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Dear reader the Work I Do is really dangerous and totally unpaid.  I want you to know what I look like since I became a fraud researcher so you can make a fuss if I am martyred by world leaders.
Google is close to the world leadership team so wont let me upload images directly onto any of my pages (cos I have used up my space allocation profiling the Global Wealth Divide Plot and concurrent Genocides and Jokes about
the war dead.....LIKE mr Bean (the war correspondent for Gallipoli) who opened the London olympics.  The falsification of Global history are run by academic criminals and media like the time team (sponsored out of Oxbridge by Walt Disney, the worlds largest Zionist Corporation & Kellogs)
So this is me PROFESSOR GEORGE LEES BSc Pharmacy, Heriot-Watt University, Phd Thames Poly (Greenwich University run by Baroness Blackstone) Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society
Professor George Lees  Kelso Scotland, Dunedin NZ, Sunderland University on Wearside
Here are some more images COPYRIGHTED by Otago University cos they fear the truth coming out on the student theft project globally although they are much more innocent than the Russel Group and All Universities and Colleges in UK and America who are associated with ECONOMIC & Warmongering scams all over this Website.  GEORGE LEES University of Otago, Sunderland and Imperial College London, formerly Wellcome Foundation Herts GOOGLE IMAGES
So Professor George Lees Looks like this and he is very articulate in courtrooms where he is persecuted for his innocence and truth
This is George Lees, Professor and Head of department of Pharmacology, Otago university Dunedin.  Now a series fraud researcher and not allowed to talk to Sir David Skegg, Professor Ian Tucker....but the BARCLAYS in the Professoriat still keep an eye on me in Dunedin and Auckland where the Rothschild Truist is run from an address in PARNELL.  That is GEORGE LEES Below now dropped out of University because of the THEFT of THOUSANDS OF POUNDS FOR STUDENT FEES.  Hopns degree £50,000 now:free in 95.
Professor George Lees GOOGLE IMAGES aspirant
Professor George Lees: hoping that Otago University may have the courage to take a lawsuit against him.  That is George Lees in Dunedin cos he was never given an EMERITUS TITLE: Posh for "honest man"
George Lees  Neuroscientist and Now Fraud researcher often makes videos on religion with John Paterson
Professor George Lees lives in Kelso Scotland and has reported all the frauds that blight our country to Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.  She cannot interfere with her own Government's crimes GOOGLE IMAGES

HE IS SO HONEST THAT GOOGLE SITES WILL NOT LET HIM OPEN THE 6-7 Google Sites depositories for all the images he has painstakingly uploaded as DAMNING EVIDENCE OF GLOBALISED CRIME AND THE CRIMINALS.
BUT GOD knows who the OBSTRUCTIVE TRAITORS are and I hope they recover quickly.
So I sent myself an Email 
GOOGLE wont let me access my own photos on 6-7 Google sites pages I have created. Neither will they allow me to post directly to my LIVE WEBSITE ProfessorGeorgeLees/Revelations since it started to bring Brit & American Govt criminals down

This Site is open as you can see from the screen capture below.  ALL THE PICTURES ARE of the 2000yr old religious fraud that they use with NATOS armies to corrupt & own the whole world
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PISO Christian and Islam Frauds Popes and Empires of Genocide

George Lees
George Lees
11:12 AM Today
These pictures are used on profgeorgelees/revelations WEBSITE Look up Faking the New Testament or go to George Lees' KELSONIAN SMITHSONIAN You Tube VIDEO Channel There are 400 videos on Fraud Geopolitical tyranny Genocide and War Crimes JOKES. The ECONOMIC GRAND LARCENY, Profiteering in War & Peacetime is simple to understand when you are a prof in Neuroscience