So the Holocaust (see link above & the pages below it) was based on a template where you drive them from their homes into the arid dessert (if they were unprepared to move you just put them in a concentration camp and killed them with state of the art technology).
In the 1940s we had three highly trained leaders (Hitler, Stalin and FDR to lead the charge to the Swiss vaults) with unrestricted funding from the Rothschild Financial dynasty and the League of Nations (formed after the Versaille Monarchy Treaty) to remove the evidence of the death camp on Dresden's pavements. Timeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes Today we are much more efficient....nobody needs to declare that they are the master race or treat people this way to get your international neighbours stirred up.  But in London, we hire actors from Islam terror inc to behead bloodlessly an innocent Imperialist British soldier and then our patriots can hire Millwall football club  (directed by Heather Rabbatts who also leads the UK Film Council, details of Well known Directors/Moralists in the footnote at the bottom,  in a profiteering sense) to help the BBC and all the other quisling medias to destabilise our once great country and burn a couple of Mosques for the cash.  We have organisations like SERCO to oversee human refugees who get SUITCASES OF CASH from the EU funding mechanism (per capita) European Union: how to steal from GLOBAL citizens in "Peacetime".  The refugees flee from millitias that attract talent, weapons, and Loans from the IMF and flood of human homeless wreckage into the safe havens of capitalism (that the G8 governments represent).  They then get local jobs in preference to local people & the Government leaders and their elite Rothschild controllers then meet in exotic resorts all around the world to discuss how they can accelerate the carnage (as was written in the protocols of zion and executed by the armies of secret societies/freemasons who just like to drink with their mates).  Other football clubs (who get almost all their highly paid hungry but fit conscripts from foreign lands) choose to rob directly from their loyal fan base and blame eastern European oligarchs (who take over the country, the stock market and the PM when they are told to return home to Ukraine or the Crimea....where the Russian President is demonised for his threatening agression by the current leaders of the British Empire Media and its American colony/plantation where so many indigenous people/slaves/revolutionaries died already in this war gaming sector.
But First the engineered panic and chaos...with all sides speaking perfect BBC English and packing deals from the IMF (and the eurozone) that have already crippled the taxpaying world.The Stock market analysts notice that the russian aggressors have no magazines in their weapons or insignia on the uniforms AND that the local millitias are in compounds behind locked gates.  Everybody wants peace and stability and is prepared to fight for it or change sides JUST AS THE ROTHSCHILD PUPPET MASTERS WANT.....this film was made the day the OSCARS were awarded (Steve Mcqueen won with a romantic film about slavery and pre-meditated human suffering).
If this video will not run (I had trouble making it public as soon as I mentioned the R word): Then search You Tube for Rothschild Political Puppet Masters Traumatise UKRAINE & RUSSIA(the original URL:

The View from the City of London: Just keep Calm and carry on till the refugees leave their homes to us (all victims and perpetrators speak perfect ENGLISH)

More on the media panic & the OSCARS PIStOrius Faking the New Testament: A masterplan for geo-political domination. political puppets/ stock market THEFT at the bottom of the page.
BUT THIS IS HOW THE UN, NATO and WORLD LEADERS get their bloody trickle down now and chatter about their scam all around the "free world".

The Power to Kill your decent informed citizens

Keeping your victims in fear, for your interests in the Swiss Vault

The Grangemouth negotiations

Clemency for some (see Rothschild red pentagram and Sarah Fergusons children charity doll on 9/11 AND Prince Andrews role in Trade for the MOD and Globalised entrepreneurs


Upstairs and Downstairs....the indentured labour model for Downton Abbey they have removed the sexy petticoat and replaced Ralph Fiennes with a Doplleganger...see Greg Hallett and Hitlers escape to SPAIN where the IRA were trained.

Please watch all the videos on you Tube on Schindlers list.....before they take them down.  They feature Internment camps, indentured slavery, domestic service for your elite rifleman and muss murder turning to Genocide.  The whole deal was designed to spark the human migration that makes people homeless, deprives them of all the comforts and stability that that provides.  The deal with the Jews in WW2, and since, was to cull anyone who was unprepared to migrate with a suitcase to the land that Moses was promised when the Rothschilds were still East of the Black sea and before they had adopted the Jewish religion as a popular choice in the financial services, money lending sector.

