RESET Banking Crash 2008

The concept that we have calamatous runs on our banks wich lead to financial crashes is not an accident.  All that occurred in 2008 was totally premeditated and it occurred all over the globe.  The money is laundered in staches of less that £1M and now the electronic transactions mean that all of the assett stripping into the Global havens occus on a second to minute timescale and all through global economic history the Rothschilds have fixed the price of gold & shareholdings in financial services out of London every morning since 1815. The Waterloo central banking scandal means every central bank is now in their hands and the videos and articles under this heading explain how all the corporate giants in Rio Tinto but are actually run by diversionary plants who appear on the FORBES rich list so the Rothschild world owners can stay in the backroom. In Rio Tinto's case the FORBES billionaires are HANCOCKS from Perth. That is my wife Valerie Jane Lees nee Hancocks & her cousin in Perth Simon H.  They assett stripped the British railways with Beeching too out of Crewe and her bro got an OBE for assett stripping dental students and the entire profession in HRH's CPD buy your right to work from the murderous monarchy scams which is why Stephen Andrew Hancocks who makes thousands out of Dental scams share releases got his OBE.  Much of the Scandal is closer to home than one could ever imagine and Dierdre & Alisdair Hutton in the better off together Las Vegas Millitary war dead sectors are doing OK.