Robin Hood, Richard the Lionheart, Leopold of Austrian & THE KINGS RANSOME paid by the war dead ALL SIDES ALL WARS

My son is currently holidaying in war torn AUSTRO HUNGARIA.  In the Legends the revolutionary William Tell is asked like robin Hood to prove his worth by shooting the biblical apple AT RANGE.  When he agrees he finds the between the lines contract means that the target for the ROTHSCHILDS arrows will be placed on his son's innocent head.  My son's girlfriend is called Holly....and here the 7 HOLY WARS that were the christian crusades for land power and genocide because the PISO's chose Mont Moria in Jerusalem as the venue for the PISO BIBLE stories frauds.  If you look at these bloodlines you will see that the Rothschilds, who now own the world its INTEL, Its Armies and its Monarchies in contractual breed out their sovereignty scams come into the story around 800AD but their own geneological records only take one back 200 years.  They and Babenhause financial 7 Holy roman Emperor mafias live on the banks of the AZURE BLUE RIVER MAIN: that becomes the AZURE MAIN in rule Britannia the most lethal NAVY under the union jack.  The big joke being that since 1066 then again in 1715 all the Kings in Britain were not ANGLO SAXONS like Robin Hood.....Maid Marian is Mauriegne a region in the ALPS near DAVOS.  The INNSBRUCK birthplace for Hitler Rothschild Pope Benedict and Arnie Schwarzeneger becomes no room at the AM INN for Joseph, Ben Yuseph and Rebekah Brroks the BOSS for the sun Gods in the Murdoch family.    So then in 2009 I come home from NZ and see that Alex Salamon Rothschild & Nichola Schnapper Sturgeon have a once in a lifetime opportunity to FREE Scotland and I become interested in the real story ALL WARS ALL SIDES LED by just a few hundred elite murderous money lending warmongering and FALSE MESSIANIC religious families who now own all continents.  The ECB European Central Bank is now on the AZURE MAIN in Frankfurt and I an currently pulling it down almost single handedly but I would appreciate your help once you understand all the war dead POPPO fund jokes. Read the pages and listen to the videos below.