Nothing much has changed as this video shows: search for Tony Blair (multi millionaire war criminal already and envoy to the middle east)shaking hands warmly with public schoolboy Assad outside number Ten Downing Street where David Cameron (nuclear weapons delegation with David Kelly in "nuclear free" South Africa (search for Bredenkamp, NUKES Conservative funds, Mrs Thatchers Son's inquest....which you wont find because it is in the vaults with the gold and the Dunblane Evidence for 100 years).  Now the victims of the new progrom can get a credit card from the French wing of the Rothschild owned Global monetary Institutions to put them in debt like the worlds students if they are ever lucky enough to find a future in the land that exposes women & children to rape and pillage and the menfolk a choice of who to be conscripted by....ASSAD or the UN who now make people move by flattening their homes with heavy weaponry as in the BALKANS which now are beautiful holiday home locations for security council member elites.  Notice that the AID you provide gets stolen (and resold for the elite travel funds to all those heavily attended diplomatic meetings that are portrayed in the video).  The SERCO deal (a human laundering scam by PMs and Presidents gets the sufferers over International borders with the possible exception of Switzerland whose filthy rich immigrants have opted not to let the hungry eaters come to stay as hungry eaters.  So it is not as spectacular as Ralph Fiennes shooting his victims for efficiency in engineering or refusing his sexual advances (with parallels to Downton Abbey's indentured labour force and the feudal system that the Rothschilds have modernised with the aid of the UN and NATOs armies).  No need to declare war now (and the profiteers need not worry about the GENEVA CONVENTIONS)......please read this shocking document and see how far the pact goes up the geo-political and monarchy profiteering/culling for cash industry. 

RIP Gareth Williams MI6 Whistleblower...found in a padlocked sportsbag as an unfortunate 9/11 whistleblower in the corrupted INTEL that keep the world in fear...ENTIRELY ACCIDENTAL

And know that if you get your population figures up before you cull them or traffic/abuse/enslave their kids for your sexual pleasure or a party for the malign attention of the Chipping Norton Set (run by the PM and his friends in the media quisling set) YOUR CORRUPTED GETS PERMISSION TO ISSUE MORE EUROS AND HAND THEM OVER IN SUITCASES (that you sometimes use to cull MI6 loyalists like Gareth Williams who wanted to tell the world that his bosses killed thousands of gentiles on 9/11). Gareth died accidentally (like Princess Di the land mine campaigner against Bredenkamp as her inlaws and their constitutional monarchies wreak havoc all over the free world.  Its a public school criminal network that must be stopped in its tracks for the sake of the free world.

Modernising the Holocaust with your public school friends & the media

Then we get the NEW DEAL like FDR gave us in fear in Bruges where the Germans get abused by the Professional Criminals from the city of London  (upstairs on Canary Wharf) and in the underground with police Comissioner Cressida Dick
It is sad but everybody is governed by fear and BLIND to the risks and the consequences for,what may be someday, a free and prosperous world ...  This may not open: it is a video that confirms governments are puppets for the NWO (and they are selected for thier sins/bribes or illicit paedophiliac traits). Their controllers are the World masters (ROTHSCHILDS all over the world & this website).
Check out why the German and Irish people deserve our sympathy in 1916 then again in the lead up and executions of WW2Timeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes  Key words Brandeis, untermeyer, woodrow Wilson and the Easter London they think its funny but you havent yet noticed that they (the G8-G30 govts) steal from you in Brussels and make a JOKE OF IT in popular culture IN BRUGES (see the Clegg/Astor/Ferguson  family coalition with assassins).  It was much the same when the league of Nations went upstairs and left the World's people to die on their knees.

Shut the Fuck Up Erik you fuckin poof: the modernised EU makes a killing like the city of London

European Union: how to steal from GLOBAL citizens in "Peacetime"   

You should watch REMAINS OF THE DAY (Christopher Reeves got European Elites round the dinner table and told the gentry that AMERICA was going to modernise WW2 but he fell off his war horse (like Albert Pike) and man's mortality and morality just keep getting in the way of GLOBAL CIVILIZATION

The remains of the day: the Yanks are coming professionally!


The CIC of your army gets training to declare war: Just in time for the OSCARS (and soon HOMER SIMPSON becomes the worlds most quoted icon)

BUT FEAR NOUGHT He/she gets the medals and to lay the wreath (every bloody/greedy year) as the human freight fails to return to a grieving "Great Nation" 11/11 and his loved ones run the poppy fund and the British Global Legions for decades of spirited loyalty to the "RIGHT" cause & the capacity to laugh at World Wars: the elite joke.

Heavily Decorated Usual Suspects: search for politicians and monarchs who died in conflict on google then search for war graves overseas, mass graves and genocide (it will bring tears to your eyes)


Directors and Secretaries

UK FILM COUNCIL is run by 0 current directors. Directory and secretary details are extracted from Annual Returns submitted to Companies House. The latest Annual Return for UK FILM COUNCIL was filed for the period up to 31/03/2011. Visit the Documents tab to download the latest Annual Return.

Directors and Secretaries

UK FILM COUNCIL is run by 0 current directors. Directory and secretary details are extracted from Annual Returns submitted to Companies House. The latest Annual Return for UK FILM COUNCIL was filed for the period up to 31/03/2011. Visit the Documents tab to download the latest Annual Return.

ValuesCompany DirectorsDame Joan Dawson BakewellGurinder ChadhaMr Alan Gregory BushellMr Andrew Campbell EatonMr Anthony MinghellaMr Charles Henry DentonMr Colin BrownMr Colin David LeventhalMr David Alan SproxtonMr Duncan Hamish KenworthyMr Gregory DykeMr Iain Alistair Robertson SmithMr James Giles LeeMr John Christopher Richard AutyMr Joshua Adam BergerMr Marc Jack Wylie SamuelsonMr Mark Jonathan DevereuxMr Michael KellyMr Nigel Graham GreenMr Paul WebsterMr Stephen Jeremy KnibbsMr Stewart Myles TillMr Thomas Christian HoeghMr Timothy John BevanMrs Rebecca O'BrienMs Alison Mary OwenMs Amanda WalshMs Barbara Dana BroccoliMs Beeban Tania KidronMs Dawn AireyMs Elisabeth MurdochMs Gail EganMs Heather Victoria RabbattsMs Philippa Jane CrossMs Sarah RadclyffeParminder VirProfessor William John HillSir Alan William ParkerTEMPLE DIRECT LIMITEDTEMPLE SECRETARIAL LIMITED    PLEASE KEEP GOING DOWN RIGHT TO THE BOTTOM

Current Directors and Secretaries

You Should Click on the Links and see who the entrepreneurs in "Great" Britain are

Previous Directors and Secretaries

Previous Director NameAppointedResignedCurrentHistoricalTotal
Dame Joan Dawson Bakewell08-11-199931-12-200211011BUY NOW
Gurinder Chadha26-02-200425-02-2007011BUY NOW
Mr Andrew Campbell Eaton20-10-200419-10-200859766BUY NOW
Mr Anthony Minghella01-01-200331-12-2007011BUY NOW
Mr Charles Henry Denton05-11-199931-08-200211314BUY NOW
Mr Colin Brown11-02-200406-12-2006178BUY NOW
Mr Colin David Leventhal05-11-199931-08-200251520BUY NOW
Mr David Alan Sproxton20-10-200419-10-200837239BUY NOW
Mr Duncan Hamish Kenworthy05-11-199931-08-200314822BUY NOW
Mr Gregory Dyke01-03-200830-11-2010143751BUY NOW
Mr Iain Alistair Robertson Smith01-09-199931-08-200761117BUY NOW
Mr James Giles Lee05-11-199931-08-20046713BUY NOW
Mr John Christopher Richard Auty05-11-199931-08-2003153550BUY NOW
Mr Joshua Adam Berger20-01-200930-06-20118513BUY NOW
Mr Marc Jack Wylie Samuelson20-10-200419-10-2007242953BUY NOW
Mr Mark Jonathan Devereux26-02-200430-06-201117724BUY NOW
Mr Nigel Graham Green07-10-200206-10-200923629BUY NOW
Mr Paul Webster05-11-199931-08-200310818BUY NOW
Mr Stephen Jeremy Knibbs07-10-200206-10-200932133BUY NOW
Mr Stewart Myles Till05-11-199929-07-200942428BUY NOW
Mr Thomas Christian Hoegh02-07-200730-11-201018725BUY NOW
Mr Timothy John Bevan30-07-200930-06-2011631780BUY NOW
Mrs Rebecca O'Brien03-04-200602-04-201035439BUY NOW
Ms Alison Mary Owen20-10-200419-10-200727532BUY NOW
Ms Amanda Walsh08-03-200631-01-2010257BUY NOW
Ms Barbara Dana Broccoli04-08-200830-06-2011314BUY NOW
Ms Beeban Tania Kidron01-08-200830-11-2010819BUY NOW
Ms Dawn Airey05-11-199905-12-2002099BUY NOW
Ms Elisabeth Murdoch20-02-200830-11-2010011BUY NOW
Ms Gail Egan11-02-200830-06-201124832BUY NOW
Ms Heather Victoria Rabbatts20-02-200430-06-2011151732BUY NOW
Ms Philippa Jane Cross21-11-200830-11-20108412BUY NOW
Ms Sarah Radclyffe05-11-199931-08-2004242044BUY NOW
Parminder Vir05-11-199931-08-200530838BUY NOW
Professor William John Hill05-11-199931-08-2004011BUY NOW
Sir Alan William Parker05-11-199930-07-2004325BUY NOW
TEMPLE DIRECT LIMITED22-07-199905-11-199929130159BUY NOW
Previous Secretary NameAppointedResignedCurrentHistoricalTotal
Mr Alan Gregory Bushell31-07-200129-06-201131922BUY NOW
Mr Michael Kelly23-11-200031-07-2001111728BUY NOW
TEMPLE SECRETARIAL LIMITED22-07-199923-11-20005788145BUY NOW

