Profiteering University Leaders UK LLP

If you are a mum/dad and are funding your childs student loan I want you to know that you are being robbed blind and by whom.   First read this very unsavoury articleUniversity FAT CATS persecute staff and students.....colleges-Russell Group elites (all at the trough) GUARDIAN EXPOSE on the greedy and ruthless treatment dished out by University Vice Chancellors/Chancellors (which are actually crimes against junior staff and all students).  As recently as 1995 all these University leaders (and me) were educated, all the way to professor, at the state's/local council's/pharmaceutical industry's expense.

So, even the "British Free Press" are prepared to condemn this but what I want you to know about is the undeclared income they get, which is part of the fraud sector you can read about all over this website.  The Russell Group, formed almost at the same time as the student theft project in England started, has risen to unrestricted power concurrently with the staggered (£3K/yr 1995; £ 9K/yr in 2012 imposition of student fees). Raking it in at the students expense This is inversely linked to the continual decrease in decent research funding and is proportional to the explosion of executive salaries.  The diminishing research funding factor was behind every global move in my career despite raising the research quality score by up to 3x everywhere I went (At Otago we went from 4th to Best University of 7 in New Zealand). At Sunderland university my unit's score went from 1 to 3 but the research revenues fell to 1/6th of what they were based on the earlier audit. This occurred the same year (2003/4) that we found the funds to storm into Iraq with all political (Robin Cook) and civil service opposition (Dr David Kelly) killed in action in the UK.  So watch this wee video featuring changes made in UK education under a "socialist" Prime Minister Tony Blair (and spin doctor/war criminal Peter Mandleson).   In retrospect it appears Wendy Piatt was appointed by Tony Blair to assett strip Britain's kids like NATO asset stripped Iraq and Afgahnistan under his watch...then appointed him envoy to the middle east.
Wendy Piatt (Boss/ "Director General" at the Russell Group) why your children get austerity and we dont declare our directorships  Ms Piatt and the vicious expert analyst/blogger in the video, see stealing everything they got for free as the only way forward....and within 6 months of our troops pulling out of Iraq, this very week (mid June 2014) they are talking up the violence again (as a cover for their vicious domestic crimes against all classes in the UK).  But Ms Piatt is a minor player to shield the globalist financial criminals (one can tell this because one cant find her name on the business directory registry even on the board of the Russell Group of Universities ). Experimenting with Professorial titles, hyphens, peerage titles, OBEs etc and jiggling with initials can hide the ID of fat cat directors but Piatt seems like a token head who clearly is well equipped to talk up austerity, belt tightening for the majority/students and world class propaganda all over the sector. 

In the article in the Guardian it is revealed that a broad swathe of highly paid University leaders are prepared to take salaries between £200,000 -£500,000 (pro-rata, sometimes for just 2-3 days input per week). Re remuneration: they sit one-on-one with their performance reviewer, annually,  and approve all the perks/kudos reciprocally with no third party involved.  But this is just the tip of a MASSIVE ICEBERG of earning power.  The networking web that unites the VCs with politicians and career administrators like Wendy Piatt is The Institute for Public Policy Research which is easier to define as the MAFIA.  Scan down this list and you will find the legendary union leaders Dave Prentis and Len Mc Cluskey registered as directors.  They get six figures in "wages" and pensions but the directorial income is strictly secret unless you are prepared to pay for the public accounts.  As you can see from Ms Piatt's interview with the BBC it is quite plain why their are no funds left in Britain's Universities, British Industry and the British Treasury.

Now Ms Piatt may be missing from the business registry because she has no directorships or tax free trusts to divert her from taking the funds out of tertiary education......OR like Lord Patten (long time boss at newcastle & Oxford elite Universities) she has too much to hide on the greedier side of her CV.  

It is difficult to find tabulated data on who gets paid what in elite universities, former colleges or polytechnics (new Universities) but the bosses defend what they get because it is a "complex Pan Continental trading environment".  Which means they are doing what Gordon Bowden and I have reported in the boiler room money laundering, tax evasion, globalised corruption networksMassive Economic and Business Sector Cons/Crimes against the world's people SEE ALSO THE PAGES BELOW This oneMassive Economic and Business Sector Cons/Crimes against the world's people....and the articles on Finchley Road,Dear Taxpayer, I want to tell you about the Prime Minister's Boiler Room in Finchley Road Arlington Square, Bristol, 50 lothian Road Edinburgh...if they can get the money out of the UK in chunks <£1million then it is safe from taxation or regulation.  

As mentioned above Lord Patten is the most experienced in this sector which is why he is no longer listed as a former director for the Russell Group, Lonrho, BP, and so many others.  

