Hannah Rothschild 7 Jesus relics, Trollopes AliG Am Rev Mercenary Armies HESS INC

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Rothschild Mercenary Hessians AliG Getting Started as money lenders with Prince William of Hesse Cassell

The VIDEO DESCRIPTOR ON YOU TUBE was word limited but the whole story reproduced below
Back to taking the Rothschild households & the whole WORLD back to decency and we get REVELATIONS from the German butcher which enlighten AND SHOCK.  First Michael Schumakers (see son of a SHOEMAKER JOKES BELOW) accident in the ALPS. the Royal Dutch Shell LOGO is a LOGO for the real SUN GOD (Dog if read from R to L.  Ali G is a Baren-Cohen & they are the high priests of Israel & his Rothschild alias is SACHA!  The German guy is interested in insemination in diverse bloodlines and he left Mrs Simpsons pugs all over the family computer in the smoking room.  Then my heart skips a beat as Hannah comes in as owner & patroness of Waddesdon MANOR.  She is a real WILD CHILD & they used to get visit from Kings and Trollopes all with common interests in elite bloodlines. Then the Williams choristers sing about F1 and supreme love stories and we explain that the Rothschilds, then alias Bauer are collectors of Jesus' chatels and that is a joke about the non exixtent Christ & all the Saints they have launched.  So I close those sites down and we get on to exposing my proposal for Hannah to make her POWERFUL and LETHAL family an ICON for the simple transition to prosperity & CIVILIZATIO.....the Barometer was invented by the BERTIE lineages and its amazing that they cannot predict their own frauds effects on the weather patterns.  So the WWW Windsor jokes are the BERTIE rainstorm WW2 jokes about lethal profiteering.  Then we introduce SNOWY Camerons Wife who is an ASTOR (and further back related to Nell Gwynne),  Mercury Hg is toxic and was spilt into the Rhine at Basel and the St Lawrence.  Hg MW 80 can induce neurodegeneration......and that was profiled by the French neurologists.  The Herzogs from Germany are the claimants to the Stewart throne. Then the QUEEN singers the badger culls as cover for the TB acts of GOD and the QUEEN singers die of the diseases they fundraised from RIP Freddie Mercury.  Katty Perry is KP for Kulpurnius PISO the bible fraudster. That is Kenyon Products,  KP nuts, Pistorius, Alpha to Omega for Arrius CalPURRnius PISO, the ARSENAL/ARSENO and OSIRIS jokes in the DARK  HORSE and the TIGERS LIONS Zebras in DARK. The Jungle critters are all in the PISO menagerie and David Bowie drank in the jungle in BERLIN....where he sang about GODs weather patterns & WALKING the GOD on the lead and the war dead.  After all the profiteering & WHERE ARE WE NOW. The Robbie Williams song is in Episode 8.  There is no earthly way of knowing what was in your heart when it stopped going.  SO BACK to Rothschild history.  So the Bauer Bayer name was the Nathan Mayer Bauer.  The Bairds in my country are Lord Lieutenants & the Bards become the BREVICKS over time. Rothschilds are alleged to be SATANIC and the Jehavas are launched by  CHARLES TAZE RUSSELL (Russell in the 6 Nation rugby NOW& most of the Scotland England teams are covers for my stories and they have TARTAN on the Scots jersey and BT (the Rothschild Privatisation scams in episode 5) just days ago.  The Bauers were alchemist and Richard could transform lead to GOLD and that launches the vitual product SHAREHOLDING SCAMS.  INTEL run the Insurance funds.  The Rockefellers are named after a mountain nr Innsbruck.  So COMMUNISM is paid for and launched by the Rothschilds out of LONDON & the Grimm reaper comes early to the troops & poor but the Rothschilds die in bed.  Fear from Commies to Vampire they have mastery of. The Rothschilds and Tom Hank's Rockefellers are as CLOSE CLOSE can be.  In AMERICA any boy wants to be a PRESIDENT. In Europe  he would rather be a ROTHSCHILD.  They are legends like Crousus in Rome and they have the MIDAS touch. URI Feibesh lived in the 16th century  Jews did not use SIR Names. Instead they use CODE like the PISOs.  Bauer means farmer.  Only landowners in medieval days get marriage & sex, like the dogs, and the GREEDY ROYALS that employ the ROTHSCHILDS launch   BROTHELS and the FUCK word Fornication under consent of the King.  The Boer is the Bauer joke too it means farmer.  Bauer means AGRICOLA....the elite Romans who took over Britain before they launched the biggest fraud ever THE CHURCH OF ROME. German to Latin Bauer becomes BAVARESE.    I cover the renewable oil issues and all the GLOBAL WARMING frauds.  So the ISIS myths launch religion everywhere & MOLLOCH is the BAAL , VJLees & VACHE jokes.  The BIBLE authors in Deuteronomy make it plain that only the heavenly gods should be worshipped which is WHY THE PYTHONS mention it in the stoning scene. So I try and describe the ROTHSCHILD Shield, the Hexagram and metatron.  Mayer Amschell Bauer/Rothschild became a RABBI aged 12. He joined the Openheims in Hanover which was less hostile to JEWS than FrankFORT. General Von Estorff was a numismatist too. The TALISMEN that Hannah wear round her luscious neck is an icon for links to GOD or the GODS! Estorff joined Prince William IX of Hesse Hanau.  William was the son of LANDGRAVE. Prince William was a leading FREEMASON and suddenly world ownership and the muppet MASONS. I explain the HAMILTON Hesse links again and the SS in Scotland that SECTIONS the innocents and freedom fighters as a high priority. The MASONS met in Wilhelmsbad....KAISER BILLS KIN. The hesse Cassels run the legendary HESSIAN MERCENARY Armies and they fight in the AMERICAN REVOLUTION and there are fewer soldiers from England in that conflict.  The son of a shoemaker is the WARNER Bros, Archbishop HUDAL the NAZI elite launderer in ODESSA and it is PINNOCHIO,  Jesus is the boy with no strings so he never gets home and his creater GEPETTO is in the belly of the mammalian whale WITH NO BOLLOCKS HANGING DOWN for the MASONS.  St Germain is PARIS ST Germain Club now & the MASONS. ELFS, GOBLINS are the MASONS & all the buildings & grames are cocks and fannies & it is just the twisted human condition.  So Vlad Rothschild was from Transylvania where the VAMPIRES keep the taxman at arms length.  My cousin relayed the story about death threats from MI6 to Will Carling on his DALLIANCE with princess Di. The STAKE is an economical crucifixion method launched by the Rumanian Rothschilds and all the pagans become PEG boys and all of it is brutal  We end with the early death of the BLACKADDER jokers Rik Mayal and Queeny the wife of the Schindler actor GOD (s?) are perfect and I fear them but they inspire EVERYTHING I DO & WILL CONTINUE TO DO.