information. WALLACE BRUCE CONSULTANCY LIMITED Appointment: Dissolved This business has not provided employee information. BOWEL CANCER PREVENTION SCOTLAND Appointment: Dissolved This business has not provided employee information. CRAMER E. KRAMER LIMITED Appointment: Dissolved This business has not provided employee information. DIRECTORS Associated Company Directors and Secretaries Current directors and company secretary details are extracted from the latest Annual Return
    filed at Companies House for each of Peter Paterson's companies, along with any amendments filed since the Return, including terminations, appointments, changes in share holdings and share capital.

    THIS LISTING OF PREVIOUS/RESIGNED Directorships has been modified on Peter Patersons' transcript since they revised the COMPANY CHECK Software on the 9th of September 2015 (the deadline for the submission of my latest set of data to JEDBURGH SHERIFF COURT who are now TOTALLY COMLICIT in  WHO THE CRIMINALS ARE from Financial Services, Central Banking & the ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THIS WEB PAGE HAVE BEEN LODGED WITH THE Court by Ms Thom in the belief that the carefully compiled data is evidence of my bad behaviour THE ORIGINAL GROUNDS....NOW THEY HAVE NONE but fraudulent separation ACTUALLY DESSERTION DATES..... THE DATA has been released all around john Lamonts' and Calum Kerr's constituency & into the city of Edinburgh. PLEASE DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE MAN PICTURED BELOW for the sake of your reputation. My Gagging order on contacting any member of the judiciary invoved in the case may be lifelong so I have selected just a few of John Halley's coleagues at ARNOT-MANDERSON just to let them know what I know Sheriff  John Halley (pictured below to the right of the Arnott-Manderson Logo) was planted in the case to cover GREG HALLETT's & MY DISCLOSURES on the illegitimacy of the crown & the Crown Office that runs law enforcement Scotland for 163 years LEADING TO THECHANGES IN THE LAWS OF SUCCESSION in 2012. My reluctance to accept the legitimacy of the courts & the christian oath was lodged in signed documents in civil and criminal cases. Halley was quickly dissapeared and my gagging order imposed when they saw the weight of evidence & HRH & the PM have both visted the borders to try & keep calm & carry on. The REFERENDUM is a total fudge and Salmond McCaskill william Hague and all those who confirmed receipt of my documents were forced to resign.  Braveheart Executed Scotland Sold in the Referendum exactly 300 yrs after Culloden & 200 Yrs after Waterloo Rothschild UK INC.JPG 

    Sherif Drummonds INTERLOCUTOR on my communicating with his partners in the Judiciary/Suppression of free speech is Jed Sheriff Court doc DX 581222 but it just seems to cover my DIVORCE CASE
    Inline images 1

    More stats on Drummond Halleys replacement below for OPEN SCRUTINY. GORDON Balfour I was born on a balfour farm in the borders and Id love to have a chat if you can find the time in the future.
    Director Details
    Full Name
    Mr Peter Paterson
    Date Of Birth
    11 Oct 1954

    Director ID
    Accounts 2013 2012
    Total Net Worth £-28,378,059 
    Total Current Assets £8,767,822 
    Total Current Liabilities £41,912

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      • My ENERGY SUPPLY WAS shut down by the N POWER FRAUD ONE MONTH before the 4th section threat.....can you hear my logic in every sentence

      • George Lees
      • The Day I reveal the PISO FRUGI Roman Mint Naples central bank video N Power come and Shut Down my ENERGY Locksmith, Meter engineer, Warrant from Jedburgh sheriff Court who have refused to release ID of the Procurator Fiscal who has signed the Warrant (see also Graem Fraser PFiscal trained by Angiolini Ailish now into Oxford uni and out of the Scottish Govt Holly Greig issuesat Head of law Enforcement Scotland

      • The Religious & Banking frauds revealed the SAME AFTERNOON and the Procurator Fiscal at Jedburgh who signed the warrant has never been revealed.

      • THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO I ever made which is why THEY WANT ME GAGGED & the ENERGY METER was installed and the Gas BOILER no longer works from the day the locksmith visited my home and wandered round the back as we waited 2 hrs for the Duns police to arrive. ALL WITNESSED by my neighbours. The fat slob from Npower was in the court last Friday when the accuser divorce team asked me to consider just settling without a fuss BUT I refused cos my sole intent is to get the massive crimes against the Scottish & worlds people exposed. All the posters round my neck were understood by all criminal & civil witnesses & even the G4S armoured trucks for the PRISONERS had a chat. Sheriff Paterson for the third time declared there were no conflicts with him interlocking with Political & legal fraud figureheads OR with banging up fundless renters in housing associations that get the repo man in if they go £200 under but Patersons debt pool is £26million & he acknowledged receipt of that info and he understood its implications.

      I find this ever so interesting in the light of the fact that Ms Patricia Louise Thom is my ex wifes divorce solicitor and SHE REFUSES TO REVEAL How much my wife will have to cough up in fees. Look at what she has at the bank and know that I will be seeking redress for her defamation of me as an innocent husband, father and law abiding home owner. This may not be the same Ms Thom but it can do no harm to post the data that is posted openly on line but if you click on related INTERLOCKING directors it will not reveal her secrets. The Ms Thom I know is charming and sadly she has no WEE sisters that might be able to whisper her fee structures in my shell like ears

      MS PATRICIA LOUISE THOM - A free Director Summary including all company appointments. Instant Director...

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      Good Morning Rangers FANS all over Scotland & the Globalised World. If this were to be the J Lamont that is running for MSP again......he will be able to flee faster now that he has closed all but two of his directorial holdings WITH MASSIVE LINKS TO THE MASSIVE BUCCLEUGH ESTATES All OVER THE BETTER OFF TOGETHER MOVEMENT ("GT BRITAIN"). In the Freshfield Bruckhouse and Deringer the Directors are a tier of numbered ponzis (all directors are the firm) AND ALL OF THIS CAN BE UNDERSTOOD SIMPLY BY LOOKING FOR LAMONT ON MY YOU TUBE CHANNEL One is not surprised that he does not use his mugshot to the masses but it drops through your door every now and again.…/JULIAN-CALLUM-LAMONT/financials