Selling Scotland's freedom and your innocent husband for the illegitimate English Crown

These are new images since the Scottish justice system REFUSED to CONFRONT the Scandal of THE TRIDENT 
PROFITEERING.  ALL THE DIRECTORS ARE TOTALLY DEDATCHED FROM GOVERNMENT NORTH AND SOUTH OF THE TREASONOUS BORDER......everything they do is strictly for cash and to persecute the innocent loyalists to their country and GLOBAL CIVILIZATION.

Call to Justice Sec M Mathieson TRIDENT & Arnott Manderson Corporate remuneration for Judges, defence and prosecution lawyers

Please get in touch with, cabinet secretary for justice@
I am in divorce proceedings and have received two writs in 2014 neither of which define grounds for divorce in Scottish law.
The Sheriff in charge of my marital case at Jedburgh Sheriff Court (Freelancer from Arnot-Manderson) has been sent back to the Speculative Society in Shame and his replacement (Sheriff Kevin Drummond) has placed a gagging order on me communicating with Sheriff John Halley. This is what they are covering up.

They dare not give me a thumbnail of TRIDENT submarines or Hiroshima
Both are now aware (COMPLICIT in UK LAW) in the TRIDENT 3 & TRIDENT 4 (Registered in Ecclestone Square London where Kate Adie the media vixen is also a business magnate in dirty tricks). My wifes' divorce solicitor Ms Patricia Thom with several aliases in the British business register has kindly collated all of my research AS EVIDENCE OF MY BAD BEHAVIOURS WHICH are the only grounds they have presented for my wife's dessertion of my marital home (and the withdrawal of her sexual favours as soon as I became an insightful fraud researcher 3 and a half years ago) Ms Thom's reference for this document is PT/EL/LEESV01-01 and her Email on her complicity in the TRIDENT crimes is shared with Michael Moore MP (the document was lodged in Drummond's Jedburgh court but had been lost when I asked Martin the clerk at Jedburgh to verify that it was in my portfolio), John Lamont MSP, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.  Please listen to the series of videos below that explain why The Crown OFFICE used a series of vicious ploys against Scotland's most insightful citizen to defend the illegitimate crown who own Scotland and its law courts. The head of law enforcement in Scotland Kenny McCaskill is also in this cabal of national traitors and he has been replced by Michael Mathieson MSP for West Falkirk since the former Justice secretary received the Trident letter.  I can forward PDFs on all these people and their own petty or pan-continental request if anyone is interested in the free world concept that my wife is using as the only grounds for divorce (her brother/funder has an OBE and lives in PM Cameron's constituency and is assett stripping English dentistry, patients and dental students and used my wife and my home as part of his dirty business (overlooked in the first and second writs). The videos on these issues can be found on the pages below. 

This is the letter that I had to bully them into declaring had been received at the National 200 miles from the justice secretaries (Michael Mathieson, MSP Falkirk West is the new justice secretary).  It (and the videos above) explain why Scotland is still enslaved by Westminster and the Crown (and their money lenders who own the world).

George Lees <>

16:00 (16 hours ago)
to cabinetsecreta.ceuministerforcom.enquiries
Kelso Police station Incident number 410: The TRIDENT WEAPONS SCANDAL and "Law Enforcement" in Scotland

Dear Mr Mathieson,

I was able to chat with your office adminstrators late last week (but the Email addresses I was given were incorrect/truncated so apologies for the delay).  Your aides suggested I formalise my request to meet /talk in writing.  I am delighted that a Falkirk MP is in charge of Justice in Scotland. My relatives (staunch working class socialists) lived in Larbert high street.  Your deputy, Paul Wheelhouse MSP, is a casual acquaintance of mine and he has said he would verify my integrity, the depth of my knowledge as a political/fraud researcher and professor of neuroscience. He and John Lamont MSP have been made aware of the massive frauds that have emptied our UK treasury, ruined the pension funds and which underpin the 7 year long public sector pay freeze (despite Dave Prentis of UNISON being on the court of the BANK OF ENGLAND).  I will not relent until the truth is outed and policy reform is effected.

