W Scott2 Azrael, Rev Cosmo, Rapalla, Prof Andrew Rice Imperial College, MI5 Manningham Buller

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Walter Scott2; ESRA Pound ESRAEL Religious and Geopolitical frauds RAPALLA and Prof Andrew Rice Manningham Buller IMPERIAL

I want you to understand the NAMING of ISRAEL and the Jewish Christian false religions that run all wars for profit. OFTEN using their Eastern wing of CHRISTENDOM in Red Fez TURKEY as the DEMONISATION TOOL.  So this ePISOde is about Sir Malcolm Rifkinds PROFITEERING WAR CRIMINALITY.  He is the MP for KENSINGTON nr IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON where the boss is now MS/Professor Manningham Buller.  The Archbishop of Canterbury that christened QE2  the illegit monarch and married/crowned King George VI (the stammering King). In World war one that man COSMO GORDON LANG was already in the Edinburgh Walter Scott club SS.  His name for pomp and fascist recognition was  The MOst Rev and right Hon Cosmo Gordon Lang in the Edinburgh fascists in WW1 and Archbishop of Canterbury in WW2 with all the false monarchy frauds and the STAMMERING KINGS speech jokes.  COSMO christened  HRH the daughter of Churchill & the half bro of Bill Clinton.  The Rapallo town in GENOA is a retirment town for retired fascist JEWS CHRISTIANS and OTTOLINES (the Ottoman wing of CHristendom.  The 39 Steps authors are the BUChans Tweedsmuirs with many celebs in the Scott Club freemasons. I reveal the Borders council cabal led by HUTTON the Boss at the Legion the SBC and THe Las Vegas Millitary Tatoo (and Mis Patricia Thom Lawer at Huttons council.  The hawick Joke is the joke about Hawkins  hawkeye treason is the Hawick song jokes the the Scott Club sing.  1948 field Marshalls are in the scott Club and the Drug running triumverate that are the Lord Plunket drug runners with Prince Philip for decades. Linklater makes the sun duck under a cloud.  Gloria Hunniford gets a mention and her children died tragically young named Keating (like Ronan and the WESTLIFE CHRISTIANS that joke about false christianity and sing the song.  Keywords only now Lord Cameron of Lochiel; Sir Alec douglas Home Bombing Garden Aden; Trevor Roper Thomas Moore Jokes; Robert Speight; Magnus Magnusson Lord Balantrae; Lord Grimmond; 1992 RT Hon Malcolm Rifkind KENSINGTON ALBERT HALL  war criminal MP for Better off together with LONGSHANKS motives with chilcott; Elaine Page Chess & Cats PISO religious jokes including the ODESSA FILE Xmas Dream song about religious and NAZI disporas; Grand Prix and Sarti the murderer; Genoa Columbus Pinto christian missions;  Jason & the argonauts Golden FLEECING your neighbours as the chosen ones;  RAF Rafael Jewish angels acts of god and pathology; Fettes the Met Police training hub and tony Blair's school;  tim rice is the lyricist for Lloyd weber;  Blackadder religious Wartime jokes; Christian breakup East West and rome; Lord Sanderson of Bowden and young Rice in the Black Swan Bar; Rice wrote the Lyrics of the ODESSA Christmas Dream Nazi diaspora with help of Pope Pius XII; Coldplay religious frauds; Bruce and Duchess of Sutherland evictions, Financial Crimes, Patrons of the National Gallery (THE);  Illegit monarchs and American Tourists: Rapallo Reparations Soviet Union WW1 and WW2; Alistair Hutton David Murrays Golf Course SBC Frauds; Colditz Leggless Dukes of Buccleugh & Sir David Murray acts of God;  Technical failure and SURVEILLANCE of the innocents Fingland the Doctor and policeman and his son Keith WHO TRIED TO HAVE ME sectioned for revealing the Doctors salary prescribing frauds DESTROYING the Greatest NHS system on the globe;  Hobit Tobit Jewish Joke; apples out of field of gold BARLEY BARCLAYS Jokes; Hornby Judge in Constantinople & supreme Ct for China and Japan; Grimaldi