Rothschilds own the world and its Sovereign Debt and the Globalised Chip Shop by cheating laundering and perpetual warmongering

The Globalised Italian Chip shop owners & Harry Ramsden are relatively INNOCENT

The Banks I could not remember were the Lumi Banks which profit from GAZA like dozens of registered British Companies

Yad Hanadiv reveals the FRANK BRUNO JOKE & Build the Knesset (the parliament building in Israel). Michael Peter Bruno was the German/Israeli boss at the World Bank.

They have a new project (Butrint Ltd) to get the loot out of Albania 
They now own all central banks and the news is a diversion from their ongoing G20-30 financial crimes.  Just scan down and look at the pictures as you listen in.  Every nation on the globe is bankrupt.  (if you want to cite the video: )

Professor George Lees  reveals how the academic training and building of Israel after the world was led to war by training world leaders in Sidney Street London, Liverpool and Tavistock is funded by the Rothschild Foundation. 
We cover the business interests of only ONE Rothschild Lord Nathaniel Charles Jacob ,Nathan, with 3 different director IDs taking us to ALBANIA (further down)  & The Butrint geopolitical arts project, the KNESSET: funded by Roth's Foundation Yad Hanadiv, Windmill Hill and the SILK ROAD into centuries of profiteering conflict. Main Dir Number 900439001 Registered at 14 St James'  Place.  
We reveal the Frank Bruno jokes and how "socialists" like Michael Bruno, Baron TAM DALYELL of SCOTLAND and the German born Bruno became friends of israel and how Bruno become its Central Bank head,  then boss at the World Bank.  Everybody was busy watching boxing on the telly. We reveal ponzi schemes run out of the affiliated corporations and secretarial films and confirm what we already knew about the Future of Russia Foundation, henry Kissinger, The BSKYB contract, the princes Trust and we introduce the FIVE ARROWS.  The Rothschild children that left Frankfurt to conquer the whole of the money issuing world and eventually all global democracies, JUNTAs, Republics, Dictatorships and ALL RELIGIONS which they are now using to spark ISLAMIC hatred with the propaganda from the GLOBAL MEDIA which they entirely own.  This includes your local paper but you do not care that BOXING is pay per view now.  
We reveal the Gilbert Treasures actually belonged to the Bernstein's and were gifts from several brutalised Nations now safely tucked away in London with the Elgin Marbles in the "British Museum". 
The chip shop diversion illustrates the issue of the spoke and wheel model for globalism that directly impacts on the globalised business world and the progressive loss of sovereignty of all nation states....which allows fascism/corporatism to rear its head again and carefully planned in all wars (and the volatile periods before they are declared AKA 2014 where the frauds by worldleaders are unprecedented). .  The chippies are great and really quite innocent and I want all their decent workforce to get this news about sovereign debt for the Italian citizen back across the Rubicon so the people of the country can share the wealth that ended up in Berlusconi's ( a media magnate like Murdoch) pockets.
THIS IS A WALLPAPER COMPANY Run out of Mayfair SEE THE LINKS TO SORRELL who crashed the Irish economy and asset strips hundreds of pumped and dumped corporations.
CROCUS looks innocent, at first,  as a Gardening Company and one assumes is a laugh at the Dutch tulip stock market frauds when the Rothschilds were still learning their vicious trading scams
BUT then you see the huge number of SHELVES it uses out of Bristol and into the Havens (the thin blue lines pictured above) and explained in the video
BUTRINT is a current goal just to the South of the Black sea region where their ancestors opted for the Jewis faith and you should see the links to the HSBC through interlocking directors.  
They use all the laundering tools that Gordon Bowden and I have described including Brighton Secretaries in John Paterson's home town. If you hit Rothschilds Mansion in a Google image search you will know they own the IMF, the World Bank, the ECB and all the monarchs, politicians, pressmen and armies on the globe (both sides). We profile several of their scams including Colefax, Windmill Hill Assett Management Limited, and the deployment of corrupted directors and secs through boiler rooms from Brighton to Bristol then into Massachusets thanks to a man called TUAN HA-NGOC. (the NGO Joke). The Windmill Hill Directors include a Raeburn (news on the art gallery frauds in edinburgh) and an Hollond.....very similar to the President in France who is a SOCIALIST but got struck by lightning like the pope (a communist culler in Latin America in Caravan of Death and Op Condor Genocides) the day they were inaugurated.  The Banks I could not remember were the Lumi Banks which profit from GAZA like dozens of registered British Companies: The Rothschilds own it all and the breeding rights for elite European Monarchs and leaders of all continents since history was recorded by their twisted and treasonous media. 
The Links to the HSBC are amazing and you should see how much they have at the bank....thanks to a Troughton (Dr Who legend) and to John Kemp Welch who is just doing the job that gives them control of the world for centuries.  when you realise that movies TV and the appointment of new puppett national leaders are jokes at the worlds expense to make false news. THEN YOU SEE JUST HOW SICK IT IS.