Rothschild Religious Genocide Jehovahs Winesses Salvation Army Mormons and all wars all sides all FEDERAL BANKS

ROTHSCHILD all fake religions Jehovas Witnesses Salvation Armies Mormons and Dying in genocide for your family LOVE STORY

AS YOU WILL HEAR I TURN THIS INTO A LOVE STORY.  Hannah and her family have the capacity for greatness if they take the world back to prosperity & Peaceful Civilization. I need to get this online quick because it retells this horrific story with pictures.
Tragically this is the family that profits from all wars & this reveals how they fixed the settlements in 1918 to criplle GERMANY and their Turkish allies.  The links to false religion shock me. That is they run the Jehovas through the TAZE RUSSELL FOUNDER LINKAGE & stunningly they run the SALVATION ARMY whose keep marching on song I use in the intro. It is stunning & we have the biblical floods back as I prepare to see my wife at another divorce hearing.  My wife understands all the jokes about the ROTHSCHILDS cos she is INTEL Marks & Sparks and that with the Royal Institute for International Affairs the Rhodes Round Table.  So I now understand my wifes BAUER Rothschild Teddy Robinson jokes shared with me every XMAS.  That is the If You go down in the woods tonight TEDDY BEAR PICNIC JOKE.  The Roths were the Bauers and they run the MORMONS too with leaders I have heard of.  As usual my approach is jocular and I use Hannah Rothschild who talks about a MONK and LOVE in the family. She has the capacity for greatness BUT the world is deeply embroiled.  All central banks across the world are now in their hands and I illustrate just a few of the scams of Bernanke & Yellen in the USA & the 6000 directors who use there name & they done include MAx Goldsmit Rothschild in the MASONS in BERLIN who helps cripple Germany for personal gain.  So Ms Valerie Jane Lees & INTEL are owned by them like the DIVORCE LAWS in FOUR MAJOR FUNDRAISING scams cos they run the VATICAN and murder people in Greyfriars just to let them know it is them.  My groundless divorce continues for my BAD BEHAVIOURS and I cite the links to to the Future of Russia (for Facob & Nathan), interlocks to KISSINGER, Current Chancellor George Osborne, Murdoch & the media Globally, BSKY B and the Princess trust who tie you into Hague JOLIE and all the PISO and Rothschild jokes about false religion.  The BRICKS they carry are explained by lady GAGA that is the swim with the fishes executions illustrated in the GODFATHER,  The SABBATH for christianity and all the MARIAM M&M jokes are explaine in BEN HUR and all the ZIONIST output .  That includes Ralph Fiennes and the HIRSCHE Death camp jokes all in the warmongering families that run the religions that are demonised & all the world leaders are satanists.  That is the ROTHSCHILD BARING Christian Jewish Roman links that take you into all their mansions.  ECB World Bank, 26 Fed banks in the USA and all the revelations in over 500 videos by me and a tiny number of risk taking contacts.  The religious link is sickening. ALL FOR PROFIT.....AND FOR PERPETUAL DIVIDE and MASSACRE & the lie we have in every MONARCHY (Juan Carlos killed his wee bro in Spain) the ROTHS sire 9 of Queen Vics 11 children & the FREEMASONS warmongering religions, universities, INTEL OWNED BY them like every American President & the totally corrupted MEDIA OUTLETS led by RICH LIST Magnates do the rest. They own NATOS armies and keep the world in fear.  SO even if I do get dispossessed of my home   I will keep revealing how democracy and all the worlds SOULS & BELIEFS & Great Ceremonial SCAMS like REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY or Yom Kippoor for the long dad 12 tribes of ISRAEL that come out of Askenazi Jewish UKRAINE the Odessa NAZI diaspora XMAS dream no Jesus at the INN in Hitler Rothschilds Innsbruck. It is horrendous and I will not be contributing to their profit streams by remarrying but I will have no say in the FUNERAL COSTS.  ALL RELIGIONS ALL WARS and BT IN NZ ponzis scams,  There is a lot more to tell and it takes you into all the ELITE MURDERS who run the world as money lenders since that was defamed in the christian bible TALMUD and the KORAN which the PISOS wrote too. So please dont turn on religious worshippers they are simple honest and hard working AND THEY BECOME THE WAR DEAD AND their relatives pay the funeral marriage, war crimes, munitions costs all through human history AND WE PAY for the Royals the POPEs & Archbishops all explained  on this page of my website.....SO I WAS SHOCKED & THERE IS MUCH MORE TO COME IF HANNAH ROTHSCHILD AND RALPH FIENNES let me live that long.  THOSE are just the Hollywood bloodline jokes.....the truth is horrendous but as I explain we could have peaceful civilzation in under a YEAR and that will make Hannah & her brothers and sisters ICONS for freedom.  SAY A LITTLE PRAYER for my safety but please direct it to the GODS in the heavens it is PISSING DOWN on their world and that is the GLOBAL WARMING SCAM after they sell the Baby Jesus myth & DOLL (like Teddy Robinson all over the jocular GENOCIDE WORLD.  So you now understand BAYER N MUNICH,  ARSENAL ARSENOE, ALL THE PRESIDENTIAL scams and the ENGLISH Launched DEATH CAMPS & DO THEY KNOW ITS XMAS dream jokes & charities and the LONDON OLYMPICS Ben Hur Chariots.  I may sleep with the fishes on the road to court WHERE I AM THE DEFENDER (but my wife was allowed out of all questions under oath cos she and all dmocracies work for the ROTHSCHILDS & the Canadian Law enforcer;.