Divorce with no grounds: my compassionate attempts to save my marriage, murder, Mrs Thatcher and the non-limited asset stripping of Britains kids & students on Behalf of Chipping Nortons' mafias

Dear innocent bystander, I want you to know the lengths they will go to silence the most informed fraud researcher on the globe.  My life is totally innocent and my wife is the only long term girlfriend I have ever had. That is why I am so shocked by her recent behaviours......the man who made this video was attacked in a ballistic manner (with the F word LOUDLY deployed by my one true love)......who opted out of truth as soon as I began to engage in conversations like this one IN THE ROOM ADJACENT TO THE OFFICE SHE WAS USING TO ASSETT STRIP DENTAL STUDENTS & professionals as her newfound vocation.  This is the business that was run from "my house" which had to be covered up by ENCRYPTING "my" computer (strictly not for business use with no licence cover for the software) FOR a FULL YEAR and THREE FULL YEARS AFTER MY WIFES NERVELESS SOLICITOR NOW CLAIMS THAT WE SEPARATED (Oct 2011).  She left my home and her office on the 4th June 2014 with 36 hours notice and no paperwork but the stuff she took from our joint files.....since then I am not allowed to know where my own children live.  I have a couple of gagging orders on talking to the Judiciary from the SS but I will not be silenced.  So I have explained to Miss Thom, Nichola Sturgeon and PM Cameron from the Chipping Norton MAFIAS that I will be taking the defamation case  to the European Courts

Trying to save your marriage, the F word, murder, SAS, Thatcher/Aitken fraud and Real Estate Empires from dentistry's assets

  This professional fraud researcher is now a highly public informant for the BBC but I prefer to let everybody know what SCANDALS he discussed with me.  My wife's extended family was really friendly to me until they tried to supress me by stealing my home.....they accumulated almost a million in REAL ESTATE (not including the home that Mrs THATCHER sold to her mum WHO I am not allowed to talk to like all of their family and in-laws.  When the divorce case is over I release the gory details on the SALTERS, the Pritchards, the hancocks (from Aus to the Debretts/Forbes rich list).  It is a long and greedy recently dangerous and THREATENING STORY which includes the SAS, murder and financial grand larceny. This video will demonstrates how hard I have tried to save my marriage and my wife's reputation......everything I do is CONSTRUCTIVE and on BEHALF OF SOCIETY.  Ms Thom is not trained to cope with such concepts but I think she is smart enough to see the risk with previous at the Borders Council under Alisdair Hutton's REGIME (she left the care home assett stripping sector in Nov 2009 when we came home to a surprisingly FIERY welcome).
If you dont have time for the video these are the Keywords 
Dr Stephen Andrew Hancocks (assets, Real Estate, Canary warf, sir Ian McKellen, Whitney PM Cameron's constituency TEMPLE Secretaries Money laundering, mail forwarding FRAUDS, immunity from law enforcement, Outlaw Theatre company, Lower Swell, World Dental Press, Estingard Fleming John Fleming, XMAS visitors, horrible cancers)  Cahill, SAS, Murder, Profiteering, Weapons Trading, Mark Thatcher, Mrs Thatcher British PM trained in Finchley road (possibly the worlds greatest woman) . INVESTEC, ASTRA, Stephan Kock ASTRA HOLDINGS BAE Systems (please do not mention Tracy Logan ...another litigation threat sometimes unfit for work at COSLA & the Borders Council...another Gagging order for enquiring about social landlords since the PRIVATISATION & Dierdre Hutton was famous) holdings limited, reading University Dental School, Marco Gelardi Italian mafias dir no 907197212  Philip Georgiou, primary school teaching, HIV, Italian mafia, Registered Charity, serious fraud, Lord McAlpine, Michael Heseltine, Baker street, Healthcare Frauds, Bae Systems Limited, Joan Bakewell & the ethics Committee,

My wife's solicitor has threatened to prosecute me for publishing both her threats and concessions that I am NOT guilty of anything.....but that she would like me NOT to prove my innocence so my wife can take half my home from me (which was entirely mine when we met).  I want you to know that my wife's brother has an OBE and that he and his dad are/were proud leaders of the Rotary/Probus cabal that asset strips everything that our democratic country should get from its central bank.  I doubt that my wife has found the time to read/listen to this but JEREMY CLARKSONS' marriage has been set aside as he appears on the front page of all the papers on 12 March 2015.  "Poor" Jeremy is a "victim" of Chipping Norton's GLOBAL CABAL and there are THOM's involved in the governance of "Canada's" vast tracks of land.  Prince Charles is immune from publication and his wife died accidentally but was a victim of Unlawful Killing in the French romantic sector.  This letter reminds my solicitor that I am innocent as a husband and a champion for FREEDOM & JUSTICE.   I hope that none of this is gender biased and apologise for the politically incorrect descriptors used by the highly skilled fraud researcher who now has the BBC HANGING on his every word.

I am VERY ABSENT MINDED and I pretend that I dont remember how this fits into the story until I have time to reveal the HOLE THEY HAVE DUG FOR THEMSELVES TRUTH She was still a director at the citizens advice bureau when I was deceived by its administrators into attending a counseling meeting (on marital/divorce proceedings as a follow up to my phone call from MAGDA in the Galashiels CAB) in the Kelso office which with five minutes notice was actually converted into an initial interview with the Housing associations homelessness team (see letter from Tracy Logan, Ms Thom’s old boss signed by Kyri Hislop from THE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE office)….Kyri kept ringing me up to query my policy decisions but I have since had the citizens advice bureau confirm that my appointment was in their diary….and they witnessed on that day that I had a poster round my neck declaring that Chilcot (arms to Iraq inquest chair) and rifkind(foreign sec in lead up to Iraq conflict) were overlapping directors in massive ponzi scams out of 50 Lothian Road Edinburgh. This event was witnessed by one of my next door neighbours….who like Ms Thom gives up her time for the CAB (but I don’t know his name and cant confirm that he is a director at the Citizens advice bureau like Ms Thom, who opts to have her directorial commitments registered under unique IDs).