Revolution Bourbon Girardelli ESSAYIST Inner Circle; Shrine John buchan 39 steps to WW2; Torre Civica; castella Punta Pagana and Knights of MALTA 1631 9/11 twin towers Govt Terror;  Genoa Summit MARE and the OCEANS eleven Jokes about George CLOONEY and CLUNY abbey in Sth of France;  Genoa Celtic region of Italy;  Nietzsche Psychiatry Freud chipping Norton Murdoch jokes and the launch of  BIPOLAR Illness & the ASYLUM;  linked to Gogarburn HQ for the RBS and the Bllomsbury suicides in the sector;  Zoroastrianism & uniting profiteering religions; GENOA falls to the Ottomans (Otto is the PISO Onions joke); sadly the war reparations scams are run from her AUSTRO-Russian losers get hit again PIedemont is gifted to SARDINIA; Italy serbs Croats and Slovenians  SECTOR Up in treaty of Rapallo; Julian Alps JULIAN LAMONT and John Lamont MSP and massive business holdings;  Barbarossa Pirates of Caribean;  1917 extension of WW1 CUNNING PLAN involving Woodrow Wilson & Princeton Genocide; Treaty of Versaille PERFECTLY INTACT tourist venue for "FREE FRANCE" now carves up reparations for ROTHSCHILDS;  ESRA POUND gets HELL/EEL on the end and we get ESRAEL in 1947 and Harry Truman gets $2M from Balfours Churchills and Rothschilds; Six Jewish Angels  Mikael; Avriel; Shakina/Shakira MisMolli; RAFael; Treaty of rapallo 1920 Russia Austro OSTEREICH Easter egg joke; ESRA POUNDing the bedpost as a FASCIST REVOLUTIONARY friend of Mussolini , Oswald Mosely. Hitler Marquis of Linlithgow who Partitioned Pakistan and INDIA for the EMPIRE; Booth Birthplace of Baby Jesus NO ROOM in the INNSBRook joke; LOOMIS Armoured cars explained LOOMS & Light of World; Tavistock St Petersburg training hubs for fast dictators; Pound gets straightjacketed for shame during this ; St Elizabeth has 5-6 false IDs;  st Elizabeth Anne SETON....SETON SLUICE on the Lothian Coast for Miss Jean Brodie Scottish FASCISM; PISAN Takes by Esrael POUND; Anti-semitism DEATH CAMPS projects;  QUAKERS Professor John Highton in Dunedin after the CLEARANCES in MOREBATTLE SCOTLAND; Millers and Fishing Tackle JUNCTION POOL owners from England; Bellamy, Gavin Brown, Puddens Christian Bible Covers for ROTHSCHILD Interlocks to Bellamy, Gascoignes, Westons;  Pennsylvania & YALE UNi Puttnam Magazines; Warmongering Universities; DOOLITTLE Ezra Pound jokes and talking to animals like FRANCIS OF ASSISI.  Amen and Links to the Pharoahs; Thomas Moore Greek & Latin Speaker;  JEWISH ANGELS Mikhail (r)  gavreal (L) Dark Eyed Molly Eva Cassidy Died young; Miller grinding bones to dust BAKER jokes; URIEL Uri Geller spoonbender FRONT; rear is rafael; Above Shakina SHAKIRA & Freckles on her body; HALLES Subway PARIS ARRONDISEMENTS;  Life of Brian the B Arian Joke;  Professor Andrew RICE pain doctor heart attack in 2010 when he desserted me;  CONQUISTADOR; IMPERIAL COLLEGE led by Manningham-Buller of MI5 out of OXFORDSHIRE NO BOMBING ZONE;  Imperial is St Kensington MI5 and Otago Polytechnic trained in BAKER ST; Prof Rice Canabis researcher;  Jailing of Cannabis users but LAUNDERING PROFITEERS BECOME the Monarchs and the queens children get sired by the NARCOTICS Elites; Plunkett Greens; Sir richard Sykes Lord Kerr of Kinlochart; Granton Spey; Knights of Malta; Duke of Roxburghe; London PAIN consortium; Pat wall Max Wall UCL Leveson Gower;  Rice Estates in NORWAY & Muskegg the SINKING BOGS in the Woods; Condaleesa RICE are Bushes foreign Secs; baker St Irregulars; Royal Wooton BASSETT MI5 HQ;  Rice in the black swan bar owned by the GEORDIE allegiance to the Percy's Dukes of Northumberland Camerons; Roxburgh Street and the cabal of the surveillance of innocents; Dr Jones with Goldfish called JOSEPH another JOKE about the PISO biblical characters in bethlehem but first Egypt COAT OF MANY COLOURS or COLORS for Dolly Parton in the EMPIRE STATE.