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Prof George Lees sectioned & Jailed by Valerie Jane Lees, NHS Fraud Drs John Lamont MSP Calum Kerr MP SNP Rotary Nazi Fascist icons JP Getty of Naples John Paterson Squalid Jails G4S G20 GOV Fraud Video.JPG

Lees Paterson Clinton Christ Trump Saunders Getty Rothschild False News Civilization just a tiny step from Civilization

This is a conversation between John Paterson ("FELON"/3weeks in jail recently on probation) & Prof George Lees JAILED in a civil case and divorced with no GROUNDS other than "Bad behaviours" against the corrupted Governments globally This was lodged with the court as my bad behaviours by the woman, Mrs Valerie Jane Lees  working in INTEL M&S since she left school and twice tried to have me sectioned since 2001 as soon as I paid off my mortgage and became a fraud researcher https://sites.google.com/site/profgeorgeleesrevelations/

I have now been rendered a fugitive from my own home within which my wife refuses to insure our jointly owned chatels which I am not allowed to access under a warrant that sends me straight to jail issued by Procurator FISCAL FRASER and Sheriff Peter Paterson who interlocks with Better off together leaders and Levy & Macrae, Todd Morton and massive debt pools. SO the stories are told clearly from the John Paul Getty family of Naples to Donald Trumps relations Rodham Clinton & FREUND.  That takes us to the Chipping Norton Set Elizabeth Murdoch NeY Freud, Matthew FREUD  and all of the exposees that led to Cameron's fall.  Snowy Cameron is a descendent of Nell Gwynn who was gifted TRING mansion as concubine to Charles Ist. That is now Tring museum with the ZEBRAS (wild asses) for Baron Rothschild representing JESUS in te PISO bible fraud and the asses were the coins released by the PISO run mint in Rome 120 BC. The Vettiis lived in POMPEII and some escaped to UK and USA to become the GETTY FORBES RICH LISTers. The Christianity fraud and FDR Pilgrim fathers is profiled again ALL WARS ALL SIDES. Obama's Roman roots are also explained and Seutonious appears in the PISO bible as well as writing the news from WALES at the extremes of Romes' empire. Pliny the elder was nicknamed MAXIMUS and was the piso ASSASSIN. Persius the Poet is now the Duke of Northumberland.  Saunders in the US election is the family of SAUNDERS who helped Hitler & Eva escape from the Bunker from Lake Mugglesee.   Procurator Fiscal Fraser gave me the option of 3 more days in jail OR become a fugitive with no postal address, access to your belongings or your family.  That was an illegal  LOCKED DOOR "star chamber" court hearing and Sh Paterson was replaced by an unknown deputy with none of the proceedings published so THEY ARE IN BREACH of article 8 of Europe's human rights conventions.  In JAIL they wake you hourly to tell you you have the right to commit suicide and it is squalid and filthy for an innocent professor who has been acreditted at 3 of the worlds' best University's who are now stealing 70,000 pound fees from their HONS students.  Both the forced arrest police vehicle and the G4S vans are squalid and one makes the journey in handcuffs with no safety belts inhaling the farts of your fellow accused.  The PHARMA crashes/closures are profiled and MANPOWERS' role too. I have brought down Sir Stephen house (relative of several Presidents/Pilgrims ALL MASONS) and New head of Police Scotland GORMLEY is just cover for MURDOCH INTERLOCKING directors at SKY.   Next the Scottish Fredom Jokes for the MASONS & traitors.  The Rothschild Yellow Bunny Rabbit Ears, the Windmill Blades ALL covered here which John had seen


Another video I made last week reveals the massive SCAM that the Stammering GeorgeVI was the GRAND MASTER MASON right up to 1939 when he made the KINGS SPEECH to declare war on the GERMAN NATION and all its profiteering MASONS in the Lodges in MUNICH FRANKFURT and all over Europe.  All arranged by Kings Kaisers Rothschilds and their GLOBAL FREEMASONIC SLAVES who share the SWASTIKA icon with the Rotary Club Waggon Wheel and the WINDMILL joke out of Amsterdam like the ROOSEVELTS and King Berhardt the NAZI into the ALLIED side.  

Terry Gilliam, the Grimm Brothers, Don Quixote and the sudden death of the actors is exposed as they use the WINDMILL GIANTS....SWASTIKA icon for the Global masons being the Rotary club windmill blades ALL OVER the Hollyrood parliament building.   The ROTHSCHILD youngsters Nathan & Hannah Mary have scope for greatness and John and I agree on the amnesty concept if they do indeed (like Johns' Royal Commissio) intend to mend their ways and open the road to civilization and OUT the Central Banking Frauds that now steal the entire world from its people. So John and I replay the INNSBRUCK birthplace for Hitler Rothschild, Jesus no room at INN, Pope Benedict etc JOKES and the Hitler Little Blue Dress Monika Lewinsky EVA Braun covers with the sperm gelled asa RABBIT on the little Blue dress.  The Pi Interest website obfuscates the PISO Polis bible fraud with GETTY images all over it. John is correct re FDR the Dutch offshoot of ALPINE Hapsburg explain their SWISS Dutch genes. I explain the great NARCOTICS floods in Holland and the Gt Storm in London which took down 70% of trees.  That is the year I met my wife who yesterday refused to insure chatels in there but would cover the rebuilding risks SO SHE CAN GET THE CASH IF THEY BURN MY LIBRARY AND ALL MY FILM MAKING GEAR which I need permission to remove but was assured it would be safely looked after.  I have paid the Comprehensive and Contents insurance for two and a half years since she left.  in the end two years of dessertion by her were the only grounds for divorce.

