FINAL OFFER: Take what is rightly yours but you loose half your home and CONCEDE GUILT on the groundless divorce

Once my wife had realised I am onto the corruption and asset stripping that embroils her family and in-laws and even the families we met in the RAF Halton maternity suite she began to get conciliatory and met me in a public place for a discuss the issue that every solicitor I had asked said was mine.....the PENSION I had funded 6/7ths of when I married my wife.  The corporate documents from Wellcome were Emailed to Ms Thom.  They concede this and make me the offer below but stress it is a ROLL OVER AND DIE, concede your guilt and do not ask any questions about grounds or behaviours so your innocence can be proven letter (and we cant be litigated against at a later date because you are weaker than us: as we have insight into plumeting thresholds for divorce in Scotland and are truly professional family breakers).  This is the vicious letter I received to try and co-erce me in this way and as a moralist I was obligatied to refuse to succumb to the threat and contest the groundless action.  Ms Thom slapped a copyright disclaimer on it as just another threatening gesture but she now realises that If I loose I will be coming back at her with her minor frauds, dodgy ID's I WILL NOT BE COERCED BY PETTY CRIMINALS WHO ARE UNDERMINING SOCIETY and are prepared to impoverish and cast into debt their own children with no insight into the drivers for the ruthless cabal to asset strip society.  Ms Thom was good enough to acknowledge that my work on energy bills was important because this impacts on her funds.  Here is the coercion letter and the copyright threat.

Here is her threatening letter that requires my DECLARATION OF GUILT for a totally groundless action and to silence the Worlds most determined and insightful fraud and geopolitical researcher.....I have asked Valerie to COME AND GET THE XMAS artefacts but since I declined to plead guilty the hostility and wall of profiteering silence has been re-built.

Proposal for settlement


PatThom, Patricia Thom <>

22 Sep
to mevaljane1

Dear George,

Val has been in touch to advise that the two of you have been discussing a possible settlement and in terms of that discussion she would like me to advise that she is prepared to agree the following:

1.       She will allow you to keep all of your Wellcome Pension ( referred to as the Aegon pension in the paper work) and will settle for a pensionsharing agreement for half  the difference in value between her pensionsand your University pension

2.       We will agree a house valuation of £260,000 but the matrimonial property is to be split 50/50

3.       She requires the following items from the house- a) the boys memorabilia from their school days- school books etc

   b) the boys toys and books from their young days – playmobile and scalextrix set

   c) The Christmas tree, lights and decorations excluding specific items which came from  your family home such as the set of six wooden toy soldiers

   d) One wooden bookcase which is currently dismantled (all of these items listed a) to d) are in the upstairs attic room)

   e) the sofa/bed which matches the two armchairs which she now has

   f)  a scanned copy of the family photograph albums or the actual albums and you can keep a scanned copy

Please be advised that this is her final offer.


If you are prepared to settle in these terms I would suggest that the settlement could be implemented by both you and I appearing in court on the 14th October 2014 and advising the Sheriff that the case has settled, and providing him with  the terms of settlement which could then be incorporated in the Decree. In such circumstances each party would be responsible for their own legal costs.


This email is written entirely without prejudice to and under reservation of our client’s rights and pleas and neither this email ( or a copy of it) or its contents may be produced, exhibited referred to or founded upon in any Court Action or any other proceedings except a) with our express written consent or b) at our client’s instance.


I trust that this is in order.


Mrs Patricia Thom


Patricia Thom & Co.


Tel: 01896759107




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