Richard Branson EDF INC, Pr. Bush, Obama, Brown & Blair, Clinton Foundation, Ban Ki Moon UN, ERDOGAN ISLAM $$$$, Soros SKY World Bank Knights say Ng Ng NATO ECO BofE Chinks BIG SIX ENERGY SCAMS

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Richard Branson EDF Big 6 Energy INTERLOCKS Erdogan Islam UN Gates Buffet Blair Brown Bushes Obama Hillary Clinton Global Rotary C Murdoch Powell Peso Perez SOROS IMF Kahn Dimon Mrs Robinson Sex Eire Electricite De France.JPG

The CABAL of Billionaires who own the world and buy all its politicians JUNTA leaders & NATOS Armies and RUN ALL THE ENERGY SCAMS at the global people's expense

URL for You Tube Video: Branson Billionaire Syndicate White House to ISLAM
I will try and keep this short so I  can give it to the whole world for Xmas.  It is the story of World leaders ALL BILLIONAIRES in a massive geo-political alliance that is intent on impoverishing all the Deomcarcies & Republics they run by cheating killing and stealing all the money that they could issue to the people who now fund the MAFIA OP in the for of tax rates and the BUSTED scammed saving schemes pensions & investments sectors.  I have chose BRANSON arbitraily as an effective GLOBALIST MAGNATE and the 8 pages of INTERLOCKS are to his VIRGIN Outlets or the CLINTON Global Initiative or a NEW TRADING ENTITY which is  the ENERGY FUTURE COALITION.  They have junkets at DAVOS Bilderberg Un meetings NATO meets and all the participants are profiteers with cash in the pockets for selling themselves & abusing their geo-political role as a GLOBAL conflict of interest. So we start with an assasination in TURKEY like WW1 & WW2.  It is the dead Ambassador for RUSSIA and it occured in Fascist ERDOGAN of ISTANBULs regime. HE ERDOGANIS THE first ISLAMIST top secret friend of BRANSON right at the top of the list.  All eight pages of TREASONOUS profiteers allowed me to make the video but it would NOT UPLOAD the day after when the Vid was loaded
There is no division between world leaders FOR PROFIT.  I will just list the HIGHLIGHT CELEBRITY PMs Presidents, Un, NATO,  Junta Leader BILLIONAIRES in sequence.  LEGAL NAME: Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson.  He is one of the worlds big spending travellers and runs FILTHY Warner Leisure Hotel Chains with HARRIS of Butlins & Bourne Leisure my former employers on the MOST ELITE salmon fisheries in the world. I cite Naomi Kleins the Shock Doctrine and Treasure Islands by Nicholas Shaxson So BRANSONS REGISTERED BILLIONAIRE INTERLOCKS out of these companies include. ISLAMIC Turkeys 'President RT Erdogan (host to the Russian Embassy murder of Andrei Karlov), Louis Albert Moreno  of  Inter american Dev Bank, Ban Ki-Moon Sth Korean UN Sec General. Most of the less famous names I skip have Islamic conotations but not, Bishop DESMOND TUTU Anglican church leader in Darkest Africa. Jose Ramos Horta former Pr of brutalized & Tsunami hit EAST TIMOR, Nobel Peace Prize winner.  Felipe Calderon of Mexico where they STILL use the PISO PESO,  Andrew Agassi of Las Vegas Tennis Champ. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia where 1 in 12 mums die in caesarian obstetric ops JUNTA leader and host to Anne Gloag's Mercy ships.  Mary Robinson former IRISH Presidential wife teenage toyboy lover and the lyrics for Art Garfunkel & Simon Mrs Robinson pictured in supenders with the actor from the WASHINGTON POST Dustin Hoffman. Paul Kagame of the GENOCIDES & Professional HIGH EARNERS diaspora out of RWANDA.  Prince Phil of WWF runs those scams all over Africa but is POORLY this week. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo from the FLOODED Philippines where Magellan (three ships sail by on XMAS day) was killed by Lapa Lapu and the pagan beaches were untouched by tsunami. Capt Cook had three ships to NZ and Aus too but the the three camels of the dessert are the VIRGIN fake at the PISO stable.  ARRAYO Arrian do you get it now? Jens Stoltenberg new NORWEGIAN head of NATO following Rassmusen on the Lynn De Rothschild PAYROLL.  