Rothschild "UK" & Baben Britannia AZURE MAIN poppo funds Richard the LIONheart HOPKINS Piso in it POOF 35Kg Ag fee St Leopold & Long Johny DEPP Royal Jack the Ripper Gav & Stacy lobotomies for the CROWN

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Jack the Ripper in Hell Murders Poppo Grapfeld Rule Britannia Azure Maine J Depp Sarah Connelly Gav & Stacy Shipman Lobotomy Iraq Muttonbirds Pr Eddy Glams PISO Fanny.JPG 
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Please note that the ANCESTRAL BLOODLINES referred to below are actually published openly here and that on Page One you get the PISO Bible -Versaille & HRH QE2/Prince Charles, On pages 2-3 the Crime scene shifts to ABE Rothschild Lincoln and FDR the warmonger whos familly sailed with the Mayflower ALIAS Delanoy FRANKLIN Delano roosevelt, the NEW DEAL in WW2 and DELANAYS Donkey for the Irish Masons.  You know already what the murdochs put on Pge 3 but he is just a bit part in this lethal regime that steals the future from every country on the GLOBE.

The Joke that Britain has never had a British Monarch since Christianity swept away the Anglo Saxons like King Carractacus and Robin Hood's freedom fighters.

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We start with Sarah Connelly singing in the Albert/Albrecht Hall RULE BRITANNIA.  My wife works for Camerons' Govt and now lives in just a few hundred metres of the song's composer THOMSON's Monument & her new Street address is Thomsons' X which I was not allowed to know till they had me sectioned at the 2nd attemp since 2010 when Camerons' corrupted govt has been exposed by me THIS IS MY 600th video in that time. 600 is the icon in PISO CODE for the false Jesus. The AZURE MAIN in rule Britannia is the river that runs through FRANKFURT.  The Rothschilds out of BabenHousen just SE of Frankfurt love to laugh at the "BRITISH freedom joke for way over 1000 years and all our kings have been germanic/Austrian/Bavarian since the butcher of Cumbria slaughter the poor at Culloden when Camerons' clan were the Locheils of the cowardly white feather.  I explain how the Bavarian Leopold of Austria  kidnapped King Richard the Lionheart and took a ransome of 35000Kg of Gold Au for Austria or Silver Ag for Switzerland.   Carney from Canada gets £800,000/yr plus housing allowance trained in ALPINE Basel to steal from the "British" constitutional monarchy....all the politicians since 2009 are now complicit in the war crimes of Blair Bush & now Camera.  It goes back to the Crusades and the Robin Hood legends that take you into the German, Bavarian Habsburg, Herts Beds and Bucks Heidelburg, Gottinghen NO BOMBING ZONES for money lenders that were penly the Rothschilds in WW2.  The POPPONIDS are from Grapfeld and date to the 9th century and that is linked as it declares in wikipedia to HRH QE2's illegitimate ROTHSCHILD sired monarchs since Queen Vic had her only legit kid by blind prince george ofCumbria and Teviotdale in Carlisle Castle.  The Robin Hood Richard the Lionheart homesxeualuity Lion in Winter Movie is profiled.  Baron Rothschild of Vienna had MARIA as his maid from the Von Trapp legend before he left for LONDON throughout Rothschild WW2.  Rothschild YELLOW is the colours for Australia totally owned by the Roths like all continents with the abused monarchs as the front stammering men & women who run all wars allsides.  The Popes in the medieval days are GODS' bosses so we can tear false religion into divided 30 & 100 yrs christian wars and all of the 500 nations have been massacred by Christians since 1620 when the Pi Pi Pilgrims sailed.  So my wife is out of Roths Herts trained in M&S asINTEL and her bro is worth 1.5Million in heritable property in the PM's constituency.  The HELL grappa Jack the Ripper Grapes joke is the belly laugh that HRH QE2 lineage goes back to the POPPOS of the ALPS then the Pharoahs of Egypt/the Roman Emperors & the Piso Bible Fraudsters in NAPLES who even in 120 "BC" ran the mint in Rome.   Johnny Depp finds Grapfeld grapes near the bodies of all the prostitutes who all have their vaginas ( the PI PI PISO which translates as vagina & becomes the scotch & American PIE for Don Maclean).  