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Ottobeuren Cathedral in KLOSTERS & Fascism Rolling on eternally towards WW3

That is Kate & Wills on the skislope at KLOSTERS and I explain the fascist regimes that keep deploying the same methods to drive the world to war & strife. Mrs Simpson and the abdicated king come riding by on the PISO horses and they waited in Rothschild Austria, the Cande Schloss mansion, till her second divorce was finalised. Madonna has made a movie called WE featuring the "monarchy" that was totally BATARD since the Rothschilds sired 9 of queen Vics 11 babies.  Then the Rothschild archive & Hannah Mary Rothschilds marriage to LORD BROOKFIELD.  Wills is king Juan Carlos is Will's dad and that knowledge & Qu Vics secrets go back to the Netherlands next week. Otto Piso is the BIBLE fraud family member that launches the Christian and Islamic OTTOMAN Empire  .  The launch of OTTOBEUREN Abbey in Klosters in Bavaria is profiled.  It is deathly white & Gold founded in 764AD with heavy hints of Islamic Turkish architecture.   The Abbey is right next to the HIRSCH hotel (Helen Hirsche in Schindlers death camp is a Rothschild). The Rothschild own Sotheby's so we show the biblical fine art based on the PISO bible fraud....showing the HEAD of John the Baptist on a plate rather than on top of his hair shirt.  The Buyer seller teams at the auctions are explained.  Bill Nye is the actor in the Valkyrie & Auf weidershein jokes where many of the cass have passed on. Austria & Australasia is the A ARRIANS who are the Arrius Calpurrnius Piso followers.  Then we show the Alpine McAlpine, Al Pacino jokes in cis and trans ALPS with Innsbruck the hub of the jokes for Hitler & Jesus NO room at the INN.  Next up Shimon Perez (a hymen Roth Godfather lookalike & the leading Jewish PM).  Cuba was run by CASTRO to cover the Royal Dutch BP  big Four oil companies.  We show the PEREZ photos of the holocaust and THEN the Art Galleries they run after they sequester the fine art shared by all sides christians & jewish elites....same in the bible HEROD is in Italy when the PISOs start writing.  The TREBLINKA images are horrendous & I relate that to the striped blazers even for public schoolboys in Britain. Treblinka is right up close to Krasnosielc the Warner Bros former home.  Pinochet in Latin American aligned with Thatcher & died in bed in London.  Vietnam and all the conflicts are the Rolling stones jokes about Jesus Tomb rolling stone away. Then the 3 wisemen who go sailing by on "XMAS" day. FDR's family were on the Mayflower and the 3 camels were the ships of Magellan's fleet then Camilla in the murderous royal household. So all the christianity jokes have replaced GOD the Googly in the cricket inner circles. The masons use sport as the cover ups for all real news.  The Fascist Black & red doors for the Rolling stones are the Collectable stamps too.  The collecting sagas are sad.  The Mitford sisters from Redesdale nr OTTERBURN then married Oswald Mosely lineage and were in love with hitler with hundreds of PICTURES on the internet.  Randolph churchill ran the rallies at Earl's court and they Zeig Heil like the Mitfords. The Taits of Kelso are deeply connected to the Otterburn Hunt like the Black Douglas descendents.  In Redesdale they have a millitary base.  The turncoats get big homes and our exhaust pipe dropped off when the coke can fell off.  The Battle of Otterburn is profled.  The Taits were excellent sportsmen in rugby union & Rugby league and the dad was a pro-hunting advocate & son Alan was a pro player and British Lion.   They were ordinary working men and very spirited FERET owners.  The killing of the cornered foxes was prohibited but they changed the hunting coats from RED to FASCIST BLACK.  I cite Jim Telfer   and the British Lions PRO games diversions. OTTOBEUREN is magnificent as in TURKEY & VIENNA....MOORISH ISLAMIC in style.   Bomber Harris bombed the ESSENIC cologne region.....ESENIC writings is the JESUS joke too. The Christian church is undamaged but the poor sectors.  See the Rothschild Archive to grasp how many mansions were taken down.  Salome  (Rothschild "Christian"is the advocate to have Herrods' head on a plate). The Wise men, Batmen, BAT Br Am Tobacco jokes, Navy Air Force Propaganda profiteering & ASHRIDGE college was opened by Canadian abroad PM Bonar Law. Mrs Simpson becomes HOMER's misses.  My divorce is the longest since Henry VIII th's.  Jenny Jerome was the shag bag that led to the Churchill Batards including QE2 and Bill Clinton. Alister Moffat plagiarised his book on KELSAE history. Next treason in WW2 Op Winnie the POOH.  The Sutherland sent the colonists to the colonies and Brad Sutherland is now out of NZ into cricket in OXFORD & has desserted me and had a heart attack. EUGENICS is launched by the English speaking fascists in 1912 at the meet in the Hotel Cecil. Vietnam is lethal to all indigenous people & troops both sides SUICIDE is painless for the Am media.  NATO's violence is even more deadly & heavily armed.  Prince Harry and the youngsters cover up their parents NAKED in Murdoch/Berlusconi papers.  Nathan Rothschild lives in Klosters and Peter Sellers' dad was Lord Mountbatten who made the ALPINE Pink Panther Diamonds & gems movies. Then the Irish troubles and the Papandreou frauds with Phil the Greek. Councillor Weatherston gets a mention as do the land grabbing law firm Wolters Kluwer. The Aircraft are made by different companies than those which build their Navy Carriers. Hitler and stalin both trained in Britain. Stalin had a withered left hand and lLongshanks had a PTOSIS in his left eye.  KKK and the cost Concordia are the same issue THEN the Royal narcotics scam and the renaming of PHILIPS.  The Dutch fascism is huge like Belgium. Brian Haw was played by actor Jim Dale from the carry on comedies and is a massive false protestor on Parliament Green Cockney accent & all the Masons and Rotary Morris Tumblers...the 3 legs for Harris and the Swastika Rotary Icons.  The FORBES politicians & profiteers takes us into Yeltsin and Gorbachov: Lebannon China, Burma Thailand, Syria, afgahnistan, Iraq and all over the world. JFK was the last man to try and do what I am going now and his wife was an agent too and we close with JESUS the largest fraud of all & the biggest cause of death. Finally the Turkish Piso writings for Islam Iran etc & JFKs execution & the "XMAS" speech by the illegit queen who runs INTEL Globally WITH THE ROTHSCHILDS (who never make it to the RICH LISTS)