Brevick killed the Socialist kids with MACHINE guns and MASONIC Piny s earlier in the FASCIST NEWS vents.  Jose MARIA Figuenes Pr of COSTA RICA....not the COSTA coffee tax scams.  John B Rich III cannot be found like Hannah rothschilds Hubby William Lord Brookfield of the RAIN FOREST ECO disasters  & the McKenna corporates who have replaced his companies.  TONY BLAIR is in the CRIME SYNDICATE too & his war crimes with Rifkind, Chilcot (on the same boards in Edin) & Rothschild have been reported by me to Justice Sec s Matheson/Wheelhouse & MSP for Kelso John Lamont/Michael Moore and recently Callum Kerr Lib Dem ALL IGNORED.  David kelly murdered by Blair is the same ACTOR as Jeremy Corbyn & it allows them to own all PARTIES & the World with a Massive extinction THREAT. SHIMON PEREZ Pm of Israel is on Branson's interlocks with ART Galleries in Sth America and Spain. There is a Today news vent in UK and USA the latter starring Matt Lauer.  Evan Ryan is Education Sec & SHE is a woman married to the Deputy Edu Sec a Man.  Muhamed Yunus is a NOBEL winning Bank Crasher.  Martti Ahtisaara may get another NOBEL peace award if he prevents PUTIN going to war for the killing of the ambassador in TURKEY with news men just happening to be passing by within 3 metres of the killer on stage. I forgot to  put Lance Armstrong in a photo.  Ellie Wesel was out of krasnosielc like the WARNERS and became the anti terror pro semitic holocaust flight into US commerce campaigner.  Susan Eisenhower is on energy and ploughshares from swords fund in the bloodline that led the ICKE and Mo Christian Jew and US mafia wars.  Her ancestor was CIC of the ALLIED armies beyond NORMANDY for private Ryan.  He appointed Bernhardt the NAZI of GERMANY NOW FASCIST HOLLAND (his decision as the reparations carve up now making aLLIED decisions and massive AIRCRAFT profits post war). Eisenhower even on Wikipedia is a relative of both DIETRICH and SCHINDLER .  CENSORED near here.  Greta Van Susteren is on the ABEL DANGER 100 most lethal/evil women with Samantha Cameron,  Princes Fergie,  Mrs Boris Johnson & Rebekah Brooks and she is Murdoch's FOX news. The Saunders' of Eva Brauns bunker are on the list. Dominique Strauss-Kahn again appears FUNDED in ENGLAND in the Rothschild INTERLOCKS with MILLIBAND et al. He was only charged of sexual NOT ECONOMIC scams & when acquitted they had a Quake & massive flood in Manhattan. Robert Harrison FIRST HAWAIIAN BANK nr PEARL HARBOUR.  Frances G Beinecke  cannot be found on the INTERNET and may be obfuscation for fed boss BERNANKE in the RESET of 2008. George Herbert Walker POPPY Bush GW's dad is nicknamed POPPY because of the linkage to the POPPEA PISO Calligula NERO bloodlines and murders in ROME AND leaders ever since.  Now that I have revealed the SWASTIKA being used by all FREEMASONS globally the UK leaders demonise the POPPY (but not its funds which went to Butcher Haig, Duke of Westminster and now HRH)  as an icon for bloodshed which they now regret EVERY REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY the SFA and FA are being fined for having it on the footy strips in W Cup qualifier. Foreign Sec before the Rice girls is Colin Powell  chest covered with decorations for a country that has never hosted a war on its own shores. Robert Zoellick HEAD OF THE WORLD BANK. President Jimmy Carter at 90th birthday THE CARTER Waggon Wheel Spoke and Wheel Sun God ROTARY CLUB icons.  Mohamed T El Ashry for ISLAM and CHRISTIAN humour/conflict.  Anderson Cooper RAILWAYS Steel and the 500 Nations Indian Cull.  Thomas Friedman gives me the chance to expose GLOBALIST Milton Friedman out of WINDY CITY Chicago.  If you put the FED in charge of the SAHARA there would be a shortage of sand in 5 years.   Next PM Gordon Brown ISLAMIC Head SHOTS repaired at Birmingham Royal Hospital and the launch of Mallalla as a brain dead speechmaker all over the UN & one of his kids dies like CAMERON.  