Run Rabbit Run Windsor PISO Bush Bloodline World Owners since Alexander the Great & LAGOS THE RABBIT

PISO, BUSH, WINDSOR, ROOSEVELT, VERSAILLE World owner Bloodlines & Sectioning:  Dr Ian Fingland/HUTTONS NHS  BORDERS/UK profiteers

Run Rabbit Run Hitler Stalin FDR PISO House of Windsor Pagan coronation Alexander the Gt Ptolemy LAGOS the Rabbit.JPG

The Video BELOW and the descriptor below it was launched urgently on SUNDAY 24th August 2015 for my own safety.  It explains the Pan Continental WORLD OWNERSHIP TEAM & the ELITE Bloodlines that Run the Fraudulent Banks, Illegitimate Monarchies, Religions for Profit, All Wars, Revolutions, Missions, Inquisitions and even the local NHS profiteers who relentlessly try to section the innocents.  

PISOS Windsors Bushes WORLD OWNERS since LAGOS the Rabbit   

THIS IS THE URGENT  YOUTUBE DESCRIPTOR I posted befor I went to 3 different denominations of christianity on SUNDAY morning

I am off to church and do not DARE TAKE a lot of time before I UPLOAD this video.  It explains the DANGERS OF THE CHRISTIAN church since the PISOS (the bible fraudsters) were born into ALEXANDER THE GREAT (and LAGOS THE RABBITS) bloodlines 350-400 "BC".   It explains how the windsors use the cathedrals as pagan/zionist jokes.....HOW they have 300 mansions like BUCK PALACE and 650 subsiduaries even of BP/LONRHO/Lonmin & all CENTRAL BANK CRIMES GLOBALLY.  The Rabbits are the rabbis and ALL OF HITLERS FRIENDS in WW2.   My persecution for releasing the real news about our chaotic world ownership IS NOW ALL OVER THE INTERNET.   SO I WILL REFINE THIS LATER IF I AM NOT MARTYRED at the Chapel, The Church of Scotland or Episcopalian "St Andrews" with the CEDAR WOOD ceiling for allegiance to HRH and the RABBIT BLOODLINE that is PISO, WINSOR, BUSH, Roosevelt, HITLER, the BANKSTER families, the big oil, Royal Dutch families.  I have not given confession since I was an altar boy & I GET GUILT ALL THE TIME.   I will be wearing the NHS sectioning threat round my neck so the citizens quickly understand the role of the Kelso High School Governor Dr Ian Fingland....3rd attempt to section he draws down his six figure salary to dismember all the patients by polypharmacy/prescribing by volume FOR PHARMA profiteers like the St Ogilvy family & the St McKillop, familes....THE VIDEO IS MUCH EASIER TO UNDERSTAND.   Have a nice day and say a little prayer to GOD(s)?  who have been totally replaced by these FRAUDSTERS since Alexander the Great died at 33 like Jesus & HE PROCLAIMED THAT HE WAS A GOD with the biggest EMPIRE in world history with blood on his hands.  The QUEENS EMPIRE IS MUCH BIGGER.

