Murdoch1 Madonna & Lord Leveson join the 2000 yr old Religious Lawless Fraud team as COP Sir Stephen House (£250K/yr salary Assett stripper for G4S, United Force Real estate Debt Pool) BAILS OUT

1st Sept 2015

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MURDOCHS launched into 1000yr Bible Fraud

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The BIBLE WORLD OWNERSHIP frauds are ASTOUNDING.  The Bloodlines from the PISO authors take you right into the WORLD's elite families.  I NEED TO SHARE IT WITH YOU QUICK for my own safety.  We start with the SCOTTISH treason and the selling of SCOTLAND. We start with David Murrays Golf Course opposite the BORDERS COUNCIL (ran by Alisdair Hutton, the head of Borders Council, The Las Vegas millitary Tatoo, Walter Scott Club, Abbotsford Trust and Dozens of non-Executive DIRECTORSHIPS on profitable scams from the SRU company, Director of the RBL, Christian preacher & hubby to Dierdre head of the NHS health frauds (NHS BORDERS & later queen of the quangos) to the BORDERS CHAMBER of Commerce registered in GLESGAE.  The Moira Anderson killings co-incide with the launch of Stephen House's assett stripping diversion , lARNOT MANDERSON created for profit to release  Sheriffs like HALLEY who I am gagged from communicating with cos they cover up the illegitimacy of the British Crown for 163 YEARS.  That is the crown who own scotland and the CROWN OFFICE/Law Society/ Scottish police (THAT IS POLIS in THE PISO JOKE)  So the Moray Firth, the Morays of Scotia and the Moravians of Bohemia in Czekoslovakia are all explained....and the links to tennis and massacres in Dunblane schools tie in neatly to the more recent TREASONOUS crimes of Michael Mathison SCOTTISH JUSTICE SECRETRY, Kenny McCaskill his predecessor and Salmond the banking magnate who sold his country.....with the whole hearted support of SIR STEPHEN HOUSE (Salary rose to £250K same month as he was knighted by the CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY that bought Scotland again. That is Law enforcement Scotland all the sick profiteers trained at FETTES and THE CROWN OFFICE that run all the LAW COURTS NORTH of BERWICK, Coldstream, Birgham and Sir Alec Douglas Homes' home at the HIRSEL (where he lived when he carpet bombed ADEN (the Gaden of Eden Joke) for BP and the CROWNS holdings in the globalised big four OIL company scams.  But First our treasonous history and the ROLE for DORNOCH & Caithness .  Madonna was married the day after her youngest child was christened at DORNCH (Vicar BROWN, the Brownie, Big Ears, Girl Guides, Church Roof Goblins jokes are all explained) and the press get hit on for taking photos of this).   MATHIESON has signed documents that expose the TRIDENT weapons Scandal that has never been taken on IN LAW or even in the REFERENDUM....see this page & all the signed witness Statements & THE FORMAL RECEIPT from Matheison THE JUSTICE SECRETARY who took over from THE COMPLICIT figureheads in the REFERENDUM SCAM  McCaskill was the equivalend of a Police Commissioner in England's Counties (but House and He are OBLIGATED to form a SINGLE UNITED FORCE as they cash in on the police properties and pay for them from the Llloyds & G4S massive toxic debt pools. Same dirty tricks they pulled in privatising care homes, Scottish Water, All the Energy scams.  But the religious fraud is massive and I explain how the MURDOCHS get signed up soon after the WW W William the Conqueror ARMIES OF CHRISTIAN MISSIONS ARRIVE.  The Murdochs get sent to the colonies by the LEVESON GOWERS (who just happen to be THE SUTHERLAND DUKES and DUCHESSES who are buried in DORNOCH with Adam of MELROSE and the GILBERT characters that link to the GILBERT TRUST, the Brunos of boxing & the world bank and BARON TAM DALYELL of LABOUR & FRIENDS OF ISRAEL.  The Moray Firth also hosts RAF kinloss and the Carnegie super elites (who hosted the Madonna wedding diversions under the alias of SKIBRO (pun intended see Moravia BROS jokes that link neatly into David Murray's Jesus (piso code 600) Donkey It Bros IBROX jokes that is where George the VI stammered out his speech in 1936 at the IBROX Commonwealth Exhibition).  Then launched WW2 and won the oscars for reminding us that the W W W william the C and WINDSORS run the team all over EUROPE by familicide and genocide (LONG AFTER RELIGION deployed the same tools out of NAPLES for the PISOS).   I reveal the secrets of the EPISCOPALIAN church it is actually the Better off together movement with massive links to JUSTIN WELBY in Canterbury and the ANGLICAN CHURCH.  The Treaty of BIRGHAM is one of LONGSHANK's BIGGEST SECRETS that keeps Scottland subordinate to ENGLAND (with a bit of help from NORWAY) and I almost died in a car crash at that place.  The cover ups of Rifkind, Sir John Anthony Chilcot in the war crimes in Iraq, Libya , Afgahnistan and all around the world in the CENTRAL BANKING FRAUDS IN EVERY COUNTRY ACROSS OUR WORLD.  The Leveson Gowers & the LEVESON/SUTHERLAND LINKAGE is a massive globalised diaspora for the SCOTTISH POOR (replaced by sheep & clerics for a NON existent messiah) . The abbeys are run by warlords and you should see Louis VI"THE FATS"  record  in brutality....they crucified people by the TESTICLES....and you should thank you lucky stars you were born AFTER 1945 when everybody was taught to READ. .

The PISO Pied piper, Floors Castle PISO author jokes that used to be HAROLD WILSON's PIpe and Alisdair Huttons PI America it is their Land of the Free joke with SOLOs on the PIcollo.

The PRESS GANGS now behave like they did at Madonna's wedding.  Falkirk is cover for LORD HAW HAW (Joyce like the MP for Falkirk last traitor to be EXECUTED for treason) & cover for religious fraud in HALKIRK in the NORTHERN branches of the Morays Mornays and all the treasonous jokers.  Big EARS & NODDY are part of BEAVERBROOKS jokes on the POOKAHS, the Holy Grail is the GOBLET/GOBLINS on every church roof in the CHRISTIAN EMPIRES.  The hearts and bones of freemasons and traitors like Robert the Bruce and ADAM of Melrose get buried in DORNOCH CEMETRY OR ABBOTSFORD , next to David Murrays Golf Course, The Jesus donkeys  & I forgot the statue of William Wallace which is HIDDEN IN THE WOODS right next door to BUTCHER HAIG’s mansions (still surrounded by HORSES)……see Ally Moffat RECTOR AT St Andrews’ Uni now, Head of BBC Scotland and MELROSE BOOK CLUB FASCIST with Jim Naughtie.   The Episcopal Church uses KP (Kalpurrnius PISO BIBLE FRAUD AUTHOR) on its CEDAR roof (a joke about Solomon’s pagan temple LINKED IRREVOCABLY to Global freemasonry).  Doornoch becomes the Doorknocker through the Lions (Sphinx is a lion lying down in EGYPT) nose.     I refer you to the list of elites who opt out of being on the elite listings Dukes of atholl Gowrie & THE HAIGS AGAIN!!!!!

GILBERT DE Moravia in the Czeck republic (the BOHEMIAN rhapsody by Queen) PAPACY and their mmunity from the PLAGE in the great SCHISM.  Gilbert is the LINK to the MURDOCHS.  The Duke of Roxburgh’s Trysting tree was taken down by LIGHTNING as it is used to laugh at the sacrifice of all your dead ANCESTORS.  My first home was on the Balfours farm and I lived right next to the Burgons, The Wemyss’ and the HAYS who now keep the register of clans and claimants.  St Andreas of Caithness is likely to be the launch of St Andrew PATRON sanit of 19 countries including RUSSIA &  Lydia (where St George slayed the dragon) in Tel Aviv!!!!!!!   St Andrew’s church is the EPISOPALIANS and they have allowed me to befriend a MR DICK (that is the Dickensian character in David Copperfield who controversially do not let the DONKEYS walk in front of their home on the cliff top).   Then I expose the ABBOTSFORD Cabal: Lord Sanderson of Bowden, Alistair Brookes former owner of EDNAM HOUSE now SOLD into the big four auditors TOXIC DEBT POOL.  The Masonic cabal includes the Walter Scott Club members like HUTTON & BOWDEN……they share the jokes about the PIED pipers leading the war dead LIKE Arrian RATS to their deaths in distant lands.  Bowden crashed the Clydesdale and the supermarket that was Aldays into the COOP VERDE Lloyds Debt POOLS.  The Episcopalian story is registered in GROSVENOR SQUARE, Edin and ties us into the Duchess of Roxburgh (who is not allowed to visit her three children IN FLOORS CASTLE which means PISO)…..that is the Grosvenors who are  BORN britain’sw richest family THE DUKES OF WESTMINSTER.  The Duke of Westminster is  Alisdair Huttons BOSS as a DIRECTOR at the Royal British Legion.  Oswald Moseleys family (LEGENDARY FASCIST & Lord Haw Haw’s old boss before he joined the 60,000 non combatants in the war office) run the BURKES Peerage elite bloodline registrations.  The DUFFS/DUFFUS get a mention to  and my rugby playing mate who works for BT after he travelled the world with the MERCHANT NAVY So Gilbert De Moravia links us to the BROS/BRNO town in Bohemia and in Scotland they are the St Gilberts of DORNOCH (the Murray icons on the shields, Poisson D’avril, First of april jokes, Goldfish Penis, Yom Kippoor HERRING KIPPER JOKES) Fish is the penis and Sex on a Friday & FRIA is the pagan NORSE goddess of Beauty and Love.  Gilbert of Moravia/Caithness/Doornoch/MORAY Firth died 1245 actually  launched the MURDOCH LINEAGE  as the MUIREDACHS…..& the Murdock lookalikes at the Ja Jehovahs opted out of the service yesterday in favour of selling Pi Pi Pi Pies at the FLOORS CASTLE (translates as PISO).  The Yarrow river is the Ya Jehova joke too.  The now dead legless Duke of Buccleugh is alleged to be a really decent local leader which KINDA scotches my pathology theory!   This has parallels in the LEVESON enquiry when all the world leadership teams get remunerated by the LEVESONS of Aintree Liverpool who confirm that they have been ABUSED by the worlds’ medias which they totally own.  We finish on the massive CALDERA that is the volcanic residue of BORDERS HISTORY.  Then we discuss Dick De Moravia….who was killed fighting against the VIKINGS.  Finally we get to Bishops from HALKIRK moving to the safer DORNOCH….now policed by NATOs fly boys.  Dick may well be a myth too.

So we have tied together all the interlocking jokes on Jesus the Donkey, the Masonic profiteers from the chaos and carnage they create by leading the world this way.  THE TREATY of Birgham & the links to LONGSHANKS’ sense of JUSTICE became known to me earlier this week….I nearly died between Birgham and the Scottish English border on the Tweed at ORR.  Then we discuss all the HUME/HOME “pacifists, philosophers and HORSEY Lib Dems……who built folleys and name the Bridge in Sarajevo where the Archduke was killed to spark WW1.  Jim Hume the SNP refused to help me and unfriended me when I started to release the HORRIBLE PISO HISTORIC CRIMES but the likely cause of our local rift was HIS allegiance to the HORSEY ELITES COMMUNITY all over his facebook wall the GG joke.   Then we show you MORNAY the Geordie from County Durham who barters for land in the BRAVEHEART MOVIE as an ARMSTRONG….Then my computer gets crashed cos I talk about Armstrong Nixon and the MOON Project in 1968.  Armstrong is a rebel from Langholm where Rab C Nesbitt was born & raised.  Man got to the moon when Computers were the size of your average BEDROOM……now they are compact enough to sit in your phone….BUT when I mention ALLY MOFFAT the current rector of St Andrews (post held by Butcher haig) UNi, a kelsonian, Millionaire Head of BBC Scotland & Melrose book Club fascist THEY manage to crash my computer…..see MURDOCH & Du Plessis Black French Protestants video in the NAPOLEONIC (Naples cover for the PISOS)  revolution where 600,000 poor people were culled by close relatives of Louis XIV AKA Bonaparte who later became a KING’s dynasty in Paris and into WW1.


Murdoch2 & French Protestant Moray Du plessis join the 2000 yr old Religious mafias as Armstrong Nixons Land on the Moon & Brutalize the GOLDEN TRIANGLE

They shut down video 1 on the MURDOCH links to the religious & geopoloitical  frauds when I got to Ally Moffat and butcher Haig as RECTORS of St Andrew's University.  AND all the propaganda that Moffat releases on Scottish genes associated with greatness (Armstrong the rebels of Scotland & the moon Shot leader Neil Armstrong & the icon for electoral fraud out of Watergate WHO IS NIXON.....the Genocidal leader of the Vietnamese GOLDEN TRIANGLE & LATIN AMERICAN Narcotics genocides.  Moffat sells these SCottish gene LEGENDS as a tourist trap.  Then I show you the LAW ENFORCEMENT Scotland Stephen House jokes.....please note the headlines on Video 1 on the £500,000 pay-off for Superintendent Sir Stephen House as he defects having dismembered & assett stripped SCOTTISH POLICING.  I introduce our local politicians and the POLICE SCOTLAND administrators/bureaucrats.....that is David Kennedy, Graham Ednie, Calum steele (cover for my MP Calum Ker and my ex MP Sirs David Steele.  Brian Docherty is chairman on one of the tiers of highly paid Police FED Scams.   One of them is a joke about MIRREN bravehearts Executed wife......all for the sick treasonous laugh.  Madonnas wedding was held at SKIBO castle on the Moray firth coast at the Carnegie castle venue.   Then we visit Mornay and its 573 communes next to Basel FAWLTY where WW1 was sparked.  The Burgons were at Floors yesterday and the freemasonic networks all across EUROPE are massive.  The 500 communes become chaotic and in Scotland we reduce the 8 district policing hubs TO ONE UNITED FORCE TO KEEP THE COSTS AND EFFICIENCY TO INTERVENE IN CROWN DOWN IN THE FRAUD BASEMENT.  Then we introduce Philippe De Mornay the Black French PROTESTANT and ANTI-MONARCHY activist born 5th Nov 1549.......All the sectarian and activist movements are divide & conquer strategies......and in religion then revolutions against monarchy elites IT WORKS LIKE A GENOCIDAL DREAM as 600,000 are killed just cos they are poor.  Then I remind you of the KP Piso & insous Jesus IHS jokes on the Scottish church roofs again......the Moray frenchman is A DU PLESSIS  That is the aparteit regime, British American Tabacco and the links to Hamilton, my uncle Gilbert, church of Scotland profiteer and HAMILTON Park bus Empire fraudsters....all of them have pathologies because of what they do for the church of Scotland  in Africa and they scam the costs for nursing theior own mum in their own home as employees of Edinburgh city council in all the frauds from trams to PPP schools and hospital scams. I finish with Gilbert of moray to the Murdochs again Muiredach is the MURDOCH global elite diaspora as the worlds leading profiteering PROPAGANDIST that is Rupert Murdoch of the CIA & Bush family fame. It becomes the world ownership team.  LORD LEVESON is from Liverpool and they were based in Caithness and all of the sick profiteers take us into the holy lands or global conflict AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY.   THEY NOW OWN THE ISSUANCE OF MONEY THROUGH EVERY CENTRAL BANK ON THE GLOBE (and all of them get what they deserve in the end see UNCLE GILBERT's pathologies and all through their profiteering CHRISTIAN MISSIONS FRAUDS & INTO EDINBURGH CITY HOSPITAL .  Murdoch is not at all godfearing either but see all the pathologies the CHIPPING NORTON & Charity scamsters get & YOU WILL SOON REALIZE THE GODS ARE ONTO EVERYTHING THEY DO IN TRHE NAME OF THE FICTITIOUS JESUS.  So it is global and I understand how it works to take us into chaos on every country RENDERED LAWLESS by the elites and the law enforcers called the POLIS just a tiny part of the PISO world ownership GENOCIDE jokes.