Obamah's real name is Suetonius went to the same school as Field McConnell and is from PEARL Harbour NOT AN AMERICAN citizen.  My research reveals he is in the Roman Army reporter teams like TACITUS, Pliny&  Josephus (who is arrius Calpurnius PISO "the MAN" & the Bible fraud) .  Source of the St Baruch of Cardiff Bay drownings "accident" an ACT OF GOD.  Suetoneus is in the PISO bible too.  Al Gore never made it to President but the Clinton Gore Highway runs all through NZ.  Larry Summers helped fund and coerce the people who brought down the twin towers.   Warren Buffet is 4th on FORBES and scammed 40% of TESCOS in a pump and dump insider trade with its CEO. Bloomberg the Mayor of NY when they brought the twin towers down to JUSTIFY IRAQ LEBANON LIBYA  and then Afgahnistan. George Soros, Rupert Murdoch, Ted Turner all listed with NBCs Marc Lasry the ROTARIAN out of Milwaukee.  Vinod KHOSLA no not COSLA the SCottish Local Authority MAFIA.  Jeff Immelt is a financial services news man with FOX & is tied to Buffets G&E Healthcare.  Jamie Dimon is a BANKSTER in the RESET yr and beyond PROSECUTION.  God does catch up with them though and Lloyd Blankfein is pictured in his CANCER treatment period under the GOLDMAN SACHS logo. Next up the RICHEST in the world Bill Gates but articulate  & a thinker with scope for GREATNESS now their world of fraud is exposed. Indra Nooyi boss at PEPSI but too young to be in the COCAINE Coca Kola Syndicate in the GOLDEN TRIANGLE Vietnam ERA. We get right to the bottom and that is HILARY Clinton cousins of Trudeau Cretiene and TWAIN.   But first the PAN GLOBAL ENERGY SCAMS and how we as local poor people PAY FOR IT ALL.  We are in the middle of XMAS Hurricane Barbara but the SUN came out here as I explained the ENERGY FRAUDs.   The Big six are Brit Gas, EDF, E.ON (Directors Habgood of BofE and KWOK injail on FORBES too),  NPower (Rothschild Registered Windmill Hill still)  Branson was a director for less than 1 yr on EDF 1 Ltd for less than a yr.  The next bit is the reeling off of Bransons 200 UK only corporates. It is boring and time consuming in RAILWAYS, AIR BALOONS,  FINANCE, AIRLINES,  RETAIL, BOOKS, TV, Glass, Lotteries, Exec Jets, Entertainment ASIA, Money ISIS FINE religious myths, Bauer AR Radio networks, CINEMAS, London Broncos Ltd Am Football, & the Peoples Lottery run by his family and the Lords of Rutland.   Many of Bransons interlocks are anon lowlife (but may be Billionaires in CHINA like both Kwok Li brothers).  The directors explain the Knights that say Ni Ng in the Pythons comedy and that is St Ninian of Iona and west into the YMCA telling the VIRGIN JESUS story.  Our AIRPORT strike has been aborted and the Colombian Football plane crash are just to obfuscate my news .  The AIR ballons are both Zepellins/defensive  and now recreational air balloons THAT JESUS needs to get home for LILLY ALLEN from Bedford which was production unit.  That was the profiteering war with Rothschild basterds in charge as STALIN, HITLER and the 5 arrows banking cities.   The Wind Howls and the HAIL bounces off the windows.  Virgin Hotels is the INNSBRUCK (birthplace for Hitler and Pope Benedict the Abdicated) NO ROOM at the INN joke for "Jesus " and his "Virgin" mum.  NOW the mother of the GODS in heaven the GIANTS that create the quakes, volcanic erruptions and WEATHERSTORMS we are to see at XMAS.  
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Big Six UK Energy Br Gas EDF Fr E.ON German Kwok Forbes NPower RWE Essen -24Bn Euro Scott Power SSE Rothschild Windmill Hill Swastika Major Hester Merkel Salmond Spain Trump Sturgeon Wheelhouse Paris & LSE stock Ex.JPG

The diagram above shows how the wealth divide cabal has carved up all our energy assets and GIFTED THEM to Billionaires, Banksters, PMs and ARISTOS not only from Europe but from CHINA CANADA and the BANK OF ENGLAND MOB. One of the Kwok FORBES rich listers is currently in JAIL but INTERLOCKS with E.ON board members & HABGOOD/CARNEY at the Bank of England. 
