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The Great Ones Escape from Colditz Northampton, Cheltenham and the PISO Trojan Horse & Wreck the Globalised World as Double Agents on Parole

More on ancient history and the carving up of the world by elite families like Piso Bayer Rothschild Windsor Roosevelt & Bush.  We focus on death camps over continents and how the elites turn them into the launch pad for Parole, Treason, Double Agents & the corrupted globalised world we have now as well as THE GREAT "ESCAPE" jokes  that led to the death of Steve McQueen really young.  Hannah Rothschild is a director at the Hay Book Festival nr Bristol in the WYE estuary and she writes the script for the FIFTH ELEMENT movie. God(s)? only knows if there is an Elysium and who gets there.  But first we start with an empty page which is the Rothschilds published accounts and taxes through all of human history through which ALL ROADS LEAD BACK TO ROME.  Germany was never conquered by Rome but the Gerrmans became the Holy Roman Emperors & the Saxe Coburgs became the WW "WINDSORS" .The Dobunni tribes are in the Cirencester Hay Book festival region around the Roman Empires' 2nd English city of Cirencester. Londinium is still the Babylonian Dragon that I have to slay.  Ridley Scott is the Teeside director of the 5th element about the Godess Lee Lu (freemasonic joke about the VULVA) coming to earth in the pyramids that is the Arsenoe ARSENAL Gunnersbury jokes about the Piso-Windsor bllodlines.  The freemasons globally take the piss about all of world we play the Romans powdered noses KING Carractus' Harem jokes....that are laughed at by the masons who help launch all wars and keep the world divided.  Rolf Harris'Jake the Peg is the Masons Probus Club, Rotary club & SWASTIKA sand dancers jokes that enslave the masons icons. Sadly the SUN GODS' Rays become the SPOKES on the GLOBALISM WAGGON Wheel. I reveal again Morton's disclosures on the Rothschild's never declaring their business scams, publishing accounts or paying taxes.  Rolf Harris is now demonised as` a paedophile as the Christianity Hand Grenade of Antioch plot explodes GLOBALLY in their faces with the PI PI PISO Pin in their JOKER's mouths.  The NWO author John Dryden gets a mention COVER for the Mayflower migrants in the Charlemagne bloodline.  So the death camps in the Gt Escape were Roman creations launched all over the Roman Rd junctions & the HUNDREDS that are carved up over the PISO horsey world.    Northampton, Peterborough, Pitsford,  Melrose, Cirencester, Cheltenham, Norman Cross, Ashby de la Zouche, West Indies, Abergavenny and Pi PI Plymouth.      500 carpenters build each site THAT is PISO CODE for Pi PI  is the sorority/fraternity icon PHI  in PISO Bible code.  The Cooler in the Gt Escape is explained as is the tunnel from the showers which become the JUDENGASSE holocaust JOKE.  The OFFICERS get the COLDITZ five star Hotel War DEAL.  The Cathchers mit is the Cloven HOOF see Gods' message at Norman Cross. 50 get shot in the Gt Escape movie which is KP in PISO code for the Bible author Kalpurrnius Piso.  THe war museum in Paris is a similar joke and becomes Mrs Simpsons residence with the abdicated king.  The CODE numbers are in the Arthurian story where single handedly Arthur killed 1500 comatants on his own. THE PAROLE for those in elite bloodlines is totally similar to the WW2 situation.  Parisi is a Roman Rd and the most loved Italian Rugby player.  I almost stepped on a Deer Carcus yesterday as I made my way down Dere St yesterday.  So Colditz is the BATMANSERVANT in your junket in wartime.  Alistair Brooks (InnsBrook Joke),  Legless Duke of Buccleugh and the London Scottish rugby players get prosthetic limbs or massive hotels in the KRUPPS chain for their sins in wartime....and they are not at risk like Mrs Simpson partying in Paris.  