Hannah Rothschild 6 Lincoln Rockeller Hanks Davos Jumanji Huntsville SS

Jumanji Hannah Rothschild 6 George Lees House of Rothschild Son of a Shoemaker Schumaker Abraham Lincoln Rothschild Freemasons Swastika Rockefeller DAVOS INNSBRUCK.JPG

Pickin the HON Hannah Mary Rothschild to play the DANGEROUS GAME.


My Wife used to tell me, when I was earning a six figure salary, that behind every great man was a great woman. She may well be right and I am still looking.  SO WE START WITH A MUSICAL CALL TO ACTION!  This is directed at a relatively innocent member of the  ROTHSCHILD MAFIAS in the form of Hannah Mary Rothschild who may be reluctant to join me and play the dangerous game: I now understand there are NO RULES & the INQUESTS ARE FATAL for the innocents. ALWAYS ON MY SIDE, I am still waiting! I show the William Tell ROTHSCHILD 5 arrows GLOBAL CENTRAL BANKING Joke and the SWASTIKA being the global icon for the freemasons until HITLER Rothschild ruined its reputation even in the LETHAL LODGES that run every war, revolution and Crusade for PROFIT Prophets.  I explain the PISO family BIBLICAL FRAUD & the SON of a shoe maker (schumaker F1) Warner Bros Jumanji jokes, in Pinnochio the Father GOD is Geppetto the SHOEMAKER & Stromboli the volcano makes all the world owners nervous. David Bowie RIP drank in the Jungle Bar in BERLIN right next to Hitler Rothschilds WALL. Sadly Robin williams has passed on too! ITS A KINDA MAGIC & I am really GODFEARING now.  So back to the ROTHSCHILD WORLD OWNERS. That is NWO Govt and that is exemplified by the EU chaos and the pan continental Govt led ENERGY SCAMS. The Brits killed King Carlos I see me video on that & the taking over of Angola and most of Portugese NA.  Same stories with the gattling massacres all over the UNION JACK Empire. Russia Germany USA France all in the same profiteering team with BUTLINS of Hemel Hemstead in Rothschilds HERTS BEDS & BUCKS...all immune from bombing.  The Rothschilds run INTEL, Mail services and have sold all of the British Assetts to their fascist & masonic leaders Globally. The lovely Arrian Blonde Vicar at the church of Scotland is called ANNA.  The geopolitical EU jokes are on the Rothschild Royals stamps. In 1945 the masons launch the HOLY GRAIL joke in the Swiss Alps nr INNSBRUCK Hitler & Schwarzenegers Birthplace....that is the ALPS  town of ROCKEFELLER Hochfeiler mountain.  The Grail is the GOBLIN on the church roof GOBLET JOKE :weve already got one for the French Pythons & World Freemasonic jokes.  That is No room at the INN for Jesus & Mrs Valerie Jane Lees in INTEL/Hexham nativity fundraisers.  The KING of Kings joke is the Rothschilds who raped Queen Victoria under date rape and Memory stunting atropinic drugs.  The Sprinsteens are in the Rothschild mafias too & all of the hollywood movies are jokes at the father/mother GODS' expense & Jesus is the MAFIA Satanists biggest ever fraud. Tom Hanks is a Rockefeller and he is closely related to the Nixons& that launches the AA BB jokes Eye Eye in the in Bruges Ralph Fiennes Dick Chenney Gene pool.  The Springsteens too & Brad Pitts bloodline all the celebs are the world leaders....and they launch all the new musicians but all DEMOCRACIES are BANKRUPT & there is NO LAW ENFORCEMENT.  The Springsteens 2nd hometown is the JAWS movie about the SHARKS who run the world and deliver THE BOMB on the ENOLA GAY. ABE LINCOLN Rothschild is explained next.  The Beatty MAFIA family is exposed and those are masons in scottish rugby too. The Cotter SRU coach  is the same Cotter Roman Kings joke  & the hawick Renwicks are cover for the Renwicks of Rutland and the BofE.  Nancy Hanks, Tom and the Bloody French beachead are explained.....and the gattling gun fortresses are in the space mercenaries in the FIFTH ELEMENT .  AA Springs sires BASTARD Presidents then ABE does the same......President Obama the bastard child then wins the peace prize. Like the EU did just after the ECB was planned and the BALKANS were rubble again. I met the beatties on MULL which Hitler visited Post war and ARGYLE bravehearts uncle married Princess Viccy SIRED by the Rothschild KING OF KINGS.   I shall pretend that I do not understand PLATONIC or that I ever implied that Hannah Rothschild may have varicose veins! see Video 9 sex on a Friday!  Huntsville is a mind control centre for the Rothschilds like Tavistock in the UK.  They use the cloven hoof symbol at the gates/doors of the mansions they use for their brothels...THAT IS KILLING Kittens for Kate and Eyes Wide shut movie for the woman who will be the next prostitute queen nee nee DONKEY Middleton. Her ass is lovely.  Prince Phil has a female mum and his dad is Andrea of Greece THE NON existent St Andrew JOKE patron saint of 19 countries & the SCOTTISH FLAG Clooney Abbey  cross keys.   JOKES!  Leroy Springs introduces the ROTHS to the Fed Banking system to get the worlds biggest CRIME EVER across the Atlantic run out of LONDON since Waterloo when the Kings and Napoleon were all funded by Hannahs bloodsucking family.  I loved Shirley MacLaine too ALSO A Mafia member and she gets to Kiss Madonna as they launch the LESBIAN civil marriage political correctness vicar of Dibley tools. Charles Beattie Alexander links us to the QUANTS BMW and Ms Klatten of the FORBES Rich list masons from Berlin and Frankfurt. Jessie James the cowboy mobster is in the Roths team after the 500 Nations were disappeared by the Calvary Hill Masons led by John Wayne THE WORLDS MOST FAMOUS Mason & Yellow Rothschild Ribbon JOKER.  There are dozens of MAFIA surnames & I learn more every day.  The prostitutes are the Paris Texas Power Rothschild jokes, Natasha Kinsky Mrs Valerie Jane Lees nee Hancocks & commoner Kate & that is the Paris Texas Rothschilds cover ups.  I explain the tall dark handsome MANLY P Hall which led to another Rupert Murdoch Marriage just last week.  Hall is an alchemist who can turn dirt to GOLD (but that is now worthles SHARES, STOCKS Bonds)  The Family tree shows all the musicians except Celine  & Princess Di, Camilla are close BUSH relatives & their mining scams were BUSH OVERBY OIL & that is the Mutt  Muttley jokes in Hollywood & Shaniah Twains first hubby.  We close on the RAINY WEATHER that the GODS produce all the time like the volcanic and seismic dances of death and an occasional BIBLICAL flood recurring FORTNIGHTLY.  So WATCH EPISODES 7-9 THEY ARE X rated too.