Dr Ian Fingland is in the process of trying to section me for the THIRD TIME (in league with my wife from Chipping Norton/rothschild HERTS/Hemel Hempsteads)....ARRIAN MAFIAS.  THEY want to keep the worlds biggest secrets sectret.  THIS VIDEO reveals that all the current world leaders are linked back to the ARRIUS CALPURNIUS PISO led  AUTHORS of the "Christian" bible frauds.  That is the PISO-Frugis who run the mint in Rome 150yrs before they launched the fictitious JESUS, huge chunks of the old testament and ALSO the Quoran/Koran (written in Naples & launched in Mecca 610AD.  Fingland lives next door to HUTTON the Borders Council leader (and husband of DIERDRE queen of the quangos who was the boss at the BORDERS HEALTH BOARD)!   So we start on the bloodlines of the World owners all of whom go back to LAGOS (the Rabbit) and Alexander the Great in circa 350BC.  That is the RABBITS in operation Winnie the Pooh that were HITLERS friends & double agents released by the papacy, the beatles yellow submarines & INTEL to re-offend on different CONTINENTS.  All the American Presidents have been FREEMASONS & they have sold their country to the crown and ISRAEL (see coronation of QE2 & the first posh song I learned at Kelso High School where Fingland is a GOVERNOR was ZADOK THE PRIEST)!!!!  Icke is a controversial figure but all his data on religion comes from the CENSORED sources that have now become pornography vents....THAT IS TOTSE, Angrifan, Angelfire, and of course the Abelard Reuchlin sensational news (that tallies with the bloodlines & family trees revealed here) PISOS, Windsors, Bushes, Roosevelts, Marie-Antoinette in Versaille all go back to the same ROOTS......ROOTING was the word that Greg Hallett used for sexual intercourse......and his news on CLINTON, Mountbatten, HRH QE2 churchill, Rothschilds rooting by rape (in Queen Vic's bed)  is now part of my commentary. So in this video I highlight the tabs/TOPICS  that we will cover in the next few days but this VIDEO makes perfect sense all on its own...from the PESO/PISO currencies in MEXICO/Phillipines to the massive frauds from distant EMPIRES that are run in Christ's name (the love your neighbour doctrine).  The world owners bloodline goes back to Macedonia  & Lagos (THE RABBIT...Rabbis Fascist Friends of Hitler ).  That is alexander the Great through the Pharaohs,  ICKE has republished the Geneology of Windsor, Bush, Piso bloodlines.  The Royals run the masons out of LONDON & they are globalised SS thiefs with all political parties & religious profiteers.  Arrius Calpurnius Piso (Alph-Omega initials) is Flavius Josephus THE MAN/MIN on the golf course & the ARRIAN master-race.  Throughout their biblical religious text & Global history Joseph, Guiseppe, Jose  is the launch of a new regime/twisted story/or baby jesus born from the VIRGIN womb that now becomes THE MOTHER OF GOD.  The Roths & the Childes are in the listings!   All my insight into the Business register confirms the ££££££ WINDSOR profiteering is led by political & banking traitors.....this video just introduces us to GOVT & MONARCHY sponsored CHARITY & Land Grab WWF frauds that killed Mark Shand in an act  of god last yr (that is Camilla's brother).  The Coronation of the Queen is a PAGAN celebration in the massive CEDAR lined cathedral in London...immune from bombing like BUCK Palace in WW2 (the RABBIT LINKAGE).   Sir Richard Sykes, Ogilvies, Ker of Kinlochart are named and shamed in scams I just learned about THIS WEEK I can send the Director numbers if you enquire. Robert FLUDD is the biblical flood joke and the links to ZION through disraeli, Friends of Israel, Netenyahu and the scottish traitor Jim Murphy and ALL UK political parties. NEXT tab is the currency scams in Mexico & the Philipines & explains red Tides & the hazard to humans.  All the food chain is controlled by GOD & when I disovered the Piso in the Pi Pi philipines central bank it was illustrated  beside a MORAY EEL (MIKAIL /EEl is the jewish angel) the PISO linkage. These two central banks TYPIFY the democracy funding fraud....THEY LEND at HUGE RATES of interest to their own GOVT!.  Then I expose the BENN-ROTHSCHILDS of Watford which becomes the Wedgewood-Benn TITLED SOCIALIST JOKeE.  The benn-Rothschilds are dead ringers for the young Scottish actor who was the hero IN THE STAR WARS RELIGIOUS ICONS jokes.  The PESO in Mexico is worth circa 3pence.  I superimpose on the global central banking frauds the BIS (Bof INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS Basel FAWLTY joke).  If any country wants to break out of the ROTHSCHILD owned central banks you GET DEFLATED & BUSTED.   Hyperinflation creates al wars to end all wars but it is just another money stream.  The Philipino bankers use Jesse Ventura as a cover for the FED Bank leader....and the Presidents are the BENGO the cartoon dog Joke is cover for the AQUINOS  (trained in USA in exile in ECONOMIC BENIGNO AQUINO).  The Mindenau massacre on the Philipines has been written out of history and the cENTRAL BANK was launched in 1947. The Cavemen history is the story of the FOREIGN EMPIRES that run the philipines....SPAIN reign over it violently under dozens of Governor Generals  who presumably die young in the religious strife or contasgion GOD imposes on them.  Then the Portugese, the Brits, & the YANKS appear in the crime scene CHRISTIANS all and the acts of GOD in the Philipine storms FLATTEN the Christian churches (more denominations there than any other country) Kinda like MECCA in the earlier genocides and modern day Pilgrimages.  I introducethe BAAL myths and the Mik EEL jokes on the philipino stamps.  The eagle's head FACES RIGHT as one expects in the fascist empires.   The ElNinho joke about global warming is that Magellan & all the Christian missions TRADE EL NINHO (the wee statue of the BABY JESUS which was traded for the GOLDS PEARLS & sexual favours which means the PACIFIC becomes stormy & the PAGAN bloodlines become WHITE CHRISTIAN BASTARDS!  Bill clinto now wants it to be a tax on breathing.  ICKES STORIES on the WWF & the GREENPEACE GLOBAL CHARITY frauds are spot on and all these new political /financial crimes will be in the next video.