Lord Patten Profiteer Supreme: YOU TUBE

Chris Patten is the boss at Oxford Uni, the BBC Trust (when Entwhistle its DG was asked to resign after a few months in office with a Massive 500,000 pound pay off ). He was the Governor in Hongkong so the UK could abuse China again (after the 200 year opium wars to dismember its people and to sequester the narcotics trading Empire).  He is a director at dozens of profiteering scams including Lonrho/Lonmin/The Russel Group Universities/ BP Rosneft/ BP with Kofee Annan the UN boss.  Patten's wife Louise is a Director at Marks and Spencer and Annan's wife is a Rothschild.  Patten's salary at Oxford is massive but his students are now asked to be £50,000 in debt for a four year Honours degree which he and all University leaders got for nothing as recently as 1995. Patten is tied in through boiler rooms in Arlington Square, Finchley, Bristol  with directors like Ambasador Francis Dee-Cook, Margaret Thatcher,Tony Blair, and is linked to John Major (a non executive director at Centrica in the oil and gas sector).  That is the oil and gas sector who trade in worthless virtual CAIRN & Vedanta look them up on the internet run by friends of George W Bush and educated at Fettes like Blair. (that is Fettes where the police are trained to turn a blind eye because this whole thing is sustained by genocide and murder).  See the case of Chris Williamson, Malcolm Rifkind, Sir John Anthony Chilcot and people like Lord Condon, Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, Cressida Dick and Ms/Professor Manningham Buller now boss at Imperial after leading INTEL out of GCHQ....through several terror attacks which were commissioned by G20-30 treasonous national leaders.   Ms Manningham Buller was also a director at Marks and Spencer.....they overlap in several boardrooms with Professor John Hood former head of Auckland/Oxford Universities and now boss at the Rhodes Trust. Like the BBC and all the greedy directors who steal then launder into tax havens and millions of undetectable ponzi shelves THEY PAY NO TAX.  As non exec directors e.g in the 2,300 Ponzi shells of Cairn in 50 Lothian Road  Edinburgh they tuck away five to six figure sums which are undetectable in Hansard, The westminster Perks declarations or by the big four auditors who now consult of stealing from the people!  The links to this massive con trick to secret societies, Professor Ewan Brown (former Chancellor at Heriot-Watt where I learned my stuff), Scotlands richest woman Anne Gloag and her big brother Brian....who started their Stagecoach bus Empire with their dads redundancy money from the SMT Nationalised bus company in Scotland are illustrated hereProfessors, Knights, Secret Societies and Scotlands Richest Woman & her brother : the Scams Revealed.  Our electricity/gas bill for the same products I got as`a six year old boy is over £250pounds a month.  The boss at Iberdrola who sell the same products gets 9 million Euros a year basic and they have made him a prof at the posh University of Edinburgh where PM Gordon Brown was the chancellor.  In the less-entrepreneurial, busted-for-cash humanities sector at Edinburgh Uni up to 40% of the staff are on zero hours contracts with no holiday entitlement.  All the workers need to do is watch my/our videos then refuse .  The Union leader wont help! David Prentis, head of the biggest public sector union with member's pay perpetually frozen, is on the Board/Court of the bank of England with the CAIRN CEO who sold the busted shares for his collapsed ponzi to PM Singh's people in India (under the alias Vedanta).  Cameron brokered the deal but PM Singh has done the decent thing and resign with his backhander.  Have a look at my website and see how 50 Lothian Road links Gloag, Gammel, Rifkind, both Gordon Brown and recently knighted Sir Ewan Brown, Blair, Bush, Rifkind and the arms to Iraq scandal are all linked through Lothian Road to International Havens, the banking crash of 2008 and the genocidal profiteering Arms to Iraq scandals...which Chilcot chaired with both eyes shut under "University of Warwick rules" (the criminals write the script for the inquest).  Patten has had a cardiovasculr accident in the last fortnight but I dont have time to tell you about my new hypothesis on acts of god and evil human behaviours which, in this case, amounts to stealing from global citizens, students and impoverished children.  In the lands they brutalise, the children are lucky if they get to adulthood and get shot in the pay round by Lonmin. The immunity from bombing in WW2 shared by Oxford, Cambridge, Gottinghen and Heidelberg and the shocking firebombing of refugees in Dresden is exposed in this page.  Elite Universities: Tragic Roles in GLOBAL CONFLICT

So Patten is notorious but lets profile some of the others at our most highly esteemed universities. PLEASE DO NOT GET THE IMPRESSION THAT THIS ONLY OCCURS IN ENGLAND, GERMANY and the USA  Speculative Society (SS) Edinburgh: the template for globalism

Lets now quickly profile the business interests of Russell Group bosses starting with 
Dame Helen Alexander VC at Southampton University where I have refereed doctoral theses as a volunteer in the past.

