Friday 13th Pre-Hearing Still No Grounds but the Crimes Against the People are Massive

I cannot defend myself because they have confirmed in a phone call that my wife just doesnt want to live with me since I became a fraud researcher.  These are the only declared grounds despite repeated attempts requesting defenition of what I need to defend myself against.  The only accusation of bad behaviours was the forwarding of this web site and selected letters on Fraud to the Jedburgh Sheriff Court. (the correspondence and my website has led to spates of resignations)....THOM Document PT/EL/LEESV01-01 Effectively it refers you to all the data in the index on the left of this page.  Including the letters to HRH QE2 pleading for an intervention.

This was lodged with Jedburgh Sheriff Court on 2nd October 2014......three years after one of the 3-4 dates they have deployed as evidence of  SEPARATION when my website was in its infancy (and way before I received the original letter of intent that my wife was considering taking divorce action).  WHEN I PAID MY FEE TO DEFEND, I asked to see a copy of MS Thom's bad behaviours letter that led to spates of resignations in politics but it could not be found by the CLERK Martin.  They keep changing their story BUT I AM GUILTY OF NOTHING but Persistence and Insight into Local National and International Crimes against the People, War Crimes/Genocide and all the ensuing RUTHLESS JOKES at THE VICTIMS EXPENSE.
BELOW THE IMAGE OF THE EMPIRE OF FRAUD AND CONFLICT is the letter I sent to Jedburgh Sheriff Court who have continually changed their sheriffs tactics and my wife's divorce team keep changing their story.....the frauds by the global cabal are massive and I will out them even if they continue to persecute me as the most innocent fraud researcher on the globe.    So two of the Four Lawcourts in our region have closed for LACK OF FUNDING.  Turcan and Connell and many of the law firms have open declaration of SHELFCOS see the THOUSANDS of ROTHSCHILD owned shelves above.  

Ms Thom Courteously acknowledged my letter within minutes but I have no insight into process or what happens in the pre-hearing and I have received only one letter to say that they will be bringing no winesses forward other than my wife.  NEITHER VALERIE OR I CAN AFFORD TO PUT A CAR ON THE ROAD (Jed Sheriff Court is 10 miles away)AND THE PERSECUTION OF MY FAMILY IS A SCANDAL. Which will be exposed in full over time. The letter is below the image of what they are distracting us from.


Dear Ms Thom & Jedburgh Sheriff Court (and all your administrators)

Trivial marital issues are in appendix 1

I want you to know that awareness of crime (or the plot) is complicity in British law.  Like you, I am desperately keen to get my persecution, in the marital home, over and done with so I can focus on vitally important issues for the world’s people and how I feed myself on the remnants of “my pension”.

Thank you for the confirmation (in the telephone call you abruptly discontinued)  that my wife still has no grounds for divorce other than she does not like living (or sleeping) with me since I became the world’s most insightful fraud, for-profit-religions, illegitimate monarchy, student impoverishment, Govt profiteering and war crimes investigator. Thanks for acknowledging, months ago, and again on Monday, that the threshold for divorce has dropped to the level of a profiteering whim.  THANKS too, to Sheriff Kevin Drummond (a specialist in the access to innocent children sector & in funding/solvency for local law courts) for allowing me to talk to my male children at their undisclosed location…..who now understand the situation much more clearly.   Sheriff Drummond tried to gag me on the Arnot-Manderson/the now disappeared Sheriff Halley scandal and access to the Freedom of information requests on these issues, which have been denied me by the Scottish government and its Justice secretaries who are also aware of the TRIDENT NUCLEAR WEAPONS mercenary army killers/directors scandal.  This is the COMPLICITY issue that you do not see as important despite it being a PROFITEERING extinction threat and is total dissociated from DEMOCRACY & GOVERNMENT either side of the bloody and lawless border.  It is run by profiteers out of Ecclestone Square in London……like Aegis Defence systems (with my wife and brother in law’s school chum, Christian preacher, Treasury rep on the cabinet  Lord Boateng & NATO field marshalls/Banking Magnates on the board).  For these reasons this letter goes on my website, and to thousands of innocent bystanders or corrupted media/legal specialist/police  forces……. for my own and my family’s safety

 I will be bringing/forwarding your Email letter that concedes that I can have all of my Wellcome pension (6/7ths of which was in place before I married my wife) which was signed off as a copyrighted document so that I could have what I am entitled to ONLY IF I am prepared to accept GUILT for my wifes dessertion and the financial suicide she is imposing on my innocent children (APPENDIX 2).   As I said in my first correspondence with you, I am happy to share my lifelong oath and my pension with a loyal wife but if I loose all I had (before we met/married) then I relentlessly appeal and expose your role in the asset stripping of “our”countries GLOBALLY.  I know you are relatively innocent and just succumb to the ruthless peer pressure.  The Global Elites, World Leaders &  their LAW ENFORCEMENT/MEDIA MAFIAS secret societies  that steal from and dispossess people of their Homes/Land/jobs/pensions/pay rises and cover up the crimes of the Govts/money lenders are much more complicit than any DIVORCE SOLICITOR (even those that confirmed their directorial linkage to the PMs, MPs, George Soros, the then Secretary of State for Scotland at Westminster and JP Morgan which lost me the “support” of Melrose and Porteous who gave me my money back but have lost their law court locally……FOR COMPLICITY REASONS).  This is already published online for my own safety ALONG with the 300 videos I have made on these vicious scams against the people.   Has my wife ever told you that she married me for my sense of humour……….believe what you like, I am DEADLY SERIOUS ABOUT REVEALING THE VICIOUS TRUTHS ABOUT WORLD OWNERSHIP AND THE LOCAL GLOBAL IMPLICATIONS for ITS IMPOVERISHED AND BRUTALISED CHILDREN. 

Please watch my videos on Turcan Connell, Susan Windram & the Thoms of Gala,Darnick Burness Solicitors, the Law Society in Scotland, Brodies LLP , Hannah Mary Rothschild, David Murray’s mafias in Dunedin, Broughton Secretaries, Stuart Fair, John Lamont MSP, John Naismith, advisors to the Scottish Govt on Law,  dukes and Duchesses, Healthcare, Energy Fraud, Pan Commonwealth/Global land grabs, Julian Lamont, Lothian Road Fraud epicenter, the Union leaders on the court of the bank of England, Public Sector pay freezes, EUrozone scams, sporting fraud  and threats to innocents on psychiatric sectioning (THERE ARE 300 YOU TUBE VIDEOS AND THEY MIGHT MAKE YOU REALLY POPULAR in the annals of history).  ALL the bad behaviours are driven by the ruthless and criminal peer pressure that has the Global Economy in the 6-8th tier of the Sovereign Debt Crisis and becomes genocide abroad……I have never been inside the BORDERS lawcourts (that were closed last month) but with your awareness of the hazards of complicity I can get all the funding back for all public sector inititiatives globally.   My sense of humour is alive and well but persecuting the worlds freedom fighters is a really dangerous thing to do.  My appeals and subsequent defamation trials may be south of the border or in the European Jurisdiction.  The more you take the more intensive and focused my campaign becomes.

I hope you have all noted that since the last letters were sent on these themes McAskill, Salmond, William Hague, Michael Moore have resigned or been booted from office (and Moore’s entries on HANSARD have been deleted which is another breach of the UK constitution).  So don’t fret but know that the truth & loyalty to family/Country is a powerful route to Justice even for corrupted law enforcement globally.  Local Police superintendent Sinclair from HAWICK (where you have been a director in your local council days & where Deputy Justice secretary Paul Wheelhouse is quaking for neglect of his commitment to UK justice) was one of the first to go!  Ms Thom, & Jed Justice, I want to die your friend and see us all live a long and prosperous life with a long forgotten threat of WW3 safely exposed (by decent hard working people).



Professor George Lees (Hon Title at Durham where Professor Higgins VC has resigned and Sir Kenneth Callman used to asset strip the NHS before he made the transition to false news in Glasgow and Russia).  That is ENGLISH Durham University where the 4 years hons degree was free to 1995 but now costs £50,000......they do not have guilt on stealing these fees from DENTAL STUDENTS but the LAW school victims can be really articulate when they have no work prospects in rural law or the MAGIC CIRCLE of GLOBAL LAW ENFORCEMENT THIEFS. Fellow of  the Illegitimate Royal Pharmaceutical SocietyPhD at Woolwich/Thames Poly Imperial Admiralty HUB and Baroness Blackstones Channel Tunnel Frauds.  BSc Heriot-Watt Edinburgh within a mile of the Speculative society, St Andrew’s House and LOTHIAN ROAD/trams/hospitals infrastructure Las Vegas military tattoo, pension salary freeze frauds.  Unprepared to be a GUILTY husband LIKE A TRAINED MONKEY!   

