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This is video 3 on Michael Ancram,the Marquis of Lothian, but it is largely about treason and financial services scams & the lackeys who run it actually profit from the war dead, their memorialsmuseums and now numbered regiments.  We start with the elite fishery and massive land owners that are the Joyces of northumberland, Duchess of Sutherland , the Duke of Roxburgh, Youngers. Dobies, Schomburg Scotts :in Ancrams M of Lothian bloodline. Michael Kevin Moore alias Michael Ellis Moore , Yonge, Onslow, Virtue Prof wheeter, Ms JJ Lovett, Mr andrew Douglas Home, Hugh Baxendale, Mr John Currie.  All their holdings get larger and the kids of their funders get £70K debt burdens for their Uni educations. The last man to be executed for treason was Lord Haw Joyce in Hitler Rothschilds German profiteering regime. Liam Neeson plays Rob Roy McGregor and Archie Cunningham is the baddy in the movie and Claverhouse is now a region in Dundee and linked to JP Morgan in the interlocks to michael ancram and Tweed/Teviot River owners.  Augsburg is in Bavaria and is home to the Rothschilds & Rockefellers, Hitler, pope Benedict & the No Room at the innsbruck region for Jesus.  The Rothschilds were the Bears Bayers, Bairds then and further back they were the Isaac Elchanan . That family as the rothschilds took over the BofE using Wellington and the false news by racing pigeon from Waterloo exactly 200 yrs last yr.  So we start with Ancrams only interlock to Waterloo 2015 Lt Col Colin Grant Ogilvie Hogg registered in New Haig House, who is on the Burkes Peerage listings but has no photos on the WEB.  I met him yesterday and he is not fit for combat!!! but they profit from the death threatening regiments. Lord Sanderson of Bowden is a massive mobster & EU fish quota negotiator for Mrs T & friend of Duchess Jane Meriel Grosvenor who now owns the syndicate I resigned from. So he asked me to kill fish when you are not allowed to for preservation reasons.  Lord Sanderson is in the walter Scott club too and all their SS activities have millions at the bank but nothing left in the local/Nat GOVT coffers.  All Asset stripped and in the drinking MASONIC clubs that warmonger & steal fromm the treasuries now.  Douglas Home trades from the fish conservancy centre at Dryborough Abbey where the masons buried Robert Bruce's heart to make the lethal crusades look romantic but are just the PISO bible Jesus never lived....which is why David Murray has the Donkeys next door. Jesus is the ass/donkey in the PISO Bible & the Zebra/Wild Ass for the rothschilds of tring.  The Scottish fisheries are owned by the Norfolks of arundel who knows Ron Holloway, the boss at the "wild trout society who feeds the rainbows in the TEST & ITCHEN with pellets.  Prof andrew Rice and Roger Daltry were in his syndicate near Mountbattens massive pile. Most of the video are boardroom profiles.  The Millers of Alnwick own the Junction Pool but had their fishing hut washed away in the biblical floods last time the Sheriffdom tried to disposses me of my home on behalf of Valerie Jane Lees who works for the GOVT in MI6 & her bro Dr stephen Andrew Hancocks lived in Chipping Norton's cabal for two decades. Next we find Schroder Japan, hitlers Bank in WW2 ,when they had to move out of London to NY, where the twin towers were brought down and Snowy Cameron was funded by them for that Islamic terror that took Blair & the NM Rothschild bank into IRAQ. Lazard are legends in Roths history too. The Millers of Alnwick own the Junction pool which had its hut washed away in that biblical flood. The Abbotsford trust & the Tweed Foundation are many of the same people. JpMorgan Claverhouse have over £300Million at bank.  The Qu Victoria bedroom bastard scandal is revealed and her daughter Princess victoria lived in Knock house on Mull owned by Argyle:Brian Cox in the Braveheart movie. I show the Dukes of Arundel and the likeness to Godfather 1 played by Marlon Brando.  Miss Jane Tuffnell Nee rothschild gets a mention. Rt Hon Peter Lilley is in the interlocks but the Howards of norfolk have bailed out of many. The sharing of the land with the Aristos all over the kingdom is graphically depicted in the Braveheart movie & the Bruces are now ESSEX. Globalism has taken all the profiteering Landlords into distant continents Huffington's Arrian dream launched by Prof Milton Friedman in Chicago. So we find the Fleming BOND WW2 traitors interlocked with the Howards of Arundel/Norfolk. The Fleming frauds are global & her we find them in Japan. The Friends of  Arundel  cathedral are on another company check registration.  Sir david steel is in the Fleming's Syrian scams. The Mcleods of Skye and Lloyds ship sinkers of London are profiled. I fail to find the Cathedral but it is here £1.3M out of nothing SHARES IN FALSE RELIGION ("Jesus" INc ) Carnegie  Campbell is Ancrams' lackey  and he has over 50 chores LOADSA them in distilleries. Brodies are the law firm that defrauded Stuart Usher of his 65,K Acres.  Dozens more Lennox links, offshore Caged salmon farms, Avermectin Biocidal treatments and my training in Thames Poly with Dr David Beadle & Kate Middletons' mum.  St John's Cornerstone Freemason Iago the Rabbit & St John in the christian bible.  The Salmon treatment toxins are biocides for several miles around the cages  and the LICE are the Archelaus PISO joke for the Bible and Fish Called Wanda Archie Leech jokes featuring John Cleese the BASEL FAWLTY JOKER.