Genocidal Roosevelt Pi Pilgrims Teddy buries McKinley out of the woods murder into Pearl Harbour & Oyster Bay inn BROOKLYN Underhill SS Robin Williams scams & Being There Movie Sellers

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The Biggest scam and cause of death in world history FALSE RELIGION & LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR

We start with Faith Hill singing THERE YOU WILL BE in WW2.  FDR's massive life in Sin. The Delanoys (Roosevelts) were on the Mayflower. Faith Hill was recently DIVORCED from Tim Mcgraw since I revealed the company McGraw Hill are a massive Financial Services company in the USA.  In the last video I posted I revealed all the Presidents on Mt Rushmore are in the Bloodline that takes us back to the Roman Emperors, Pharoes, and the PISOs the bible fraudsters.  Caroline Aherne died this week but she has a body double in my home town right next to Mertoun estate (she has an Irish accent). Mertoun is home to the Duchess of Sutherland relative of Leveson Gower of the LEVESON ENQUIRY.  McKinley was shot so Teddy Roosevelt could become the unelected President & he was shooting BEARS (Rothschilds) in the woods that weekend.  I take you to the Bloodlines that are the world owners and I find Napoleon married to two Elite wives Josephine then Marie Louise of Austria (see SHAGBAG for power video).  Theresa May is a FORMER BANK OF ENGLAND Magnate & is the MP for Maidenhead where the HANSON company frauds take place.  The Rothschilde TEDDY BEARS joke is Royal Dutch Beatrix and on &on it goes. McKinley actually died of gangrene as the story is told by Teddy's medics.  Does that remind you of the GODFATHER movie when Godfather 1 was saved by his family acting as sentry's in the ITU like Imperial College London where Airey Neave died after having both legs blown off.  Robin williams the shipman actor was an EPISCOPALIAN PISO power brokers.  Williams did not expect the GODS to follow his life story & when he realised all his healthcare jokes and diversions got him the illnesses he claimed to cure typified by Awakenings. So FDR was the signatory for USA to enter WW2 after PEARL HARBOUR....(home for Obama's family nr Honolulu).  FDR Delano is the Delaney's donkey & New Deal Jokes at the war dead's expense. All the celebs know that Good morning Americ how are you is a joke about the Sun God has been replaced by "Jesus" and the Native Suns of American the 500 nations of INDIGENOUS INDIANS are goners at the hands of the Pi Pi Pilgrims.  The Dr Knox that brought me into this world has passed on but the SECTARIAN jokes and the Oyster Bay Pearl Harbour SS is the Underhill Society. It is in BROOKLYN the INNSBRUCK no room at the inn for Jesus.  Caroline aherne died at 52 & Captain Underhill trained the Pilgrims to Kill like Chris Martin his equivalent on the Mayflower. Mertoun is Oxfords' Richest College immune from Bombing in WW2 & Tolkein was educated in fascism there.  Bree is where the hole in the Maginot line was and the PUB where FRODO (Fr Bishop ODO in the real world) is supposed to use his nickname Underhill to keep his secrets secret That is the ARAGON regions of France and the characters are mainly in the Capetan Berty bloodlines like HRH QE2 Bill Clintons half sister.  Then Neil Bush who went to St Albans gets a mention and the kids that went to that school include KERMIT Roosevelt (I mistakenly say Rockefeller: the Tom Hanks family).  St Alban's school in Herts UK is right next to my wifes' family's region and Baroness Amos failed to find the elected PM of Egypt after I reported that he was played by the actor who is the father in Mrs Mertoun's ROYAL FAMILY cover up.  Shipman the NHS serial killer was played by williams who married a Schneider but could not sleep with her because GOD got him with restless legs & Lewy Body dementia and his 2nd wife was from the Pi Pi Phillipnes with his son nicknamed PI.  