ROTHSCHILD: How to Take Over the World

This film was made by Daryl Zanyk in ZIONIST HOLLYWOOD when America was in one of its "GREAT" DEPRESSIONS.  The economic/stock-market crash is not an accident....nor is the emergence of espionage/media propaganda for profit.  Cheating the taxman globally (and emptying National Treasuries everywhere) is a fine art: see warmongering methods used by the NAZIS, the Beaverbrook Foundation, the Crown Templar and Gifts from Nations to ruthless profiteering CONSCRIPTS like the Churchill Dynasty.  It all comes back to the "art" of RUTHLESS DECEPTION, INSEMINATION (finding your Julie/Maxing out in the Elite/Royal  bedchamber) and PRIVATE BANKING/MONEY LAUNDERINGNAZI Eugenics, Architecture, and the Fine Arts (the Master Race GOLD RUSH to private accounts). There are 12 of these but you should see how the allies laundered the cash, the ART treasures and then Firebombed the refugees to clear the path for laundering and the ODESSA project.
Anyway, I dont want to bend your mind, please watch this FIRST, it is FREE (like the world may be one day).....unlike BREATHING now that these teams have created the carbon taxes for 7 Bn poor victims.

The House of Rothschild 1934 (their greatest triumph just 5 years away)

 Once you see the template to fund both sides (WITH INTEREST) and to own the democratic issuance of money (notes and gold/silver coinage) then visit these pages and see why Nations everywhere are in debt to mysterious creditors and why we celebrate annually the war dead who never get a mention for their ultimate sacrifice.  I was taught to use the SCIENTIFIC apologies for the need to present all the evidence below.  WE ARE GOVERNED AND CULLED BY WAR CRIMINALS AND TRAITORS but they just do what the Rothschild owned global puppet masters tell them strings attached ....or ruthlessly cut down like the TSARS, JFK, Garfield and Lincoln.  THESE ARE THE CORRUPTED VICIOUS RULES THAT WORLD LEADERS follow in fear of their lives but with citizens cash/taxes lining their pockets. Hollywood and the Zionist Media see the whole story as an oscar winning classic......YOU NEED TO SEE IT AS A HORROR STORY and Quickly.

Siring your Monarchy Business: Queen Victoria: a persecuted Royal Love Story

Creating the secret society to undermine the power of Nations and the threat of the decent working man. Right at the top of that one GLOBAL pyramid: PAINTING IT BLACK  AND The Historical Facts WW1 & WW2 AND SECRET SOCIETIES FRAUD A POTTED HISTORY (RIGHT THROUGH THE MONARCHY AND POLITICAL/FINANCIAL ELITES) AND WWF: The Fall of the House of Windsor, Totallitarian Government and Treason across the G8 AND FREEMASONS LED BLINDLY BY ILLUMINATI, DESPOTS, and FASCISTS GLOBALLY (without any personal awareness) AND Chaos Division and Diversion: the New World Order, Secret Society, ZIONIST masterplan AND Drugs & Entertainment Policy: commoners to monarchs and privy councillors (just following the protocols of Zion and the Arian Foundations) AND MODERNIZATION OF MASONRY: ALL RANKS, CLASSES, RACES AND CREEDS AND RITES RITUALS AND SECRETS: LOCAL MASONS and the ultimate sacrifice Secret Societies: a Constitutional and Law-Enforcement nightmare all around the Globe AND SECRET SOCIETIES: the occult, the mysticism, the romance, the spirituality and the MOTIVE ££££ $$$$$ The Psychology of Mind Control and Group Behaviour (Socially, Politically & Violently) 

Culling your army and your prisoners depending on where you live or get your education Elite Universities: Tragic Roles in GLOBAL CONFLICT
Endless Prisoners Killed or Enslaved by the "Peace Loving Nations"  THEN STEALING FROM YOUR STUDENTS (and preparing them for a homeless jobless life in Debt) Student Fees: the frightening truth AND (the involvement of the Secretary of State for Scotland and the DTI Student Loans Company "non profit organisation"

Having a laugh at your Victims World Wars: the elite joke. and MODERNISING the Genocide Joke with your global friends from the Public School sector PROGROMs TODAY 

The need for PROPOGANDA from your local Newspaper, Political Parties and National International MEDIA and a QUISLING behind the desk & the microphone (on the 750 TV channels) the world's tyrants totally rely on.  In the words of MOSSAD By DECEPTION WE DO WAR!

The need for the BLIND EYE in law enforcement for cash and the  2000 year crusaders at the Temple Bar. Burying your guilt: motive, means and death toll for 70-100 yearsJUSTICE: the horrible truth AND Banks Assassinate Whistleblowers? AND Coroners and Pathologists sell the verdict (accidental death or suicide)  AND Mull of Kintyre Assassinations 

Then FINALLY, the motive for state sponsored TERROR & PERPETUAL WAR to own all the central banks all around the brutalized world for CASH Timeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes AND DARK FORCES WITHIN THE ROYAL and PRESIDENTIAL FAMILIES 

IF YOU STILL DONT GET IT....then listen to these or these we are governed by war criminals and sexual deviants but we cant smack our children or marry/divorce without a huge fee directly to the money lenders that "Jesus" warned us about  (before he was hung up on the T mobile JOKE)Faking the New Testament: A masterplan for geo-political domination. AND ALL THE poor parishioners and MARTYRS are a LEGACY OF THE BRITISH OWNED wing of the Rothschilds  in the "GARDEN OF ADEN" PROJECT (Codename "Persian Oil") Reading and writing: Just one very profitable book! AMEN  Decoding the New Testament and Quoran Jokes  