Then we discuss miscarriages for STURGEON and Salmonds refusal to release my revelations on Sir Ewan Brown, the RESET in 2008, Clinton Lewinsky etc.  In 400 AD Alerick sacked Rome for the federated states out of FRANKFURT and rome is so poor they have to eat the carcusses of the gladiators in the colisseum. Then it becomes Corenza in the Time Team Long John Silver missing treasure myths.  CENSORED BEYOND here.  The last videos I made before exile from KELSO was on the promised land and the STAMMERING Rabbii of Paris jokes as ISRAEL was partitioned and all the poor jews are dead in WW2 already.  The night I was FORCIBLY arrested at 11.30pm (for my wife's safety) I was locked ALONE  in my own house waiting tomake a video with Jim Fetzer but the Thom Sheriff Paterson/Fraser WRITS give the POLIS keys and rights of arrest TO SILENCE MY VIDEOS and facebook posts HUGE BREACHES of Council of Europe's Human RIGHTS conventions creayed in PARIS in the 1950s.  John offers me an interview on Andrew Petrie RADIO ( Petrie Interlocks with LONGSHANKS but I didnt upset John with that).  Re the Frauds: on the Parliamentary web site MPs and Lords no longer declare their surrogate incomes, directorships, Conflicts and retire or are forced out of office WITH NOTHING ON HANSARD ever since Major replaced MrsT.  Kenny McCaskill was Salmonds justice sec and recipient of all my exposures since 2010. Mcaskill is on the NORMAN LAMONT family tree.  The Rothschilds, Osborne, Kissinger BSkyB are all on the Future of Russia Foundation like Lord Patten.  The Rothschild body doubles are conciliatory and neither John and I want them persecuted for ancestral genocides, I expose the MAYERLING killing of the Archdukes son in the AM Ybbs river hunting lodhe in austro Hungaria.  Putin is a full member of NWO and he hosted the WORLD ECONOMIC forum in St Petersburg same time as Prince Charles denounced him as a threat to Rothschild UKRAINE.  Carney is from CARNEVILLE in the ALPS and rich list members like Bill Jobs joke at the old testament JOB joke that Job was God's most loyal servant on Earth SO  BILL JOBS gets cancer and dies really young.  Gilliam has several times tried to makemovies on the Windmill SWASTIKA Don Quixote movies and EVERY time the lead actors die on set.   The Windmill, Rotary Club,  Waggon Wheel. icons are all the same FASCIST Hollick ICONS for capitalism. I explain the rehab SUICIDE outcomes for Wittgenstein because GOD gives the fascists a conscience and suicide is prevalent even in Scotland's Richest family,  Anne Gloag's children and that means that citizens can no longer roam in her region in PERTH. So Trump is on EXON MOBIL's board and one other OIL GIANT Company.  His dad was Fred CHRIST TRUMP and his relatives are FREUNDS from Germany.  All the world owning bastardised bloodlines live on and lead our democracies ALEX SALAMON do you get it and he knows trump owns the undeclared courses as well as Augusta the MASTERS race course and has massive PONZIS in windmill energy as the SWASTIKA belly laugh.  All the ENERGY company;s have been privatised into GLOBALISED MAFIAS and enterprise Scotland is run by Lord Kerr of Kinlochard, Capital Group  like Rio Tinto & Royal Dutch Shell.  That is Kerr who preceded Manningham Buller as boss at IMPERIAL COLLEGE  LONDON who took over from Sir Richard Sykes my Boss at Wellcome when my wife got half my redundancy money to SHOP all over the world.  Trump is on the Blackwater Halliburton IRAQ war crimes boards.  His children look after hundreds of his 3000 global companies including the TAJ MAHALreligious RAJ EMPIRE of hotels in INDIA which became PAKISTAN because of the MINTO MORLEY REFORMS out of my borderland and Linlithgow near my new place of exile.  Hillary broke her ankle in the NON EXISTENT Benghazii US Embassy and Ambasador stephens is likely to be in the ALPS too. The Hillary dementia theory that is cited  seems unlikely to me having seen here and Donald perform as fabulous GLOBAL biggots in the Presidential debate.  I ask John if any of my listeners or supporters might host me for a few weeks in my old HERTS BEDS & BUCKS stamping grounds.  I promise I did not fart in the G4S van and thanks to my mates in Scotland's activism & generosity I have been de-loused since jail, laundered and perfumed for my revolutionary future in exile.  The Rothschilds live in Herts Beds and Bucks and I am well equipped to be a PACIFIST & CIVILISED tour guide now!  We close on my letters to the queen and her interactions with John's Royal Commission.  Her Aides replied to my 1st and second letters reporting the massive frauds by saying their is nothing she can do CONSTITUTIONALLY to interfere with her own Govt's crimes.  My third letter on her illegitimacy and the 2000 year old religious fraud was never CONFIRMED AS RECEIVED and with three weeks I was SECTIONED to be given Intra Muscular antipsychotic drugs for life PROMPTED FOR BY Mrs Valerie Jane Lees out if chipping Norton & employed from Duns Tew in David Cameron's Witney Constituency.