Murray PISO, Kers & Sutherlands & the Frog BERTIE Princes over the Channel & into the Bishoprick of the Moray ABBEY & RAF Kinloss.

The french Connection & "Christianity" replace the Scots, the Picts & the Gaels then WW1 &2

Bush Windsor Piso Bloodline Guy Innes-Ker Murray Sutherland Pogues Waltzing Matilda Empire Speech Glasgow Stammering Wndsor King Ibrox Mathieson Dalglish JUSTICE Picts Gaels GONE.JPG

Here I expose the ANCIEN French-Sottish Alliance which as you will soon realise steals all of SCOTLAND's ownership of what belonged to the PICTS & GAELS!  Stolen by the CHRISTIAN figureheads as they head west to the YMCA, the Irish sectarian troubles .....all following the arrival of W W W William the conqueror who ROBBED the indigenous kings BLIND (that is Harold at Hastings by the way with the ARROW in the eye).  I start with the PISO Bush Windsor Bloodlines again and we move from 400AD to 1066 and THEN WE FIND THE MURRAYS (of Tennis Rangers FC infamy) but Morays within one hundred years of 1066 were the Bishop of Moray in Spynie CATHEDRAL right next door to where Madonna got married for a laugh at world ownership.  Our French teacher  was HIRAM taylor and his son is MIKE who seems nervous about my research.   Hiram is the cornerstone joke in SOLOMON's TEMPLE & an icon for freemasonry in FRANCE.....that is the Creme de la creme Miss Jean Brodie FASCISM in central SCOTLAND where the Antonine NERVA movement built the Antonine wall from the Lothian Coast -OBAN/GLESGAE.  This may be construed as RACISM but I love the FROG prince myths and retell them here....which leads us to fascism in WINDSOR, Paris and Mrs Simpson buried as a National heroine in FROGMORE cemetary.  All of the mythology I present has an ICON of a POOKAH in the corner. That is the Rabbitts ears Elephants trunk Operation wWnnie the Pooh WARTIME profiteering Double AGENT INTEL Jokes.  The Queen was 60 in 1986 when Mrs Simpson died (after living her war SAFELY in PARIS).  Then we introduce the Queen Mum (the Maid from downstairs)  and the horseracing GG jokes that hinge on the PISO/Horse/Hippos icons.  Princess Mgt becomes embarassing for sexual appetites THAT IS THE SNOWDEN  false news engaged in by Prof Kenneth Callman at Glasgow UNI who made Snowden the false news item RECTOR at Glesgae. But those are the modern outcomes lets take you back to the missing links in the PISO Windsor Dynasty that I have exposed in the last 2-3 videos.  At no point have I hinted that the French connection is the FROG joke...that would be incorrect even though 50 million died in WW2.  