The German firms are ROTHSCHILD and the SCOTTISH ENGLISH PM's FIRST MINISTERS have sold their souls to their BASTARD COUSINS allover Europe,  Back to the story, Branson seems to own all the cinemas in "OUR" great "United Kingdom" so they dont have to worry about  movies by independent offshoots. Last page of the companies we find EDF ENERGY 1 Ltd  Branson was on the board at EDF for just ONE YEAR THEN the CHINKS can do the work. The company runs a 100 million pound debt pool and many others in Grosvenor Place Victoria London. Bibi Rahima ALLY was in the Lynn de Rothschild Interlocks exposed last week & Gordon Douglas McCallum makes his first appearance since the Gt Escape and the Man from Uncle. Peter Stephen Hofman, Richard Tudor Hughes,  Derek Arthur Lickorish!  McCallum in HOLLYWOOD is a close likeness to ROMAN Romanov the Heart of Midlothian Czar Rothschild.  The Energy Companies BIG SIX up to 25 subsiduaries in EACH ALL SELLING the SAME NATIONALISED PRODUCT IN the 1960s are explained again.  EDF is electricte de France with STOCK market shares in PARIS.  N Power is Rothschild Windmill Hill and Bills come from SWINDON just below Windsor castle/Heathrow. E.ON has the BofE and FORBES felons from China on their directorates. Scottish Power is SPANISH in Prof GALAN's hands SALMONDS' mates and Hon Profs for Gordon Brown's Edin UNI.  The Ombudsman has yet to report on the profiteering outcomes of its review NOW OVERDUE and they are now breaking the big six into tiny little PONZI shelf all selling the same product thousands of miles from where UK local authorities build the PLANT.   So L'Electricitee Comp De Francais is in the LATE Duke of Westminster/Gerald Grosvenors Place,  transport sec gets Share Issuance rights and this is just one in 160 directors on British Business reg.  Preston with Piso, Myers Rothschild, Laroche, De La Creme,  Shares are sold  to VIRGIN GROUP LTD,  cHarge over Shares Sec for Transport and the Regions and the NADAQ in Stockholm has yet to cough up.  I summarise the HOLDINGS of Branson & family from LittleSISS in a broader way .  VIRGIN GALACTIC and George Osborne's dad's Osborne & Little both employ BiBBA Rahima Ally. The Branson wife & Kids are in the Business and George Arthur Harwin Branson is a LAWYER Court of Justice & Privy Councillor GRANPA of RICHARD.   So almost all I have revealed to date is registerd in UK where he pays no tax THANKS to the CHINKS and his tax haven residence on isle of NECKER which is also a place name in the ALPINE HOMELAND for the master races.  Nathaniel Piepfer rings that Pfieffer Eeifel joke that covers the TRUMP  Presidential campaign.  So look for David McCallum the actor then Roman Romanov (cant find his pic in the tabs) and see the links to Balfour Stevenson and those treasure islands GLOBALLY.  Branson is director at HEAVEN ltd!  Now dissolved.   Now the CHINKS in my story, I mean it because  they are another continent I have no access to business registers and the LINGO has unique characters and numerals but they could all be billionaires as the COMMUNIST PARTY LEADERS ALL ARE.  So Cheng Eng Huang, Choon Phong Goh, Choon Seng Chew,  Dr Choong Kong CheOng, Chung Wah Syn, Lord David Ivor Young of Graffham,  Allan John Beecham  & the LAUNDERING CORPORATES then 180 for Gordon Douglas McCallum.  We find the KNIGHTS who say NG Mr Chen Hwee NG and then Mr Michael Jiak NGEE Tan.  For the Crusading Pythons on their PISO pretend horses that is the  St Ninian Pai Pi Paisley  IONA jokes.   So Branson was flagged by the filthy Butlins news last week ot of North Wales and Peter Harris of Butlins now uses ONE STOP DOCTORS LTD for these famous Four Directors MR PETER WOODSTOCK HARRIS, MS ELLA SHARON TRACEY,, MR PAUL EDWARD WOODSTOCK HARRIS , MR THOMAS WOODSTOCK HARRIS.  and they have this clever RICHER VENT too ONE STOP PRIVATE DOCTORS LIMITED to try and obfuscate their massive holdings and sadly their son in law Jockey Walter Swinburn died last week in his fifties. Ever so sly with Trevor Hemmings winning the NATIONAL out of the channel Islands using jockey called MULLINS to Cover the EUSTACE MULLINS that revealed family fraud and died in a straightjacket ASYLUM.  It is not pretty or CIVILIZED but thats what it takes to OWN THE WORLD for 2000 yrs. So the Bourne Leisure Warner Leisure hotels are dirty like their business tricks. Remember Dermott King is the Lackey that runs 66 of Peter Woodstock Harris' companies now. Trevor James Hemmings ACTIVE  is another Bourne Leisure BUTLINS Director in TAX Haven resident at  the PENThouse  Retraite De La Mielle, Route De La Haule St Brelade, Jersey, Channel Islands, JE3 8BA  On the boards Mr Christopher Carney, and Ive Been to Butlins Rhyll as a kid.  I still get messages they are upper left wingers but tough to grasp with NEYbours like they have.  The HOLIDAY COMPANIES Are Private limited with SHARE CAPITAL END of Story  but one hopes Donald Nill Gates Rothschild & Woodstock Harris see the capacity to take the road to HONESTY & CIVILIZATION instead of their customary route to world war.