Anti-Semitic at the time but close to where Stalin was freed to carve up the World (Sidney Street Seige) and share the profits with Churchill and FDR

You must not dance to this tune but you must ask your MP to let our central banks fund all of our futures... democratically and to avoid the Globalised promises of our evil past European Union: how to steal from GLOBAL citizens in "Peacetime" AND  Holocaust, World Wars, Cold Wars, Palestine & EU explained 
THE CRIMINALS NEED TO BE CALLED TO ANSWER FOR THEIR GREEDY CRIMES ODESSA and Operation Paperclip: Historical Crimes. The Historical Facts WW1 & WW2 

Even Britain's elite comedians understand the Jokes (Baren-Cohen's brother is a Prof at Cambridge and he gets many of my Email's like Lord Patten at Oxford).  Bin Laden was a guest of honour in Cambridge (but died of Renal failure in 2001 in Islamabad: yes god has a sense of humour) and was conscripted to spark the war on terror so Presidents and Monarchs could cull their people and steal from Global Taxpayers (with a loyal sense of duty).  Please understand the RED ZONE JOKE before they CULL/CONSCRIPT your kids again Allegiance to the Royals and the Aristocrats: Dark Forces at Work.  The war on terror is now in lethal private hands Secret Services Chief, PM or NATO/Israeli Army/Navy Commander to Private Security Business ££$$€€₪₪ AND Aegis Defence Services Ltd & the Career/Retirement of General Sir Mike Jackson

From the Afghanistan through the Balkans to Zimbabwe everybody in power thinks it is really funny to kill for cash (and "LOVE my Julie" Joke)

Finding Your Julie.....and planting your seed.

I support the war on terror you do not understand but pay dearly for

This was the Pearl Harbour for Iraq and Afgahnistan (and this morning on the Global News Ukranian millitias were paraded behind locked gates with NO MAGAZINES IN THEIR AUTOMATIC WEAPONS) the just wait for the G8 Government's decision on their fate...and the possibility GLOBAL WAR that is perpetually used to hide the elite financial scams above. Putin (host for French Tax Exile Depardieu) is not allowed to speak as the BBC, Fox News and William Hague (UK Foreign Secretary) do all the talking. These are the Families that have the finger on the button and have total control of the red zone/building from the rubble projects.

TWIN TOWER POET: full steam ahead Iraq & Afgahnistan

Link to HOLLYWOOD's HITCHCOCK HORROR STORIES HERE: THE HISTORY OF THE ROTHSCHILDS (holding the beautiful world to ransome).  Like Andrew Carrington Hitchcock (whistleblower on the Rothschild Global Domination crimes the following people have been brought into the public eye to hide elite shame).  

RUGBY: Farrell coach and dedicated players: Cover for PC Farrell 7/7 whistleblower  (who gave up his job to get the truth out about who killed over 50 London commuters)

FOOTBALL/RUGBY   Princess Sarah Ferguson FERGIE (offices on 101st floor in the World Trade Centre, childrens charity fraudster and wife of a Royal Prince Andrew with boss's job at the DTI: both in and around New York once it was made safe so they could discover the RED DOLL (see Schindler's list JOKE hereDARK FORCES WITHIN THE ROYAL and PRESIDENTIAL FAMILIES) at ground zero where the doll was in perfect condition but all human body parts had been turned to unidentifiable dust.  The doll is on display at the museum for the 9/11 genocidal joke.  FERGIE is Alex Ferguson, the lead singer fpr the black eyed peas and a get quick rich model who got rich quick by plastic breast surgery and having affairs with many of Sir Alex Ferguson's squad. 

TYNDALL: is the name of the Air Force Base in Florida which was part of the pre-planned drill by G8 Forces (NNotably US and Canadian) for an attack on American Airspace which actually happened under US command on 9/11 (General Sheldon in mid Atlantic waiting for the call home after the blood had been shed by the gentiles: all Jews were told to stay home that day if they worked in the twin towers).  Mike Tyndall world beating centre for England which conquered NZ and Australia by stealth and are still run Constitutionally by Governor Generals. That is GG's (horses joke since PISO/HIPPOS wrote the new testament and equestrian events became elite fundraisers understand the WW jokes (and the identity of War Correspondent MISTER BEAN who opened the London Olympics in 2012 and played a warmongering buffoon on the BBC called Blackadder for a GLOBAL ELITE LAUGH).  World Wars: the elite joke.  Anyway, I digress Tyndall quickly married Princess Zara Philips daughter of an elite equestrian medalist to keep Tyndall Air Base out of the mainstream media....but these pair are relative innocents.  Princess Anne the elite equestrian medalist worked closely with LOCOG (a strictly for profit, unregulated business) which had its offices in the HSBC building in Canary Wharf under which the suicide bombers on 7/7 the "suicide bombers" were shot dead by Lord Stevens' of KirkWhelpington/Ian Blair and Cressida Dicks dark Met Police Forces....who ran 7/7 as a LETHAL DRILL for commuters to shed the blame on ISLAM...I think I will stop here because if I go on it could take me a lifetime to cover the sins of law enforcement G8 elites and their diversionary tactics
THE REST IS HISTORY and it is dangerous for the entire "civilized" WORLD. Timeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes