Sun Gods & Moon SACKED by pope INNOCENT III, Holy Roman Emperors 108yr Papal Crusades OTTO of Braunswick King John & ELF Oil Archbishop of Canterbury Sanity Clause Jokes

Sun Moon Gods GONE 7 Crusades Holy & Islamic HUBS Sacked PISO bible OTTO4 Holy Roming Emperors Bavarian Circus Maximus. King John Bush HRH line Robin Hood Maurienne ALPs Saltire Cross Keys Austrian Flags.JPG

Sun Gods & Moon SACKED by popes & Emperors 108yr Crusades OTTO & ELF Oil of Canterbury

This is the LETHAL story of Pope Innocent IIIrd who sponsored and launched 2 of the 7 great Crusades/Massacres.  Just as the founder of the Universe created the SUN & Moon he created the POPE and the King/Holy Roman Emperor. Pope Innocent launched the concept that St Peter first pope and all his successors had the DIVINE right to rule the Earth, its kings and the CREATORS IN THE HEAVENS.  So the Pope tried to make the Emperors their inferiors then demanded as Holy Roman Monarchs that they go to CRUSADES to claim the Holy Lands of "JESUS" who NEVER LIVE like St Peter and all of the PISO Bible authors faked up characters and Saints.  The Regent for King Richard the Lionheart was the Bishop of Ely/Cambridge and that is the regime that were the bosses for Robin Hood.....the ELF in tights and a useful tale in VICTORIAN times.  So the Popes demand 7 crusades in 108 years and Richard the Lion Heart fought at ACRE & Jerusalem and raped/pillaged all the people in their thousands of miles route to KILL the neighbours borne into the Holy lands.  Pope Francis is a Jesuit that is St Ignatious & Farnacis of Assisi who got a new religion launched by contract signed by INNOCENT III for cash  flow. Richard fought in Crusade 3 and Innocents Crusade 4 actually bypassed Jerusalem & sacked Constantinople (the Eastern wing of the PISO religious writings) The Scholar that profile the Crusades in the USA are Tailors of Concordia University.  Otto Piso launched the Otto Onions and Schwab Swaddling Clothes issues when "Jesus was born" in the PISO Bible fraud. In ISLAM Joseph is Ben Yuseph and the Archduke Yoseph.  I profile the linkage to Rothschild Austro-Hungaria and Otto 4th Holy Roman Emperor with that name was mentored by Henry II and Richard the Lionheart REAREDIN ENGLAND which his mum left to become Empress of Austria.  The Austrian nazi Staufens are contenders with Otto 4th for the Emperor title power base & cash flow.  So King John the baddy in Robin Hood married to Isabella of Angouleme & another Isabella of Gloucester....he is smart and sires children (Breeds as they say in the Devils Advocate movie) rather than risking his bloodline for the popes of rome and Emperors in Europe. So king John is in the Piso-Bush FDR Windsor bloodlines.  The European Empire across to Macedonia expands massively when the Pi Pi pilgrims sails.  OTTO 4th lived with Henry II and mentored by him in England.  Yesterday I met the Cross Keys hotel owner and that becomes the Saltire flag for Alex Salamond Rothschild. The Popes & Kings/Emperors take the 2nd in command title from the Greek civilization in the Aegean Ocean and the Germans take it from the Italians and begin to expand out of Braunswick like OTTO4 into Sicily and even Italy. The Quakes occur at L'Aquilla and Paganonia is immune from quake damage within a few miles because GOD determines Quakes Volcanic action Landslides and Weatherstorms.  The Crusades & the RED CROSS Ambulance out of Neutral Switzerland/Bavarian ALPS.  The Red Fez Constantinople menace is explained and ISLAMIC mosques too....which are like the more recent christian churches cos the PISOs write the entire story.  We show the race courses/chariots of fire jokes all over Europe and into the MAXIMUS CIRCUS.  The Crusaders sometimes put the Sun God that they now are superior to on their is on Michael Ancram's shield, the rotary club icon, the mummers and the 3 legged swastika for the Isle of Man tax havens.  