PISO WINDSOR £££ Bush World Owners part 2 WWF GREENPEACE & Global Land Grabs the ZADOK the PRIEST video

25th August 2015.    Raw Youtube Video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1s_S3_Rk84

  The Thumbnail is horrific with dead tigers & Human Genocide all run by Prince Philip Juan Carlos , The Dutch Royals and NATOS ARMIES.

WWF Prince Philip  the TIGER KILLER Sandline Mercenary Armies Rwanda Genocide RIIA BIAFRA Do they know its XMAS HAMBRO.JPG

More vital info on how the 5,000  elites who run the world by cheating killing and relentless war.  All wars, revolutions, missions, land grabs and CORRUPTED CHARITIES, ECOLOGICAL, GLOBAL WARMING SCAMS are run by the same people. They kill the rare species and the poachers then they kill millions by demonising the religions that they themselves invented. FOR PROFIT by strife, division and the ownership of the UN,  UNESCO, the ALL the BIG Banks, The Swiss Vaults, The Red Cross, GREENPEACE, The World Wildlife Fund, the ROYAL INSTITUTE for International affairs AND EVEN THE BANK OF ENGLAND (which now FUNDS only the 5000 Elites.......So this is the global mafia & my wife THE EMPLOYEE of Dr Stephen Andrew Hancocks OBE tried to divert my time on the divorce issues again this morning......she returned the wedding photos from ROTHSCHILDS Tring/HERTS where she has dedicated her life to monitoring the worlds most insightful man & she left murmuring about my mental health see my FACEBOOK page and all my revelations against the NHS & Dental professional who they now steal from in the CPD sector.  BUT ON to the GLOBAL ownership FRAUDs....and the Killing by Prince Philip & Juan Carlos of all the rare species, indigenous peoples and their immunity from liability for murdering the poachers THEN TAKING over their illicit trade and ALL OF THEIR COUNTRY's LANDMASS using the UN troops and NATOS armies.    THe fine details of what I succintly EXPOSE and the massacre of MILLIONS globally in "peacetime" CAN BE FOUND HERE. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/biggestsecret/bigsec/biggestsecret18.htm     HRH is in a dangerous corner and because she has not responded to my correspondence of a fortnight ago (recorded Delivery Mail DESPATCHED on 31st July 2015 ONE ASSUMES SHE IS ENTIRELY COMPLICIT IN THE STEALING OF THE WORLD & the KILLING of all those in-laws and contenders for the throne.  We start with the Rabbits JOKEs (from 350BC in the time of Phil of Macedonia & Alexander.  The linkages to Blair Bush & the modern day genocides in Iraq afgahnistan SOON BECOME apparent as do the genocides all over AFRICA and the BIAFRAN (do they know its XMAS Christian massacres led by IRISH profiteers with a guitar). 


We start with Zadok the Priest and queen Elizabeth the 2nds coronation.   I give a full profile of all English kings since 1066 and the Queens that changed the lyrics of the national anthem BUT NOT the bit about KNAVISH TRICKS.  I learned Zadok (played at HRH's coronation) at a school function AND MY DESTINY is to exposed the way the world is run....from HRHs involvement to Dr Fingland's role as the Governor of Kelso High School and the policeman/medic who is trying to have me SECTIONED.   I comment on the German George's and all the madly genocidal Empire owners who ARE ALL in the same BLOODLINES since 350 BC.  Victoria was the first to wear a WHITE VIRGINAL wedding dress....she was married at 12 & hade her only legit Kid at 14....the "virginal marriage" to Albert was BIGAMOUS and all her children in that era were sired by TWO ROTHSCHILD money lenders.  Then the Queen comes into the story (after the MAU MAU massacre in KENYA) and her life at the head of this vicious MAFIA will soon become NOTORIOUS.....with all the links to NAZIS, Rothschild & the Hitler Stalin Bush bloodlines. her Coronation is a joke about SOLOMON's temple WHICH is a PAGAN celebration.  