Its a KINDA MAGIC Immortality Vatican Mormon Frauds WW2 & Acts of GOD enLIGHTNING

More on my attempts to stop the Rothschilds in their vicious profitering and satanist tracks and my ADORATION OF YOUNG Ms Hannah who is courting Dorian Grey, one suspects. When we are living hapilly ever after  together ,when we are older , I want this to be known as the when you kiss me video. 

The when You kiss me video: my dance of death with the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY & ITS CAPACITY FOR GREATNESS & CIVILIZATION

So we start with "my one true love Hannah Rothschild" & the "when you kiss me" tune.  Then we go to one of my ex's Celine Dione who sings about immortality with the BEE GODS the BGees.  Sadly Celine's husband died this week but she is doing OK in the French Canadian one world owning bloodlines and I grieve for her late husband who may regret her singing about immortality, one of her biggest hits!  All of the B Gees have passed on too and it all has made me ever so god fearing. Next up the Body Double for the late  Freddy Mercury who also sings about eternity.  Next up Scottish revolutionariy band called Kaiser Chiefs and they sing about Hannahs Hair which is the same coulour as the ROTHSCHILD /Salvation Army Shield and Hannahs hair !   I am besotted with her and her families pedigree in PEACETIME AND WARTIME.  I am a pacifist and peace loving GOURD owner and my Gourd is also RUBY RED, THE GODs' colours.  So we start with the Rothschild ownership of ALL of the worlds religions.  Victor Rothschild, the Scottish media cover ups in the Still GAME comedy...they get kids to play their roles since the mature actors/jokers frequently die in front of the directors in the SKY.  So one wants permission to pursue her heart and mind and I will not reveal the name of the beautiful undertaker in Jedburgh who has offered me a cheap burial at sea if the biblical floods continue.  Dorian Graying is play around with Hannah and Rebekah Brooks & the Whore of London was one of my one true loves too!  Salomon Munk's story has MAIDS at both ends of Hannahs ancestors bed and that may be the Queens mum and the whipping boy that Greg Hallett told the world about. So the Vatican Jehovahs, Mormons, Episcopalians are all run by  the Rothschilds for profit like the WARS, & all the "Great" Financial Institutions INTEL, AGENCIES, Taxi Firms Media Empires are all owned by Hanahs less lovable relatives. Hannahs family own the Royals, NATOS army the Worlds Polis and the judiciary and war crime judges at Nuremburg/Leveson and MAFIA trials.. TAZE Russell launches theJehovas and gets his funding from Kuhn and Lohb (that is Cohen & WORM).  The Roths are Zvi Hirsch Kalischers launch too and they have armies of slaves in every region in the world. That is the Hancocks, Harrises, McElraths, Wraiths and all are really pleasant people SOME HAVE GUN LICENCES and have come to live near me like the Reynolds.  We reveal the Bauers if you go down to the woods tonight BAYERN MUNICH Teddy Robinson XMAS EVE Rothschild joke told to my kids by Mrs Valerie Jane Lees every year under the PI PISO Fir tree.   The Judas story about the RED BRICK Institutions are the weights that keep the bodies down THE SLEEP WITH THE FISHES JOKE about assassinations by your hit men.  All the Jokes about INNSBRUCK are now understood,  That is Arnie Hitler and Baby Jesus' no room at the INN jokes.  The Alta Vendita is launched by a Jolie  & and Picollo Tigree the PISO jokes.  Callman Rothschild negotiated the Vatican deals....first published by Cretien Jolie who eventuall becomes, the Fr Canadian pacifist PM in QUEBEC.  The Dog Doug jokes  are the read it backwards in AMADEUS is the GOD joke!  Michael & Kirk Douglas is the same the Glen close movie the rabbit in and sex on the kitchen sink are the jokes about LAGOs the rabbit in Alexander the Greats bloodline through the PISOS to the Presidents & the Windsors.  