Religions3, George Cluny Fr mafias Ian Paisley & Rape Murder of Bravehearts Lover CHARLEMAGNE

This is one of the most politically & Religiously sensitive videos I have ever made. The SALTIRE for Scotland on the flag is the ICON for the CLUNY ABBEY in FRANCE who "owned Britain" since 1066 till their BASTARD BLOODLINES RAN OUT. PAISLEY'S Giant Abbey and all the Ensuing Sectarian crimes are to DIVIDE AND CONQUER
Irish Troubles IRA HRH McGuiness Gerry Adams Peter WilliamsQC PISOBible Life of Pi Paisley Ch Norton £Bn Bank Energy Sec Fraud Cluny Scot Flag X Keys Sorrell Cluny Abbey Ashdown Gordon Brown Braveheart.JPG

Keywords only from here for CENSORSHIP REASONS. Braveheart Rape Prima Nocte Execution of the victim; Islam now replaces Christian War and Denominations; Cahill INTEL British Airways ProfGeorgeLees/Revelations; Sorrell, Gordon Brown Irish Troubles, Zombie those guns and bombs; Martin McGuiness HRH Queen Elizabeth; False Christianity PiesLey ABBEY; 600 & 300 code numbers for christ and cross; PISO Numbers also in Braveheart; PISO PI jokes; Surveillance by Government and Religious INTEL ops for political advantage; Queen & Obama meet in Ireland 8 million pound spend; Security Guards unfunded in the Brothels Sovereign DEBY Jokes; Returning Troops in WW1 and Napoleonic culls; Coldplay For Some reason I cant explain I know St Peter NEVER EXISTED; The Priory at CLUNY was Flattened into MUSEUMS in the FRENCH REVOLUTION GENOCIDE culling the poor by Lious XIV Napoleon NAPOLI JOKES. Masons cull returning troops in every great conflict; Colonies get no take from Religious Fraud; Churches are wooden huts; Cluth Pub and Clutha myths; Ian Paisley SECTARIAN LEADER; Jim Murphy East Renfrewshire; CLUNY Abbey Clermont Ferand French freemasons; Benedictine sect; Piories word PISO IN IT; Heaven?; 1000AD Quakes erruptions Iceland Greenland; FREEDOM ha ha; Charlemagne; George Clooney O Brother where art thou? Biblical Flood Casino movies; Christianity Sweden 1008 AD; Florence & Zebedee BBC; Witches Burnt at the Stake; 1039 CLUNY MONASTERY FRANCE approved by German Emperor; Border Abbeys & Kelso Abbeys; Cohen Brothers High Priests of Israel; CLUNY ABBEY richest Institution Europe; Pope Gregory VI Sells Papacy and GETS MARRIED; SYNOD & Church of Scotland ministers; Damian Movie; Cagney and OBrien; KIEV PAGANS extinct; 1054 Great Schism THREE POPES Bohemian rhapsody plague; Cluny Abbey hosts papacy; Hastings Priory Meadow Supermarket; Martin McGuiness & Ian Paisley; William wallace & Louis the PIous son of Charlemagne ; Alister Moffat; Aachen Christendom and Ronald reagan King Charles Spaniels; RAF air balloons; MERV Morovingian lizzards in space David ICKE; Judith of Bavaria; Pepin of Acquitaine Carolingian Tinker Taylor Soldier SPY; Villa CASSINOgilum CLOONEY CLUNY Joke; Clermont ferrand Melrose Rugby sevens; Avignon Papacy near Lyon KLM Vest; Basel and frankfurt nr Cluny; Buckfast Rab C Nesbit; Kelso Kennel Club Meeting; Paisley; Suicide Clutha Pub news; Jim Murphy MP Renfrew Passing By; Billy Connelly prostate cancer; Cluniac Houses Gt Britain; Maginot Line nr Waterloo; Clutha Myths and Rabbie Burns Elite Authors; Lewes English launch; Ireland Christianity Isle of Man Havens; Ulster Paisley and WW2; Kneecapping sectarian violence; TT christian cross joke; Galway Irish Mint Pound shared with UK; Virgin Mary Little Blue Dress Eva Braun Joke; Indentured Labour hiring fairs 1914; Cluny abbey Candleabras, Gold Silver; Roasted Chicken KFC luxury food; Cock crowed thrice French Rugby Jersey; Silk Vestments; Silk for LAWYERS and Rothschild factories; Silk Stockings; YMCA California CA Cahill Calvary Joke; Lord Dr Ian Paisley; First Minister Ulster; field McConnell ABEL DANGER Pastor religious fraud TREASON MOVEMENT; Sound of Silence & Mrs Robinson Simon and Garfunkel Irish love affairs; Titanic Movie, Sinking of the Titan, Mull of Kintyre Terror News released 10-20 years early; Peter Robinson PM Ireland; Paisley Cathedral Textiles factories; Paisley SKYPE contacts become FLAT EARTH researchers; Paisley War memorial HIPPOS; Jehovas kidnapped Maddie & Police Junkets; Paisley Patterns; Brown and Poulson Corn Flour from Bones Biblical Firepans NAZI jokes; Brodie Park Brodies Law Firm John Lamont MSP; Mirrin Bravehearts wife Raped then Executed; Friars Norse Gods; Bath RFC Roman Baths Stonehenge Holiday rentals in Forrest of Dean; Michael Gambon Lipstick on the tits; Mrs Whitehouse Censorship; List Of Priories PISO