So the elites junket and in the Roman days that is in the catacombs and the MITHRAEUM (Mithril bullet proof vests in Tolkein's Lord of the Rings joke).   The SUGAR LOAF is the Penis that was erected in LOndon's business hub and is the Napoleon Bonopartes batman who was in the ELITE training for treason plot at CHELTENHAM.  The Brienne B Arrian sugarloafs abd Peniel Heugh is the PENIS and becomes the Lif of Brian & Obrien in the catholic church.  BOTCHING is based on Lefebvre Desnouettes NAPOLEANS Batman.  So the Pisos wrote in NAPLES & Rold Harris only knows if if Napoleon ever is all just a play on words and when I revealed that last year they had the earthquake in NEPAL  do you get it like KIng Carractacuses 3 legged dance of death with the PISO now Murdoch pen.  YOU TUBE WORLD LIMITED: SAVED TO HERE

We profile the double agents in the French PISO Hippolyte CAVALRY. There was a Colbert in the Jed Sevens team yesterday. The Vesty family are now the masters of the horse out of the ROLLS Hundreds of Gloucester. Northamptonshire is Clay or Sand and the PI PI Piggy story comes to mind. The Anglo Saxon Rolf Harris, ABEL danger, MASONS JOKES are the blight of the world. Princess Di lived in ALTHORP in Northamptonshire nr Ravensthorpe & Guilsborough the GUilles on all the NORMANDY places that Hillary Clinton, Tom Hanks Rockefeller came from. Corby in Northampton is the migrant hub for English forces to be infiltrated by double agents & that is the STEEL town PI PI PITSBURG in the Deer (not DERE St) Hunter Rd to Vietnam ASIAN massacres where suicide in the the US army is painless. The BENSON story of war profiteering. Jack Benson the Kiwi with the lust for art treasures in BASEL who needs to carry an UMbrella everywhere is told but he was a good trainer in neuroscience & electrophysiology with Ciba Geigy in that beautiful city where the NAZI gold and the Bank of International settlements steals from the world..  Then we explore PI Pi Pitsford, Daventry and all the Northampton PAROLE camps where at last we find one with a perfect aerial plan of how STALAG 13 in the movie was layed out.  In the movie too mcQueen on the Bike was headed for Rothschild BAVARIAN heartland out of GERMANIA & into the ARIAN Alpine homeland for the Rothschilds Hitler Rothschild, Pope Benedict and all the fascists & their money lenders since the Fuggers and Welsers traded out of AUGSBURG which eventually becomes the AUGUSTA joke for Donald Trump but not accessible yet to Hillary Clinton from Normandy because of her GENDER, like the presidency throughout world MASONIC history.  So do you see why Hannah from Hay's end (Hell) writes the script for FIFTH ELEMENT and the GLADIATOR and she doesnt have to take her kit off on screen. The Guilsborough Publius Piso story includes the hanging of witches just 8 years before the Pi Pi Pilgrims sailed out of PAROLE Plymouth on the MAYFLOWER.  The Rentons get a mention.  THen we find  the DEATH camp which is the template for Roman prisoners & camps with elevated watch towers.  It is stunningly like STALAG 13.  Quintus Ostorious Scapula (Publius Piso & obvious cover for Blade Runner false news PISTORIUS) is the name that may let you find the death prison camp template on the internet. If not you will see it top right in the image above. ASHBY de la Zouche is another elite praole vent & home to St Ethelred.  The tapestry link to the Bayers/Rothschild is coming through loud & clear and HARALD gets the first of the 5 Rothschild arrows in the eye.  The BAT manservant COLDITZ elites are the Krupps profiteers and elite hoteliers Ralph and Alistair Brooks, friends of the Westminsters, Dukes of Buccleugh, Biggars of London Scottish the Bourbons & in charge of Ednam house (Edom in the bible stories). Many are amputees like David Murray because they steal from their fans & the war dead & profit from the KRUPPS munitions scams like all the axis/allied Br Am Tobacco 4-5 wise men Churchill, Beaverbrook Stalin Rothschild, Hitler Rothschild FDR Chang Kai Shek & on into the bullion banking Rothschild Fleming banking double agent scams.  