THE GEO-POLITICAl, ECO CRIMES & PLANTING of QUISLING LEADERS into every state on our globe is on a par with the Warcrimes of Operation Winnie The {Pooh and the Mountbatten Operation where WE PROFILE the double agent profiteers who include the stammering king, Uncle Desmond Morton, the Blunts, ian Fleming, Hitler( the Rabbit)  Admiral Darland,  Ribbentrop, Compte De Paris, john Ainsworth Davis,( River Spree Yellow Submarine Hitler & Eva Braun release out of the bunker)  Lord Mountbatten was Charlemagne and that is an extension of this family (LINKED since LAGOS the rabbit to the PISO BIBLE AUTHOR FRAUD family).  Rothschild Hitler Stalinf family trees get a mention.  SO the massive WINDSOR wealth divide plot is then explained.....Jardine Matieson starts the links to drug running & the HAMBRO bank is all over this transcript (that is the SOE double agents in Quslings NORWAY all through WW2 when Norway was sold).  The mercedes car fleets are now in the hands of school chums and in NZ that is the DOT COM project that sadly John Key has endorsed.  Hitlers and the Rothschild banks are declared to be HRH's and LONRHO has almost 700 subsiduaries even the 90s when this was published. As I read the Diamond Banking Scams out I forget to REMIND you that BAT (the Batman in COLDITZ joke) is actually BRITISH AMERICAN Tobacco LIKE the RABBIT SIGN for Winston Churchill ....THE ICONIC CIGAR and cigarette profiteering now recognised as a toxic issue but not nearly as LETHAL as the warmongering scams.   The HAMBROS have been disappeared & the Ogilvies & MCKillops have been SAINTED .  The goldsmiths run massive scams right into the 1980s  (Goldsmits).  Melon is the Fort Knox citizens GOLD scams by FDR (Rossevelt is also in the PISO WINDSOR bloodline).  The Kings kill the legitimate claimants when they were kids in Spain & the RARE SPECIES like tigers, buffaloes and female Elephants with tiny babies that become ORPHANS.  The African scams involve Camilla's brother Mark Shand (WWF & JPMORGAN executive), Sir Alec Douglas HOME,   All the rhinos, tigers, buffalo get killed by Prince Phillip.  Prince Charles now has immunity from publication of his affairs for 50 yrs beyond his death.   The Wildlife scams precede the creation of the NATIONAL PARKS & the training of the mercenary armies & revolutionaries that commit the GENOCIDES.  I tried to profile the healthcare narcotics scandals in a journal called TRENDS IN ANESTHESIA & CRITICAL CARE.....wrote it all up for the Intesive care experts & I was forced to resign when they refused to publish it.  In Caesarian ops in the UK 1 mum dies in 180,000 ops in LIBERIA 1 in 12 dies but this could not be published by EDITOR-in-Chief PROFESSOR BRIAN POLLARD  Manchester Medical School M13 9WL.

Much more seriously KING JUAN CARLOS (who sired one of Princess Di’s kids See Greg Hallett’s stories and images) KILLED his OWN ELDER BROTHER.  Since I exposed this the sad bastard has abdicated like the DUTCH ROYALS and they put the pictures of Prince Harry, son of a MURDERED MUM, with the buffalo’s on the front page of Murdoch, Conrad Black’s, Berlusconi’s, Warner Bros, Fox, Newspapers to cover the WORLD OWNERS SINS.  None of the ordinary fundraisers and charitable contributors are SAVY enough to see through these SCAMS by the same people that RUN THE POPPY FUNDS and all the XMAS day truces for the armies they deploy in ALL THE GREAT CONFLICTS.  The Danish monarchs are mentioned in passing, with Peter Scott (& the naturalists LIKE Bellamy are covers for ROTHSCHILD board members).  PERMINDEX were the paid assassins who had JFK killed….ordered by Chruchill & Beaverbrook.  We then get int the PHARMA profiteers AKA Hoffman La ROCHE…..CIBA GEIGY and THE BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS in BASEL is right next door.  THAT is the BASEL Basil Fawlty jokes .  