The footnotes are published online for my own safety and will be used to litigate against you for asset stripping our country and as usual this mail has been circulated to hundreds of people for personal safety and NATIONAL TREASON FOR PROFIT EXPOSURE.

This is the letter sent by Ms Thom with the copyright threat and the concession that I can have the entire Wellcome pension if I acknowledge any form of GUILT (which I am unprepared to do......despite all the fees and time input I am forced into).  It might be prudent of you to remunerate my disloyal/poorly advised wife out of your slush funds as your workplaces DISAPPEAR as a direct consequence of your lawless greed.

APPENDED DATA:  I have prepared my defence carefully but because I get no chance to talk and I fund the proceedings I have presented it all online and a series of videos which Mis Thom, Ms Sturgeon, The Current Sheriff at Jedburgh  and PM Cameron should take really seriously.  I have visited Arnot Manderson and these pages reveal massive treasonous crimes which are not linked to any democratic governance.


Footnote 2  

This is directly relevant to Ms Thom's non limited status I will not be litigating against my wife for the sake of my kids

Footnote 3: please note the separation date is now Oct 2011 when I was fully employed and payed too much tax I will bring the uncashed cheque from the inland revenue rebate to the proof hearing.  This is a downright lie and my house has been used as the profiteering hub for more than a year.....the sexual dessertion ocurred 3 years before the financial dessertion (a suicidal gesture for our joint funds...see letter) Her departure with no supporting paperwork ocurred on 4th June 2014 when she knew I was onto all the family/in-laws trivial frauds.

Footnote 4 Videos on all the issues raised are on my list of 300 frauds and false history of human conflict/profiteering All of the primary recipients should be aware of what they are accused of


ii/    NO DATA WAS EVER FORTHCOMING on any of the FOIs like the trident case.....JUST IGNORED!

Footnote 5  HUGE ISSUES HERE on the Press Cabal, the Speculative Society Scams, Crashing the Global Economy, Killing Returning trrops by the Judiciary and Walter Scott Foundation

THIS IS How they cover it up with TRIVIA & GAGGING ORDERS as WELL AS refusing FOIs on the issues that get you gagged.

It might be smart to remunerate my wife from these LAW SOCIETY/SS slush fundssources OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE EXPOSED AS FRAUDSTERS and CRIMINALS AGAINST THE PEOPLE.  Please not I am being gentle with the police cos Rifkind Condon Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, Stephenson, Blair are selling off their jobs to G4S (THOUSANDS OF INSOLVENT PONZIS TO "BUY" British property and render our regions lawless

Footnote 6 

HEALTHCARE FRAUD and silencing the innocent in a straightjacket.    We now have a SAINT OGILVIE since I exposed the pharma frauds of this family linked into the ILLEGITIMATE ROYALS.

Footnote 7 

The confirmatory letters that sparked the resignations of Salmond, MacKaskill, Hague et stealing from other posts like Sheriff John Halley (who I am not allowed to contact) and Sheriff Andrew into IT fraud in Edinburgh unless it another LOTHIAN DIRECTOR

Appendix 1 The net worth of my wifes heritable empire and the absolute greed behind her dessertion 

I will see you in court tomorrow and all of this goes public and global on facebook.   The LOTHIAN & BORDERS police never join in the conversation even on facebook ever since Superintendent SINCLAIR ignored my correspondence and Michael Moore removed his criminal transcript from HANSARD.  Do I get to talk???????   If I get HIV in jail then PLEASE LISTEN to THIS VIDEO for unlimited liability reasons.

My wife married me for my money and my sense of humour SO YOUVE GOT TO LAUGH at how you run the world and public funding into the ground.  Please note I am doing everything I can to keep my marriage intact according to the vows


Yours Sincerely 



This is how the sad BATARDS cover it up......Michael Ancram (Head of Conservative Party and Director at the Tory Club is the Marquess of LOTHIAN so he is threatening to close the Local Catholic churches for lack of funds.  The LOTHIAN 50 Ponzi crimes are massive  run by CAIRN but the Rothschilds now control the issuance of democratic funding in every country which is why all kids are cast into DEBT globally.