Christ, St Paul Greatest LIE ever told, ABBA Barrabus Barnabus FATHER GOD Jokes QUAKES & ERUPTIONS

In this video I take you on a LETHAL PILGRIMAGE.....following the route of the non-existent St Paul who took the false religion out of ANTIOCH in Syria/Seleucid territory and ALL ACROSS THE MED.   The launch of the FALSE CRISTIANITY BIG TIME is easy to follow cos it sparks MASSIVE ACTS OF GOD almost every where they go with the PISO written text.  We start with a clip from Monty Python's Holy Grail video on the JOKE about how to launch the EXPLOSIVE THEOLOGICAL HAND GRENADE out  of reality this is the release of the PISO writings into the heads of the worlds EASILY LED MASSES.  So route one to world ownership for "St Paul" the sword wealding tax collector turned Saint was from Antioch/Seleucia across the Med to Salamis on Cyprus to PAPhos "TIT" for the Pythons then to PERGA (Pergammon Press who publish the BIBLE) Attalia then into the PISSTAKE in PISIDIDA (where we have another QUAKY Antioch) leading to False ICONIUM Lystra and eventually to GORDON BOWD#EN's DERBE where the current duke of Devonshire have vast estates in the PACIFIED CHRISTIAN NATION that is Justin Welby's UK. Then he goes home MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  The second and third PAULINE junkets turned the world upside down starting, this time in DERBE out of Antioch into PHRYGIA where they wear the dwarf ELF hats, ASSOS  ( the Ass is the icon for the Donkeys that are JESUS and the Scottish Borders Council opposite David Murrays golf course in Scotland) and they make it right into GAlipolli and into GALATIONS & Acts all through the bible fraud.  ALL OF THE CRIME scenes for "Chritianity involve the POLIS Word so that is Neapolis Nr Prince Philippi's launch pad Apollonia and eventually they arrive exhausted at Ptolemais also with PISO in it and MUCH closer to the rock at Jerusalem where the Crusades kill MILLION of all faiths and creeds.  But by now my computer has crashed and I have to walk you through MISSION number 3 to ROME where the Vatican became even bigger than CLUNY Abbey near the VOLCANOUES at Clermont Ferand ( nr where WW1 started and where the BANK of INTERNATIONAL settlements is still BASIL FAWLTY's JOKE from the Python religious JOKERs. The Journey to the VATICAN is riddled with Volcanic and EARTHQUAKE risks cos effectively it is a PISO laugh at the Universal Gods as the get replaced by the non existent Jesus who's mum Mary becomes the mum of the Universal GODS and is still a VIRGIN but the Python team chatter about this like HERETICS. To get to Rome you visit/publish PAMPHYLLIA, Myra, CRETE, Phoenix which rises with the church of ROME then you get SHIPWRECKED ON MALTA if your "Life" is a LIE.  Then life and limb is shallow beneath the Med SEA (that is the Volcanic Cones but if you say a prayer to Mary's Ancient kids in the Heavens you might do OK like the Lumberjacks in the Pythons TAX HAVENS CRIMES.  The most Constantine signals from god are about the MAFIAS  nr Mt Etna on Sicily and took St Paul into travel sickness through Syracuse into Rhegium (Lord McCalpine of TORY fundraising's home at the TOE SUCKING place that is Rhegium (Reg the revolutionary in the Life of Brian actually means KING) and the Kings there who subdued the really CHRISTIAN WHOLLY ROMAN EMPEROR by using GEORGE the dragon Slayer of ANTIOCH no 3 who was a "XMAS" mercenary soldier but was actually MOORISH/ISLAMIC to colour up the story..... HE FOUGHT for the NORMAN FRENCH GODFATHERS of SICILY who were named ROGER I & II but the Pythons do not think this is funny enough to mention untill MONTE CASINO is brutalised in WW2.  One hopes one is converting you to a believer then we get to PUTEOLI and its second volcano that SPEWS out Rothschild Yellow Ash for COWARDICE and this is Naples again under its alias of NEAPOLIS (the global law enforcement joke).   The eruptions co-incide with the worlds greates sins which takes us to the false news on (the US) Calvary Hill....."BARNABUS" was St Paul's admin man RELEASED By PONTIUS PILATE (Telly Savalus sucking his KOJAK polis Lolli) & by HEROD an full member of the PISO fraud team for the ROCK in Jerusalem JOKES.  The released man is Jesus' trial an acknowledged murderer(but not mass murderer like St Paul before he saw the glint from the cash) & his name is Barabus  (which launches the BARRA jokes in Scotland and God puts a rock face into Queen Victoria's regal image which is obvious to tourists like me as a signal from God of the World Owners illegit ID).  The Monarchs, Papacy and all the religious & political leaders are revealed as Genocidal traitors.  I tell little parables about familicide in Prince Charle's household and tragic accident's that kill three by lightening strikes in Prince of Wales vast tracts of HIS LAND in the Brecon Beacons.  On the BIG QUAKES and VOLCANOES are much easier to see as a tool for the GODS who created our wonderful universe but resent being the kids of the Virgin Mary AS IT WAS WRITTEN BY THE PISOS.  The Gods can also create TSUNAMIS as in the Sth Pacific and the risk maps describe St Paul's path al the way to the bANK in BASEL, Naples, Vienna, Paris, Frankfurt, London and the sign above the door ROTHSCHILD.