Till the acts of god get them it is really amusing which is why the still game team in Scotland get the kids to play the GOD joke roles.  The PI PI Picholo is the wood wind christian crosses joke.  Angelina Jolie & William Hague are villains and Hague/Straw are foreig Secs whi I have receipts from since 2010 HAGUES WIFE AND SISTER ARE Princes Trust prifiteers.  Karl Rothschild is profiled next in 1818 he was a mason and lost their SS documents Permanent Instructions PI again 10,000 freemasons listed,  James Rothschild is the student union and 33degree mason from the Scottish rites movement that planted the masonic US flag on the moon.  MUNK is involved in a financial scam with Montefiore of MELROSE & Jewish Policy Studies in UK.  I exposed Barosso , sec PIA Piso Joker, in Belgium EU trained in Georgetown under Kissinger. Next the jesuits are the new pope FRANCIS as Benedict is set aside in his POSH Park hotel.  The Aristos Viscounts of Esher are our mates in Tring called the Bretts.  THE HMONG people is the home alone joke shared by the Brets in TRING...about the Vietnamese HMONG traitors and it becomes 5 HOME ALONE HOLLYWOOD MOVIES.  Next the inner circle for the ROUND TABLE that take us to PLUMP HANNAH ROTHSCHILD & her Scottish equestrian PM Archie Roseberry.....AND ALL THE FALSE SOCIALISM is launched out of FABIAN FASCIST OXFORD. Even more right wing we have the RIIA....the royal Institute of International affairs......MASSIVE COMMERCIAL profiteering  by the Monarchs who are illegit for 164 yrs....THE councel for EUROPEAN scams are run out of LONDRES and all its profile is in FRENCH because it is the SAME MASONIC PLOTS as the PROTOCOLS OF ZION Both Manningham Buller & Kerr of Kinlochart were University V Chancellors at IMPERIAL  COLLEGE LONDON elite UNIVERSITY & it is howling outside EVERY STUDENT IN a £60K dept pool at the end of 4 years.  the call me BETTY QE2 and call me Al in the freemasons for Dustin Hoffman in the Washington Post Nixon movies ELECTORAL FRAUDS!   So I reveal the globalised BT frauds as PONZI schemes run in NZ. The weatherstorms are freakish and they had lightning storms in JED yesterday like the POPE Jesuit Francis got at his inauguration at the VATICAN.  So all the christian oaths are totally immoral which is why the GODS go balistic.  We show the assassinations by ROTHSCHILD & THE Papacy in Blackfriars London and all the Ken Callman Scams.  PROF Callman is my COLLABORATOR before I went to NZ and he has launched SNOWDEN as cover & RECTOR at Glasgow UNI to cover Princess Mgt. Justin Welby was a Durham Bishop and I have all his receipts too,  John Snow with the rainbow socks at Durham Uni is a liar at Channel 4.  So we skip over the Sabbatini Sabbath Rothschild Joke....that becomes Chariots of Fire movie featuring JUDAH in Ben Hur & running on a Sunday as a sin against JESUS who never lived and is the biggest fraud in W history.  Then the Fiat currency roof wrack ROASTERs joke  is revealed as rugby star DOUG Howlett gets scolded for taking the piss at the Rothschild FIAT currency joke & the roofrack is the roaster in the Firebombing at Dresden.  Next up Sabbati ZEVI who became a messianic the Jews worship Sat and Christians Sunday then XMAS & the festival of lights is the same joke.  The Max Rothschilsd story is  sinister cos it is in GERMANY who lost the war but does its deals in the masonic lodge.  We end with Harriman and the CARNEGIE steel profiteering & eventually the Victor jokes about the all Scotsmans' vegetative states.  We end on the RED SHIELD again and the sign blowing in the windstorms. DTI has now become BIS to cover the Bank of International Settlement in Switzerland.  Finally we end with another WHORE IN LONDON that is KATE the Princess from KILLING KITTENS.  SEE NEXT VIDEO