The British Film Council has Directors who receive my Emails in the 2nd chamber at westminster and owned TV Networks or talk a good deceptive game throughout their careers in "light entertainment and News mongering" or even the ETHICS Committee.

Directors and Secretaries

UK FILM COUNCIL is run by 0 current directors.  Directory and secretary details are extracted from Annual Returns submitted to Companies House. The latest Annual Return for UK FILM COUNCIL was filed for the period up to 31/03/2011. Visit the Documents tab to download the latest Annual Return.

THAT IS THE SAME "TEMPLE SECRETARIES" THAT LAUNDERS CASH/ASSETTS GLOBALLY OVER THAT VERY USEFUL FISCAL CLIFF. I used to be a fan of Joan Bakewell for her charm, good looks and ethical stance (and Greg Dyke who was forced out of the BBC on the ethics of Iraq/Bush/Blair (its new ENVOY from New Labour).....who buried the outcomes of the Scott (Iraqi Genocide) and Cullen enquiries (Dunblane Paedophiliac Massacre for Elites that run NATO & WORLD GOVERNMENT) with ethically binding 100 D NoticesPaedophilia Inc. Gov.UK.  The Dunblane facts are accessible to the Secretary of State for Scotland which is one reason why Michael Moore was removed discretely from the British Cabinet (and the Board of the Students Loan Company....where Vince Cable still leads the Government profiteers in stealing from its children).  The impoverished children who face a life in debt/homeless and jobless are then available as conscripts for the next conflict engineered by the Rothschild Global Web. END OF THE BLOODY STORY for another 40-70 years.  This provides more orphans for the deviants and the Patrons of the Cadet Schools

The Buying and Selling at Millwall was frantic in the lead up to 2008 (just count the numbered shells and understand the position they all play)  

Ms Rabbatts is very well connected to friends of PM Cameron (and one Rebeka Brooks Director IDs  913994082 & 913192915, Elizabeth Murdoch, and the Chipping Norton set that like a good laugh with Ronnie Barker & Jeremy Clarkson the F1 shoot first and ask no questions if the serfs fly boy).  They have an interest in Malaria and security companies (run by the Rothschilds and general Sir Mike Jackson, former head of NATOs armies now in business with Rebeka Brooks MALARIA NO MORE UK TRADING LIMITED).  Aegis Defence Services Ltd & the Career/Retirement of General Sir Mike Jackson
The Millwall fans chant in a shed....on behalf of their far right bosses but the good news is that Sir Bill Gammell (Fettes friend of Blair & Bush Overby Inc) who also started his fraud in virtual oil and gas in his garden shed (3000 virtual global companies, including his CAIRN, with representation on the Court of the Canadian-run Bank of England)  has this morning resigned for shame & fear of further disclosure with his fingers in the people's till.   So just keep sharing the facts with your impoverished kids, pensioners and those that are forced into uniform with no prospects......if your allotments have been earmarked for a "publicly funded infrastructure deal" or a high speed rail Ponzi scheme make sure you take the pitchfork home so you can take it to the DRAFT BOARD profiteers and save our innocent kids World Wars: the elite joke.   Ms Rabbatts is just doing what world leaders ask her to do.....but if they start loading the trains with the refugees again please please remind the people where the enemy resides at our perpetual expense.  Click on the LINKS Below


6-10 First Floor, Great Portland Street, London, W1W 6PQ

Director Summary

Director Overview

Heather Rabbatts holds 11 current appointment, has resigned from 19 companies and held appointments at 2 dissolved companies. Heather began their first appointment at the age of 37 and their longest current appointment spans 5 years and 7 months at CROSSRAIL LIMITED. 

The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where Heather holds a current appointment equals £348,718,382, with a combined assets value of £818,894,361 and liabilities of £682,672,396. Roles associated with Heather Rabbatts within the recorded businesses include: Director, Llp Designated Member
Company NameCompany StatusPositionAppointedResignedDissolvedMILLWALL FOOTBALL AND ATHLETIC COMPANY (1985) PLC(THE)Active - Accounts FiledDirector03/05/200609/06/2010-BUY NOWTHE PUBLIC MANAGEMENT FOUNDATIONActive - Accounts FiledDirector04/03/199601/05/2000-BUY NOWCENTEC (CENTRAL LONDON TRAINING & ENTERPRISE COUNCIL)Company is dissolvedDirector18/07/1995-06/2004BUY NOWTS2KCompany is dissolvedDirector11/02/199701/02/199801/2007BUY NOWVAUXHALL REGENERATION COMPANY LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector26/03/199701/03/200006/2005BUY NOWWOMEN OF THE YEAR LUNCH AND ASSEMBLYActive - Accounts FiledDirector19/03/199806/10/2003-BUY NOWLEE - RABBATTS PARTNERSHIP LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector06/10/1999-05/2007BUY NOWUK FILM COUNCILCompany is dissolvedDirector20/02/200430/06/201112/2013BUY NOWMILLWALL PROPERTIES LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector19/06/200609/06/2010-BUY NOWIG 2007 LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector01/03/200025/11/200307/2009BUY NOWSMUGGLER ENTERTAINMENT LLPActive - Newly IncorporatedLLP Designated Member04/03/2013--BUY NOWMALARIA NO MORE UK TRADING LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector04/01/2012--BUY NOWMALARIA NO MORE UNITED KINGDOMActive - Accounts FiledDirector10/01/2010--BUY NOWTALENT HOUSE MEDIA LIMITEDNon tradingDirector09/05/201222/12/2011-BUY NOWCROSSRAIL LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector01/08/2008--BUY NOWFOOTBALL ASSOCIATION LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector18/01/2012--BUY NOWMET FILM LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector30/10/2009--BUY NOWMET MEDIA LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector01/10/2009--BUY NOWGROSVENOR LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector05/11/2009--BUY NOWMILLWALL HOLDINGS PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector03/05/200609/06/2010-BUY NOWSHED MEDIA LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector10/06/200913/10/2010-BUY NOWTHE FOOTBALL LEAGUE (COMMUNITY) LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector02/09/200823/02/2010-BUY NOWFILM NATION UKNon tradingDirector19/10/2012--BUY NOWCREATIVE ENGLAND LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector01/10/201127/11/2013-BUY NOWIMPOWER VENTURES LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector16/02/200025/11/2003-BUY NOWIMPOWER CONSULTING LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector26/09/200125/11/2003-BUY NOWBE PENSION FUND TRUSTEES LIMITEDNon tradingDirector18/06/200324/01/2007-BUY NOWTHE JASON ROBERTS FOUNDATIONActive - Accounts FiledDirector01/05/200828/10/2009-BUY NOWROYAL OPERA HOUSE ENTERPRISES LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector26/05/2010--BUY NOWTHE WIMBLEDON CIVIC THEATRE TRUST LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector16/06/199331/03/1995-BUY NOWROYAL OPERA HOUSE,COVENT GARDEN LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector20/01/2009--BUY NOWCENTRICA PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector04/12/199621/02/1997-BUY NOW
Then Click on the directors is ever so ESTABLISHMENT and THEY MAKE THE LAWS & CULL THE KIDS because they have the power.

Then the Stock Market collapses and the rest is history 

Ukrainechaosforinvestorswithimages of cartridgesmissingRus.wmv

  Or a futile attempt to cover it up by Zionist Hollywood and obfuscation tools on the World News