Ivanhoe & closing the zipper on your GENES Buccleughs, Scotts, Armstrongs, Montagues replace the Sun God & ChainPrima nocte/Silence FEMALE wrongdoers who then become the Colonists or the staff downstairs.

George Lees 10th Sept 2015     The You Video below has a censored descriptor IT IS A MASSIVE JOKE about FREEDOM GLOBALLY 

Yes that is Englands icon on the ENGLISH CRICKET & FOOTBALL JERSEYS & three christian crosses


If you can suss out who Walter Scott THE AUTHOR  was then you are a better researcher than me.  He wrote ivanhoe and we start with its romantic pagentry.  Sir Walter  became the CURATOR of ALL THE FLATENED BORDERS ABBEYS & the profiteering and violence by the warlords in the planting of Christianity into Scotland and Ireland. The Landowners all have PRIVATE EPISCOPALIAN chapels with neck braces for fallen women on the outer wall (that is fallen women at the hands of the priesthood & DUKES.   So the Dukes of buccleugh in Langholm and the Dukes of Sutherland from Caithness to the Tweed have the same.  Those who dont get raped get sent to the colonies to make room for the SHEEP.  We start with LOCAL legends called the Mowbrays (who lived in BROOMlands.....& BROOM is the icon for LONGSHANKS & the PLANTAGENET Moray/Murray incomers from FRANCE (Morovingian then Carolinian christian warlords).  So the thumbnail for MOWBRAYS above is the icon on THE ENGLISH CRICKET JERSEY & the English Football badge for GREAVES (in the news this week & HURST) and it also becomes the bedroom Broom Joke. The MontBray joke is the mountain to a molehill and DONKEY (jesus) braying jokes.  THE GIFTS of lands to the BERTIES (W W William the Conqueror kings speech joke again).  The Broom was burnt at JFKs funeral too.  So Broomlands hosted the boy scouts girl guides and that is the PUKA Big Ears Elf and Justin Welby POIL exec at ELF jokes. Montbray is near calvados (famous for the BURNING liqueur...near the NORMANDY coast and right next to THE CHANNEL ISLANDS very useful to the launderers in peacetime and W wartime. Calvados is the HOLE in Normandy trou de Normande joke right next to the Bourne Leisure BUTLINS subsiduaries in the Channel Island havens. The free french activists were slaughtered by the RAF in their ROAD to ROUEN bombing campaigns.  We explain the Fr bishop ODO warlord agenda which is FRODO in the Lord of the rings joke. The benedictine monasteries all over Britain within two decades of 1066 are WARLORDS and Kelso abbey was gifted vast tracts of land over in the cumbria region Nr Langholm (where Rab C Nesbitt was raised).  The Mowbrays broker the deals as friends of LONGSHANKS and the High Marshalls (PISOS that became the dukes of Norfolk in ARUNDEL & friends of Colin Cowdret see cricket shield with wickets THE THREE Ts on Calvary hill).  So Staplegortoun we find and it lAUNCHES John Stapleton into the BBC team in the New York.  My neighbours can be quite THICK but they are clever enough to launch THE MOST ELITE Christian profiteers of all The EPISCOPALIAN joke with the PISO name in it (and registered HQ in Grosvenor Square Edinburgh). Then I introduce the bolton Bowler hats Mary Poppins joke.  so religion is crawling like the life of BRIAN the snail with ZEBEDEE on the BBC every night with STAPLETON. Then we go West like religion and introduce you to the Buccleughs Parish church 800 seats!  Then I get touched by the heavenly sun god nostalgia 1300 years BC and my experiences in NZ and all our visits to Mount Cook in NZ....when the Christian fraudsters wearing the Horsey Hippos christian fraud PISO boots just get DOWNPOURS.....that is Dr Jones, Omar Sharif Notting Hill miss Scott movies....and how the GODS get their own back everywhere false religion and pagan culls go. So I show you Mt Cook haloed by SUNSHINE and the innocence of animism is highlighted.  jones became Dean but was head of Biochem where the Lamonts still work with the Kruzes of texas, the griffins of Ireland and the Rothschild trust in Auckland.  The warlords include St Patrick who LIVED in GLESGAE ...the Kirkpatrick Fleming jokes which is about PATRICIANS the posh elites in ROME and it becomes the PLEBGATE scandal in Downing street. Then I tell the st Cuthbert saga. He was buried in his beloved holy Islands but against his will the CHRISTIAN Kaaching movement buried him in the massive Durham cathedral UPSTANDING since 1070 and St C was just a tourist exhibit like the massive Dukal stately homes.  So we explore Rutland and its disued church...it is the NORMANTON church joke about the ritland Dukes The HECTOR & GILBERT HEATHCOTE jokes....they are the Lord Mayors of London, overnors of the Bof E when the JACOBITES were being slaughtered by the BUTCHERS OF CUMBERLAND in the land gifted to Kelso Abbey that is now a worthless ruin (Walter scott its CURATOR).  Then the roxburgh  Sutherland Dukes get the landsand the COLONISTS are evicted.  I got evicted from the Normanton Pier (the st Peter joke)! But i am smarter than them.. Now the church is for civil marriages. then I explain the greek Latin French inner circle that William wallace explains in BRAVEHEART.  so the hector heathcote character is the Pi Pi Piper PISO joke and it kills all the US indians tHE 500 nations joke and the KILTED pipers all in the war graves sector now. Today HRH Liz II is the longest living queen Britain has ever had and hers is the only regime that has never condoned PAN CONTINENTAL CONSCRIPTION (with the exception of Korea Vietnam, aden and Egypt).  