The Greens include Porritt see below but PETER HAIN MP in Wales runs the nuclear waste dumping scandals.  Maurice Strong runs the 1001 club & Alex King with aurelio PecceI  (the P & I beginning and ending joke0) The dahlia Lama, Kofee Annan (Married to a ROTHSCHILD with massive homes in the USA).  Only 4% of homes have electricity in AFRICA.  So that is the UN, their armies that now intimidate ALL THE PEACE LOVING companies.  GLOBAL warming profiteering is Bill Clinton’s priority (massive quadruple bypass as his reward from GOD).  Rockefellers, Carnegies and the Rhodes families are prominent. ….Carnegie now promotes DRONES SALES .  Then we get Royal Geographical UNEXCO , The Flaur & Fauna Society……and many more.  The ZOOLOGICAL societ is run by  SIR STAMFORD RAFFLES that is the Empire upon which the sun has not yet set.  WWF UK is run by Prince Phil and it has more Assetts than the Global WWF on the Business register. Eugenics was the theme of the meeting at the Hotel Cecil 100 yrs before the LONDON OLYMPICS genocide joke……THAT IS CECIL Rhodes… Poritt son of the Governor General (The GG HORSIE JOKE about the hippos GREEK for Horse).  John  Key is less powerful than the GG in NZ and he is now godfearing since the CHRISTCHURCH earthquakes occurred (that is the ENGLISH CITY where the quakes and thousands of AFTERSHOCKS were targeted around the Christian Church in the city that SELLS FUDGE….a joke about NZ’s ownership & its coercible politicians.   Mark shand was killed in one of Gods’ accidents in a revolving door in New York.  Frank Goldsmith was a mate of Churchills’. Goldsmith & the Bischoffs are mates too and they crashed the UK stock market in NORMAN Lamonts ‘regime (that is Lamont on the NM Rothschild Bank board for all his time in power under THATCHER.  The Trains get a mention (a profiteering family who founded the JP Morgan organization that Tony Blair was embarrassed by at the Leveson inquest).  Chazot calls himself MORGAN when he gets his takeaway at the Indian Restaurant in DURHAM (where I am being robbed of my kid and I am still an honorary prof cos HIGGINS the VC was brought down by me).  Then we get into the queens Equiries (LORD STRANG STEEL) and all the theft projects  in Malawi some managed by MILLIONAIRE Annie Lennox advisor to the QUISLING TREASONOUS SCOTTISH Govt.  The CROWN runs the land grabs with the Rhodes Trust, in league with NZ academics like Sir John Hood (boss at Oxford before patten on Lonrho) who is head of the RHODES trust. Tiny rowlands was HITLER YOUTH but Harley Dreighton and ANGUS OGILVY are much less well know till we reported their PHARMA Frauds.  The OGILVIES have now bee SAINTED by the Corrupted Catholic Church. & Obrien wanders free aliong the Lothian COAST.  Melchett is a character in the BLACKADDER WW1 genocide jokes but is REALLY a CHEMICAL INDUSTRY magnate who now runs the ECO monitoring GLOBAL WARMING SCAMS   with the Oppenheimers.  They are involved in the De Beers, Minorco, Anglo American.  We talk about ZIMBABWE apartheid and the thatcher Scams, Mugabe 7 Ian smith’s defection.  That is Rhodesia (Rhodes explained already)…..where the bredenkampfs sell LAND MINES (the most obvious rationale for princess dis murder by her FATHER IN LAW.  The Rwanda Genocides (Over a decade) led to the flight of medical doctors into EUROPE (FINGLAND IS THE COPPER, now profiteering Doctor & SCHOOL GOVERNOR, who like my wife from chipping Norton & Rothschild HERTS wants me SECTIONED & SILENCED).   Millions of people died ENGINEERED entirely by the designers of this NATURALIST /ENVIRONMENT driven genocide.  The same plot is unveiled in Algeria, Burundi, Afgahnistan, Cambodia Laos, sri Lanka.  Then we get on to THE RED CROSS laundering scams and my run ins with my best man’s family (they are BROWNS like Gordon & the broawnies is an ancient Masonic joke about the GOBLINS on the church roof). SADLY the Red Cross is run by the SWISS STRICTLY NEUTRAL for PROFITEERING REASONS.  