Robin Hood, King John, Longschamps GGs, Rothschild Paris, Piso Bible- Windsor genes, Mitfords of Morpeth & Chatsworth, Leopold of Austria & Bavarian Master Race.

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Beware of the Bayer Rothschilds in the Woods near Longschamps in Paris near the PISO Racecourse.

So MORE Rothschild world ownership news since the SAXON KINGDOM was taken over by the Christianity CRUSADES who then swept 7 times into JERUSALEM to keep the numbers of Christian rivals down.  So I introduce the AUSTRIAN involvement in the JAILING of King Richard the Lionheart.  His evil wee brother King John is on the World owning bloodlines......through the Eleanors of Frances womb.  But first Robin Hoods revolution in Germanic Lincoln green.  He has the church of Rome in his team in the form of FRIAR TUCK away the proceeds and our regent LONGASCHAMPS is the Bishop of Esher fighting for the corrupted Prince John.  Robin the freedom joke is of course the Rothschild FIVE ARROWS joke like the London Olympics 100 metres champ and all the Pistorius blade runner.  So King Richard was kidnapped by the Austro Hungarian INNSBRUCK Duke Leopold 5th of Rothschild Elchanan ALPINE Horn Blue Danube Rulers. That is Austro Hungarian ANSCHLUSS for Hitler,  The Archduke murders for WW1 and there were 7 bloody Crusades with the SWISS RED CROSS as their icon.  All the English traitors are revealed Boron, Ralph of Durham, Mortimer of Leeds are named.  The French interests of John take you from Normandy to ALPINE Fr Italian Swiss Borders.  Same deal for Scotland and Longshanks, Lonchamps (the Racecourse in Bois de Boulonge & the Rothschild Mansion) is the Raceourse in Paris.  In Cambridge the REGENT for Richard the Lion heart is the Bishop of ELY (nichname Longschamps DO YOU GET IT).  King John gets the treasure  that Long John Silver could not find and all the villains are in the PISO Longshanks Plantagenet World owning mafias that take you to FDR Bush Windsor ALL WARS ALL SIDES.  Henry 2nd was the father of King John and Richard (ALWAYS OFFSHORE as king for piratical genocide reasons) he is a dead ringer for the McCarneys of Liverpool and India.  Eleanor is the name that lives into FDRs incursion into WW2 after pearl harbour and MATHILDE is the waltz of death for the ANZAC troops at Galipolli. Watch this and see how evil the Christianity warmongering frauds become. Remember that INNSBRUCK is no room at the Inn for Jesus as Bob Geldoff brutalizes DO THEY KNOW its XMAS in BIAFRA for Profit. & murdoch directed Galipolli Movie.  The PISO Bush christianity fraud leads directly to the corrupted world we have now and the POLIS that protect the tyrants are their hit men globally.  The French Alps linkage is through LOMBARDY near the Swiss and Austrian Hitler Rothschild HOMELAND for the Austrian ARRIAN Master-races.  GOD IS HOT ON THEIR TRACKS WHICH ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO COVER. The Lionheart legend is not in the bloodline but Prince John is & the RED CROSS gets to launder the loot into swiss vaults through world war history. Isabella of Angouleme was the mother of two generations of the elite bloodline.  All the media covers include George Galloway and RT Russia today is owned by these people and is a Murdoch media outlet.  So those bloodlines are the CUMBRIANs who become the BUTCHERS of Culloden and on into Mad King George of Hanover no III in the constitutional British Monarchy. The Commyns were murdered by King Robert the Bruce of Essex and you can see that the Lonshanks label is a belly laugh for elite Racegoers and Rothschild mansion owners every where LIKE STEALING FROM THE RICH & giving to the poor.  The Middlesborough Humber regions are all connected to Plymouth by Roman Roads who become FDR's pilgrim fathers PI PI Piso Alpine Pipe music leads the way into every continent.  So Longschamps was a Bishop for "Jesus" and the Mitfords of WW2 are the Duchesses of Devon in massive mansions like CHATSWORTH.  The Mitford stable is still riding the PISO house out of MORPETH in Northumberland next to REDESDALE where the Dumphrevilles let religion across the bridge to England at PONTEILAND.  The Robin revolutionary is the red robin bobbing along the red flag flying Communists and is the same tune as the Tannenbaum XMAS  tree song for the Swiss Family Robinson & Hitler Rothschilds Third Reich out of ALPINE INNSBRUCK. The Capets are the Fowlers and Chickens that becomes Pathe news cock.  