The Volcanoes associated with WW1 Christianity fraud take you into Clermont Ferrand, Luxembourg and WW1 WW2 genocidal/christianity vents.  DERBY takes me into discussions about WW1 &2 and the Napoleonic Revolutions.  Gordon Bowden releases info on minor criminals and historic figures like the murderous Jonathon Aitken.  The volcanoes in France ar at Clermont Ferand (Auverne David Murrays Vineyard…the Wine Gums Maynard Joke for the PYTHONS of Antioch) a FREEMASON TREASONOUS HUB and in Luxembourg. The Warner Brothers were exported from POLAND as the sons of SHOEMAKERS, Jumanji, Pinnochio, Archbishop HUDAL Jokes…..about PROPAGANDA GLOBALLY and NAZI?Fascist diasporas.  The Popes in WW1 were killed to make way for Pope Benedict which is why Ratzinger the NAZI pope before Francis was picked to cover my investigations into PAPAL HOLOCAUSTS & Laundering crimes.  The accidents/Lightning strikes in Wales strangely struck workers in Prince Charles Prince of Wales Duke of Edinburgh Award fraudsters.  I think the GODS will have and explanation for these ACTS….but it has been denied that the victims were using SELFIE STICKS….which are effectively effective lightning conductors.  The risks of living under the Volcanoes are aired in Naples (Neapolis everywhere).  As the Pauline mission gets into the Sicily region we get the jokes about Jesus/Pinnochio the boy with no strings and the son of the father GOD Gepetto who is incarcerated in the belly of the mammalian monster (the belly of the whale) In the old testament as JONAH.   The Freemasons are mindless drinkers in the worlds slaves sector and all the war dead come from the ordinary working man trivia children who do not have the wits to determine their own future, prosperity and safety. 


Next we cover the HUGE RELIGIOUS JOKES at the Crucifixion of Jesus…..the PENITENT THIEF gets SAINTED by the PISOS and he morphs through Dismas into Diams the DUMAS who wrote the 3 musketeers belly laugh.  The LAW ENFORCEMENT Joke is that they let the Killer BARRABUS free and hey ppresto he becomes Barnabus the PAULINE administrator/private sec in the backroom for all the Christianity PISO FRAUD.  The Movie the Greatest Story ever told is really sickening and JOHN WAYNE the most popular freemason in World history gets to recite the tragedy of the Christian execution of our savior.  The European Plate and the North Africa seismic plates do not produce4 accidents….they explain all human evil real time.  The CALVARY role plays are sickening…….but the PISOS and the WARNER bros understand rainstorms lightning strikes and why they occur like Bing Crosby and Bob Hope SINGING IN THE RAIN AS WAR BOND PROFITEERS… JOHN WAYNE.  Mary the mother of the heavenly gods now AS IT WAS WRITTEN…is the Madonna Maradonna celebs jokes.  The GOD in the skies in the movie is accused of desserting hi/their  non-existent son in the final scene with JOHN WAYNE looking down from the mountain top.  Rhegius is at the TOE of Italy and is the KING of Italy/Sicily Joke.  Telly Savallas plays the Roman Governor and he has couple of modules in psychology….he lets the mob free the murderer BARRABUS and to give thumbs down to Jesu (INNEOUS JESU JOKES about Guy Innes Kerr and the GRANGEMOUTH union scams that mean the working man remains a slave to bing Crosby and people like David Murray, Alisdair Hutton and the fictitious JUDAS who gets 20 pieces of silver in EGYPT but 30 pieces for desserting Christ as the PISOS write it all in the villa payrii).  The ABBA story is just as vicious at THE FATHER GOD’s EXPENSE…..and the loss at WATERLOO means that all the ELITE WORLD OWNERS get to celebrate their stealing of the Central Banks that now impoverish all democracies.  The Sulphurous Volcanoe in Naples is YELLOW for the Rothschilds & Cowardice and it Spurts out Yellow ash that comes out of the FUMAROLES like words from the stammering king’s mouth.   Sicily was owned by the HOLY Roman Emperor but they were subdued by ROGER I & II of NORMANDY ( with links to George of Antioch THE DRAGON SLAYER myths…who is a mercenary for Normandy from the MOORISH/ISLAMIC world).

So Roger of Normandy chase out the Holy Roman Emperors from GERMANIA….all of this is now written as HOMELAND SECURITY, Theology and Professor Murray at the Uni of Durham….where the Cathedral is completely unscathed since 1070  cos King Henry was Gods rep in England but lost his wives heads in the gutters cos he could not obey PAPALorders.  The ABBA joke is about the OUR FATHER GOD…….and it is the BARABA/BARNABUS Joke too. St Ignatius the Jesuit is also a myth but pope francis the first Jesuit pope is a genocidal catholic leader in latin America.  Jesus calls out to GOD using the word ABBA (Father) …written by Josephus the ID alias for Arius Calpurnius Piso (within the CALPURNIAN temple in NAPLES). 

The PISOS are now the GODS as the authors of the whole story

The Cavalry Blue for the INJUN cull is still worn by the Border horsey owners and Kelso historians to commerorate the violent deaths of their ancestors….George of Antioch is actually an EMIR which gets turned linguistically in ADMIRAL and the NAVY BLUE Knickers that Pauline used to wear in our gym classes at Kelso High School.  So the story is quite complicated but illegit HRHs profiteering from the ceramic POPPIES and all the warmongering against ISLAM continue unabated WHICH IS WHY MY NEXT VIDEO ON THE WINDSORS and the KINGS SPEECH WW2 Joke was crashed as it processed last night. 

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