The ordinary people who work in the red cross are alleged not to understand any of these roles EVEN AT HILLSBOROUGH which is cover for the SECTARIAN VIOLENCE in N IRELAND where HRH  has one of those 300 elite PALACES.  The media barons include Ted turner and Kerry Packer MASSIVE Twisters of the truth about our world.  THEN PRINCE PHIL & the MAFIAS  get IMMUNITY from prosecution for MURDERING RIVALS in profiteering from THE WWF HELICOPTERS!.  The WWF was now able to kill whover and whatever it liked LED BY THE SAS who trade Ivory & rhino horn….that is the SAS in my VJL videos, Cahill videos, Tim Spicer, & the Welsh Murders involving Jonathyon aitken whos inquest like Mark thatchers has never been published.  BIAFRA is particulary vicious cos it unites the DO THEY KNOW IT IS XMAS fraud with starvation of indigenous peoples for a laugh and the POP STARS profiteering.  Zaire Gorilla Parks cover up the more recent massacres of millions of people. The Diplomats were Kissinge, Rabin and Lord Carrington.  As in all wars the locals are the head of INTEL & Counter INTEL so every conflict becomes a replay of WW2 and The Operation Valkyrie KILL THE INNOCENTS & traffic the villains jokes. .  Then thatcher, Chalker, Kashoggi, (the twin towers Egyptian Al Fayed financiers for the 911 terror by the STATE AGAINST THE PEOPLE).   I did not know it belonged to the HANSONS Lord Jacob rothschilds George SOROS, City Bank, HSBC and several others.  The QUEEN is CIC for all the FORCES right up to NATO…..that is UN peacekeeping with Britain’sw troops at that time STILL in 30 countries THANK YOU DAVID CAMERON FOR REVERSING THIS (and HRH who meets Cameron once a week).   Major Gen Alexander was an Equiry like Strang Steel who profits from taking my son to Malawi (the annie Lennox profiteering millionaires scams under the TREASONOUS SALMOND).   Alexander is the head of the companies who are assassination bureaus . That is boateng, SAS led Sandline,  Gen sir mike Jackson, Hemel Hemstead my Brother in law Dr Stephen Andrew Hancocks OBE,  Mrs Valerie Jane Lees.  & the Harris Rothschild families that spend their lives asset stripping the country.  The assassination CORPS have a permanent office in papua new guinea…..who were in league with mercenary killers SANDLINE….based in more than 40 peace loving countries.   Those mercenary companies  like Defence systems LTd (becomes BAE Systems over time) are in Bogota, the club of the isles, Washington, Ruanda, Sarajevo, and On & ON…..over 20 brutal years when the EU won the peace prize.    Arms were traded with sierra Leone (paid for by DIAMOND blood money to Executive Outcomes TONy Buckingham & the SAS then the sad bastards betray ANGOLA and launch the stocks in TORRONTO). Buckingham is in League with SANDLINE AND David steel (who interlocks with the massive Syrian FLEMING RUN companies that is the BOND WW2 SCAMS).  David steel (lives in publicly built KEEP TOWER)was my MP in Scotland he runs NHS frauds energy frauds, & is on the queens PRIVY Council.   He is tied into the SNP Scottish Govt Trams scams and as a CROWN AGENT he is tied irrevocably into the UN, the World Bank, Balkans, Jardine-Matheson, Chevron, Exon Mobil, Apartheit in the Rep of south Africa, Sarajevo, The crown agency,  BP Royal dutch Shell, Cadbury, gen Motors, Coca Cola.  My wife called earlier to try and get my morning dedicated to reproducing my family wedding photos and as I refused she left MURMURING out load about my MENTAL HEALTH & MY NEED for EMERGENCY MEDICAL attention.    AS I said when I played the Coronation ZADOK anthem I was BORN FOR THIS JOB and am really looking forward to meeting my makers when they think that my time on this beautiful earth is over!  I have nothing to HIDE and everything they want me to expose WILL BE OUTED (with pictures of all the heroes and RUTHLESS VILLAINS).