Heathcoate though is just a typical Gulliam the conqueror Bertie jokes the WW W Wndsor story.  and East India Company scams....my BIMBO next door was scammed by Lloyds (and thinks that is a scandal) but the Queen brings in huge profits for the UK.  Then we show you the CARVE UP that is the DUKEDOMS and the suppression of the people by mysterious & ancient bloodlines that do not live anywhere near their titled estates.....HALF THE VIDEO and MOST OF THE "FREE WORLD" scammed this way with input from Ayr RABBIE BURNS romantic deaths, Wordsworth Poems,  Christian DEBENTURES to buy your Soul into heaven (Run by the revolutionaries like the Armstrongs who got to the moon SCAMS too) . The gods go balistic and inflict the sever winters and the churches get gas at the same time as the death camps do & there is a massive black cloud above Kelso ABBEY now. We deploy chemicals in Agriculture & Fisheries & we go across to Langholm that had magnificent sea trout fisheries just one generation ago. Then we introduced the TONGUE GAG Mask that is the BRANKS . Used against outspoken WOMEN by disapproving husbands ….one assumes it may apply to the Duchess too but the HERMITAGE castle near Langholm was a home to Mary WQueen of Scots who lost more than her right to speak.  The church owners become the Bishop War lords less than 100 years after 1066 & we are not allowed to smack our children.   I scan out and find Staplegourton becomes Stapleton and nearby we have Castleton and the HALO Trust landmine charity scam. We profile the landowners of all THE PRIVATELY OWNED RIVER VALLEYS.  The buccleughs Scotts Earls of Dalkeith, Haddington, Queensbury and dozens of others just gobble up the land like Bowhill, Roxburghe, queensferry, Marquess of Lothia (director Conservative Clubs UK Marquess of Lothoan MP for Aldreshot the prep place for NATOS and Koreas armies.  Then we see the Miull of Kintyre jokes a HUGE joke for McCartney and the Beatles…..the Chinook was brought down by the US navy seals from RAF Machairhinish SIMPLY TO KEEP THE IRISH TROUBLES troublesome.   29 innocents killed and 13 -14 fudged inquests.  Then the Irish sectarian frauds that come out of Piesley abbey the Ian Paisley PISO Jokes that gives Scotland st Andrews Flag an ICON for the cross keys ICON for Cluny abbey in France near Clermont Ferand where WW 1 was started for profit…first deaths under command of General Peugot.  Very close to the BANK of International Settlements in Switzerland BASEL FWALTY joke.  But back to the Buccleughs grabbing the land from the Hanoverians who made Queen Victoria LEGIT by siring her only legit baby Marcus Manoel  SON OF BLIND PRINCE GEORGE OF CUMBRIA AND TEVIOTDALE,,,,,,,,ONE OF THE WORLDS BIGGEST SECRETS but not if you are a leading mason in the Walter Scott Club or the abbotsford Trust or a Duke who runs the Tweed Foundation THE OWNERS of ALL THOSE PRIVATE RIVER VALLEYS.  Jed we find Michael Ancram & the VESTEY BUTCHERS of Sutherland and Argentina (who flounce out in wartime). The we go to Balfour Stevenson territory on the Lothian Coast that is the crème De La Crème GLOBALISM launch with Balfour Stephenson launching the TREASURE ISLANDS Monterey jokes.  In the Heart of Edinburgh they ignite the ONE OCLOCK GUN that is mons meg as an IMPERIALIST Joke.  Oswald Mosely the worldsleading fascists that launch lord Haw Haw JOYCE into Hitlers propaganda team ACTUAL RUN EDIT BURKES PEERAGE into 2014…..and so we are into the confusing interlocked relations that take us into the BRAVEHEART Movie and Brian Cox playing ARGYLLE (and talking up Wallace’s capacity to speak latin, Italian “ou Francais si vous prefere”)  the Hays who register the clans. The importance of reading and writing….the estates for the inner circle are Greenwich,  Northampton,   Sarah Montagu and Jim Noghtie are both with Baron Humphtys the lars and Cheat at BBC radio Four Today that I have listened to in both hemispheres. THEY ARE TRAITORS and complicit in all of my disclosures like most of of our political leaders all over the G8 –G20.  Up and down southhampton, Coldstream John Lamonts Coldstream, Dukes of Gloucester, Dawnay the man on the 39 steps clock face by the BUCHANS tweedsmuirs GGs for Canada throughout WW2 as Beaverbrook runs the Air force profiteering and the PROPGANDA.  Lt Colionel Harry BISHOP with the PISO word in it, the Northumberlands are the PERCYs Persius in the Roma n Court, the partitioning of Pakistan out of Linlithgow (CRAIGMILLAR CASTLE)  and the Sandwich Golf junkets,  Marlborough, Cardigan WALES, Queensberry, Viscount Sidney, Lord Montagu of Buleigh, Earl of Bradford,   Little France. Back to Langholm and the provincial churches and the parishioners may well freeze to death cos the gODS go ballistic and in the END I GET GUILT again cos I still cant suss out who WALTER SCOTT THE AUTHOR & CURATOR WAS!!!!!!!!  The Patrick Patrician elites joke is near the SICKENING chivalry joke & the Mitchel in the Plebagate joke with THE PISO POLIS was to scam the AID TO AFRICA into his pockets.  THIS WEEK STEPHEN HOUSE RESIGNED & it is a HOUSE OF CARDS!


Branks : SHUT THE FUCK UP WOMAN: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scold%27s_bridle