Ancram 4 Claremount Mansion by Capability Brown in ESHER: RIP Clive of India Qu Vics hymen Lancelot Rhodes & Archdukes heir 80million war dead in WW1
This is more on the Ancram Lothian Estates scams and the Govt who are trying to strip me of my house to silence me as a political activist & war crimes investigator.  The Dunblane  school was the Queen Victoria school and QuVics only legit lover was Blind Prince George of Cumbria & Teviotdale where Ancram lives right under Peniel Heugh the Icon for all the scottish traitors for the Rothschilds taking over the BofE post Waterloo. The Stock Market false news from Wellington. So all my news means the papers are running out of false diversions.  Superintendent Gormley cannot be found now on You Tube since my exposure that GORMLEY interlocks with Lizzie Murdoch married to Freud in the Chipping Norton Mafia.  Sir stephen House, his pay rises, knighthood and killings 60 year old reinvestigations of Moira Andersons' murder are the ARNOT MANDERSON Indy Ref scams that enslave Scotland forever & hosted provided Sheriff John Halley to cover the killing of my old mate Greg Hallett the KIWI.  The INTEL POLIS frauds then launched new Greg Hallett who was from KELSO my hometown ALL TO OBFUSCATE the illegit monarchy since Victoria married blind Pr George of Cumbria & Teviotdale but originally HANOVER like Albert the bigamous poof who was murdered by the regime as the ROTHSCHILD sired all Vic's bastards and she married in the virgins' white dress. FIRST EVER all under the false Christian oath.  The Hamilton HESS linkage is revealed and NHS Mental health is still run from there...that is Lizzy Freuds' nee Murdoch in chipping Norton. Reporting Scotland like the POLIS and the new writ come out of Glasgow because the Borderers solicitors politicians are now COMPLICIT in all my exposures since 2010. Bradley wiggins is an Arundel Howard/Balfour relative and he has hundreds of corporates.   I explain how divided & treasonous scotland still is and Moira anderson and my ex girlfriend Thora Kerr have been disappeared.  The Ali G joke is massive too he as Baron-Cohen is cover for the High Priests of Israel who marry the Rothschild bloodline. So Cullen and Kilshaw are to be deployed on me but I will make them all squirm by deploying the facts about their economic war and false religious crimes.  So we end the Ancram Earls & Marquesses of lothian story and the massacres of the Jacobites and the religious launch of the Pi PI Pilgrim fathers in 1620 after the 1st Marquess of Lothian trained in LEIDEN where FDR and the dutch "christians" sailed from. Ancram is head of the clan Kerr.  Ancram dropped his title to become the MP for Devizes right next to ALDERSHOT and the German Homes for the evicted Barons of Teviotdale in the Test & Itchen Valleys. Briene is the B Arrian and the middle name for Kelly Clarkson & BRIAN in the PYTHONS JOKES.  They have 6 titles Earl of Ancram Lord Jedburgh. Ancrum was home to the bushes & the Livingstone of Africa explorer family too. The schomburg's are from germany and the Mountbatten Jimmy Saville stories are covers, often beyond the grave for the massive political profiteering & war crimes policies impose by the 13 -50 Illuminati families all DOMINATED by ROTHSCHILD. Stuart Usher lost 65K acres of land to Brodies the Law Firm who Michael uses as launderers. The WELLS & BURGER Aussie & Germanic links make the Usher story slightly tainted but at least he is in the public eye since his uncle with AUTISM could not sire a male heir.  The disability and my pathology theory also dampen my ardour the GODs have control of the many of the geneological birthing outcomes even now.  More Balls this time in Caledonian Scotland are profiled and Hallett Jack the Ripper cutting out the Vagina is Prince Eddy in Glamis castle for MACBETH!!!.  The Vagina is PISO and the Pie PIE American Pie joke and EDDY's internment in Glams further traumatises the Windsors but not as much as the siring of the BATARDS and the syphilis victims the BLUE BLOOD disease.   The Queen & Bill Clinton are Winston Churchills kids by sex and artificial insemination. ASTON CLINTON the Mansion is one of the Rothschild Belly Laughs. Vics only legit kid is Marcos Manuel and that is Emmanuel at XMAS and Manuel in Basil Fawlty towers.  Ancrams' Monteviot is right next to the waterloo monument for the ROths visitor centre but it is not promoted or visited by the public. so the BATARD monarchs are profiled right up to the death of the stammering Kings first kid on the Gurney with epilepsy.  That sent the Bowes Lyon woman abroad (Denmark) and she was replaced by the MAID/whipping boy who became the Queen Mum with the Gin at the races....popular as a commoner with the commoners. Red IceRadio & Jim Fetzer documented all the videos as did Hallett on what was an impeccable & enthralling website when he was alive to keep it that way. TODAY like the TOTSE religious scams exposed it is just a chaotic mess with all the interviews and movies cut short.  Ancram has the PAGAN sun god on his coat of arms.  The Pyramid pharoes are the Arsenoe Arsenal FC bloodline and the Cassie's are the Cassel region in the Gerry homeland.  So to the other computer and we profile the Rothshilds out of Bavaria.....and queen Victoria's CLAREMONT mansion.  Peter sellers is Mountbatten's bastard child who made "being there" the MOVIE  to cover Marcos Manoel 's upbringing on the Isle of Wight.  So Claremnt is ESHER where the Bretts were friends of the Rhodes trust and his Arthurian Round Table.  It was Qu Vics favourite place presumably because the Rothschilds did not drug her and shag her there. Strangely the Craig CHALMERS rugby man from MELROSE flitted out to Esher too as a coach.  So I get a lot of my new facts from the ROTHSCHILD ARCHIVE.  In Naples & Rome the Pisos had Nero  murdered by his slave Epaphrodite.  The Meyerling incident is the vicious killing of the Archdukes son in what became a ROTHSCHILD mansion the hunting lodge story is told in the next vid. Lancelot Capability Brown built designed the Claremont Mansion in Rhodes' Round Table Joke & the Arthurian stories were all written by the popes in Rome.  Lord Clive of India fancied claremont to but he committed suicide before his treasures from India could be displayed. The BEECH hedge is a feature of many elite homes & the amphitheatre is like the one on Mount Olympus....that is the GREEK OLYMPIAN Deities in those ancient civilizations that become the Para-olympic games for those who are conscripted into war or because their parents have breached GODs' laws.   The Bear, Peacocks and Boers all have dewlaps and that makes them elite icons like the Wolves that harboured Romulus & Remus in Rome. See dance around tonight & the dance of death for the american INJUNS just aftertheir weapons have been taken from them.  Clives suicide is not explained but the suicide in 1774 was after the massive massacres in Imperial India exemplified by Amristrar with all the peace loving people lined up peacefully protesting for the right to live safely in their own country thousands of miles from ESHER. Then they got Gattling guns.  The images have been used by me and Hallett till he was disappeared and I thank you all for your help in lifting the sectioning forced medication threat by the profiteering doctors.  Qu Vic got rohypnol and then atropinics for trance like RAPE then obfuscation of any lucid memories of what the ROTHSCHILDs' did in her four posters.  The Bone are the PISO s too and spliced to Madonna for a time.  Prince Leopold's wife died in childbirth and all of that was a tragedy for the midwife but I believe it is all controlled by the GODS.  The midwife who is head of the Royal Pharm Soc was Helen Gordon.  So the Sectarian element will get stronger as we expose the killing of 2 generations in divided OTTOMAN Empire Austro-Hungaria in the next video ALL OUT OF THE ROTHSCHILD ARCHIVE....which may eventually impact on them like it did Clive of INDIA and the imaginative false religions in that country.