Prince EDDY the Ripper was kept in GLAMS COVERED after the Ripper news was covered by the MET POLIS with the word PISO in it which is why they now send me WRITS ever other week.   Then I read the letter that went to 200 complicit people on the day I made the video.  The De Beers & the Bears were aliases for Rothschild and that becomes the Bayeaux Tapestry and the investment in "Jesus's" holy relics in Waddesdon manor.  All of INTEL & the GPO is Rothschild run, like LAW COURTS & POLISING Globally.   So do you get the queens affiliation to the POPP Funds and the war dead jokes at the 2012 Olympics....Mr Bean was war correspondent for gallipoli.  I then take you into the BLOODLINES which own the world since 250BC.  The Bloodlines contain Popes Emperors Monarchs Evochildes.  The character in Holywood I cannot remember is Anthony  HOPKINS (word PISO in it) who is the Butler in Remains of the Day, King Richard the Lion in Winter and the Captain of the MAYFLOWER. just over 400yrs ago the Pi Pi Pilgrims sailed.  The Bloodlines that lead to the Bourbons of Versaille, Bush/De Buissons, the Rebekah BROOKS & Lord Brookdale of innsbruck.  Stephen Fry is Blackadder Time Team member  schooled in Rutland.  The INGEBERGs of Denmark become ING the bank and the NATO field martials.   So Robin Hoods legendary affiliation to King Richard the Lionheart (played by Hopkins too)son, like King John the baddy , of Henry II.  Henry II and King John the traitor live on in the world owning bloodline but the Kidnaping raises the King Richards Ransome for the Rothschild Central bank & mint in Vienna.  All the relatives who dont qualify as Kings or Holy Roman Emporors/Popes get to be the Bishops.  All the American Indian legends have Pi Pi Peace pipes we are less than 500 years away from that false history......the STYRIA Syria jokes are revealed for HRH & Assad and the hypocrisy of lay the poppo Funds into their bank accounts in Geneva.  So the Robin Hood legend contains the christian massacres of 7 crusades & the affiliation to Friar Tuck is like Pope Pius XII in WW2 the Odessa XMAS dream Nazi laundering scams.  The Silver Ag on the periodic table for chemistry is illustrated by the UBS $80million Land mine contracts for BredenKampf in WWF Africa run by the Royals like ther Poppy Funds.  In the Alpine families I find the ancestors Premslyd Dynasty which explain why Prof Prem Sikka of ESSEX UNI is my friend but gets to be on RADIO FOUR with the Humphry lineage and Sarah Montague Jim Noctie of StBravehearts Stirling.  The Whole story is covered by popular culture news stories Barbasso, Depp, Grappa, Jack the Ripper and the Grapes.  Mrs Shipman in Gavin and Stacy is the prostitute in Hell who gets the LOBOTOMY to silence her as the RED LIGHT TITS OUT lover of Prince EDDY. See all my revelations with Greg Hallett on the Prince EDDY RIPPER Glams Castle. EGGER (pronounced DEPP) in the ALPS becomes the employers for my wife in Hexham.  EGER is twinned with REDDEN the Murray's farm  and in Vietnam the twin town for EGER is BACK NINE!  Those regions are the SUDTENLAND Massacres where Arnie Swarzeneger fled from.  Missions 4-7 did not care about whether they brutalized SALADDINs ISLAMIC menace in JERUSALEM or in CONSTANTINOPLE. The PISOS launched the text for this religion too.  Sarajevo is Austria Hungaria  and King Richard the poof gets kidnapped there actor HOPKINS Run Rabbit Run LAGOS the Rabbit of Macedonia. So STYRIA is Alpine homeland too and I reveal the Syrian FUNDING mobsters Lord David Steel of Aikwood & the Ian Fleming family in the Hollyrood Parliament building overspend GERMANS Bellfinger Bullshit given the contracts from their hub at MURAYFIELD & Gorgie run by the Romanov rothschilds of Hearts.  The Leopolds become the Bloody red Austrian flag.  That is the White bloodless stripe on their flag which has the COMMY hammer & sickle icons on it.  Conrad of Montferrat has created problems for the regime because it is the PIED Piper of Hamelin joke for the Prof Grimm bros of Gottinghen (NO GOD).  So we end on the acts of GOD QUAKES in Aquilla and the same place next door called Paganonia.  Se B B Berty Berlusconi builds a nuclear plant there so the GODS have to stop the quakes.  

