The CLUNY Christian Bygraves SAGA, country SOLD GLOBALLY and the PRIORY Piso Empire

THE SECTARIAN SELL YOUR COUNTRY & YOUR SOUL VIDEO. Is below the image and at the bottom we have an image on STUDENT DEBT which I hope will allow my old friends globally to understand the ruthless outcomes and DEBT which are being imposed on our own children.  YOU TUBE CENSORED the text but the full story/Keywords are below the video. YOU KNOW ME and you might get a mention.
Hexham FRIENDS SELE SCHOOL Run Bulger peg Boy ABEL DANGER George LEES Bible PISO Jackie Charlton ROTARY CLUB SANTA CLUNY MIRREN Braveheart cutthroats.jpg

I Sell to thee MY COUNTRY video at the Children's EXPENSE

 The tragedy of "Great" Britain and its auld alliances to religion, monarchies & the PISO family Globalised JOKE.  My Images seldom pop up on GOOGLE so I explain the tiny thumbnails that my videos get to portray the HORRIBLE RELIGIOUS HISTORY. Mirren is the name of the raped and executed BRAVEHEART wife and for a laugh it is the PEISley/Paisley/Ian Paisley SECTARIAN JOKE.  So the VOW TO THEE MY COUNTRY brings tears to everybody's eyes cos all nations have lost their sovereignty to the money lenders "JESUS" warned us about when christianity were still profiteering out of Naples Avignon, CLUNY Rome and soon HASTINGS AND LEWES in GT Britain KEYWORDS ONLY BELOW:-
Confession launched using GUILT 600 is the PISO code for the cross & Jesus sacrifice; POPE Francis gives communion to VIDAL tank commander; Handsome George Clooney; Cluny Abbey on the Loire; Sectarian Violence for Profit; SALTIRE Scottish Flag = Cross Keys Icon for Cluny Priory (PISO in the plural see list UK below); Max Bygraves Eric & Ernie and the AVIGNON papacy Provence JOKES;  Hastings Priory SUPERMARKET;  Gavin Hastings missed kick in World cup semi-final; Crashing of London Scottish RFC by Hastings and Bristol RFC the slaving city & the Laundering sector hub; Sectarian IRELAND profiteering; Scottish Freedom William Wallace TORRAH Wood history; Freemasonic Dryborough HEART OF Robert Bruce the treasonous plotter with Longshanks;  Queen Elizabeth meets sectarian Ireland; #8million pound for her safety each time; the inner circle of Greek Italian Hebrew Yiddish and LATIN or French speakers;  SS in Edinburgh Law enforcement eroded by our papers; The Scotsman & Max Hastings the elite salmon fisherman & editor; Casino home of CHARLEMAGNE in France nr the Maginot Line; French auld alliance; Cock crowing; Gordon Brown Cahills Balfours Mikhail missing POLICE SCOTLAND & World Leaders; Islam again demonised by david Cameron; Rastifarians Lion of Judah Bath RFC and genocide in ethiopia by ITALY;  List of PRIORIES IN THE England Scotland; Augustinians/Benedictine (Cluny) movement. List of Priories: Amesbury Wilts;  Bath & Forrest of Dean Somerset; Church of St Mary everywhere;  Austin Friary; Cluny Abbey Fr;  Atherstone;  Derbyshire Beauchief;  St Andrews Church Kelso sir Walter Scott relatives Dukes of Buccleugh; Birkenhead Priory Horsey  Golfy Slaving Liverpool;  St helens with NUNS; Blackmore Essex Girls Nuns?; St Laurence ; Beaulie Hampshire;  St Helens Greek Launch for teams of Gods; Blanchland Abbey innocent Neighbours  Dental Fr Connection Santa Clause role play Healthcare Slaves JOKERS in OAK CLOSE HEXHAM Rotary Club (with Ham in it and Egger);  Nerva Antonine Antonine wall;  Lord of the Rings Inner Circle Mafia;  Blyth Northumberland; El Cid jokes and Michael Moore MP & Borders College DUBAI; Bolton Priory; Bolton Banking mafias Elders at Church of Scotland; Bourne Abbey Lincs; Boxgrave west Sussex Bint from Saudi and Princess Anne Lawrence Scotland RFU altitude training; Rugby on a Sunday Chariots of Fire; Breden on the Hill; Bridlington Northern Kingdom; Rory Stewart Governor for Iraq;  Bromfield; Carrisbrook Priory Isle of Wight, Queen Victoria; Prince Alberts Chain & Mrs Whitehouse; Canns Ashby Priory Northants; Elite Linraries BoyDell Books; Cartmel Cumbria; Chetwode Bucks immune from Bombing;  Roxburgh Book Club;  Blind Prince George; Christchurch Priory Dorset; Christchurch Quake NZ; Clerkenwell Priory London; Knights Hospitalier Swizerland SS; Coggeshall Essex; Cistercian Movement; Piso