 So into SCOTIA and where Christianity hits the family...... but first we find the DAGBERTS (the Berty joke in the kings speech movie & Prince Albert married to the woman WHO WAS ALREADY a teenage mum THAT is Queen Vic and SHE LAUNCHED the VIRGINAL WHITE WEDDING DRESS as a massive joke for the Germans (not Albert though her bigamous second husband) & the Rothschilds who sired 9 of her kids to plant profiteering ROYALS into palaces all across Europe SOON TO BE AT WAR  WITH EACH OTHER in 1914, then again in 39....THE WHOLE WORLD IS ENGAGED in the Rothschilds profiteering masterplan.  I briefly take you back to HEROD, arius Culpurnius Piso (herods grandson) then Marcus aurelius (Arius C Pisos Great Grandson).  After 140AdDChristianity heads north right up to the Baltic and West to Dunkirk.  We track the names and their links to the PISO ancestors. we se the Evochildes and the RADE (reds) appear and the precursor for ROTHSCHILD is not difficult to see. I discuss the beggs and the early connection to the Fowlers, the Evo childes and the links to belgium & WATERLOO !!!!! The hole in the Maginot line. Then I find the KEY that exposes the involvement of the Kers, The murrays/Morays (the archbishops in Moray where Madonna was spliced)  THE FRESKIN name opened my eyes.... He was my inspiration leading to the MURRAYS & the SUTHERLANDS, King David I.  Andrew Murray (not the false news Dunblane massacre plant) fought with Wallace (who was a very good French and Latin speaker....THE GIVEAWAY he was in the inner circle like his UNCLE played by brian Cox.....ARGYLE (who also spoke French & Latin). We remind you of the Pi Pie Piso jokes and the CLUNY abbey icon being the cross keys then the SALTIRE FLAG.  Then Piesley (PAISLEY CATHEDRAL)  & all of it leads to the launch of George Clooney!!!!!!.  The reading writing thing changed the world since 1914 when the Royals launched the BROTHELS under the F word joke Fornication, Under, Consent of the King....& the rights to pay for sex (previously only landowners qualified for sex) The summer wars kept the numbers of parents down and their children were fuel for abuse in the priesthood-elite landowners (HUSBANDMEN) and that becomes the DUNBLANE CADET school for orphans PATRON Prince Philip.  So back to FRESKIN (Stathbrock West Lothian estates).  He was Flemish and (THE FLEMING families are all out of the flemish hanseatic trade pacts) that is Holland-Dunkirk and eventually the blinding death of Harold with the Arrow.  Sadly the BRAVEHEART myths are a joke both the blue painted picts and the GAELs are already culled.  The falls news people are searching for the missing mr Spyvie (cover for where Bishop Moray was based in Spynie Abbey).  The MORAVIANS are de Moravia  (MURRAY-Moravingian, BERTIE, Corolingian dynasties).  The Murrays are the landowners at BLAIR ATHOLL and I met a lovely horsey girl from there stable tw days back.  The links to the Douglases and the Mummers in Ireland are explained then it becomes the buccleughs, FRESKIN of KERdale have come from french and flemish speaking nations (that is through BERWICK Barwick. Spynie Cathedral & St NINIan are the KNIGHTS who say NI in the Pythons jokes.  The Ker INNES tiffs are now resolved and the INNES landowners are now like the DINOSAURS!  The murrays are from the Moray coast region where the RAF Kinloss base is and the weddings in elite SCOTIA are the Notting Hill Wedding  with Simon Callow the Shakespearian expert in the cast ....THAT is all the Elite author false news on Lady Macbeth, Prince Eddy & the Jack the Ripper murders/Glamis Castle diversions from what happened in Whitechapel.....all  covered by the masons in the Met police.  We introduce the Murray coat of arms' with the FETTES link too BLESSEDLY Sir Stephen House resigned today after the hammering I have given him for defrauding law enforcement SCOTLAND and Selling us to the CROWN OFFICE in the REFERENDUM.  BLAIR estate and Blair Atholl links into my familiy's history.  Great great Aunt from Blairgowrie.  The Freskin was unlikely to be PICTS or GAELS and they sweep up the land sequestered by King David I   (who built Kelso and many other Scottish Abbeys).  The SWORD & the CHRISTIAN CROSS are effectively these are the protection rackets run by Prince Bishops in County Durham but Warlords all over Scotland and into IONA.  All the warlords sainted LIKE SIR STEPHEN HOUSE who resigned yesterday UNDER A MASSIVE BURDEN OF GUILT since I exposed him and all the fettes, Condon, Met Police, Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, Northumbria Uni Chancellor, Lord Stephenson of the Sell the Leveson secrets…….all of it caving after our disclosures of how they asset strip the country in league with the G20-30 and secret societies run by the ARISTOS, the Monarchy, The Judiciary, The media and the PM in Englands’ drinking club. Anyway back to the FRENCH/BELGIAN Frankish German MAFIAS.  

