100 Acre Bear Wood KP Piso Code Herod Arsenal Merson Bayer Bacharack Rot Schild 13th Century & Bayeux Harald 5 Arrow Scams

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Rothschilds Rabbits Arsenal Egypt Alex the Great HUNDRED ACRES King David Herod Harald ISRAEL Hexagram Bathsheba Piso Bible Pr Phil MountB NZ Denmark Greece Tsars Bacharach Roten Rose Schild Pr Mgt SEX Qu MUM BATARDS.JPG

The Rothschilds' Deepest & oldest secrets all wars Sides back to the Bayer Tapestry


The word ROT Schild is in the VIDEO title & the stench it leaves on world history is horrendous.  All through it into Op Winnie the Pooh in WW2 & the 100 (Kalpurrnius Piso code number & Land Division globally). So the Winnie the Pooh joke is WW2 with all the characters world leaders, Pi Pi Piso menagerie in the story and the Bible Piso Code becomes Bletchley code for all sides to profit. Tiger is Churchill, Christopher Robin is the stammering king.  The fine art paintings of Herod's head on a plate is a MASSIVE JOKE Herod is another way of spelling the HUNDREDS land grabs but King Herod was the great grandson of Arrius Calpurrnius Piso  who became the great granpa of Marcus Auraelius who launched the first BIBLE editions!  Telly Savalas is explained & the whole story sucks for over 2000 yrs.  The PISO HUNDREDS land division is explained and how it  is HERRED HARAD Harald with the Rothschild arrow in his eye & even Laurels & Hardy are the world history jokers.  The links between Augsburg Fuggers & Welshers money lenders takes us into  BABENHOUSEN right next to Frankfurt. The link to Austria is Amschel Mayer Fugger close to the Rothschild Juden Gasse official archive. All the SECRETS outed this week Australia to Br Virgin Islands.  Massel UNDBroche I cannot explain but the David Bowie Boii tribe ,Thimble & Cross Keys Saltire Flag Cluny abbey icons are just jokes about false religion & Scottis INDEPENDENCE..  Boii is BEAR, Beyer De Beer  then becomes Rothschild as Gutle Schnapper hits the bloodline nee Marcomani Baiuourii & so many other WORLD destroying surnames out of the BAVARIAN master-race roots.  John Le Beyer was on the Hundred Rolls of HERTS in 1290 and the links to Savill/Pavill are ancient.   Longshanks approved of the HUNDREDS as a PAGAN who understood PISO's vicious bible story then launched Mrs Thatchers (T the cross) POLE TAX.  So HEROD is the ROTHSCHILDS & Gutle Schnapper is Sturgeon's joke.  Can you see why they need BREXIT to divert you & false socialists like Chomsky to cover the Ye YE YEMEN Garden of Eden PISO Nile jokes.  The river in Frankfurt is the Maine and in Hitler Roths Austria it is the INN (no room for Jesus & Hannah Roths Hubby). Bono Arii is another joke about the PISO writers & the erection up Madonna's Piso Pi which is her vagina & the wedding in Scotland to BONO.  I explain how KP Kalpurrnius Piso is encoded 100 as the root of land DOMESDAY Grab the World with a pen from the Villa Papyrii our home in Naples.   The Rothschild & Fascist owned HUNDREDS in England Germany et al are IMMUNE FROM BOMBING in profiteering wartime. Some are called WARDS and the NHS strike all over the papers is to cover my exposures...Denholm Elliot made the film about rearing pigs to feed elite doctors in wartime in the no bombing zones.  The whole world is divided by 100s but they are immune from risk cos they kill the innocents.  Hester is Jester and my wife left a JOKER in the Rothschild book I cite. The Burra's are another Jesus is the ASS in the PISO Bible.  There are hundreds of Bear,  De Beers name derivatives too and it is the Bayeaux Tapestry into Longchamps son's  Four poster.  Then the Modern day jokes Jacob Rothschild is in the next vid. First more MONARCHY scams starting with Bowes Lyon the Queen mother links to the Russian TSAR Romanov ROTHSCHILD BASTARDS Grand Dukes of Russia Stalingrad & St Petersburg GENOCIDES.  Prince Philip & Charles are both MOUNTBATTENS and all the links to Milford Haven and the Danish Greek Kingdom are well kept secrets like the Mr Bean Gallipoli massacres.  Prince Phil has abused HRH and asset-stripped the Kingdom and its competence.  George VI 's semen could not sire fit children so Churchill becomes the dad of Bill Clinton, HRH & Princess Margaret using the Br Am Tobacco cigar tube for his then Clinton's cover story SEMEN sample on Lewinsky's dress.  Isaac Elchananan Bacharach Rot Schilde is the link to medieval Rothschild history ALL CONVENIENTLY TOO EARLY to be on the official ARCHIVE. Grotwally takes you into the Porridge comedy & GROTTY, Bacharach is the pop singer & on on it goes back to the early 15th century.   The Barent-Cohens are from ORANGE Holland & the Spouse De URI Yuri Geller and in the bible they are the High Priests of Israel Aaron married to his sister. Smeagol in the Lord of the Rings & WATERLOO BREE in Belgium nr the  hole in the Maginot Line.  The Battles of Boroughmuir and conscripts fighting from Pressen in Germany in Edinburghs Royal.  So the Esters Roten Schilds & Raphaels are not in the 2016 Rothschild ARCHIVE FAMILY TREE: nor are  Zur Rotten Rose Moses David schwein but they are in GENIE with the site managed by Friedman THE PROFESSOR who led the Globalism project out of Chicago University & the IMF. The Acer, Schmuel, Fugel, Bayer, Elchanan Zur roten Rose names are not bandied around for reasons explained all over my web site and we go back to 1490 in this profiling but in England/Domesday transaction's post 1066 & the hundreds carve up there are hundreds of Bear Beyer derivatives... So we transit to Holy Roman City of ULM and all the non-existent SAINTSor SANTAS, Sanity Clauses when you dissect the jokes.  Ricky Gervais in the Museum film & the Office comedy is in the 2016 bloodline but the Rothschild family man is not neccesarily the actor....ALL THE OBFUSCATION TOOLS are now obviousto you all.  Gascoigne the footballer is on the front pages today again & Bathsheba in the bible IS in the 2016 tree as Bethshabee Louise Emile Beatrix De Rothschild died 1914- 999.  The Bathsheba LOVE & LUST story is retold.  King David won her sexual favours after spotting her naked in the BATH then had her husband killed in a CONFLICT King David engineered to get her to himself with several other concubines and GOLIATH everyone remembers and sees only the heroic side.  Anatole, Calman. Philipine Mathilde Camille rothschild 1913-2014 (when the Philipines get Hit by GOD but I missed the Rothschild is another running joke. Pocohontus was a real estate seller in London as one of the earliest diversionary jokes. 