THIS IS THE LETTER I SENT TO Jedburgh Sheriff Court, MY ex wife from Rothschild's Herts, her Solicitor, My Children and 200 global winesses.  I have nothing to hide.  My son is currently in austro-Hangaria and if anything like WILLIAM TELL's story happens to him their will be hell to pay.

Babenhouse Franfurt AM AZURE MAIN: Selling Gt Britain to the Austrian Bavarian Nation since the 3rd Crusade


George Lees <>

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Good morning Rebekah Brooks, Jedburgh sheriff court & Mrs Thom complicit in all the scams against the people since 2010.   HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.

I want you to be aware that Mrs Valerie Jane Lees only grounds for divorce are that she desserted my innocent home by request of the corrupted "BRITISH" GOVERNMENT.  She has no keys or rights of access and the British Government & its monarchy were sold many times to the German/Austrian/Bavarian Kings  many born within a stones throw of the Am Main, Am Danube, Homeland of Hitler, Pope Benedict, Arnie Schwarzeneger, Archbishop Hudal.  That is the AZURE MAIN in the rule britannia treason song written by THOMSON........where my wife now resides as an ENGLISH traitor to the war dead since the NAPOLEONIC CULL of ordinary working people all over Europe.....FUNDED LIKE WW1 & WW2 by a family that owns law enforcement and INTEL GLOBALLY. They are called the Rothschilds and i will be asking for accountability on all these issues when you next demaqnd my appearance in a corrupted law court.  The WEB SITE BELOW has been cited as evidence for why I am being stripped of my home by a Sheriff Paterson who interlocks with the now defected PeterWatson (Modern FATAL ACCIDENT Mafia profiteer) and the dead Better of Together traitor McCletchie.  The legal firms deployed in WW2 are linked to the Schroder bank that funded David CAMERON's wife in 2001 to liaise with the British & American Govt to demonise Iraq and Islam (a religion launched by the PISO family who wrote the christian bible and are the direct bloodline ancestors of the Butcher of Culloden, HRH QE's family BEFORE THE ROTHSCHILDS Bastardised the bloodline and control the issuance of money in every country on our world.  So that is the BLACK HAND UP QUEEN VICTORIAS' SKIRT and it led to all great wars genocides, revolutions, crusades and missions to kill our neighbours so this HORRIBLE GENOCIDAL ILLEGITIMATE POWER BASE COULD RULE THE WORLD BY TYRANNY.  Miss Thom Lodges all of her documents under PT/ELLEESSV01-01 for obfuscation and CHANGE THE STORY after we try to murder him by sectioning REASONS.  The "Queen" in Windsor & Buckingham Palace (the latter gifted her by the Hanoverian Bloodline that sired Queen Vics only legit/NON BASTARD or BIGAMOUS baby that was blinded by GOD but lived peacefully through the crimean WW1 WW2 conflicts in London & died in their beds) has twice confirmed receipt of my entire website and when I wrote a letter on these dastardly treasonous WARMONGERING for power & profit  themes she did not reply but my Wife, NHS Scotland tried to have me silenced by sectioning.  Today I tell the Thomson's Monument joke about the ROTHSCHILDS AZURE MAIN ruling Britannia through all the Great conflicts since Boer & Zulu (the De BEERS and the BEARS in the wood, Bayer chemicals in the river are their aliases which takes one back to the Bayeaux Tapestry in the "BRITISH MONARCHY" history.  I obey the gods rules and LAW ENFORCEMENT ( PISO POLIS) INFRINGE them, as their ARRIAN RIGHT WING FASCIST BIRTHRIGHT.  So I look forward to our next meeting and to meeting my MAKER with nothing on MY CONSCIENCE.   I have thousands of carefully collated documents like those appended that take you int Hannah Rothschilds' Laundering Iraqi loot into Auckland and any topic you care about all over the GLOBAL WAR & ECONOMIC CRIMES TRANSCRIPT (Julian Callum Lamont and Nichola SCHNAPPER Sturgeon) are particularly interesting.

DATES & MUG SHOTS WILL BE ADDED: just so you know who they are as they stammer on the WWWW WW2 in the KINGS GENOCIDAL POPPOS' speech

Your Sincerely
George (NOT GUILTY PLEA everytime you take the risk of exposing your tyranous PLANTAGENET RULES)
Code name LONGCHAMPS treaty of Birgham.