FDR's relatives were on the Mayflower and he sparked USA Japanese conflict then flattened Hiroshima Nagasaki then THE COLD WAR by turning on STALIN as a totalitarian TOTAL ARRIAN MASTER-RACERS all through the team & still in power as ELITE bloodlines today.  All the Roman Roads over Europe carve up the territory and PLANT false religion Kievan to California in 1500 vicious missionary/crusading years and you know where the witches & pagans went.  I have the director registrations for the ADVENTURE MERCHANT COMPANY that funded the pilgrims out of York at the head of the FOSSE way in York.  That looses the Anglo French Armies into North and Latin America and the gods get displaced by "Jesus" the PISO joke who never live like all the "SAINTS".The ICENA Icknield way and Dere St get a mention like the DoBunny tribes of Bristol & the Severn estuary a major slaving & naval hun like Liverpool. The fascism grows and grows in cycles between wars and we take you into Pinochets Stadia massacres which involve Gen Vidal & Pope Francis but not the innocent Drs & teachers all over Latin America.  The Quakes and Global weather storms & seismic Volcanic actions have been quite stunning and today I was given a 20 Peso note from the Philippines from a friend who visited that flood tsunami zone last month.  Those were the minto owners in Rome PESOs 120BC. It is ENTHRALLING &my friend confirmed there are more christian denominations in the Pi Phi Philipines than any other place on this earth.  GODS are just Dogs and a the human JC joke is hilarious ABBA Gavenny the PAROLE camp means Father God & the mis-spelling is not an accident. Next St Albans in New York & Herts training hubs for Bush's kids, Kermit Rockefeller, Robin williams, Kevin Spacey all those JUNGLE/Usual suspects jokes about the world we have now & the PISO menageries in Jumanji & the war dead with Donkeys Ears and Monkeys tails. St Albans UK was training hub for Baroness Amos of NATOs weapons inspectorate with an ordinary 3rd class degree.  The SAXON Carractacus tribe was Catuvellauni the Pussy CalPURRnius Piso cats explaqined and the running of HAREMS and Mithraeums in the sex dens are a freemasonic trivia vent since the catacombs/baths were used by these people literally in the underworld. We end up in Dobunni just south west of Bath & the Cotswolds Chipping Norton and the UK mafia.GOV op.  Dave Dobbin is a Kiwi pop folk singer. Exeter is on the Roman Roads to Plymouth too and I have the Botham (stays at the Colditz hotel) Mrs VJ Lees, Cahill, Celtic Footy Gallagher Golfing director & sec registrations.  Middlesborough launches another set of Pilgrims out of the Fosse way and the Humber jokes for Auf Weidersein Pet 3 & 4. Down the Roman Road to Cheltenham.  2nd biggest Roman city 50AD in Britannia to Londinium. Tony Blairs Mrs Cherie was trained as a lawyer at Lincoln Inn the Robin Hood joke about LONGSCHAMPS the regent and Rothschild mansion in Paris Bois De Bologne right into WW2.  The Ashby war dead Ashes joke is all through popular culture & NORTHAMPTONSHIRE is a massive paramillitary traininghub like my friend with the PISO dog the SPINONI and troubles with her eyesight and daughter in the forces already.  Dover is Doubris Camelo is Norfolk and the Hay on Wye is HELL Halles and Hays end in the Lord of the rings and the ERMINE Way is a REGAL JOKE on which we finish.  The WW Windsor stammer on the W bloodline just to let them know it is us out of Germany and into all great bedroom scandals with the bastard Rothschild sires and all wars revolutions with cousins & inbred relatives. ENOUGH TIME TO SLEEP