All the Brer Rabbit Tar Boy Jokes are part of Hollywood Brer Fox and PLEASE WATCH my 2 Operation Winnie the Pooh Videos on the Double Agents and Mass Murderous Monarchs & Politicians. The Paris racecourse is Longchamp host of Prix dele ARK de Covenant joke. That is the PISO horse or in Greek the Hippos.   The Bois de Boulogne is the Rothschild MANSION nr the finishing line.  at Longschamps  The Arrius Calpurrnius Piso Alpha-Omega horse-shoe on the catholic EASTER pascal candle joke is explained.    The Rothschild ARCHIVE is shrinking for shame with every week that passes.  Then I explain the Robson Settlement Panama Canal & Suez GARDEN OF EDEN BP plant scams run by the GOVT puppet masters that are the Rothschilds.  BP plant defended by Harold Wilson with the Pi Pi Piso pipe.   In the Bois de bologne now the mansion has been disappeared and replaced by CONDOS which means Piso like floors and flowers.  We find the ruin of the Rothschild mansion and how it covers Lillian Bettencourt £30Bn on the Forbes rich list & her L'Oreal is New Orleans Parisian sector..  Then we expose the Mike Meyer Bacharach Rotten Schild Trump jokes.  Bettencourt Meyers of Gay Paris now have dementia.   So the Rothschilds are the BEARS in the BOIS and they hide it all behind  WW2 that they ran for profit.  Bellencourt has a distented LEFT EYE (ptosis with the word Piso in it:  GODS Pathology!!).  So the Gallup Poll is the Rothschild Piso Horse link. THEN FASCISM in Northumberland and Hitlers friends (the Rabbits) in WW2. Op winnie the Pooh is explained again with Eva Braun & Monica Lewinsky's little blue dress. Hitlers Rothschilds Lovers were the Mitford sisters from Redesdale & now Morpeth. The Swastika is the Icon for the isle of man with an extra leg cut off since Hitler ruined the swastika's reputation.  I met the Mitfords BEAUTIFUL still and  GIGGLY GG riders.  The Cavendish Dukes of Devon marry into the Mitfords in the lead up to the bombing of British Colonial ADEN. I believe that their mansion nr Derby may be the host for Downton Abbey.  Tom Hanks Rockefeller gets a mention for the Normand beach massacres that were the European homeland for Hillary Clinton. The Mitford in the Douglas Home  Harold Wilson Egyptian bombings died as late as 2014 when much of my story had been told.  I refer you to the FACEBOOK global audience who were told of the links of the Mitfords to Girl Guide movement which led in the noughties to the defamation of the Scout leader  Baden (Germany) Powell.  The Fred Astaire Chatsworth linkage is revealed and unlike the Mitfords their female bloodline gene is really weak.  The current Mitford stable girls are not in any photos but the five WW2 sisters are depicted and named in the video 2 died in the noughties.  The 1935 Jessica, Nancy Deborah, Dianna, Unita and Pamela Mitford mug shots picture was taken four years prior to WW2.  See website for NAZI Hitler images. The Mitfords  marry into the PM Churchill, war office fascist boss OswaldMosely and PM Harold Macmillan.  One is not sure if any of the 3 I met fancied me at the 3 day event but they giggled nervously with the GGs Neying in the background and Dresden totally restored as a World Heritage site.  We did not discuss either, the stealing of the Global economy & its central banks from all of the people with the massive exception of its horse owners. We profile a Lees who is a  GAy spirited and public school and Rothschild National Trust. Then I show Morpeth right next to Harry Potters Castle in Alnwich where the Mitford & Miller stables are right next to the rugby club we visited with Tynedale (bible translators) RFC and my boy.  The old stable is in the heart of Morpeth and the Mitford medieval castle is just a ruin. Wansbeck is the river. I run out of time when we get to LORD HAW HAW(Mr Joyce).  and he was executed for treason, trained by Mosely and Beaverbrook and paid to be Hitler Rothschild's ENGLISH speaking propagandist for the third reich. The Joycey's are now the mining owners in county durham but I can find no links yet to the JOYCE lineage BUT you need to know that right up to 2014 Oswald Mosely's nephew runs Burke Peerage and portrays even the "British" Monarchy as legitimate monarchs ALL ROTHSCHILD BASTARDS.  So listen in for the rest of the story & know that LEOPOLD OF AUSTRIA is Rothschild Bavaria Bohemia and both a RABBIT Hitlers friend and BEAR down in the woods and born in INNSBRUCK like the Brooks' all over the world & Murdochs Sun Godesses.