Ancram 2 T Moore Howard of Norfolk Qu Vic's Rothschild Bastards Waterloo BofE Piso Pilgrims

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Michael Ancram 2 Marquess of Lothian Qu Vic Isle of Wight PhilTuffnell Rothschild Waterloo Wellington BofE Pathead Lady Jane Meriel Grosvenor Claire Pe Burghclere Baron Teviot Mayflower Sun God B Tapestry Harald 5 Arrows.JPG
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I will post another thumbnail tomorrow showing the links to Queen Vics' Bastards & Ancrams ancestors on the Mayflower with the Pi Pi PISO pilgrims out of Leiden

Michael Ancram is a devout catholic but a very intelligent senior Politician.  He understands the PISO bible fraud and his  replacement, as MP for Devizes, shares the initials CP with the most influence PISO in world history Calpurrnius Piso.  She is Claire Perry and is pictured strategically in from of the Railway platform so the word Pius appears on the billboard behind.  Ancram has the EARTHLY lifegiver the sun god(s?)  on his coat of arms.....and those creators of the world & the universe have been written out of the JESUS & Virgin Mary stories. His wife is in the Duke & Duchess of Norfolk (Arundel and mansions all over the country) and his mum was in the Italian mafies and wears an eye patch like the pirates of the Med, now all over the UK, that they are. Michael Ancram was Irish secretary at the time the US Navy seals were allowed to bring down the 29 INTEL Police & Millitary Commanders who were executed to extend the Irish troubles when Ancram (the Devout Catholic was sec of state for Ireland).  The Mull of Kintyre song was released by the Liverpudlian Beatles traitors fully ten years before when nobody links Hitler's escape from the bunker to be related to the Rothschild Yellow Sub and the river spree with Braun in the little blue dress that Lewinsky and Clinton also used as a joke against the stupid sheeples. Next, GOD sees to it that Michael Ancram has no children so his wee brother Ralf Kerr will inherit all his estates as the women, in GERMAN & Masonic/Hawick tradition, cannot inherit the lead role or the kingdom.  Ralph owns Mellbourne Hall in England which launched the naming of the city where the colonists were sent by the Sutherlands, Muirdachs and they become Lord Leveson-Gower & Rupert Murdochs media mafias & the total erosion of democracy.  The Pyramids for Arsenoe, Arsenal & all the Pharoah cleopatra bloodlines.  The Thomas Moore beheading and his links to Howard of Norfolk in the Man for all seasons movie.The Plunkets & the Porchesters were the sires of QE2's younger kids & Queen Vic raised her only legit baby on the Isle of wight opposite Portsmouth.   Councillor Hutton interlocks with Ancram and together with the Sc Borders Council, NHS Scotland,  they tried to have me silenced with support of my wife (from Chipping Norton Roths Herts & trained by M&S with Manningham Buller & Stella Rimington). Lord Sanderson of Bowden is a mason an Abbotsford Trust, Tweed Commissioner director with 26 Interlocks & they come together with Jane Meriel Duchess of roxburghe.  Michael Kevin Moore interlocks with Lord Lothians lackeys.  John Lamont MSP and Paul wheelhouse are complicit in Salmonds scams, the Rothschild Trust, 50 Lothian Road's frauds and the PONZIS and laundering that funds the elites with no tax commitments.  I get explicit on Hannah Rothschild, Mandelson, James Blunt, Portillo, Zahawe the Kurd & New Labour/Blairs Genocide....Look up Hannah Rothschild and Mandelson on YouTube!  The Howards were the masters of the horse like Hugh Vestey now is and the Vesteys are Ancrams neighbours in the Cheviots/Teviot Jed Valleys.  Ancram's Monteviot House is right under the Waterloo Monument and Hannah rothschild still Interlocks with the Duke of wellington (Wellesly Wood) on RIT and other companies.  Lt Colonel Colin Grant Ogilvie Hogg has no pictures on the web & he is Michael Ancrams lackey but is on Burkes Peerage NO PHOTOS. St Pio Ogilvie is easy to find like St McKillop (PISO in it) of the RBS.  Hutton runs SRU Walter Scott profiteering & the Walter Scott Club, Spec Society.  The Gov generals all over the world come from the Elliots, kinnimonts, turnbulls, Fatlips Douglas bloodlines dynasties of the borders. Dr Fingland the copper tried to have me sectioned but because the UK doctors earn 40% of their 6 figure salary the medics are now on strike as a diversion from them earning that by giving to many drugs to the patients. Qu Vics bastard kids by the Rothschilds & John Brown is not nearly as big a secret as the Blind Prince George of Cumbria and Teviotdale being her only married non bigamous partner who sired Marcos Manuel later murdered by the windsors like Prince Albert (see Greg Hallets's exposures before he was disappeared).  Both the better off together & SNP movements are massive fraudsters like law enforcement & Law Society Scotland. Michael Kevin Moore MP runs an assassination bureau called Kroll in Glasgow where the SBC who sectioned me are now threatening me with a writ to BANKRUPT me and silence my political exposures. kroll were used to kill Richard Chang in the HESTER Euston Road killing where the UK Govt & MI6 blew up the 7/7 bus right outside the BMC Medical Council building with Terror BOld & Brilliant on the Ad on the London bus.  So today Ken Livingstone has been denounced for anti-semitism & a Pro Hitler ROTHSCHILD fan. John Robertson wright is a billionaire and a director on the Borders College NO PICTURES.....he lives in Ednam right under the THOMSON monument to RULE Britannia composer.  All the frauds I have reported and depicted with signed witness statements are cited again.  Ms Patricia Louise Thom has committed the whole of my web site as evidence of my @bad behaviours to Jed Sheriff Court & the Queen has had access to it since 2012....when they changed the laws of succession.  All my Gagging orders from the corrupted and complicit sheriffs are mentioned.  So back to Lt Colonel Ogilvie Hogg, the interlocks to the Scottish Aristos, the owners of all the lands & rivers.  The directorates are then exposed and the claverhouse Dundee JPMorgan linkages are cited.  Sanderson of Bowden demanded I kill salmon during the embargo for preservation reasons & he was Mrs Thatchers EU fish quota negotiar for 30 years and most of his 26 frauds as a director are now shut down.  Berwick Millitary Tatoo & the KOSB museums, charities, are profiled but the Claverhouse scams are in the next video where I find thye links to Ancrams in laws who run the Cathedral at Arundel.  Then I find Jon Aitken (the BEAVERBROOKS) and the Bruce family have their finger in till which was depicted in the Braveheart movie.  The Oxenfoord School is Pathhead where the brother of Jane Meriel Duchess of Roxburghe, Lady Jane Grosvenor's brother THE DUKE OF WESTMINSTER had an estate & I lived on it on my summer hols with my auntie MARY!  My uncles favourite pub was the freemasonic WAGGON INNN the Ancram joke about the sun god becoming the spokes of the waggon.  That is the spoke & wheel model for the ROTARY, PROBUS and MASONIC communities and the Duke of Westminster was Huttons boss at the Royal British Legion after Butcher Haig passed on & Prince Phils reputation was lost at Dunblane as the patron of the millitary orphans Queen Victoria school.  It is all a ruthless genocidal mafia op. Lord David steel Sir william Purves.  The Kerrs of Cessford were Ancrams & Roxburghe's ancestors nr Morebattle in the Cheviots like ANCRAM, the Mitfords, The Vesteys.  The Redesdale fascists have been replaced by a Fresian German Horse & Qu Victorian Cart company which are hired for weddings under the FALSE CHRISTIAN OATH.  So I show the business links to the families in Arundel, JP Morgan Claverhouse,  John Philip Henry Schomberg Scott, Jane Tuffnell NEE Rothschild, Mark Fitzallan Howard, Prof Dawson, Rt Hon Peter Lilly, Timothy Francis Razen.....the RAZES of the elite bloodlines that own the world.  Friends of Arundel Cathedral.  Stunningly Robert Kerr 1st Marquess of Lothian (episcopalian PISO in it) was educated at Leiden where the Dutch Pilgrims sailed from & was educated at VERDUN the massacre scene in WW1.  Those Pilgrims include FDR's Delanoys (NEW DEAL) bloodline and the DeLamonts.  Ancram is a clever man and these exposures mean that we increasingly meet....the CLAIRE Rothschild  BurghClere ALL IS CLEAR....the LORD TEVIOT's are the displaced Germans in the Southampton river valleys that are the test and the ITCHEN.  All the Lennox Rothschild Kerr linkage is covered up by Claire Rothschilds HARALD company with  the Rothschild arrow in king HARALd's eye.  Sir George Elliot is a link to Springwood on the Teviot & to FDRs' Springwood Estate in the USA.....all intentional obfuscation the ALL IS CLAIRE comedy on the TELLY.  Lord Cranstoun is a family relative and Alistair is a Hawick councillor who runs a commune in Agriculture & the professional rugby scams and councilor Pender (sex criminal or cover up)!.  We finish with the Pi PI pipers, Alpine Horn, Harold Wilson's pipe. The Verdun MP Lilly of the Field jokes are ruthless & Claverhouse of Dundee (but not yet JP Morgan) was Episcopalian too, right in the middle of the Covenantor wars.