Director Overview

Helen Alexander holds 4 appointments at 3 active companies, has resigned from 24 companies and held 2 appointments at 2 dissolved companies. Helen began their first appointment at the age of 32 and their longest current appointment spans 7 years and 3 months at ST. PAUL'S GIRLS' SCHOOL.

The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where Helen holds a current appointment equals £4,000,921,000, with a combined assets value of £13,733,761,000 and liabilities of £8,805,750,000. Roles associated with Helen Alexander within the recorded businesses include: Director, Company Secretary
THE GREED IS ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING....Rolls Royce to Centrica....this is only the first hit I got on the business register without jigging with the hyphens the titles and the baronetcy for the Globalised Dame....please note that even if the "corporation" is a ponzi scheme and trades in virtual products that the non-exec director will raise sums of >£70K to rob all countries blind and ruin the savings, pensions and investors prospects but in this Dames portfolio most have a product (although they were previously nationalised infrastructure/assetts or services. Just Scan down and think back to the blogger and Ms Piatt's comments that austerity for Britain's youth is an absolute imperative.
Company NameCompany StatusPositionAppointedResignedDissolvedROLLS-ROYCE GROUP PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector01/09/200723/05/2011-BUY NOWBRITISH TELECOMMUNICATIONS PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANYActive - Accounts FiledDirector01/06/199819/11/2001-BUY NOWILW COMPANY LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector14/08/1992-11/2008BUY NOWTERRACE PRODUCTIONS LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedCompany Secretary27/04/1999-05/2007BUY NOWEIU & ORC VENTURES LIMITEDCompany is dissolvedDirector22/02/199404/11/199411/2008BUY NOWTHE ECONOMIST EDITORIAL (OVERSEAS) COMPANY LIMITEDNon tradingDirector12/08/199709/03/1998-BUY NOWTHE ECONOMIST BOOKS LIMITEDNon tradingDirector01/01/199715/07/2008-BUY NOWDARTFORD PRINTING LIMITEDNon tradingDirector01/01/199715/07/2008-BUY NOWRYDER STREET PROPERTIES LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector01/01/199715/07/2008-BUY NOWECONOMIST PUBLICATIONS LIMITED(THE)Non tradingDirector01/01/199715/07/2008-BUY NOWTHE ECONOMIST GROUP TRUSTEE COMPANY LIMITEDNon tradingDirector01/01/199715/07/2008-BUY NOWTHE ECONOMIST GROUP LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector01/01/199715/07/2008-BUY NOWTHE ECONOMIST OVERSEAS (HOLDINGS) LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector01/01/199715/07/2008-BUY NOWRYDER STREET PROPERTIES (MANAGEMENT) LIMITEDNon tradingDirector01/01/199715/07/2008-BUY NOWTHIRTY CLUB OF LONDON,LIMITED(THE)Active - Accounts FiledDirector12/09/200614/09/2010-BUY NOWTHE ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector26/07/199315/07/2008-BUY NOWEUROFINANCE CONFERENCES LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector24/01/200615/07/2008-BUY NOWNORTHERN FOODS LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector01/08/199431/12/2002-BUY NOWST. PAUL'S GIRLS' SCHOOLActive - Accounts FiledDirector06/03/2007--BUY NOWCENTRICA PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector01/01/200331/12/2011-BUY NOWECONOMIST NEWSPAPER LIMITED(THE)Active - Accounts FiledDirector01/01/199715/07/2008-BUY NOWTATE ENTERPRISES LTDActive - Accounts FiledDirector15/11/200531/01/2011-BUY NOWTATE FOUNDATIONActive - Accounts FiledDirector22/11/200017/02/2003-BUY NOWROLLS-ROYCE PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector01/09/2007--BUY NOWAUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector27/11/198927/11/1989-BUY NOWPROFESSIONAL PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION LTDActive - Accounts FiledDirector11/06/199716/07/2008-BUY NOWESURE GROUP PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector09/12/2011--BUY NOWST. PAUL'S GIRLS' SCHOOLActive - Accounts FiledDirector06/03/2007--BUY NOWWRITERS AND SCHOLARS INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDActive - Accounts FiledDirector09/09/199731/12/2001-BUY NOWBT GROUP PLCActive - Accounts FiledDirector19/11/200114/01/2002-BUY NOW