PSYOPS: Keeping the world in perpetual fear and poverty

I had never heard of a psyop until I read some of the courageous work from Peter Eyre and Gordon Bowden.  Just a few weeks ago after I had given a lecture on the root cause of the Global Economic Collapse to retired local business people who created the blissful world I was born into, I fielded questions.  One of the audience thought that my evidence base made me a "conspiracy theorist".  The question came from a gentle, thoughtful and productive citizen who had spent his life working locally on job creation, honest trading and industrial productivity.  Now that I know what a PSYOP is I am proud to be called a conspiracy theorist.  Let me illustrate my pride and mental agility with an explanatory video clip (it will only take up five minutes of your time) and I hope you can see it my way.

Believing what you are told (the proceeds and the HUGE HUMAN COST)

So the world is full of non-conspiracy theorists who are quite happy with their National LOT(tery) tickets ( and their BBC, FOX, REUTERS, News Corp, ITN or even the local Press Barons' local news vents).  PSYOPS are media confidence tricks or planned catastrophes/false flags to instil a sense of fear in all global citizensWho needs the media (and who pays).  The war on terror is a very blunt and unimaginative PSYOP e.g. the French invasion of Mali (mid January 2013).  France is one of the millitary industrial giants and interviews on SKY NEWS this morning (with local people on the street in Mali speaking perfect English) suggest that all of the Mali citizens are much happier with the prospects of another couple of decades of French colonial rule than the prospects of living under the virtual terror regimes created by the European-US cabal that perpetually keep Africa and the Middle East under this vicious UN cosh. Or more likely they were paid to say what the news networks want us to hear.

BUT what about the PSYOP?  Lets keep the focus on France (they are pacifists which is good).  De Gaulle's regime ran out of London for some time but French citizens pay a heavy toll for war and aggression even if they fled/migrated  to Canada seeking a safe haven from conscription to the armed forces. In the summer of 2012 a lone gunman executed Jewish schoolchildren in Toulouse and the victims were buried in Israel (a state funeral).  President Sarkosy was just months from his election and in the end he lost it.  There were mysterious murders Anglo-French oil magnates (originally from Iraq) too but Sarkosy lost on his austerity campaign to President Hollande a "Socialist" who is clearly paying for his growth (non-austerity policy maker) by funding it out of Africa.  Just after the French colonial countries had enjoyed a reasonable peaceful term (after years of violence, insurrection and strife in Algeria and all over the French speaking world) they find tanks and French flags flying (and the airspace in both Mali and Algeria). The motive is simply to keep trading in distant lands and to sequester geopolitical assets for privatised corporation.  So Sarkosy ran a failed PSYOP and the warmongering propaganda out of Mali started just this week (mid January 2013) but thousands of civilians and African mercenaries  will die so French oil and mineral interests can overwhelm these regions again (with the full support of Britain and the UN Security Council).  In France the political grounds shift around like a quake prone fault zone....but these FAULTS are truly International.  As the no fly zone in Mali was established by NATO planes (Algerian airspace boundaries were crossed) and this trigered revenge attacks on oil compounds near Amenas and kidnapings as reprisal gestures.  One has no way of knowing whether these reports are accurate or are psyops just to focus attention on virtual terrorism (the BP facility in Algeria which was stormed before the kidnaps is completely unscathed).  Since the video at the top of the page was made the whole concept of a US led war on terror/the Al Quaeda menace is increasingly seen as UN justification to continue with the rape and pillage of former colonies (almost all UN member countries) where the assets have been sequestered by Imperialist countries or their corporate giants. As William Hague puts it 


Lets illustrate the PSYOP with a much simpler case history.  PC Fletcher was shot by UK interests to allow our government to expel the diplomatic community, spark a major uprising in Libya, create no-fly zones which were policed (and bombed) by NATO, arm local insurgents and mercenaries to execute Tony Blair's old business partner President Gadaffi (and disgrace his high fee paying family wherever they were living and working all over the educated western world). Saif Gaddafi got his Phd at the LSE and was stripped of it after Britain changed sides on the rape of Libya: his sister was on the legal team at the trial of Sadam Hussein. The Lockerbie plane (with a very rare UN peacemaker on board) took the heat off the US and UK secret services and this case was then placed  in Scotland's jurisdiction. The Holyrood Parliament has no mandate to engage in International affairs but was handed this dead donkey so a "patsy" from Libya could be jailed to relieve British and UK consciences (if the creators of these plots have any conscience). So Thatcher (mum and son), Major and  Blair were big personal winnesr from psyop campaigns to destabilise then execute a former ally for his country's wealth.  What Blair and Bush Jr achieved in Iraq was unprecedented in world history (with the notable execption of WW1 and WW2Right at the top of that one GLOBAL pyramid: PAINTING IT BLACK)  These sagas illustrate the might of multi-national co-operation and propaganda and the erosion of open honest democracy by greedy ruthless leaders acknowledged by all but their feeble peers as war criminals and shameless profiteers.  Blair (single handedly) took an advanced democratic country to war and has soaked up the proceeds as current envoy to the Middle East.

The media now has very advanced televisual technologies to launch its stories and keep the worlds citizens in fear of their lives.  Wealth is usually the goal but mind control can be a powerful surrogate motive.  We have 500+ TV channels to pickle your brain but human error reveals that the really big political scare stories (like school massacres, crazed shooting sprees, terror campaigns) are fabricated by the News media and their bosses in national government but executed by corporate interests or security agencies like the CIA, Mossad or MI6.

The consistently flawed case histories of these false flag or PSYOP events are illustrated by my colleagues Gordon Bowden and Peter Eyre in the page below.  The triumphs, tradgedies, sinkings, crashes and rescues are used by governments all around the globe to tie nations into conflict or divert attention from failings, choas and now criminality in the financial scams and national economic welfare.  Rescues are rare but help consolidate the power base and win the impending election or even cover up the paedophilia or drug running which are roads to riches that honest politics and peaceful industry or trading honestly at home cannot open up..