Priories; Croyland Abbey Lincs; Dale abbey Derbyshire infirmary chapel; Davington Kent Mary Magdelene;  Durham Cathedral intact; Henry VII Scottish Abbeys Raised; deerhurst Gloucester;  Dorchester on Thames; Dore Abbey Hereford; Dusntan abbey Beds immune from bombing; Dunsten Priory St Georges' Somerset; Edington Wilts;  St McKillop and St Ogilvie; RBS Winston churchill owned Ayton castle Eyemouth; Big Six Energy Frauds John Major; Lowrie Beck N Power Energy Scams;   Elstow abbey;  Broom Bedroom Tax JFK funeral; Farewell Staffs; St Bartholomews Church; Frieston Lincs; Great Bricett Sheeples bleating for leadership; Lord Peter Sutherland RIP at RBS ;  Duke of Devon downton abbey Derby; Great Malvern Priory;  Icknield way Roman Roads; Wild west YMCA; Knaves from other countries in the British National Anthem; Hatfield Peverel Priory; Google Censorship and Data surveilance;  Profgeorgelees/revelations treason by INTEL; Hexham Priory; Liverpool Murder of Jamie Bolger fearmongering; sele School Hexham;  Heyning Priory; Man for All seasons & Howard Duke of Norfolk; Jarrow Northumberland St Bede; St Abb sainted for virginity; St cuthbert miracle two otters OTTOMAN OTTO PISO jokes; Hexham Priory; Hexham Rotary Club and Probus; TV Chefs Roux brothers; Lonshanks Land Owners pay taxes; 2015 poor pay taxes; Henry VIII beheading of Tomas Moore; Holm Cultra; Hurley Berks; trinitar; abbeytown Cumbria; Jarrow Tyne and Wear;  Kyme Priory; Lancaster University and Lancaster Priory; Lapley Prior Staffs; Lenton Priory Nottingham; No Nottings Notting HIll Jokes; ABEL DANGER; Lord Hollick and Michael Grade; Little Dunmore Essex; Merrival Warwickshire; Abba Piso Family jokes; Monks Kirkby Warwick UniversityRules for War Crimes John Anthony Chilcot IRAQ Arms scams; Monkswearmouth; Norwegian Kings fish farming polution; Owston  Newbloton;  Hampshire Narcotics; Pilton Hawick & Edinburgh Ewan McGregor opiates movie; Lord Porchester triumverate and Queens illegit babies; St Ignatious and Black Popes; Romsey abbey; Reverend Peter Baines; Wellcome Foundation Berkhamstead Herts; Royston Herts; Boroness Amos St Albans School and St Albans' Cathedral; Criminal Stephen Hancocks Family Hemel Hempstead; Selby Abbey; Gilertine Movement and rothschild Gilbert trust MUSEUMS globally Shrewsbury Abbey; Sherborne Abbey; Smithsfield; Prince Eddie Jack the Ripper murders; Stogersey; Tewksbury Gloucester; Thorney Cambs NO BOMBING ZONE; Tilty Abbey; Tutbury; UpHolland Priory Royal Dutch Narcotics; Waltham Abbey; Witham Charterhouse; weybourne; Toll Roads and Charters; Woodkirk Knock on Wood; Wroxall Priory; Wymondham Abbey; Wroxhall abbey; York holy Trinity;   PISO IN PRIORIES TITLE; Free france Bucks in WW2 immune from bombing and INTEL agents in rugby sector; Gavin Hastings Rugby Quisling and scottish Desserter; Andrew Kerr Scottish Patriot and rugby hero; William 1st Duke of Acquitaine; Bernard Cribbins & Yorkshire Freemasons; Jeff Boycott Boyks Ponzis; Michael Parkinson and Life Insurance Ponzis; Cluny is pronounced like Naomi Klein & Kevin Klein's name (fish called Wanda Arche Laus JOKES); Townhouses in network of elites; Hotel De Ville; Cross Keys Hotel Kelso icon is the Saltire JOKE about the Scottish Flag; Auld Alliance Scotland Britain-France cabal; Commune in Cluny Anti-Communist genocides; St Peter and Paul protect CLUNY; Cluny Abbey richest and biggest prior to VATICAN in Rome; Factors Stormonth darling cover ups & job losses; Papal Schism Avignon & Max Bygraves song & Lenton (Puttnam know NOTTINGS chariots of Fire treason movement with PASTOR in the Joke/chatroom). Ancien regime Cluny demolished 1810; museums in Paris; Swastika icon in the ruined abbeys HEBREW/Yiddish  letter; Cluny Abbey are writers;  PRIORIY more importand as a PISO priority; Arian counter-movement; George Clooney and Chen Brothers HIGH PRIESTS OF ISRAEL movies Jokes; No Room for women; St Mary the virgin is ICON though; Aston VILLAs; St benedict of Aniane Anni Annici Ottoman Empire OTTO piso subsiduary; Crammond Scotland and Antonine wall; Carolingan threat.  Laus Pereneiuns Archelaus PISO family member too Batteries run out YOU TUBE VERSION CENSORED 1/3rd way down the page