Rothschild SCAMS: Jacobs crackers no tax accounts Goethe Rausling Zhivago Pr Phil NARCOTICS of Millford Haven

We start with the NOWELL Rothschild/Rothamsted joke with Milford Haven NZ in the background where Prince Philip mountbatten King of Greece and Denmark's family live. So Jeff Merson PHARMA and Paul Merson of Arsenal (Arsenoe the pharoah joke) are covers for De Merston of Rothamsted. Milford Haven NZ has a NWO pyramidal mountain in front of the beautiful Milford Haven Fjiordland (Lisbet & Phils Empire still). Milford Haven is Wales is PEMBROKE where the Pi Pi Pilgrim fathers also sailed for the US and close to the slaving/press gang RULE BRITANNIA fleets centres in Bristol.  Prince Phils' mum was congenitally deaf, sectioned by the Freuds, became a red cross and Jewish war saviour & was a self styled Mother Superior in false religion & daughter of King Constantine ALL OF THEM FLIT OUT INTO Distant lands when the pressure is on & when Christianity is transiting across the GLOBE. East and West all the pagans are taken down.  The de-Umphrevilles are the world-owning families who went west into IRE/Cumbria then gathered in Plymouth down the Roman Roads.  This is Prince Phils BLACK fascist parentage...everything the world believes is a lie especially when Queen Vics Rothschilds Bastards get sent all over the world & find themselves fighting for the world against their brothers & sisters. The drug running that ensues out of the golden triangle into Marseille  Labs and Fr North Africa run by Jacques Focquart De-Gaulle & Pompidou's PUPPET Master.  SARTI was their hit man and in the Hollywood became the HERO in Grande Prix & Eva Marie Saints lover (she was murdered under the assassins pillow in the DeGaulle assassination JOKES: De Gaulle spent all of WW2 profiteering safely in no bombing HERTS BEDS & BUCKS. The free  PETTY FRANCE profiteers. Dr Tristan Leoroyd of Sunderland Uni introduced  me to the Shock Doctrine by Noami Klein & Treasure Islands THE MEN WHO STOLE THE WORLD by Nicholas Shaxson.  Leoroyd is now back at HERTS uni with the Cecils, Mersons OBEs and Civil servants who get funded by sucking up to corrupted govt.  The Dutch De Witts get a mention as the designers of Rothamsted.  The people who stand in my way stunningly get life threatening pathologies.  In contrast those who speak openly/honestly are bright as buttons and Lady Mary Balfour is an outstanding example in the most Episcopalian Church. She was is the owner of the estate I was born & raised on.  The Rothschilds keep their business interests & investments official secrets PAY NO TAXES & Publish no accounts. They own a huge chunk of London & what could be a free world.  So Rothschilds Gunnerbury is the ARSENAL Arsenoe Arsene Wenger PISO Windsor bloodline joke as is KP nuts Katy Perry all covers for Kalpurrnius Piso the Bible fraudster.  We show the BofE and the Waterloo scams that made it Rothschild owned DAY of the battle of waterloo FALSE NEWS then racing pigeon crashing of the stock Market that turns the House of rothschild movie into a colourful event as Nathan Mayer rothschild goes down on his left knee in front of the GERMAN ENGLISH monarchy.  The arsenal fans sing the Pi Pi Piso he's got a Pineapple on his head.  The State run terror involves people I knew at St Georges' Hospital and the corrupted BBC Portillo the train people.  The Rothschilds according to my book had massive mansions in Pi PI Piccadily where I got permission to be a Prof in the Windsor Empire in NZ.....and I introduce the team led by Prof John Kelly and Prof Vincenzo Crunelli (Now Cardiff)who later employed my disloyal student Adam Errington when we returned from NZ in 2009.  All of them know student loans is just THEFT by the Rothschild bank but will do nothing. The Intensive Care Prof at St georges on 7/7 terror documentary died same yr & GOD has them in a flat spin now.  Jeff Merson was in Kelly's team & Paul Merson is the ARSENAL player & now SKY sports front man.  Hannah Rothschild is now a director at National Gallery.  The PHARMA frauds are massive & Jeff Merson runs PONZIS out of the shells of the crashed companies I worked for Wellcome Foundation, now Edin Pharmaceuticals Glaxo Wellcome & on & on then into Europe when I exposed Prof Trevor Jones (alias Ducker at the Kelso Jehovas' Witnesses) who I taught to fish and is now on the FORBES & DEBRETS rich list but I cannot afford a holiday or to keep a car on the road & have been SECTIONED for reporting the massive saray frauds for British Doctors that mean their patients are dismembered for up to 40% of the 6 figure £ salary.  The PHARMA interlocks take us into Royal Balmoral & the now Sainted OGILVIES.  It is tragic...all in one greedy generation that has not been conscripted into global wars. The electronic transactions now occur on a sec to min basis. Strang Steel is the Queens Equiry who took my kids to Malawi but they had to raise £2000 each and Malawi remains impoverished.  So we see the Rothschild history and the De Beers is just older name for De BEARS and the bavarian roots for the Rotten Schild mobsters since DOMESDAY &  Bayeaux Tapestry Christian genocides out of Frankish Normandy & Frankfurt the official launch pad on the Rothschild ARCHIVES Ever so short lived FAMILY TREE!  The pacifist Humes of the Borders & Sarajevo get a mention & remain in denial.The Monsters/ Kelpies in Loch Ness are on the flip side of the PISO coins MINTED in ROME 120BC. They run down Gunnersbury the PISO Arsenoe -Windsor Bloodline JOKE and Jesus' holy relics in Waddesdon.  Ottobeuren Abbey in augsburg is the legacy of OTTO Pisos OTTOMAN & Christian.  John Lamont & Paul wheelhouse are totally compromised but are brazenly running for office again.  But now we find Jacob Rothschild (Young Nathan's & Hannah's dad & Serena's loyal husband).  Hannahs' link to the INNSBRUCK fascists joke is her Ex American husband LORD Brookdale . Since I became active only ten of Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild (the dad) sixty directorates remain.   I reveal the  TOM HANKS Links and DAVID ROCKEFELLER alliance as if it were new and not out of Bavaria since medieval money lending days.  Jacob was born in 1936 NONE of the accounts or financial stats are available.  They openly confirm their PONZIS and the Wellesly Wood (Duke of Wellington IRISH Waterloo scamsters) linkage through RIT I expose.  They have privatised vast chunks of UK's state assetts including BT, Water and all the elite mansions are now funded as charities or trusts (No Tax or accounts required). All the laundering tools Gordon bowden & I revealed in Crashing the global economy are used daily by the Rothschilds & their puppet govts globally. Then we get to his INTERLOCKS starting with Dr Elizabeth Rausing a cover for the Rausing on the Forbes Rich list (or more likely the other way round THEY DO NOT GET RICHER than the Rothschild board members).  The Highly credible Has Rosling the statistician & my correspondent for several years is busted open like the Gascoignes, Adele's, Bellamy's Cato's & on & on. Lisbet Rausing may well be HRH the queen "LISBET" & Landaus, Krupps take one into the German munitions  link.  The Krups logo is 2 circles short of Audi and the Olympian Rothschild scams.  The Krupps are Essenic & is the Cologne Bombing where only the FAKE Christian cathedral remains intact.  Further back in time I profile the BRITS in De Beers, Rhodes, Rothschild wars launched the Dutch colonist cull with the first death camps to suppress the BOERS by killing & starving wives & children behind barbed wire. That becomes ThyssenKrupp AG a link to the Thyssens on the Piso Bush Windsor Bloodline covered by Mike the boxer.  The  Ednam House hotel pump & dump were COLDITZ prisoners with their BATmen in the joke. Br Am Tobacco profiteers that become the semen cigar tube for Churchill's siring of HRH & Princess Margaret SEE FACEBOOK PHOTOS published 11th May...that is the parentage of Bill Clinton and the wearing of Eva Brauns' little blue dress as Monika Lewinsky gets his semen spilt in the form of a RABBIT & on and on it goes with Hillary Hell Arrian from Normandy (the HANKS film joke) cousin of Trump from Germany.  Hans Rausing on the rich list runs TETRAPAK & Lisbet the daughter is lovely.  The UK NUS students boss (mate of Tristan Leoroyds') was Liam BURNS the Scottish treason jokers....his dad died and he totally ignored all my exposures to him on the Rothschild bank run student loans SCANDAL and was interviewed by Humphries,  & Naughtie on RADIO FOUR TO KEEP THE MASSIVE STUDENT DEBT POOL GROWING INTO ROTHSCHILD COFFERS.  Michael Moore & Vince Cable ran the scam in govt cos they pledged not to in the manifesto.  NO ACCOUNTS PUBLISHED as a FOUNDING PRINCIPLE. We now pay for plastic bags in the supermarkets and the covers include polution in the Saragossa sea where the planes went missing in the GOLDEN TRiangle NARCOTICS Royal Illuminati scams. Rausing (worth £10Bn) Gothenburg and Rosling are Swedish THAT IS THE BIBLE & the 30 years war christian vs Christian. Rauslings' son is Christened Christian ALL THE ELITES know the PISO fraud. Rosling is a populist and wears the TUXEDO to show his affiliation to the elites at Waterloo who laugh at the Duchess of Richmonds (Lennox lineage) Ball in Brussels night before the BofE was stolen from its people.  My mate david Hutchinson (the BUSH FDR  bloodline) played for Hearts which was owned by the TSAR Rothschild Romanov in Gorgie road at the same time as I reported it to Alex Salamon Rothschilds polis.  Rosling went to st John's Santiago's "St John" in the bible that becomes LAGOS IAGO the rabbit in the Alexander the Great of Macedonian era....bloodline to Windsor Bush et al. That is Op winnie the Pooh & Op Christopher Robin by the profiteers & double agents in WW2. Hans was a toxicologist & the NOBELS run munitions factories out of "PACIFIST SWEDEN" & many of the EVIL nitroglycerin factory workers died of heart rythmn disturbances because the NITRITES we use as medicines target ion channels in the myocardium & god gives us all we deserve in the end.  The sub clinical victims (same with asbestos & mesothelioma) are the good guys and they live to get their pensions busted by these world owning teams. So Obama & Henry Kissinger get the NOBEL peace prize as the Biggest Killers and Banksters 2008 reset. The Lamberts on the rothschild interlocks are covered by South African rugger players & I saw them score at Poynder Park when I was vacationing out of NZ where Poynder was a Gov General.  None of the rugby fans know that. The POOR HOUSE hospital is where the BROOKS' INNSBRUCK jokers run Ednam House Hotel and crashed it into insolvency when I revealed their Colditz scams LAUGHED at by the TWO RONNIES (friends of the Balfours & Chipping Norton). The Poor house supporters suck up to Alistair Brooks' & that is the Lauders my family friends & my greatest heros like arthur Hastie in my youth. I started my rugby career in Kelso 1st XV on the International pitch at Murrayfield & we lost but I now have bigger priorities and it is my destiny to deliver on that.  The opposing scrum half Allan Lawson was capped & he married the daughter of Bill McClaren who raises funds for the families even today at the HEAD of Queen Vics, Ancrams, and Blind Prince George's TEVIOT VALLEY Hanoverian bloodlines. Now in Windsor Palace having taken out the legit monarchs. The poorhouse rugby supporters ancestors were killed in KILTS en Masse in the Bavarian Rothschild homeland of the TYROL ...Scottish Soldier Green Hills far away song by Andy Stewart.  So the PASTERNAK Dr Chivago Russia in Rothschild Romanov Hands since Qu Vic was raped by them.  Marx & Engels were paid to play false socialists & the Goethe Pasternak and Selling your soul to the DEVIL Mephistopheles is the same joke as Schindlers list where helen Hirsche Goethes shagbag in the death camps is ACTUALLY ON THE ROTHSCHILD FAMILY TREE. They are ever so clever & that is the death camps again which is why they chose to be semites when they were the BEARS in the Ukranian woods...Do you remember the UKRANIAN WW3 threat ODESSA revisited by NATOs "Christian armies" less than 2 years ago when Jim Fetzer had to shorten my interview to let Obama speak on the crisis in the region with US troops and Navy all over the XMAS dream film set.  Baron De Rothschilde's Laffite wine is in Poly Lac that is the Lancelot Du Lac jokes written by the Popes in Rome who fund the Rothschilds since Callman Carl was intstalled as the Head of Italy's fed bank in PISO NAPLES in the Villa PIgnatelli the ROTHSCHILD MANSION.  So we find the Rotten Schild, Bacharach, Mike Meyer spy who shagged me.  Omar shariff is the actor in Dr Zhivago and he played Bridge with Prof David Jones my boss at Otago from the RSA but originally HOLLAND.   Those movies & Lawrence of Arabia are a massive joke about false religion and displacing the gods in the heavens by human icons or false PISO Messiahs that is Jesus, Allah, Moors, Jehovas, Mormons & on & ON.  The PHARMA scams take one into Dunedin and the binning of the drug safety experts who get no funds even in the Karolinska in Sweden. Please pretend that I did not say I was Faust & God's friend that is vanity & a big mistake! Mephistopheles has PISO in it.  Fiennes is related to Dick Cheney through geneological links in Herts Beds & Bucks NO BOMBING zones.  The Gasses are the joke about the Judengasse Rothschild Mansion addresses.  So you now have a classical education and I charge no fees.   In 1918 the world change and they taught even the poor house supporters to read & right so one can pick massive holes in the PISO Bible and see how pathetic the Elites that could read & write in Greek and Latin explodes the INNER CIRCLE to 9Bn people.  Please make your knowledge count.