Public Enquiry or Internal Review: Setting the real FASCIST/TOTALITARIAN Issues Aside

Retrospective inquests and analyses can be very revealing or EXTREMELY DISTRACTING.

As I write, the BBC and various hospitals are engaged in dismembering the reputation of an entertainer and charitable fundraiser called Jimmy Saville. Saville died earlier this year and posthumously is being portrayed as a villainous child abuser and sex fiend over several decades in the heart of the UK establishment (the BBC and Britain's charitable sector) .  This entertainer was awarded a knighthood many years ago and was buried relatively recently to great acclaim for his career achievements.  The BBC are most concerned about this villainy in their very highly paid and Internationally esteemed ranks and hundreds of concerned sufferers have emerged to testify that Saville's corpse is not worthy of the veneration it received.  

Mark ThatcherPM mummy's armourments millionaire still walks Britain's pavements as does Lord Condon (who is responsible for private security at the head of G4S) who was a major figure in the Thatcherian era as metropolitan police commissioner. Thatcher jr earned an alleged £12,000,000 in multi-billion pound deals to supply arms and naval might to middle eastern states in deals signed by his mother.  The head of the BBC trust (Lord Patten) and its Director General (George Entwhistle) are desperately keen to air Saville's crimesReputations at stake now that nothing can be done about them or they dont fancy life in office when the real scandals across the troubled and corrupted world are revealed.  Patten (Chancellor of Oxford University, former diplomat in Hongkong and still a BP board member) has huge conflicts of interest to account for.  Even as a leading academic and public figure, he is ring fenced from public contact or scrutiny and is a close contact of both royalty and political dissidents in corrupt countries like Burma.  Aung San Suu Kyi made historic speeches to the UK parliament on progress in Burma in 2012 where Britain has a long history of Thatcher-style deals to keep JUNTAS on top of human rights campaigners and peaceful democracies.  His high ranking colleague Koffee Annan (a very highly paid UN leader, also on the BP Board for a time and married into the Rothschild family) had the decency ,or self-preservation skills, to step down as "for cash" peacemaker in the ARAB spring of 2011-12 and the transitional charades that mean even killing dozens of civilians takes defenders of homeland security back to the USA but not necessarily to face meaningful trials. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Superintendent (now Lord) Condon was a major figure in the inquests surrounding Princess Diana's unfortunate death.  Lord Condon now sits in the second chamber at Westminster where home secretary Theresa May is proposing massive cuts in  police budgets and civilian administration costs.  Lord Condon is engaged in private security operations (on the Board at G4S) all around the "free" world for corporate profit and the dismantling of local policing across the UK (where private forces have been founded and elected political commissioners are to be appointed soon) and he, a cross party peer, like the professional sporting mantra (Lord Coe, a very conservative life peer) have made handsome profits for their companies at the recent Olympic spectacle.    

I have no idea of whether Saville was a villain or a hero but he is currently just a smokescreen for breaking news that is too big for politicians or the news media to release to the publicG4S & Halliburton: A Capitalist, Mafia, JUNTA, Cartel, Fascist, Totalitarian Dream come True?,The Co-operative movement UK (an arbitrary example of corporate/banking corruption)The Economic crisis 2007/8: Reliance on Violence, Genocide and Erosion of Political Control.  The perpetrators of the unprecedented criminality that has swept across the globe since the millenium are once again reliant on these cheap and "lewd" scandals and for opening old scars on accidental deaths at Hillsborough (overseen by the Bishop of Liverpool), and more sinister deaths at Heysel, Bali, under Drones or Navy seal strikes in Pakistan and so many more needless traumatic settings.  Silvio Berlusconi does not have a knighthood  or a peerage (like Condon, Thatcher jr, Patten or his media colleagues Conrad Black  and the Rothschild Dynasty who manipulate news released by their corporations [Reuters & associated Press]) but he has been a leader of the G8, the Italian Nation and the sleazy press for  decades.  His recent "news" coverage of royal princes debauching themselves or of topless princesses are not of great concern to the UK government or to its dutiful media who refused to publish the images of such an important future leader of the nation. Nor were his personal sexual MORES (which were expensive and extrovert in the extreme even in high officelusty leader) of great concern to our establishment even though he slighted her majesty the queen and had very youthful conquests in the sexual arena (often on the public purse)17 & 74.  Berlusconi is still alive and has been replaced as Italy's long-term leader by  austerity measures coming at Italy's poor populace and its middle class citizens. irresistable urges but 90% media control This week (mid Oct 2012) Prince Charles has won a battle with the Guardian newspaper ensuring that his political  correspondence (while he is still alive) cannot be published as it may compromise his position as a politically neutral future king of Great BritainMonarchy Rules (and head of the Anglican church, former husband of Diana and current husband to a second wife, by civil marriage). This was the first civil marriage for a would be monarch and according to wikipedia A unique feature of the blessing, conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, was the inclusion of the strongest act of penitence from the 1662 Book of Common PrayerWe acknowledge and bewail our manifold sins and wickedness, which we, from time to time, have committed by word, thought and deed, against thy Divine Majesty, provoking most justly thy wrath and indignation against us.regal affairs  Prince Charles' funding rose significantly in 201211% rise for Prince Charles but inflation for welfare running at 2%: austerity all over Southern Europe in a year of austerity, sovereign debt and turmoil (notably in Spain....where the monarchs are polarised on Gibraltar's sovereignty and Greece where Charles' father was a prominent public figure when the last WW2 bubble burst).  Blessedly Charles and the Royal family have a hearty sense of fun and the stress of constant celebrity and public/press scrutiny cannot be much fun under a cloud.

The news media everywhere have been extremely busy covering trivia or colourful non-events.  What with Lions roaming England's coast, space balloonists breaking the sound barrier, mars probes, the replaying of the Weapons of Mass Destruction mythology in Iran and the trial of local freedom fighters in the Balkans the whole of the developed world is caught up in a childish and potentially catastrophic fear campaign that is an insult to the educational world yet a genuine threat to human survival on a needlessly troubled planet.  Princess Diana hit the wall accidentally, perhaps, but the propaganda, cold war, diversionary sleaze and trivia campaigns are not working for anyone......unless they are under mansion house arrest like former President Mubarak (pictured above with would be police commissioner Lord Prescott) & Lord Lucan, or publicity seeking Anders Brevick.  These were villains (all friends of extreme right wing leaders) who executed their lawless urges just so the world would turn its head away from the political, economic and war crimes.  All of this means that Milton Friedman is still a hero for many and suggests that the Satanic figure John Milton (played by Al Pacino) in the spookily accurate film "The Devil's Advocate" was right in his alarming assertion that "the 20th century belongs entirely to me".

The winds of change are gusting through these regimes now in the 21st century.  The spectre of justice being dispensed in that eternal burning pit (fueled by privatised OIL & GAS) is creating many a U-turn and policy reversal for those ever-so insecure but high earning satanic leadership teams......IF ONLY YOU COULD FIND THE TIME TO CHALLENGE THESE SINS AND THE REPEAT OFFENDERS!