Hannah Rothschild 4 Springsteen & WW3 extinction plan


These are the philosophies & deep rooted beliefs for the GLOBAL MASONS. One can hear the winds howling as one discloses the SWASTIKA as an icon for the RUTHLESS LETHAL MASONS


 I want your friendship Ms Hannah & all the family can become icons for civilization. The other outcome is unthinkable.

Hannah Mary Rothschild Prof George Lees Murdoch and Hall Jagger's X Freemasonry  Judenlog Frankfurt Springsteen Illuminati NUKES swastikas human extinction.JPG
I start by covering up Bruce Springsteens ASS.  Then I play tougher than the rest.   THE SPRINGERS replaced the Springsteens in the ROTHSCHILD run Global mafias that is ALL GOVERNMENTS & Federal central banks GLOBALLY now.  So I am courting Hannah Rothschild as one of the innocents in the worlds most lethal family. See previouys videos to see how they have leveraged control over all the messianic religions & the salvation army.  So Bruce Springsteen is either in the mafia family or he is just its NWO music diversion from it.  I have no pictures of Hannah's ass just yet and that is a private matter. So back to the Tuxedos in the Casinos & sleazy sex clubs like KILLING KITTENS where Kate worked in bunny girls gear as her Princes met her as tall dark handsome strangers,  That is the New Year visitors in New Year culture. The beautiful men have CLOVEN hoofs and become cripples/limpers like Virgil Kint in the Usual suspects,,,,,so we are into devil worship as an extension of their false religions.  The Hexagram is the seal of solomon the metatron and the Salamon FISHING in the Yemen Alex Salmon Jokes.  The religious festivals are merchandising vents and all of it is under the ROTHSCHILD thrall like NATO and all the world Govts and Intel.  The new Murdoch woman is a bit of a DOG! Her name is Hall and that was confirmed in the ROTHSCHILD Global press when I revealed the HALLS linked to Clintons mum in Funding and arming HITLER ROTHSCHILD.  The WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION (WMD) risk is real and the NUKES are so numerous that we could be rendered extinct hundreds of times over AND THAT IS THE PLANET OF THE APES outcome for Charlton Heston who was the legend for FREEDOM the Christian EMPIRES & the Fuckin GUN LOBBY in the USA...the Queens Empire state.  I explain how Frankfurt the Hometown for the Roths now hosts the ECB and babylonian financial centres.  The Frankfurter is the loaves& fishes HOT DOG joke....which in Roman history was a penus basted into bread with shit & cast over the castle walls to the starving soon to be war dead.  James Rothschild launched the NUS student leader buy offs!  The Rothschild bank suck the money out of the UNI students now.  Even the references in the articled are riddled with jokes or insider mafia family members.  The PEN to keep people ignorant was launched when ink was invented in CANAAN and Billy Connelly the Elite rivetter from Glesgae shared the joke with DUSTIN (the Dustbin lorry freemasons cover) Hoffman who was in the USA's greates crime at watergate with Robert Redford.  So GODs; anvil is Canaan and in the protocols of Zion it is a fight between false religion and the anti-christ story all to render the world chaotic and lead to another WW3 and a new FAKE religion.  ORDER OUT OF CHAOS....they have what they want and all the bloodlines that were in the Roman & Jewish court when Jesus was faked up are super rich, running for president or GRIEVING for their immortal relatives in the Pop star bloodlines linked to PSO WINDSOR FDR et al.  THE SWASTIKA was the freemasons symbol  in ALL COUNTRIES till HITLER Rothschild trained in Tavistock .   So we expose the MASONIC profiteers and how how the ROTHSCHILDS fund all the divisionary concepts in religion & politics that is Marx & Engel's COMMUNISM.....scare them shitless now with ISLAM for WW3.  Every politician across the world is obligated to support the CHAOS & promulgate  it as it was written. SAME Dogma that is religion & the biggest cause of death. FDR typefies the evil of the leaders the DELANOY Delany's donkey new deal  jokes Cats & Dogs jokes.  ALL ROTHSCHILD YELLOW.  So they keep making WMDS so polticos can profit. In retrospect I dont pine for Adam & EVE cos they had no computers and could only avoid sin in their local Garden of ADEN/also the YEMEN joke for the beatles.  So third WW was in the IRAQI Armageddon where the ring of bright water movie is in MOSES reeds. The FASCISTS in the UK are in REDESDALE too and they marry into the MOSELY family who run BURKES peerage as the Mitford sister.  The 7 yr tribulation is the Joseph coat of many colours story and all religions are just replays of the ISIS myths. ISIS is now ISLAMIC terror threat launched by the G20 leaders in the 2001 Genoa UN meeting  GOD & NOAH VENUE HA HA. So the pen and papyrus wreck the prospects of ever having peace or civilization which is why I am looking for innocent & constructive ROTHSCHILDS.  So the masterplan is we start WW3 as the leaders sit in the BUNKER and all the commoners and GOD's beautiful world is turned to dust watch the PLANET of the EARTH final scenes on YouTube.  Peter Eyre got a cancer when he was trading weapons with Alan Bond!  So THE BOOK is the biggest fraud ever. Even my THULE roof rack for the car is a FASCIST icon.  The commies get launched out of the whore of London too & the ROTHSCHILDS " profit from it all then share the poppy fund with Butcher Haig, Prince Phil & the Duke of Westmnster.  THULE use the SWASTIKA too. Stalin trained in the UK too Tavistock & Sidney St  nr Tottenham where they needed riots recently.  Then HANNAH Lightens up the story. Jimmy Carr is a dead ringer for the Hess's of GERMANIA and the Hamiltons of Scottish Country Dancing fame are all relatives of the master race fascists. Then Maximillian Goldsmit Rothschild.  Ghandi gets it in the head but nobody can know.  Which is why Bin Laden & Robert Maxwell go off the back of the boat ASAP as Murdoch features the US GOVT watching the videos of the false news.  SO I skip a chunk of the FEARMONGERING * move on to another block of info by a Springmeyer.  The Payseurs market biblical ink and their ancestors in Naples wrote the bible there in the VILLA PAPYRI.  PISO is on the business register with PIENars PIE PIE of the Republic of South Africa, Panama, Massachusetts, Bee vision apiaries,  TUTIN is the convulsant that the gods put in the honey only in extreme weather but is nothing to do with GLOBAL WARMING Bill Clinton's scam.  Madonna is also related to the Presidents and the Fortunes. Cablink and all taxi spying & phone hacking gets a mention.  Incredibly the PISOs are still listed all over the world as directors and I list some highlights. 