The Royal family dad Jim  Royal played elected President Morsi of the egyptian ISLAMIC Brotherhood and Baroness Amos failed to find him or his remains. That is how false news works now but god gets them in the end.  Liam Fox & gay boyfriend get a mention.  Neil Bush was working with the pope to re-write the Talmud, Quoran and the Bible.  More detail to follow with John Paterson & Crof. So thats why the POPE Ratzinger/Benedict resigned & he is born in Innsbruck like Hitler Rothschild.  PM John Key in NZ is a LAZARD trainee and just after we left NZ Christchurch got hit by the massive quake.  Williams plays Teddy Roosevelt and in the Selkirk cemetery the Roosevelt relativesare buried.  The Hutchisons, Robbins, James Murray, Barbara Bennet are on the Presidential bloodlines from the Emperors & PISOS. The Pi Pi Piso pine forrests have replaced all the deciduous trees which were used to line all the trenches in WW1. *0m dead and only 4% of our leafy green forrests left.  So Teddy is on Rushmore and he is related to the Barnhill Barnevilles of MINTO CRAG bloodlines of Scotland and the Jolie/Bullock bloodlines. Gervaise is in the Roth bloodline & in the museum movie like williams.  McKinley was in the soldier blue uniform in the Am revolution. President monroe was the person involved in the purchase of Louisianna from Napoleon & Spain...FUNDED by the Hopes of London & Amsterdam AKA Rothschild subsiduaries. Roosevelt was buried in Oyster Bay where the SS Underhill society are the trainers of the pi pi pilgrims how to kill. Robin Williams runs Christian Aid and many charities. Jerzy Kosinski was the director writer of the BEING THERE movie about Sellers playing Marcos Manuel the only legit baby Queen Vic had at age 14...already a mum in her virginal white BIGAMOUS wedding dress.  Jo Kosinski left Jewish Poland and became boss at PEN the Piso biblical fraud all through.  Marcos Manoel was raised on the Isle of White and that was Sellers (Chance the Gardener)  in Being there  as the son of Lord Mountbatten.  Prince Phil, Lord Plunket & Lord Porchester were the triumverate of drug runners and P&P sired HRH kids beyond Charles & Anne.  Andrew Rice took me to the Test & Itchen valleys where Mountbatten & Plunket lived. Chris Evans is to be removed from Top Gear & he was replaced by a King Juan Carlos body doubles.  The Monkeyson shoulders and tails in Jumanji are the war conscript jokes.  Williams married into the Pi Pi Philipino PINOY regimes where dementia exploded in WW2 using chemical foodstuffs. Marsha garces was the second wife & his 3rd wife was a Schneider. All of it is the PISO Panthera Pants Bible author  jokes . Chris Columbus sailed from Genoa and he directed Mrs Doubfire for a joke. John Pierpoint MORGAN has a massive nose like Pinnochio and he lied about saving the banks & skipped out of the Titanic killings. So Williams ends up fundraising to reverse the ACTS OF GOD in Canterbury's massive quake. EPISCOPALIAN PISO taker Williams laughs about the ROLLING STONES for Jesus' TOMB & COMIC RELIEF Do they know its XMAS with all participants getting heart attacks strokes etc.  Williams follows the at risk troops all over USA's homeland security massacres globally.  The Bree Underhill Lord of the rings scams are explaine & I have Ian McKellen's signature on the box set of the movie & his director numbers on his profiteering with Heather Rabats of FINCHLEY ROAD and Hannah Rothschild's INTERLOCKS. The oyster Bay is SS host tothe Underhill Society and a massive extension of the Bree Maginot line breach and Pearl Harbour. It is just not funny and all is in BROOKLYN with Hannah Mary Brookdale ne Rothschild fond of Blair's murderous spin doctors.
LOURDES is a massive Pilgrimage venue and is the name of Madonna the pop singers Daughter See Video below BERNADETTE was the Saint who saw the VIRGIN Mary. Sadly this preacher has passed on. The PENIS in the PISO Bible is the Fish LOVES AND FISHES and you get sex with your wife on a Friday when you could not GOBBLE Meat if you were a devout catholic.

Fish on a Friday is your Penis in the PISO Vagina