THEN WE GET DOWN TO BUSINESS & Rothamsted the Ag Research Toxins NERVE GAS speciality run by my old boss Dr Potter see links to Pauline De Rothschilde NEE Potter in earlier videos. I worked with Jeff Merson with Wellcome & at St George's Hospital & when I went to HERTS UNI (formerly College) he was working there but I didnt get the job for profiteering /corrupted reasons. Richard De Merston was the first owner of Rothamsted mansion.  Merson the scientist was in the Prof John Kelly teams  who trained me in Electrophysiology......prof Vincenzo Crunelli & I have all the Directorates that profit and launder from all over Europe 30 years after the company closed(one then: now dozens of Glaxo wellcome Edinburgh Pharma Ponzis) .  The Man who was a civil servant in NHS business deals & stats got the job I was interviewed for so they can divert govt funding into Uni Research and now all the students are in £70K debt pools when they get the 4 yrs Hons degree we all got for nothing.  Each of the students' £70K goes to the Rothschild bank Ney "Rotten Schild".  MERSON the footballer is the Massive ARSENAL joke that is Arsenoe the Pharoah (7-8 of them married to Cleopatra (7th cleo was the Liz Taylor movie with Julius Caesar & Mark Anthony).  The Arsenal FANS all understand the PI PI PISO bloodline contained Arsenoe and they sing this song en Masse Home and away THAT IS the PI PI PIso Pineapple on the head . The BLOODLINE is here all false religions Wars & ethnic cleansing in the same family hands Piso Arsenoe Roman emperors to Bush Windsor and ALL WARS ALL SIDES No Rothschilds like the rich lists SCAN DOWN ARSINOE the Pharaohs 2-300 yrs BC but the PISOS faked him up in the BIBLE now the joke in the video for the mindless masses who talk like Michael Cain.

PISO PI PI Pilgrom Pineapple from the Garden Home & Away ARSENAL song to cover the Piso Windsor Arsenoe the Pharoah bloodline

 More on Herts UNi and the links to the Cecil Peers in the next Video.