Michael Ancram, Marquis of Lothian, Ker's of Melbourne/Admiralty, Life of OBrien, Redesdale, Cheney & Seymours of HERTFORDSHIRE, Calpurrnius Piso, Perry MP for Devizes, NATO, Islam, Irish Troubles, Official Secrets of Rifkind Iraq & WW2

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Apologies for my singing and for potentially scaring your kids with Michael ancrams MUM the pirate with the eye patch

First an introduction to Michael Ancram, the Marquis of Lothian and recently made a Life Peer after 30 years in the "COMMONS" with half a dozen peerage titles: a prominent Roman Catholic & Minister for IRELAND's Troubles under Mrs T.  Then the Christian wedding oath and the money stream it creates for lawyers, "Christian" denominations and PARTY profiteers.  So I attended a WEDDING merchandising fair on the weekend and met WEDDING Carriage hire companies out of REDESDALE where the UK fascists the Mitfords & Moselys came from.  The Landau Victorian carriage and drivers coachmen wear German Green....like Queen Victoria's secret lovers since her first baby by blind prince George of Hanover sired her first child Marcos MANUEL born in Carlise Castle.  Michael Ancrum lives on the Teviot Valley right under Peniel Heugh the monument to the Rothschild WATERLOO CENTRAL BANKING SCAMS.  His estate there MONTEVIOT (Blind Prince George of Cumbria & Teviotdale home is an even deeper secret) cannot be found & is not named on Google MAPS even when you zoom in to see his doorknocker.   So the REDESDALE Mitford story takes you into CATCLEUGH (PISO CalPURRnius the false Bible author joke that is the biggest secret).  So the Ker Ancrum family family does not show its women on the family tree &  ANCRUM is married to a Duchess of Norfolk......the HOWARDS of Arundel are Thomas Moores' "friends" in the man for all seasons movie and the current regime in Arundel have become Balfours/Howards and release SHARES to profit from the false christianity CATHEDRAL they run as a tourist exhibit.  The people I met (Male & female HOWARDS "of Norfolk") are GODFEARING now like Michael Ancram  alias "Ker" the titled MP then diplomat and MP for devizes where the NATO troops are trained to die in the christian armies who fight the MUSLIM JEWISH and ISLAMIC faiths also launched by the PISOS and their Jewish ancestors/successors! It is really quite sickly LIKE the IRISH troubles, the Mull of Kintyre Chinook & all wars all sides & all death camps.  REF  5 10min videos on the worlds biggest "religious" secrets.  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqjKnnDxRUc&list=PL66622BB0671CF0D5   . Michael Ancram has no male children and his various estates will pass to his younger brother who currently lives in Melbourne House in Derby and the naming of the city & film stars in Australasia & the MELON bank Goldfinger scams.  Ancrams mum lived in Italy and wears a piratical eye patch even in fascist Burkes Peerage her name is Antonella Jude-Kerr nee NEWLAND   Derby is near the Dowton Abbey media joke and those are DUKES of Devon.   Ancrams wee brother Ralph and the naming of Melbourne links into Guy Innes-Ker's ancestors being Dame Nelly (the Oliphaunt) Melba the legendary Australian opera singer.  The PISO Floors castle/Flowers translate as PISO. The Potters were coleagues of mine Dr Potter from Rothamsted where the nerve gasses for WW1 & Syria in 2014 were invented.  The Lambs are related to the Kers and Inneous is Innes-Ker on Jesus's cross (the Trump family middle name is Christ). Melbourne house was built for the COKES and that becomes the narcotic cocaine syndicates involving Prince Phil Churchill and Onassis. Lord Walter Ker was admiral of the fleet of Newbattle which is Dalkeith.....it is an icon for wealth divide and now Newbattle mansion is an educational institue.  The Admiralty is Rule Britannia & sink the ships in the crimean harbour cos none of the press ganged conscripts return home. That is the Crimean harbour ship sinking.  The Clintons John Kerry and the law school at Yale get a mention like the Kaiser of Germany who was Lord Walter Kerr's boss at the British Navy just days before WW1 was declared.  Walter was in India & Montenegro (Austria Hungarian WW1 start point).  Murdoch now has the Aussies al besotted with sporting events. Malcolm Rifkind and Ancram are still on the Security Commitee of the Houses of Parliament right into 2015.  All my signed documents showing the Iraq, Lothian Road, Rothschild, Sheriff John Halley, Arnot-Manderson crimes I have reported & the receipts from Wheelhouse & Matheson Scottis JUSTICE secs.  Rifkind and Chilcot interlock and ANCRAM with Rifkind are covered in their complicity in profiteering by the official secrets acts. All the CP's and KP's (Calpurrnius/Kalpurrnius Piso) like the new MP to replace Ancram at Devizes....Claire Perry a financial services MP with previous in financial services and specialising in new train scams numbered 800 (which in PISO code in the bible is OMEGA the end on the PASCAL candle for the church of Rome). Please watch the video cited above.  Dr Paul Chazot used PISO's  icon on facebook even 3-4 years after he got his bowels surgically removed for his disloyalty to me and healthcare scams in AFRICA.  Chazot is no longer on FB and steals from his student undergrads just to keep his job....like all my former friends.  The Marquis of Lothian is linked through all the elites that own all the land and send the colonists to the colonies. The Schomberrg Scott (German) was the architect who created his Monteviot estate which MAY have been Blind Prince George's home of CUMBRIA & TEVIOTDALE.  That is Queen Vics only legit non-bigamous hubby, ulike Albert.  The whole thing is totally run by peer pressure and all the funds are now in private hands with all local & national GOVTS in Billion -trillion pound debt pools.  Ferniehurst is right next to the HASS lochs another link to Rothschild of Europe like the German home right under the Waterloo penis Bof E scandal that Ancram has on his Tourist web pages.  The PISO family jokes are all through the story and takes you into the WOOING wars for the enfanta Queen Mary later murdered as the Catholic Victim of HenryVIII......the WOOING 8 yrs war genocide was led by HERTFORD brother of Henry's 3rd wife  (Jane Seymour divorced but not beheaded like the warlord her brother was the victim of).  The Mary Queen of Scots involves the HESS's of Deutschland  and Hamiltons who now run NHS Mental health. Sir Walter Scott in the Lodge at Gala turned the wooing war into a MASONIC JOKE  & the OTTO Piso links to the OTTOMON Empire, Pittendereich, Battle of Pinkie (Musselburgh where I started my career in Pharmacy right next to Charlton Heston's El Cid Italian restuarant).  Pi PI PISOS the bible fraudster. Next the Douglas Mortons....Todd Morton LAW , Obrien the Archbishop B Arian Life of Brian jokes.  Prof Murray is head of theology at Durham where the light infantry museum laugh at sending clean underpants. Drummond is the sheriff who imposed a lifelong gagging order on me for COMPLICITY in the WAR CRIMES cited above and all the Polising Chief Inspectors Gormley and Stephen House Murdoch Leveson affiliations.  The OBrien, king of the Jews Pythons jokes about the PISO fraud leved in the Tantallon Castle is right next to the Richardsons & Petrie of Hibs Longniddrie.  Todd Morton isone of the firms that ties in Sheriff Peter Paterson, Peter Watson of levy & Macrae & the Dead McCletchie better of together profiteers.   The HERTS warlord is linked to LONGLEAT but & Dick Cheney who led the US into IRAQ & torched his own Pentagon lived near in BEDFORDSHIRE in the same bloodline.  So at 4am I discovered where Michael Ancrams' secret estate is and the links to my wife's dessertion of me as a slave to the ROTHSCHILDS of Herts Beds & Bucks.  My wife got my marriage contract by catching a salmon (landed for her by a man who dropped dead on Duke Guy INNES-KER's  pheasant shoot just a few moths back.   I have become quite GODFEARING like Michael Ancram which is why I tell all the stories in full. Connelly played John Brown in the SHAG queen victoria for profit & to schild the ROTHSCHILDS.  The links to Roman Roads and Michael Ancrams take us into CRAILING Rory Bremners treasons and a charming family called the OLIPHAUNTS who worship at the EPISCOPALIAN church named the non existent "St Andrews'" with CP or KP emblazoned on the CEDAR WOOD from the Lebannon Genocides/CRUSADES.  The Longnewton and  school massacres are explained but nOT the CHINOOK MULL of Kintyre killings of 29 people when ANCRAm was the Irish minister.  The Jacobites in 1715 overlaps with sectarian violence in 1640 in the genocides in the 30 & 100 yrs wars.  PM Cameron of lochiel  is married  into the Ancram bloodlines like  the HOWARDS "of Norfolk" and on and on it goes.  END OF STORY SOON & thanks to Michael Ancram for seeing the power of GOD and the risks of running the PISO Jesus fraud for much longer as you live through your first heart attack, like Bill Clinton (Winston Churchills son like HRH is his daughter ALL part of the Rothschild rape em for cash and to sire Lincoln, Stalin & and Hitler Rothschilds).  Nice innocent ending to the story: we dropped the Swastika as the masons icon after the 3 wise men (Churchill FDR & Stalin) and Hitler Rothschild lost its reputation in WW2.  Michael Ancram has the capacity for greatness & might even get a male child now that he sees the risks.....and it might get christened Jesus, Emanuel, Josephus or Adolphus  all the same SICK story.