Islam and christianity were given old and new testaments and Josephs like Egypt to launch the transition for 20-30 pieces of silver. So the late 11th century launches the Crusades when URBAN was the the christians with swords get to kill rape and enslave all the races between the holy and homeland.  The Empire of Christendom is CONSTANTINOPLE & Austro Hungaria with a 50/50% split there so wars are easy to spark.  The Venetian ship option is a series of contracts for shipbuilding in Venice.  The Ferdinand and Isabella inquisition out of Spain murders millions of Papal supporters so we have TOTAL WARS religion vs Kings and only the poor die in both.  So the Bishop of Ely was Replaced as Richard's Regent by the BAD KING JOHN who took over when Richard was improsoned by Leoplod of Austria.....Rothschild and Bavarian master-race.  Otto 4 died a sordid death as all his dreams became nightmares.  The Bludgeoning of Otto uses a tool called a Barzoom and his linkage to Cologne and the Staufen SS.  The Saxony region is French Alpine master race region. Ermine Rd is a roman rd.  The Germans displace the Anglo-Saxons, Greeks and eventually the French Plantagenets and that is the WWW Windsor stammerers who won the Oscar for declaring war on Hitler Rothschild who demonised the Jews from Christian pulpits in WW3.  The Gods in the heavens are totally written out and also from the christian story.  Ottos links to Cologne become the ESSENIC religious writings.  Then Cologne/Essen gets flattened by the Bomber Harris Rothschild team in WW2.  The PM in Austria was Chancellor (Engelbert) Dollfuss murdered by Hitler Rothschild born at Branau Am Inn Innsbruck.  The Book that leaks the fascist facts was written by John S Craig   Peculiar Liaisons in Terror and war in the New 20th Century.  Maria was the Maid in Baron Rothschild of Vienna's mansion nr the birthplace for Hitler Rothschild funded by the Baron & English& German banking houses.  Baron Rothschild of Vienna safely lived through the war in England.  The Welf dynasty was covered by the appointment of Justin Welby as Archbishop of Canterbury and executive at Fr Colonial ELF Oil companies, Son of Winston Churchills Secretary and on the parliamentary UK Banking standards commitee with Ms Mgt HODGE nee oppenheimer of THE BOMB FOR JAPAN out of Gottinghen & Heidelburg.  The Latter Unis are home to Profs Grimm and Chancellor Schroder (now GAZPROM boss but THEN  Hitlers banking firm too). Otto 4's coat of arms is the osterreich Eagle with the ROTHSCVHILDE Shield and Longshanks/Cowdreys Lions rampant.  It is not at all subtle and when he was overcome by his lethal cousins they called the execution a Pi Pi exPIation.  The Maid Marion joke is thatAlpine Savoy, Piedmont & Maid MAURIENNE are the regions they fight for.  The ELF man in tights is the Robin Hod & Sanity SANTA clause myths. The Baronial revolt leads to the MAGNA CARTA Mafia op that carves up the land into HUNDREDS (the code number for Kalpurrnius Piso). That is the Hundred ACRE woods for Op Winnie the Pooh in WW2. CENSORED HERE. King John the BADDY in Robin Hood was nicknamed LACKLAND but he is cleverer than the others & STAYS home to expand his landholdings.  So we summarise the papal demand that kills inncents at home for 108yrs.  Then we end up in PERUgia and Pope Innocents cross keys icon is explained again.The Austrian Master-races EAGLE Ostereich is on the papal ROthe Red schilde. We end on the SUN ranking third behind POPES & Emperors/Monarchs and how innocents crusade went to CONSTANTINOPLE and sacked it instead of Jerusalem and that is all the wars since.....WW1 WW2, Iraq & Afgahnistan. Perugia is home to the Maxuimus Circus Racecourse.  The popes in Rome spread the myths like the ARTHURIAN Story & write books about the murderous human condition.  Innocent also proclaimed that monarchs should never have a say in the appointment of the clergy & HRH is now Gods rep in the church of England.  The franciscan launch becomes the Jesuits and the Lethal St Ignatious warlords & a for profit contract for the Sun Gods' boss "INNOCENT".