Lets Shoot Down a School, or a tourist venue, or a typical student/islamist.....the virtual NEWS DEATHTOLL

From Port Arthur in Australasia, to Sandy Hook school in the USA political mafias need to keep their citizens terrified (SO THEY CAN KEEP ROBBING THEM WITHOUT BEING NOTICED)Funding the World's Conflicts & Strife: the very top of the FASCIST pyramid..
The London Bus Bombings exemplify this concept....the four actors hired as "suicide bombers" were late to arrive in London where they fled to Canary Warf and were shot by metroplitan police officers under Sir Ian Blair's greedy lead (Sir Ian Blair: London Met police commissioner who earned loadsa money (salary and scams) and is now on a cosy pension of over £150,000 a year and sits in the second chamber as a Tony Blair Life peer).  His story of lies and deceit is easy to follow on wikipedia funds for olympic security, skiing trips with his mates, assassinating false flag operatives . Unfortunately the dead commuters in London cannot see the post-mortem evidence that Tony Blair (and his hand picked peers) did this (in league with the Israeli government and global elite leaders) so he could win back his electoral popularity and continue with the killing of 2 million Iraqis who died after David Kelly and Robin Cook were killed by these EVIL EVIL men.  Once you get the drift its really easy to see how this works and I am going to refer you to an ex-serviceman, paramedic and fatal accident analyst to convince you that the only people the world need to fear are in government, right at the head of national security organisations/police forces/or privatised security firms and in the financial services/banking mafias.  Unfortunately, the global media benefit personally from deceiving their long suffering neighbours (Nationally and Internationally)......and they are treading a thin thin line.....until the actors and conscripts spread the blood all over the worlds "civilised" pavements!   Lets keep it right up to date and show that London changed nothing and the lethal cock ups are just perfect if the culprits are to be brought to justice by the 7Bn innocent observers who fund the whole of the New World Order without even knowing it exists.  Obama ordered the Boston facade the week before London's marathon and just a few days before the met police were expecting thousands of aggressive "left wing" protestors at Thatcher's funeral (all of these events are about gun control and keeping the meek citizen under the heel of ruthless government.Boston Facade and Motive 

So the London and Boston "stories" (and the innocent martyrs) IN FULL.  You will be shocked if you have an ounce of decency. 
This reveals how MI5, the BBC and global leaders (including Benjamin Netanyahu, Rudi Juliani former mayor of New York on 9/11)  meeting for an economic congress in London on 7/7 broadcast the fact that they would blow up tube trains and buses at the very locations where the attrocities were committed and crowed about their global tyranny over a year before the attacks.  Prominent politicians and media men (e.g.Michael Portillo Gavin Esler) arrogantly debated the how the media and the state would react "IF" such things came to be.  Just over a year later Peter Power arranged dress rehearsals in the key-"named in advance" tube stations and "surpisingly" later that morning bombs planted under the trains ripped the floor out (from UNDERNEATH and there were no witnesses to testify to islamic youngsters or heavily laden passengers with back packs)!  The videos below show the scale of the deceit and hypocrisy which meant that even whistleblowers from other countries (notably New Zealand and South America) were "virtually suicided" and shot in the head, respectively.

The Boston charade is pure THEATRE (one doubts that anybody was killed).  The perpetual denunciation of "typical students", migrant families and communist weapons of mass destruction does, though, place the world in a fearfully dangerous place in terms of the threat of WW3.  Try and see the funny side of this: the cock ups are laughable and the relaxed actors who get on their stretchers and spread their fake blood around dutifully are amputees from previous millitary campaigns (or just typical students in hoodies earning their beer money and maybe part of their increasingly expensive tuition fees).

Many have suffered for the London attrocities and others (brave individuals who refuse to compromise on the truth) have lost their jobs/lives because they challenged the corrupt government, law enforcement profiteers or media narratives/evidence.  All the professionals involved in these fraudulent scaremongering stories are breaching the trust of listeners, viewers, victims, licence payers, pensioners, investors, savers, students or train/bus ticket holders just so the tyranny can prevail and the super-rich can cull the impoverished masses unchallenged. 
Here are two of the heroes who lost their jobs because they were honest policemen or academics.  

SACKED for pursuing truth and justice

Both the Blairs kept getting wealthier and more powerful.....Tony gets £10,000 per lecture hour and his Knight Bachelor (Sir Ian Blair) gets everything he wants and great skiing/olympic security  (at society's expense).  Apologies to wikipedia (who are short of funds)......Im sure they will understand the importance of published evidence & peer pressure.  Sharing that encyclopaedic knowledge can change everybody's funding really quickly.
This is the pathetic Panorama programme that pretends that London is wide open for terrorist attacks.....IT ILLUSTRATES GRAPHICALLY how folk are prepared to lie on stretchers, say the right thing at the right time, denounce islam and mouth their multi-national compassion (despite the fact that it is a simulation to prepare a local response). It was, in effect a dress rehearsal for the real thing just over a year later on 7/7 2005 The New World order do this to create panic (War of the Worlds; The Sinking of the Titan published 12 years before the Titanic set sail; then at the end of the Boston bombing week we get a news release that pretends the White house has been bombed and the stock markets have made massive losses.  It is a house of cards built by CRIMINAL FASCIST LEADERS and media propagandists.  The intensive care doctor in this film has already been triaged by the gods but the BBC staff and all the panel are SHAMELESS but not innocent (and the truth will be outed soon)!

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