I need you to know that I have been archiving Scottish Law enforcement in a series of deeply researched you tube videos (my website details are at the bottom which will impress on you that all my claims are verifiable with corporate documents and published research)...the last of which is appended to the Email.  Here are the topics I want to air with you (in bullet point form for simplicity)
  • The Trident Nuclear Weapon Scandal ran out of TRIDENT 3 and TRIDENT 4 in Ecclestone Square London and its cover up: the exposure of which which could have made Scotland free.

  • These facts were circulated to Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon & john Lamont MSP (magic circle legal MSP and advisor to the law society  and the Scottish govt on Law Enforcement in Scotland) and hundreds UK politicians or innocent global onlookers (I have been a professor in both hemispheres). 
  • The trident weapons companies 3 & 4 have overlapping interlocking directors who are also  financial services fraudsters like Instant Companies Limited and Swift Incorporations RUTHLESS LAUNDERING TOOLS like Sir Ewan Brown....who is now a leader at St Andrew's University where the "Queen's" babies go.
  • The creation of Arnot-Manderson Advocates  in the year leading up to the Scottish referendum so that Scotlands unpaid international fraud researchers can be persecuted for their attempts to reveal the illegitimacy of the British crown for 160 years. As revealed to me (and millions of people globally) by my friend and acquaintance Greg Hallett  (this ties in directly to the Crown Office's role in running all of Scottish law courts who are busted for funds).
  • The launch of Arnot Manderson Advocates in Parliament Square Edinburgh to obfuscate British justice. Arnot (founder of Edinburghs Speculative secret society which helped to crash the global banking system in 2008) Manderson (Moira anderson: a child murder case re-opened by Stephen House within 2 weeks of his knighthood  and pay hike to £250,000) created in the year leading up to the referendum.  
  • The sick jokes about Moira Andersons' killing shared by the two ronnies and PM Cameron's Chipping Norton set : look it up on You Tube or on my website
  • Sir Ewan Brown (St Andrews Uni, Speculative society and Banking cabal magnate) was knighted within days of our explicit disclosures on his overlaps in the banking cabals in 2008.....(I have all the director numbers for him...and for the advisors to the Law Society in Scotland). The latter include John Naismith and Stuart Fair who use the same boiler rooms and laundering vents as Mrs Thatcher did in Finchley Rd and Woodbury Grove London to Launder into the havens
  • The ever so devious issues surrounding the selection of FREELANCE Sheriff John  Halley at Arnot-Manderson (as an obfuscation for Greg Hallett's brave discluses of the monarchy from and their reign for 160 lawless years). Sherif Kevin Drummond has imposed a gagging order on me communicating with Sherif John Halley who is already privy to the TRIDENT facts in Email messages (sent to his BUSINESS ADDRESS at Arnot-Manderson).... and was chosen for my case to obfuscate Greg Hallett's evidence on the Illegitimate Crown Frauds. I have PDFs on the cases that were open under his jurisdiction on dental fraud and portugese claimants which are relevant both to my divorce (with no grounds) and the legitimate claimants to the British Throne.
  • My FREEDOM OF INFORMATION  request on the deployment of for profit corporate lawyers at Arnot Manderson Advocates (in defence, prosecution and judges roles) , how they are remunerated (and by whom?) if appointed to the rural law courts (and whether the remuneration is linked to case outcomes?). The FOI reply refers me directly to the Scottish Government for answers to these simple questions on the costs of delivering justice and for-profit persecuting innocents in Scotland. 
  • All of this news has been shared with Jedburgh Sheriff court by Ms Patricia Thom  who is who is using the disclosures as evidence of my misbehaviour as the only grounds for my divorce (this case to be heard by Sherif Drummond which is a massive conflict of interest for which i will relentlessly seek redress).....which are actually my exposures of treason in the SNP & the cross party fraudsters that are the devolved and Westminster Governments.  All governments and councils globally are now in a debt pool.  This is leading to the closure of underfunded law courts and a global sovereign debt fraud that I have explained in detail and I am now trying to resolve on behalf of 7 billion global victims.  
  • The Trident news alone could have freed Scotland (leading journalists like Kate Adey are also directors at Ecclestone square London ) but Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond just suppressed the scandal IN FEAR OF THEIR LIVES and the assassination bureaus which run the world this way. Almost all my Emails on these topics are circulated to the Lothian and Borders Police who I am immensely grateful to for keeping me safe up to this point. 
  • My interview on the phone with your PA is already released onto You Tube and has been formally reported to the Kelso Police force (see incident number at the top of the page) and dozens of local citizens for my own safety and need to insist that we can bring third party onlookers to witness any meetings or telephone/SKYPE communications you may be decent enough to condone in the immediate future.  
  • My telephone number is 0157 322 9084  and my website details are below which are a massive denunciation of the G8 & G20 mafias.  Scotland is relatively innocent compared to Westminster but I will not let you sidestep your commitment to justice for Scottish and Global citizens so please confirm receipt.   I have forwarded this message to over 1000 global citizens and societal leaders in both hemispheres (I am a professor of Neuropharmacology and have massive frauds in the NHS to report in due course).
  • This is the most important issue in your career to date but PLEASE STAY CALM and objective. I am firmly on the side of decent Scottish people and I am looking forward to meeting you and helping the Scottish people cast off its ancient shackles.
  • Please formally confirm receipt.
  • You now understand why my MP Michael Moore was booted out of the UK cabinet and his links through the Westminster Foundation for democracy to the corrupted law firms (who interlocked with JP Morgan George Soros and former Prime Ministerial families in the borders) who refuse to represent me in the divorce case (they return their £250/hour fees after they acknowledge the conflict of interest in fraud.  Moore was the boss at the student loans sector and his career in fraud is virtually over because he would not open up on his role in asset stripping our once great country. 
  • My correspondence with St Andrew's house and one hopes with Paul Wheelhouse this morning is duplicated below my contact details and vitally important website details.

Professor George Lees PhD FRPharmS

Tel 0044 (0)157 3229084
mob: 07538587343
Websites: World Affairs: Economics, Politics, Corruption

Jobs & Services: Angling Coach, Ghillie, Odd Jobs, Public Speaking, Scientific Consultant   OR

Wheelhouse Intranet

09 December 2014


Dear Paul

I want you to confirm receipt of my Email to your ministerial address as soon as it arrives on Tuesday 9th December. AND THIS INTRANET DECLARATION of the facts that could free Scotland


It concerns the TRIDENT nuclear weapons scandal and the creation of Arnot-Manderson (for profit organisation to cover up the treason on behalf of the Illegitimate English Crown in the year of the Referendum). All followed by a gagging order (on communications with Sherif John Halley an Arnot Manderson staffer taken off my case for shame) The gagging was from Jedburgh Sheriff Court (Sheriff Kevin Drummond) who is now complicit by awareness in what is already a treasonous series of cover are Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.  All my Emails get blocked but you can find videos on my attempts to get justice done here and this communication will also be archived in that way.  The URLS for the Trident scandal that can make our country free are below. If my Emails are blocked can you please engage Michael Mathieson and get him to call me urgently....I would go over your head  but I know wallace of Tankerville is deeply complicit in all Westminster's scams. Yours Sincerely George (if you cannot get back to me I can tell you about Gmails owners in Woolwich and how they supress free speech). Please tell Michael that I am considering coming back to work and I sense I was born in Scotland (on the Balfour estate) to create a template for the free world.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR OPEN STANCE. As you know I cannot morally work for any ONE political party or condone secret societies or strategy groups but I have all the facts to free the brutalized defrauded world within the year (if the gods allow us to continue the game that long).

If you want to know Kate Adie's official secrets out of Ecclestone square just give me a call.

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Sincerely Yours


Professor George Lees





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