So back to FRESKIN and Moray (The EELS can inflict horrible wounds) & the DE MORAVIANS get in bed with the Morays to generate the SHUGS (Hugh de Moravia) & W W W William de Moravia) becomes the Bothwells in the BORDERS where the Armrstongs came from and they LANDED ON THE MOON later.  That is the Bothwell lovers of the beheaded queen Mary.   The Arundel NORFOLKS (longshanks friends) sweep up from HASTINGS and William Wallace was an inferior as a SOLDIER to the real SIR ANDREW MURRAY  (Hallidon Hill 1333).  When Christianity comes in it is in the form of Archibald the Grimm (that may not be the Professor Grimms of the Gottinghen 7 that launch the ARRIAN MASTER RACE jokes).  The Murray tartans are displayed (another Rab C Nesbitt Joke: the VESTARIUM is the SKYE McLoed REGISTER OF OFFICIAL Scottish tartans.  That is McLeods of  SKYE, & Sinking Ships for Lloyds of London fame with the SHOFAR JEWISH bugle that becomes the FOX Hunting icon all over the fascist horsey world…. NOT many of the foxhunters understand all those jokes.   Then we get an immense listing of names in the Scotia Landowning sectors which can be found here.

  Please look at it all the people that keep coming into my fraud videos are repeatedly named  DRUMMOND, MACKAY, McKinnon, McClaughlin, Livingstone of Africa, McLeod, ARNOTT, ANDERSONS MATHIESON, MEZIES, MOFFAT, (it is now pissing down outside)MURRAY, OLIPHAUNT, RIDDELL, ROBERTSON, ROSSES Scrimgeour, Ruthven, SUTHERLANDs WEMYSS, ARMSTRONGS, BLACKADDER, BISSETTS (MULL Knox House), BOSWELL, BUCHANAN, CALDER (I met Findlay the Scottish Rugby hero last week).    Next we move down the PISO-Windsor Bush timeline.  I look up those that catch my eye THE DA VINCIs at 400 AD, Childericks , CLOVIS,  NIcene  St Ninian, and in 79 Ad we had a quake….on the Dunblane IONA Antonine wall.  Begga was probed because I was a friend of Prof Evan Begg in Christchurch.  Once again I show how the “Paul” and “Patrick”  et al ……OTHO is the Otto PISO Hippos Joke and is the OTTO ONION sellers in WW2 & 1950s all over GB.  OTTO and all the PIUS references are jokes about direct PISO relatives….the HENRY the FOWLERS,  Pepin of Waterloo/Belgium. Ottos spouse is MATILDA and if you listen to the POGUES singing Waltzing Matilda (WALTZING FAME IN AUS)  IT IS ANOTHER JOKE about the ANZAC war dead in Gallipoli.  The FOWLER birds quails, Ducks take you back to the Egyptian Hyerogliphics.  …..We close on HEROD who had “JESUS” executed and was the Great GRANPA of Arius Calpurrnius PISO (the Man) IN THE ROMAN COURT.  That is PISO who was the great Granpa of Marcus Aurelius.   Lord Lucan is LUCAN who the PISOS wrote into the story  AS LUKE THE AUTHOR and he became the MAID murderer in LONDON in the 1970/80s.   I will cover the EGYPTIAN GODS like RA in a later video but the HUMANS, as you now know, have almost entirely bypassed the GODS in the heavens….another story is told about SCOTTISH VESTS being a cover for an Egyptian deity.   THE SEMMET.    So OUR HISTORY IS A MASSIVE FRAUD & all the romanticism on WALLACE, BRUCE & the PICTS GAELS is just a BLOODBATH led by very clever and GREEDY PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER the CHRISTIAN EMPIRE.  Never forget that the PISOs also wrote the QUORAN and all the divide and conquer denominations and sectarian violence is all part of the same story….THAT is Robert Maxwell and the Brutish Swedish armies that were involved in the 30 years war AND THE WITCHES GET BURNT EVERYWHERE. “JESUS”’ take home message. LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR totally ignored.  The Catholic child trafficking into the orphanages stopped only in 2005 see Greg Hallett and the summer war/ FUCK royal brothels.  Princess Sophie please drop me a line  if you are still  being abused in those Royal Bedchambers.  END of story till I catch up on the next few generations that take is into THE WINDSORS & THE AMERICAN PRESIDENTS.   The YOUTUBE word limit is wasting huge chunks of my precious time.