THE VIDEO NUMBER 3 of 4 in the Hannah Rothschild HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD SERIES is below CLICK ON IT.

Making Love with the Rothschild Family

More on my fascination with the Rothschilds & my attempts to win their hearts & minds for the rest of world history.  They have a new butcher & and I try and stay out of his way for reasons that will become obvious.  So back to the Love Story, We start with more music from  NOTTING HILL where LORD HOLLICK is the X rated fraud director with the help of Sir Walter Scotts secretary Miss Scott.....and that sleezy character Hugh Grant  and others in the LEVESON INQUIRY but all of that is corrupted history.  Hannah Rothschild is in my PAN O ROMANTIC sites and it makes me want to sing!   I think she will be impressed by my insight into her family affairs, history  & financial prowess.   So I may be stammering for shyness but we get restarted POST INTERMISSION on KATE the princess.....and as I learn about the Rothschild family it was quite difficult to sleep & the wind was howling and when I woke up we had had a snowfall/blizzard.  So on with the Rothschilds lovable side.  They own all Govts all Global Intel, All CENTRAL BANKS & All of NATOS Millitias.  Hannah though makes movies and smiles like.  The Keiser in Germany has called the Roths bloodlines the LORDS of LUCRE & they are alleged to own 1/2  the wealth of the hole world but that, I believe, is an underestimate. So we start with some Oppenheims  Dulles and the asssassination of JFK.  Yesterday I explained the religious orgs the family profit from & here we profile how they pay for the launch of Carl Marx and Engels THE LAUNCH OF COMMUNISM AS A MENACE by the worlds richest & most diversely religious dynasty in the world owning team.  Much of videos 3 & 4 are about the WAR and masonic frauds.  The Franfurt Judenloge has several really rich families  Adlers Speyers Reisses Sichel and Goldsmits.  The Ellisons who are ranked 5th on the Forbes rich list in 2014 $45 Bn  for the boss at ORACLE.  Justus Hiller founds the Frankfurt Lodge and that is in part the PISO bible fraud & may well be a diversionfrom HITLER Rothschild. In the video I keep saying Berlin but we show the Frankfurt skyline and all the Frankfurter HOT DOG loaves & fishes jokes.  The ABEL DANGER Field McConnel and David Hawkins are explained.  I have had no contact at all since they were impressed so much since midsummer.  So Lodge Mithreaum and Backroom  there are millions of quislings in every great conflict and now the NO NOTTINGS  HAWKEYE jokes are out, in peacetime too,  So the Goldsmidt Goldsmith link takes us to Princess Di's love life (and her mum's) Harry is James Hewitts son and William is to be the king as King Juan Carlos' bastard child.   We profile the links to the Hess' Philanthropins and Albert Speer Born 7 Bourne leisure.......the Elsie border terrier COTTAGES advert on you tube is one of the Holiday cottages mailing list and it is NEW KELSO beach where my family took our earliest HOLS.  We sho how the hatred was sparked to launch & extend WW1.  The masons joke embroils Oliver Cromwell.  Margaret Hodge' s maiden name was Oppenheimer  & she is on the Parliamentary Banking standards committee,  Then when the UK judaism link is talked about I reveal the 12 trees/Jewish tribe joke all over the church of Scotland walls.  The Rothschilds run the Global media Reuters, yellow taxis, CNN, now Fox, News corp, Pathe.  The telly is vital to stealing world ownership & PRPAGANDA. The occult and the Guide Scout movements are intertwined according to the author. The Para-olympics are an extension of the G20 Rothschild run wars. Wolfenson, cronkite Bergerac Schnacht & their links to the media banks TV are profiled.as are the French Rothschilds  The Payseurs & the last registered PISOs trade in INK, also vital for Global ownership & the POWER OF THE PEN. Jews hate christians and vice versa. The Rothschilds run THURN & Taxis, yellow cabs Yellow Pages. In the old days the Rothschild dads used to pick their daughters husband.  So smuggling. secret passages, funding the Napoleonic wars, ELBA and St Helena.  Next the 5 arrows. Then I show how INTEREST on loans happened after waterloo in 1815.  So the fat cat entrepreneurs whos affairs flourished get the loans.  The cancers story is my pathology theory.  The Roths get the soothsaying appended to its millitary conflicts & early access to news SO THEY GET ALL Investments news faster than any other institution.  The SPRINGS are the Springsteens are in the mafia families too.  The Tuxedos are black or white (Black winners in casinos get the women).  The Roths own their own spies INTEL orgs, body doubles  & all news vents. Now we get to the Electors of Hess who invest in Rothschild Govt bonds.....and that is the ring fenced Govt bond pensions and the Hess's are out of HAMILTOn like NHS Scotland psychiatry.  The elector was cheated with no insight....like all global citizens now are. OFF TO BED TO DREAM about Hannah and the peaceful prosperous world ahead.