Redcaps ROYAL Millitary Police FAIRY WW1 M East dead Boateng Ing Aegis De Morville Melrose Fascism Christ Munitions Mitfords Mosely Fascism

Please watch the video below the High Res IMAGE.....showing the sacrifice all conscripted soldiers in every global conflicts make. If they opt out
Redcap ROYAL Millitary Police FAIRY WW1 M East dead Boateng Ing Aegis De Morville Melrose Fascism Christ Munitions Mitfords Mosely Fascism Watchtower Firing Squad Mary Queen of Scots Hermitage.JPG

Why the Royals, the Govt, the Munitions, NHS and Religious Profiteers want me SECTIONED for my insight.

This is a full version of a CENSORED YOUTUBE Video descriptor.    

ALL OF THIS RUN BY THE "BRITISH ROYALS" who have rejected my offer of help and OPTED for State Sponsored Psychiatric sectioning. ALL the reasons they want me silenced on are profiled here SO we start with WEAPONS trading by Christian Preachers, English Field Marshalls (WHO RUNS THE MILLITARY POLICE as well as Aegis Defence Systems) & Mercenary army leaders called SPICER who has no GOVT role but gets to run the TRIDENT NUCLEAR threat......ALL working for THATCHER or BLAIR for decades....with British troops in 60 or so countries all over the "PEACE LOVING WORLD".  THE religious fraud and the power of FEARMNGERING stories are told simply.  LINCOLN Green is the colour for the British millitary Police.  Incredibly I found the link to the MYTHICAL JOKES about the REDCAPS from the De Morville "Christian Fraudsters out of NORMANDY in 1066.  The Redcap in popular culture is a BLOODSUCKING Vampire that Haunts the Castles and get the Blame for the DEAD CLAIMANTS to the throne.  But First the UK Millitary police in the UK now led by ALF Hitchcock who gets £200,000 to keep all of the Nuclear TRIDENT scams a secret.  All of this on my website for 4 years & WILL BE TAKEN DOWN as soon as I am Gagged by PSYCHIATRIC SECTIONING starting this MONTH.  I reveal my dialogue with the archbishop of Canterbury who like Boateng the christian preacher  has OIL profiteering interests in AFRICA like Boateng Head of the Treasury office for Blair. I profile a tiny number of the issues on my website from Munitions to the NHS frauds that they are silencing me for.  The MP is the millitary mounted police too.  In War time the MPs redcaps rise in numbers from a few hundred to 50,000 non combatant snitches who shield the double agent profiteers and line up the innocents.....their nickname IS THE MONKEY on the troops shoulders!  Sadly in NATOS exercises the millitary police also get slaughtered in Afgahnistan Iraq Syria (where the profiteers are still the Fleming Bond authors & Sir David Steel my former MP).  The British Royals HRH the Queen and the Stammering King (George VI) are the CICs for the millitary Police....but they dont need to leave their thrown to give the orders to execute any threats to the firm.  The links to the FREUD Murdoch family that run the world out of Chipping Norton (where my Bro in law lives with new home in Witney NR ROYAL WOOTON BASSET where the war dead are processed for profit by the ROYALS in the no bombing Oxfordshire Constituency for Cameron right next to MI5's HQ.  The FAIRY redcaps are the people who get the blame for FAMILICIDE then become the Ghosts in the castle to keep the entry fee up (they are in the HARRY POTTER MOVIES & DRINK BLOOD from their murdered victims).  FASCIST Mosely was in the war office with 60K non combatant profiteers led by Churchill & Beaverbrook.  The Moselys also ran Burkes Peerage till God caught up with them in 2014.  We explain the links to Queen Mary of Scot and BOTHWELL & her murdered suitors.  The religious De Morvilles eventually replaced by the Buccleughs way beyond them planting christianity all over the country that is Blairgowrie, Glams & Pertshire.  VAST TRACTS of lands and their relatives become the BISHOP warlords all over UK and eventually THE PILGRIM fathers & the Mayflower US Presidential MISSIONARIES.  We talk briefly on the ABBEYS Cathedral all over the UK.  Abbotsford is right next to the S Borders Council , David Murrays Golf course and the PISO influence is everywhere interlocked with king David, the masons and the fascist centres like Melrose, Huntingdon, Rutland & Northampton ALL within a few years of 1066. Out of Cumbria, Redesdale, Gilsland & Ireland the PISO PIlgrims sail.  I hit on Tracy logans Scottish Borders Council & the corrupted medics.  I work for the social Landlords the PERCY family who share all these Jokes in Harry Potter movies....ALNWICK CASTLE.  When I discovered the horrible truth about the WINDSORS, Mary Queen of Scots and the REDCAP FAIRY JOKEs the Sun came pouring out.  The Brownie and REDCAP Fairy joke are elite tools (the brownie is BIG EARS and NODDY in Beaverbrooks daily express).  the UK millitary Police are all over the world and in the Balkans, Iraq Afgahnistan they are 25% of the deployed FORCES......HRH is the Boss (and in WW2 that was the stammering imbecile IQof 70 in charge of 50K millitary police to enforce the treasonous profiteering).  The monkey in the ROYAL Mil police has been replaced by a microphone so the privates can be accused as the war criminals. The music is called the WATCHTOWER (jehovas Magazine) and the Germans like the Tannenbaum XMAS truce song is SHARED with the GERMAN ARMY. Even the CHAPLAINS have a Mil Polis sector keeping an eye out for heritics that might behave like "JESUS" who might negotiate a truce and give the dosh to the meek! We profile the Met Police scamsters who lead the peelers.The Mill Police were the BLUECAPS for their OXFORD (No Bombing) charge of the anti-communist holocaust in N Europe.  Then the Mill Polis enter the cold war and Russia becomes Britain based on Stalins traing in Tottenham & Tavistock.  CP for PISO is on the shoulder of Dads Army Comedians AS A JOKE about Hitler sweeping to the channel Coast and waiting for Beaverbrook (aircraft) and Churchill (air force) to get their MUNITIONS OUTPUT (£££££) maximised.  Every one of the comedian cast I can explain in the leadership/treason of the worlds’ great conflicts.  I mention the HAMBRO bankers the Special Ops executive (SOE) & the disappearance of HAMBROS from the current frauds under our exposure of their profiteering in wartime & peacetime. THE TROOPS get dismembered before they leave for Iraq (they get injected with Organophosphate Toxins used in WW1) and 40-60% of returning troops become HOMELESS because the cannot own themselves in their physical and mental trauma.  ALL OF THIS leads to the ILLEGIT Monarchy, UK and Scottish Govt, Law Enforcement & Media/Local Government TURNING ONME with a state sponsored sectioning/death threat to shut me up as a menace to the GLOBAL MAFIA.   

The Monarchs PMs and Presidents in all Countries ARE ALL RELATIVES/DESCENDANTS of the PISO BIBLE AUTHORS and The Roman Emperors Pharaohs: